The “very recognizable name” to which Steelers president Art Rooney II referred last week has been revealed.
Hall of Fame receiver John Stallworth is joining the franchise’s ownership group.
Stallworth was approved at Monday’s league meetings, along with two other investors — Bruce V. Rauner, Chairman of GTCR Golder Rauner, and the Varischetti family of Brockway, Pennsylvania.
James Haslam III, the Paul family, and Thomas Tull previously have been approved by the league.
The Steelers also announced that the closing date for the restructuring of the ownership of the team has been moved from March 31, 2009 until May 2009, and the release implies that additional investors could be added.
Under the new ownership structure, Dan Rooney and Art Rooney II will own 30 percent of the franchise, the McGinley family will continue to own 20 percent, and the new investors will own a total of 50 percent.
The specific shares of the new investors have not yet been disclosed.
Previously, five Rooney brothers shared 80 percent of the team, and the McGinley family held its 20-percent stake.  Under the transaction, Dan Rooney and Art Rooney II increase their joint position from 16 percent to 30 percent, giving them the controlling interest in the franchise.


  1. In 1986, prior to his retirement from professional football, John Stallworth founded Madison Research Corporation. John served as President and CEO of the information technology and engineering services firm for over 20 years; it is one of the largest corporations in Huntsville, Alabama.
    Stallworth has a degree in engineering; his son also has a degree in engineering…he is someone we can all look up to…

  2. @mdsmith80 . . . .
    i never said that it would be. i said that it would be ironic if it were.
    i’m impressed that you’ve learned to write without first learning how to read.

  3. hey Florio – I can read just fine:
    “it would be ironic (please let me know if I’m using that word correctly) if the ‘very recognizable name’ is confirmed Steelers fan Rush Limbaugh”
    and you are using that word incorrectly. I just checked Wikipedia.

  4. mdsmith80 says:
    hey Florio – I can read just fine:
    “it would be ironic (please let me know if I’m using that word correctly) if the ‘very recognizable name’ is confirmed Steelers fan Rush Limbaugh”
    and you are using that word incorrectly. I just checked Wikipedia.

    Well, do you find it ironic then that you just tried to prove your point by quoting back what Florio originally said, when it says exactly what he just said it does?

  5. I just got owned by Florio – I think that deserves a copy of ‘Quaterback of the Future’
    keeping drinking that kool-aid you losers

  6. @mdsmith80 – No one is drinking kool-aid. You made an inaccurate comment about the Limbaugh story. Florio call you out on it you then, being the obvious genius you are, posted the story backing up exactly what he called you out on. Let me guess…. Raven’s fan?

  7. It was also announced that AdamF’s mom was given a partial interest in the team. For services rendered.

  8. great news. welcome back john, guess you’re back to get that “one for the thumb”. don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long.

  9. @SteelyJ – no, I’m not a Ravens fan you toothless pennsyltucky hick.
    Florio flubbed a line about Limbaugh and I called HIM out on it. It would not be Ironic if Rush Limbaugh joined the Steelers ownership group. It would be a fantasy. Just like it would not be ironic if your parents weren’t related, it would be a fantasy.
    Florio Jr.’s band rules!!!

  10. @ mdsmith – I guess when you make a fool of yourself the next thing you resort to is personal attacks on someone you don’t know. Good job, you should be proud.
    Irony – a situation or result that is the direct opposite of what was expected or intended
    Yes it would be ironic if Limbaugh bought into the Steelers. I will explain it to you. Dan Rooney campaigned hard for President Obama in western PA. Rush Limbaugh is the furthest thing from an Obama supporter there is. So by investing in the Steelers he would be supporting the man, Dan Rooney, who was a help in getting Obama the state of PA on election day. I would say that is ironic, or the opposite of what one would expect or intend.

  11. @SteelyJ – I know what irony is, and I know who Dan Rooney campagined for. And this whole thing got started because I wanted to get a rise out of Florio (accomplished), who I think does amazing work when he doesn’t start to teeter into fantasyland. And good thing for you, because you still living off the crumbs.
    And the purported irony was not because Dan Rooney supported Obama, its beacause Obama just named him the freakin’ ambassador to Ireland. You didn’t even get the reference you hack.

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