While potentially lining up a replacement for a receiver who faces serious legal problems, the Cleveland Browns have confirmed that they explored the possibility of helping the New York Giants address an identical situation.
According to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Browns G.M. George Kokinis said that the Browns will be signing free-agent receiver David Patten.
Patten, a 12-year veteran, actually spent the 2000 season with the Browns, before embarking on a four-year run with the Patriots, during which he won three Super Bowl rings.
He’ll shore up a depth chart that already is missing the recently-released Joe Jurevicius, and that might ultimately not have Donte’ Stallworth, either, given the March 14 collision involving Stallworth’s Bentley and a pedestrian who lost his life.
Possibly breaking from the new policy of silence that coach Eric Mangini has implemented, Kokinis also acknowledged that the Browns spoke with the Giants last month regarding a possible trade of receiver Braylon Edwards.
The Giants desperately need a high-end wideout to replace Plaxico Burress, if he ends up facing a mandatory 3.5 years in prison based upon fairly strong evidence that he was carrying a concealed weapon without a permit moments before he blew a hole in his leg with it.
“We exchanged ideas about everything, but nothing really culminated into specifics,” Kokinis said. “I’m excited to have Braylon on this team. He brings a dimension that not a lot of receivers can bring in relation to going up and attacking the football.  He had extremely good production a couple years ago and we’re anticipating he has that this year.”
Kokinis seems to be taking issue with a report that specific offers were exchanged, culminating in the Giants offering a second-round pick, a fifth-round pick, and Domenik Hixon or Mario Manningham — and the Browns wanting a second-round pick, a fifth-round pick, and Steve Smith.
Kokinis also seems to be indirectly suggesting that Edwards remains available if the price is right.
That’s the most important thing to remember about teams that obsess over secrecy — whenever they say something, they have a reason for doing so.


  1. i watched some of Braylon last year and good lordy he must soak his mitts in crisco when on the sidelines. he drops a lot of pigskins….

  2. When you have a 4-12 squad….. most players should be on the block because they stink….. Krispie Creme Crennel really ruined these players with his lack of discipline. They shouldn’t have to pay that bum, and I mean bum, a red nickel of that contract extension.

  3. Cleveland’s picking up a lot of guys who know the Mangini/Belichick way. Maybe they have a (gasp) plan? It’d be a nice departure from the usual Browns foolishness.

  4. The Giants seriously think Stone Hands can replace Plax? Have they actually watched him play? Somehow, when I think of “high-end wideouts”, Edwards doesn’t readily leap to mind.

  5. Not to constantly pile on Mangini, but he is really playing with fire right now.
    Braylon is in a contract year, so he will certainly be playing hard. If he plays well, good for the Browns but now they have to fork over a bunch of cash to keep the guy. If he doesnt they have 0 leverage and they missed out on getting some picks for him.
    If they plan on keeping him around they should try and extend him to a reasonable contract now with statistical incentives.

  6. id say a 2nd and 5th plus a young wr is about right for braylon..even though his nickname should be new years eve..bc he drops the ball

  7. Giants can’t trade for Braylon without a contract in place. Not everyone wants to overpay for 1 year stints like the Redskins.

  8. I’d take that deal right now. Last season was an abberation for Braylon. I also think the instability at the QB situation contributed to his poor performance. Bottom line is he’s in a contract year & he’s gonna play balls out. No way he resigns w/my Brownies. Get somethin’ for him if they can.

  9. I can’t imagine why the Eagles wouldn’t give up a 2nd and 5th plus Reggie Brown for Braylon… hell make it one of their 1st rounders and a 5th plus Reggie.

  10. Unless some team offers a ridiculous number of picks or players to the Browns for Edwards, I think they should hold on to him for another year. Last season was such an all around disaster for the Browns’ offense, it’s hard to know what to think of his performance.

  11. Edwards is a talented rout runner and can make some big plays after the catch… but he does struggle catching the ball consistantly…he can be productive as a number one… but could really put an offense that already has a reallly good number guy over the edge as the number two WR. It’s pretty clear that the Browns are in the market for some draft picks… any team not satisfied with their number two should send him and some good picks to get Edwards.

  12. The Browns had THE hardest schedule in the NFL last year. It was a miracle they went 4-12.
    They need to keep Braylon. Think about it, the last 6 or so games he had Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski throwing to him. No shit he’s going to have a drop in stats.
    Brady Quinn in college threw to recievers who were well over 6 feet tall. Throw it up and go for it. They need to take more chances.

  13. Uh oh. The Giants disrespected Manningham and Hixon for offering them up as trade bait. How dare they! They should never trade anybody that has never done really anything in the NFL. I think they should try to smooth things over with them, give them new contracts, and publicly kiss their arses in front of everyone.
    Jay Cutler

  14. Doesn’t “Stone Hands” want like 10 mil. a year….Or maybe thats what the other “Stone Hands” Roberto Duran wanted for the 2nd Sugar Ray Leonard fight..Neither could catch….Then again, you never hear…” I would really like to say in Cleveland”……

  15. Hopefully, Bus Cook is not the agent for Edwards or they’ll need more diapers in Cleveland this week.

  16. As a browns fan I can’t decide what to think of this situation. Part of me fears the second he leaves he will return to his pro bowl form. The other 51% of me thinks that if the Giants need a WR that bad then lets scam them for numerous draft picks and one of those young wideouts they have. Or one of those D-Ends.

  17. if the giants offer anything more than a ham sandwich for braylon edwards,i’ll be pissed.don’t do it jerry.

  18. Man, you guys act like Philly is the ultimate destination if you are a receiver in the NFL…WHY?
    Seriously why would anyone want to go to Philly for anything; other than a Cheese Steak sandwich?

  19. I would love to see what Edwards scored on his Wonderlic. He wouldn’t acknowledge that it was his lack of hands that caused the fans to be angry with him, instead pointing to the fact he went to Michigan. He’s immature, gives up on his routes, and made T.O. look like he had the most reliable hands in the league. Despite all of that, he has a chip on his shoulder, like he is a perennial Pro Bowler. I would love to get a promising receiver like Hixon and some picks for him. Out with the dead wood.

  20. hey adamconley, what does a tough schedule and a crap qb throwing to Braylon have anything to do with him dropping balls?
    Answer: Nothing.

  21. I am dreaming here poeple……my eagles wish list….
    – send #21 and Kolb to Denver for cutler.
    – send #28 to buffalo for OT who wont sign, forgetting his name.
    – send 2nd round pick and reggie brown to cleveland for Braylon Edwards
    – trade mcnabb to Detroit for picks. sorry buddy you deserve it, you dont realize how good you had it here in philly.

  22. Good freaking Lord where do you all you Eagles fans come from? You fans are about as smart as your qb. You know, the guy who didn’t know regular season games can end in a tie. Your made for each other.

  23. Its tough to get rid of a wide receiver with no backup to replace him, lets give him another year to determine which year was a fluke.

  24. @Dirty_Waters
    He may not have the best physical talents in the game but he definitely has one of the best minds. Reported 39 on the Wonderlic, history of clutch performances dating back to college, NFL team has made the playoffs every full year he has started, won a Superbowl. Who’s your team? What’s your QB done lately? Unless you are a Patriots or a Steelers fan, your opinion is just jealousy.

  25. “The Giants desperately need a high-end wideout” is a highly overblown statement, considering you are talking about a team with arguably the best Offensive and Defensive Lines in the NFL. One WR could be the difference between 12-4 and 14-2, but the Giants aren’t “desperately” anything, Florio. Plaxico is desperately trying to negotiate a plea bargain that allows him to continue his NY Giants career, but that’s all the desperation I see in this situation. I would say the Giants are highly-interested, but Reese won’t sacrifice the future on desperation. We both read on Garafalo’s page that Reese denied Steve Smith in Cleveland’s counteroffer. Is these the actions of desperation? I think not.

  26. i am hesitant to see kokgina get rid of edwards because of his speed n size. he dropped passes at shitigan so you can’t really be suprised he has olive oil on his fingers.

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