One of the items that the NFL’s owners won’t be taking up during their ongoing meetings in California is the question of whether Bengals receiver Chad Johnson will be permitted to use his legal name — Chad Ochocinco — in 2009.
A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that adidas, the parent company of Reebok, has advised store owners that orders are now being taken for Bengals jerseys featuring Johnson’s new surname.
But Johnson apparently will be required to use the specific name that he has adopted:  Ochocinco.  The e-mail from adidas points out that the name will appear as one continuous word, without a hyphen.
Last year, Johnson legally changed his name from “Chad Javon Johnson” to “Chad Javon Ochocinco.”  We speculated at the time that Johnson used the single term “Ochocinco” in the application so as not to arouse suspicion from the judge, who might have realized that it was all a marketing stunt.
Reebok refused to allow Johnson to use the name absent restitution for the unsold jerseys bearing his prior name, Johnson, on the back.
So, from this point forward, Chad Johnson is Chad Ochocinco.
We still prefer T-bone.


  1. in the all cap block letters used on the back of a jersey- it won’t look near as ridiculous as it looks in your article, space/hyphen or otherwise.

  2. I am reminded of a story told me by my sainted mother (who did not live in New Orleans)
    Once a man named Earnest Dogshiteater went into court to apply for a change of name.
    The judge being quite sympathetic, enquired what he would like to change his obviously offensive name to.
    The man replied.. why Horst Dogshiteater.

  3. Did you really have to throw a Seinfeld reference in at the end? We get it, you watch the show. Get over it.

  4. hopefully the bengals have a good year and he plays well, otherwise he just looks like a moron….

  5. Is Marvin Lewis still the Headcoach of the BenGals? How did he outlast Billick? I guess it is because the “Defensive Genius” always outlasts the “Offensive Genius”. Did U of Cincinnati field more NFL talent last seaon than the BenGals?

  6. I’m a Bengals fan and I think Chad is a moron. I can just imagine what the rest of the NFL thinks.
    As I e-mailed Florio once, and he used in one of his blog entries, Chad’s true nickname should be OchoPsycho. That is one batshit crazy individual.
    Yes, it’s extremely painful being a Bengals fan. Thanks for asking.

  7. Hey, I will admit – I am a big time Cleveland Brown Fan, but I love what “Ocho – Cinco” brings to the table!
    he is an entertainer, he tries to spice things up by the end zone celebrations the hair-do’s and the comments and commercials!
    I am tired of seeing linebackers having to wear certain numbers!
    If a offensive lineman wants to be #23 let him have it!
    For god-sakes – it is sport entertainment! If they try to pull away something, that a guy used through the legal something and the US government changed it, then that is taking away some of the entertainment value!
    They are entertainers, not lawyers or doctors!

  8. What an idiot. Somebody needs to tell him there are better ways to get attention. The whole “ocho cinco” was cute…TWO YEARS AGO.

  9. The funny part is that Chad is basically in the twilight of his career and will probably be irrelevant in about a year or two anyway. This might have been a good career move a few seasons ago.

  10. I’m happy for Chad. Now he can wear his new name and his I.Q. on his jersey.

  11. I’m sure it’s been said by several people, but I do think his name should be Ochostinko.

  12. Without “Housh” he won’t do SQUAT this year. Another couple years from now, he will be a nobody….. Mark it down!

  13. Shouldnt this asshole start to worry about his play?He sucked last year.This Clown just dosent get it..

  14. All these haters are hilarious. What does it matter to you if he changes his name, has some fun, sells a few jerseys? It doesn’t affect your life at all. Stop being so serious.

  15. WHEW….I have lost a lot of sleep wondering, and worrying about how this saga would end. Thank goodness it is over. Now i can get back to the real soap operas…WWE

  16. The best part of this is that the uniform provider, not the league or the team, gets to dictate what name the players can put on their uniforms, including high-profile players that want to change their number.

  17. What judge? Don’t need no stinkin’ judge to change your name. Change it to anything you like.

  18. Chad you are an Idiot, the NFL is stupid for allowing him to do this and it is a joke.
    I wish the bengals would have traded him to the Redskins last year so my team would be the laughing stock of the NFL, oh wait they already are. We could have had an Ochocinco, a fat ass 100 million dollar DT, a wide receiver that is already thinking about quitting the league after only one year in which he caught 10 balls, a spineless QB that wont step up and be a team leader, a cross dressing RB, a TE that loves to show his junk on the internet, a CB that can’t catch a cold let alone an interception, an out of work actor as our GM, and an owner that is more worried about sitting in his box with tom cruise, cutting down trees at his house so he can see Virginia, and settling lawsuits with people that lost limbs at his theme parks.
    I love the Redskins but I wish Jack Kent Cooke could have lived a little longer and Charlie Casserly hadn’t of been ran out of. Oh and all you idiots who blasted Casserly for taking mario williams over reggie bush and vince young look who’s laughing now Florio!!

  19. I, for one, will be first in line to buy a jersey of a guy who is a ragingly stupid asshole….and had 500 yards receiving last year.

  20. I pray that next year he gets traded to a team that has a reciever who already wears #85 and WON’T SELL IT. Either that, or as a previous poster just said, JOHNSON gets traded to a team where #85 is retired.
    Now THAT would be hilarious.

  21. Chad better catch the damn ball!
    bengal fans could care less about all this other shit>

  22. @mattat39
    Thank God the rest of us sane Redskins fans aren’t half the crybaby panzy you are. It’s one thing to vent amongst your own but it’s another thing to show your ass to others.
    Way to represent clown…

  23. Mike Florio said:
    @myusernamestinks . . . .
    i thought chris henry had number 15?

    Pretty funny. Looks like someone is trying to win an autographed copy of “Quaterback of the Future”

  24. Pretty funny. Looks like someone is trying to win an autographed copy of “Quaterback of the Future”
    You can win a copy? When did I miss that? I want one.

  25. DeeDub you are another blind homer…keep thinking we are gonna do anything this year. The skins are a joke and will continue to be until pretzel boy sells the damn team!!!

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