We stray a bit off topic to share some good news relating to our friend Mike Freeman of, whose columns routinely focus on the NFL and who has written two excellent football books that were advertised on this site, Bloody Sundays and Jim Brown: The Fierce Life Of An American Hero.
Mike previously worked for the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, and he wrote a column nearly four years ago about golfer John Daly.
Daly didn’t like some of the things that Freeman said.  So Daly sued him.
Last week, Daly’s case stepped on a rake in the sand trap.  Judge Hugh Carithers of the Circuit Court of Duval County, Florida pitched the entire thing.
Freeman briefly addresses the situation right here, and his item includes a link to the ruling.  The details get a bit esoteric; the bottom line is that any factual assertions to which Daly objected were sufficiently accurate to avoid liability, and any opinions expressed by Freeman were protected by the First Amendment.
So congratulations, Mike.  You’ve had this cloud hanging over your head for a long time, and you deserve to celebrate.
Just don’t do anything John Daly wouldn’t do.
In our opinion, that particular list of activities probably isn’t very long.


  1. I appreciate your features that prevent accidental football overdosage. A healthy off-topic lawsuit story or a Sprint pitch ensure that one avoids too much football blab.

  2. How could John Daly not like what anyone says about him?….It has to be an improvement over his actual life…Maybe he neede beer money or new paneling for the trailer….

  3. If you don’t recognize the last sentence for a bit of tongue in cheek antagonistic fun… then you will never enjoy this site to the fullest.

  4. “getting cut, getting drunk and getting fat, repugnant loser, scoundrel,
    human car wreck, disgraceful human”
    At least you’re acting like the bigger person in all of this.
    CBS should be embarrased to have you as a writer.

  5. I don’t blame Daly for suing somebody for calling him a drunk. It seems like an easy enough way to scrape up some beer money. For John it’s got to be a lot easier than earning money playing golf.

  6. Florio, don’t you mean to say : “don’t do anything John Daly would DO?” He gets drunk, throws a fit, does drugs, lies, steals, gambles his money away, and sleeps around.

  7. “Isn’t this the same guy (Freeman) who lied on his resume’ about a college he NEVER attended?” ron32082
    You’re close, ron.
    I believe that he stated on his job application AND on his resume that he “graduated” from Delaware, when in fact he only attended Delaware.
    Apparently “repugnant loser, scoundrel,
    or disgraceful human” are terms that Mr. Freeman would use when describing someone who would do such a thing.
    Stay classy, Mike.

  8. Florio, the more I read you the more I’m starting to question the type of person you are. I can tolerate your little snide remarks better than I can take this absolute CRAP you’re spewing about Mike Freeman. You’re singing this guy’s praises when in all reality he’s a complete moron. He got run out of J-Ville because his columns were utter garbage. The guy has some of the most asinine POV’s out there in the sports media. When he teams up with his little butt-buddy, Pete Prisco on Prisco’s radio show it’s quite apparent as to how much of an embicile this guy is.
    What are you going to tell me next, Prisco’s a swell fella? Get a grip.

  9. Florio is a douche and so is this Morgan Freeman guy or whatever the hell he’s called.
    John Daly might be destructive, but he does it to his own self. He’s the one who gets drunk, he’s the one who gambles away his own money, he’s the one with a chain smoking habit.
    Daly doesn’t hurt others, just himself.

  10. John Daly is loved by many sportsfans because he is the average joe who made it big. They can relate to his overweight, smoking, drinking and making bad choices for wives because they have been there. In his prime nobody could hit a golf ball farther and he won two majors. He never hid his problems and was always willing to give interviews to all of the press. Freeman went too far to kick a man when he is down.

  11. Mike, why are you defending this guy? He seems to be a junenile idiot who seems to be trying to imply that John Daly got a bunch of second chances because he’s white. Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t Chris Henry and Pacman Jones gotten more second chances? Perhaps you should tell your buddy Freeman to think before he writes.

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