As the Arena Football League continues to plot its emergence from the suspension of its 2009 season, John Lombardo of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the league’s restructuring plan includes the possible placement of an expansion team in Pittsburgh.
Technically, it would be a return of the AFL to Pittsburgh.  The Gladiators played at Mellon Arena (which was known at the time as the Civic Arena) from 1987 until 1990.  The franchise moved to Tampa in 1991, becoming the Tampa Bay Storm.
Talk first emerged in July 2008 of a potential expansion team in Pittsburgh.
The indoor league also is looking for a new equity partner, which would replace Platinum Equity, the company that pulled out of a partnership with the AFL earlier this year, triggering the suspension of what would have been the current season.


  1. Shouldn’t they worry about whether there’s still going to be an AFL before they add more teams to it?

  2. That sound you hear is me snoring. This league will last one year if it ever launches at all. zzzzz…

  3. Great, Now Pittsburgh will have 2 professional football teams better than the Browns and Bengals!

  4. Oh great, that’s just what Pittsburgh needs… another reason for toothless inbreds to start drinking at 7 am, set couches on fire, and wave a dishrag.

  5. Why is it that the Philly Soul can win a championship that is a second rate team to my Eagles, but the Eagles cant figure it out?

  6. Hey Egypt wake up! The AFL has been around almost as long as the last your mother been doinkin the pool guy!

  7. AFL is very boring, the fast-paced vidoe game nature of it is undermined by the line up and setness of football

  8. So there will be more dirty cheap shot players playing in Shittsburgh?? No one needs this!!

  9. whoever said the AFL will last one year is a buffoon. It only lasted 21 years until they suspended this season due to the crap economy and the loss of equity. It’s not the same as regular football, it’s a different sport entirely, so to the Pitt guy that says it offends you, then well go fly a kite.
    It’s a different game, like the NHL is different than the NFL. It obviously has fan appeal to last 21 years.

  10. Everyone wants a piece of America’s Most Livable City!
    Burning couches only means one thing = CHAMPIONSHIP!!! (An idea stolen from WVU and picked up by the students @ Pitt) Check your facts before you think that this is a rip on the City of Champions!

  11. Actually, the Univ. of Maryland students have perfected the couch burning. I believe that’s just down the road from Baltimore. It can’t happen in Baltimore because they never win anything!

  12. Burning things after a title is a USA thing. Detroit did it, Boston did it, Columbus did it (after the football team beat Miami). He’s probably a Cleveland fan who has lived his entire life with no titles of any kind, so he thinks it’s a Pittsburgh thing.
    Gotta love Cleveland fans. No idea what winning feels like or how to celebrate it. Sort of feel bad for Clevelanders.

  13. Hey nfl (dip)stick, with a comment like that, I can’t even believe you’re smart enough to turn on your PC.
    I DO live in Pittsburgh, and these classless losers who burn stuff because their favorite team wins are ruining my property value. FACT.
    Anytime you compare yourself to WVU students, THAT’S something to be proud of, huh? Among their distinguished alumni, Adam “PacMan” Jones and Chris Henry. FACT.
    I don’t remember riots in Indianapolis, New England, or NYC after the Colts, Pats, and G-Men won. FACT.
    Act like you’ve been there before.

  14. As an entrepreneur with a business near the new arena, here’s hoping that’s the venue they choose to inhabit. Even if it does mean more classless, lowlife, inbred beer swillers on the streets before 7am.

  15. If the Ravens need a break from playing a real team Bmoresports you can always play the AFL team , long as its not in primetime right ? lol

  16. TheCoop –
    FACT: great rip about turning on the computer…very original.
    FACT: Your property must be garbage w/ or w/out someone burning a couch b/c these types of things don’t happen in decent neighborhoods.
    FACT: You must be really bitter towards the Steelers….living in Pittsburgh, having to watch a fanbase that loves their team win another Championship, and making comments under a Steelers related post. I truly feel bad for you.
    FACT: You have the comprehension skills of a 2nd grader. Was I comparing myself to a WVU student or players that came from WVU? Maybe you should re-read my comment above.
    Which of those cities you’ve listed love their football team above baseball and car racing? (I’ll wait right here)

  17. without Rooney around to bribe the refs, this team wouldn’t win championships like the Fixsburgh Stoolers.

  18. Arena Football is like an X Rated movie. Everybody scores in the first ten minutes and then you get bored with it.

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