Bengals Talk Up Their Compensatory Picks

The Cincinnati Bengals have issued a press release boasting about their compensatory draft picks.
Titled “Bengals’ Four Compensatory Picks Hold Potential for High Value,” the Bengals point out that they’ve recently used compensatory selections to secure safety Chinedum Ndukwe with a seventh-round pick in 2007 and receiver Andre Caldwell as a third-round pick in 2008.
But this is a door that the Bengals shouldn’t open, in our view.
For starters, the only reason that they have compensatory picks is because they choose not to pay the draft picks and veterans who have performed well for them, and likewise to spend limited amounts on other people’s free agents.  Indeed, this year’s crop of four compensatory picks (a third-rounder, a sixth-rounder, and two in the seventh) comes from the fact that the Bengals lost via free agency in 2008 the following players:  Landon Johnson, Bryan Robinson, Justin Smith, Alex Stepanovich, and Madieu Williams.
The Bengals replaced that five-man exodus by signing only Antwan Odom.
So, in this case, cheapness equals more draft picks.
Also, the Bengals shouldn’t boast about their periodic hits via the draft, because they have had more than their fair share of misses over the years, too.

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  1. And some commentors on this site don’t believe that Mike Brown would be happy to see the salary cap (and that pesky little salary floor that is associated with it) vanish.

  2. I’m guessing the release didn’t mention Akili Smith, Peter Warrick or Chris Perry?

  3. Cheapness? Over paying for Justin Smith and M. Williams is being cheap? The other free agent losses I would not even consider losses. A center that barely played, an old B Rob, and an overated Landon Johnson who disappeared for the Panthers.
    I may have considered M. Williams but the others were garbage. We got 4 picks for that? robbery

  4. HAHA! Seriously…….you actually spent the time to write an article that is probably LONGER that the press release from the team that does nothing more than informs the fans that they received these picks?
    Whatever floats your boat…..

  5. More picks means even more work for the coaching staff. Also means that more turds will enter the league.

  6. Geeze Florio, Did Carson Palmer not call to make a promise that he would do everything in his power to make it to the superbowl? I’ll work on the PR guy to see if he can call you. Don’t worry. Be Happy.

  7. The Bengals should be crowing about all their overrated defensive players other teams overpaid for. With those players the Bengals finished 29th in the league or worse, and without them they finished 12th. I didn’t exactly see any of those guys playing in Hawaii, either.
    So Florio, in this case cheapness means value, plus extra draft picks.

  8. None of those 5 they lost justified the contract they got, except maybe Landon Johnson. They had a crappy draft with Thurman, Henry, and Pollack. That set them back for a few years, otherwise, they have had a level of success comparable to most other teams. The first rounders are starting and some of the others are contributing. Did you get denied a job interview in Cincinnati or something?

  9. This is terrible news. Four strong, talented, perfectly good athletes are going to have their potential careers ruined by these compensatory picks. This is like watching a slow-motion tragedy unfold upon unsuspecting victims.
    The NFL can be so cruel sometimes….,

  10. That didn’t take long – the very first comment is another one-liner being critical of Florio for being critical of the Bengals. It won’t be the last.
    What would be much more interesting: Instead of just pointing out that it’s a critical post of the Bengals (which everyone can see), chime in with your specific thoughts about the subject instead of just a one-line dismissal. If you disagree with the points that he’s making, why not enlighten us all with your thoughts about those specific points?

  11. draft picks and veterans who have performed well for them = Landon Johnson, Bryan Robinson, Justin Smith, Alex Stepanovich, and Madieu Williams
    Do you even read whay you write Florio???
    “The Bengals replaced that five-man exodus by signing only Antwan Odom” AND getting four more picks!!!
    I would take Odom and four additional draft picks anyday over those slobs. Madieu is done, Justin Smith has one bullrush move and never did anything spectacular at all. Mediocre at best and the rest of them, marginal AFL players at best. Florio, you need some sleep

  12. What are they supposed to do? Come out and say, “Hey, we’re cheap, but at least we got some extra draft picks because of it.” They’re better off with the draft picks instead of the guys they didn’t resign anyway.

  13. Mike Brown is the cheapest a-hole in the country.. Though the Bengals are my team, I don’t think they’ll ever win the SB with Mike Brown at the helm

  14. I agree with Florio and I am a Bengals fan. More picks in the past has just meant more bad picks. That trend will continue until they have an NFL caliber GM and scouting staff. Until then, it is one hit for every three misses.

  15. What a joke. Landon Johnson is on the verge of being cut, Justin Smith is a total bust and I LOL @ San Fran for signing him, Madieu Williams was injured all year, Bryan Robinson was complete crap, and Stepanovich never did a single thing for the Bengals.
    Oh yeah, we went from 30th or so best D in the league to the top 15 after “losing” those players.
    Maybe you should pay more attention to what goes on with the small market teams.
    Absolutely kills me that you would consider Justin Smith, Landon Johnson, and Madieu Williams a loss for any team.

  16. It is pretty hard when veterans can earn huge amounts of money playing for other teams and there is not the lure of playoff success to make them reduce salary (i.e. the Pats).
    When you are a team with as little success as the Bengals, you have to maintain a positive outlook or the cycle of losing will never broken.
    Of course, the easiest thing to do is sit behind a keyboard and criticize when your NFL experience is limited to watching games and talking to low level team admins.

  17. Florio do you want the Bengals to post how many mistakes they have made on their website? It’s called optimism. A team is not going to bash themselves on their own website. Of the players lost what did they do last year? The only one that was a disappointing loss was Madieu Williams. All the other ones were good moves. Is this really that big of a deal to write a story on? Isn’t there a court hearing today or what’s T.O doing on his vacation right now?

  18. I’m never one to defend the bengals, but in this case I need to. What exactly did all those players we lost last year do to help their new teams?
    The defense was ranked the highest it has been all under Marvin Lewis (12th) last year.
    This is one case where I feel we lost alot of baggage and were better for it (on defense anyway.) The only FA you mentioned that I really didn’t want to lose was Madieu Williams. Even he wasn;t tp great for his new team.

  19. I think Florio is right on with this one. If any of these picks turn into successful players, they won’t get paid either. Oh, and if they do and decide to hang around, they won’t pay any attention to the coach.

  20. I’m never one to defend the bengals, but in this case I need to. What exactly did all those players we lost last year do to help their new teams?
    The defense was ranked the highest it has been all under Marvin Lewis (12th) last year.
    This is one case where I feel we lost alot of baggage and were better for it (on defense anyway.) The only FA you mentioned that I really didn’t want to lose was Madieu Williams. Even he wasn’t to great for his new team.

  21. Florio, they have also had more hits in the draft than a lot of other teams. Every team has a lot of “misses”. They lost Smith and Johnson, yet the D improved two fold, to 12th in the league. Not sure what your point is, unless your point is they were smart letting them go? Sure looks like they were. They went from like 30th in total D to 12th without those guys.
    Give Marvin Lews a little credit. What he did worked out. The 4 wins was injury related and had nothing to do with losing those defensive players.
    I’d like to see any other team lose what they lost during the year last year and win more than 4 games with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB, Odom hurt most of the year, and no Keith Rivers at LB.
    They picked up Crocker and Doss off the street basically, and still improved the defense. There is a reason you have them on your sleeper list next year Florio, and I think you are right.

  22. Wow, your a douche Florio. Yeah, maybe the Bengals shouldn’t say anything. I mean, it isn’t like it’s near draft time or anything and there is NOTHING going on in the NFL other than draft talk.

  23. Florio tells it like it is. He called the Bengals his SUper Bowl dark horse for this year, and smacks them when they need to be. no need to boast about having compensatory picks, you should only celebrate championships.
    Having said that, the Bengals really made smart choices in what they lost to FA last year. Their signing was questionable, and they did spend significant cash on Odom. Don’t forget that they also re-signed some of their young players to extensions last year (Peko, Geathers).
    As for their draft success, despite busts (mostly through injury), few teams have more drafted players still in the NFL since Lewis took over.

  24. I agree with your take in general, but which of those players would the Bengals have been better served by keeping? In other words, which of those players would the Bengals like to have at the contract they signed?
    Bryan Robinson sucks, Madieu Williams has been crap ever since he hurt his shoulder, and turning into a 3rd round pick is the best thing Justin Smith’s done in years. He’s not good enough to deserve the contract he got. Landon Johnson’s OK but he got a contract at starter money, and that he’s not.
    As a Bengals fan, I’m frequently frustrated by the team’s stupidity and cheapness. But in this case, getting some picks for those guys is a good turnout.
    In fact, Florio – dare I say, isn’t that exactly the Patriot model for building a team? Let go of overpriced, older, and/or dinged up players when they hit free agency? I rag on Mike Brown all the time, but give the old coot credit when he gets one right.

  25. Florio, Mike Reiss in the Boston Globe yesterday had a link to an article several years ago from Dan Pompei on compensatory draft picks which is a very good read.
    The same complaint you make above about the Bengals you could make about every team who has comp picks. If it’s just plain ineptitude when a team did not sign a veteran player then that’s one thing, but because of the Salary Cap if a team assigns a value to a player and another teams offers exceeds that value then they need to stand pat and let the player go. The key is what they do with the compensatory picks after the fact. Some teams have done very well.

  26. Wait a second here.
    Madieu was hurt all year. Smith was a veritable non-factor for the 49ers (and an overpaid one at that), Johnson signed to be a starter for Carolina and when they got him into camp relegated him to a backup, Stepanovich…tore it up where, exactly? The only player that made a significant contribution to his new team was arguably Robinson, and he did so as a rotation player on the D line (which is exactly what he was for Cincy).
    Out of all that we pick up a 3rd and a 6th plus two 7ths that we can use to move up into the 6th or 7th rounds if we see a player available that we like…???
    Excuse me, but I think I’ll take that. Find a new team to pick on, Mike.

  27. It may be negative, but can you say its not true?
    And yes, I am a Bengals fan. Mike Brown is cheap, not much else to it.

  28. Can you honestly say any of the free agents that left were worth the new contracts they signed? Good riddance Justin “High Motor” Smith! Why spend money on players just because you lost players? Sometimes Cincy makes good decisions Florio, don’t hate for hate’s sake!

  29. Tell them to stop being stupid and there would be no ammo to write articles making fun of them. Just like when they kept signing criminals and Bengals fan wondered why everyone kept picking on his/her team.

  30. Hey look another correct piece about Mikey’s sorry ass team.
    Hell this could happen any day of the week considering how much material there is to prove Mikey and his dysfunctional off spring have no clue what they are doing.
    And to think the team is blaming the big dropoff in ticket renewals on the economy. Clueless as usual.

  31. Wow, they let go of those 4 defensive players and their total defense only improved from 27th in ’07 to 12th in ’08. What bastards!

  32. Yeah, cus there’s so much positive to say about the Bengals? Florio has them in the Super Bowl next year, so I don’t get the complaint.
    And this is right on. had almost the exact same article about compensatory picks last year, and the team ended up 4-11-1. Bengals fans have no reason to be confident in a leadership team that has 18 losing seasons under its belt, yet sticks to the same tired strategy that has failed year after year.
    Yay, a few extra late round draft picks to use as excuses for why the next few seasons will be “re-building.”

  33. Are you saying that the Bengals should have matched the 49ers $45 million offer to Justin Smith to get his annual 5 sacks per season? And Robinson, and Steponovich didnt even start for the Bengals.
    None of the players that you mentioned are any good. The Bengals were 100% correct in not paying Justin Smith, Landon Johnson, Bryan Robinson, Alex Steponovich or Madieu Williams.
    Madieu is the only one that is decent, but he has been incredibly injury prone and the Bengals have Ndukwe and White at safety who are better than Madieu.
    Your really stretching here Florio.

  34. I can see it now….
    “With the 6th selection in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Bengals select Peter Warrick, Wide Reciever out of Florida State University.”
    “With the 38th selection in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Bengals select Ki-Jana Carter, Running Back out of Penn State University.”
    “With the 70th selection in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Bengals select Akili Smith, Quarterback out of Oregon.”
    Shall we go on?

  35. But Mikey gets so little to boast about. You gotta take your shots when you can.

  36. yeah what a surprise a negative article about the bengals, and the best player on that list that we lost (Madieu Williams) we didn’t even get compensated for due to lack of playing time ! So i would say getting a third a sixth and a few sevenths is a deal for robinson (old and slow), Stepanovich(a no one), johnson (probably our worst offseason lost, but not yet proven) and smith (overpaid by the 49ers, had a bad year)

  37. Ditto on the comments made about the Steelers and Patriots handling their free agency signings in a similar way. If the Bengals are trying to pattern themselves in that regard after teams that have proven to be winners, why criticize? I guess it’s easier to bludgeon the Bengals than give them a little love when it’s due.

  38. The problem is that Mike Brown is too damn cheap to employ an actual scouting department so the end up drafting the most turds of any team. So, in all likelyhood, these 4 comps will end up being 4 more turds.
    The only way to get ahead is through strong scouting and drafting. The Pats employed Scott Pioli and an extensive staff of college scouts who dig deep to find out everything they can about a player before drawting them. Sure, they’ve had their share of misses but their hits are often pretty big C Dan Koppen, G Logan Mankins, CB Asante Samuel, NT Vince Wilfork, DE Ty Warren, DE Richard Seymour and, oh yeah, they’ve drafted two pretty good QB’s in the 6th and 7th rounds. And now Pioli is the GM in KC, wonder why they wanted him?
    And, yes, full disclosure, I am a rabid Pats fan.
    By the way, another poster stated that they could use these 4 to move up. Wrong !! Comp picks are NOT tradable per league rules.

  39. I thought that Carson Palmer and the bengals were on the cusp of greatness? Carson Palmer to me is one of the best QB’s in the league on a team that just seems to hover in mediocrity.

  40. Well, another side to this article being overlooked by my Striped brothers is that this is just more spin from the Bengals. I agree that they have to be optimistic. I agree the players we let go didn’t do much. However, I’m tired of them hyping sh-t when I know they won’t do enough to win consistently.

  41. Florio how about an update to this story. That is why all teams get compensatory picks. Update?

  42. I’m not a Bengals fan, but football season is always more interesting when they’re good so perversely I hope they turn it around.
    Hard to root for a team with Chris Henry on it, though.

  43. Lay off the Bengals please. We have had enough bashing over the years we don’t need yours also. Justin Smith was wanting top dollar that year on the free agent market. The Bengals had franchised him the year before to protect loosing him and over paid in doing so. He posted numbers of 78 tkls and just 2 sacks. Not productive enough to be paid franchise money. M.Williams was over rated and never made a play when it mattered other than one game aginst the Steelers. He was a inconsistant tackler and rarely made the interception. His numbers that year were 70 tkls, 2 Sacks, 2 Int.Landon Johnson was the only one who put up big numbers in one catagory. He had 143 Tkls, 1 Sack, 1 TD. These players made no plays behind the line of scrimmage. They need Play Makers. The Draft picks will help move them in the right direction. Think before you type Floria. Do some research.

  44. and people wonder why they consistently rank as one of the worst teams in the league. i actually feel sorry for the cincy fans. they are long suffering and don’t whine like the Clown fans. they have been getting screwed by their ownership for decades with an occasional good team to get everyone excited and then the next year slip back into mediocrity. i agree with the guy who laments the loss of the salary cap. you can bet cincy will have the lowest or one of the bottom 3 total salaries in the league when that happens and mike brown will be laughing his dumb ass all the way to the bank.

  45. I can see why a team losing a Pro Bowl player like Asante Samuel might get compensation.
    Who the heck are these guys the Bengasl lost and how does that get you a 3rd round pick?
    Landon Johnston? Wasn’t he on Little House on the Prairie?

  46. @ROMO4PRES
    If he was he wouldn’t have stood out..
    I agree with the opinion that this is one time the Bengals might have been lucky and have somehow, despite Mike Brown’s best efforts, done something right. We were glad to bid farewell to all of those guys. I just am dreading the results of Cincy having their uneducated hands on 11 picks. Mike Browns scouting staff of THREE (3) people cannot handle one pick!!
    Bottom line: We’ll have to wait until after the draft to see exactly what happens. If they use the picks well, make good choices… whatever they need to do to fill our holes (giggidy) then we’ll know if this is good, or what most of us say every year after the draft… rubbish.

  47. This is about the only place you can go to get an honest assessment of the Bungles. There are so many fanatics here in Cincinnati who want to shut out any negative sentiment about the team. This city is filled with mindless cheerleaders who waste their money making Mikey Brown rich. They shamelessly defend this pathetic team no matter how many years go by without a playoff win. When they aren’t crying on this site, they are calling into the local talk shows spewing the same garbage.

  48. what draft picks that were a success have the bengals not kept and paid accordingly? Palmer, Ocho, Housh, were all draft picks that lasted more then 1 contract and Odell Thurman was legal trouble and David Pollack broke his neck to end his career. Corey dillion and rudi johnson all lasted more then one contract too… so all you people who agree with this article (which is absolute garbage) need to get educated. Now paying obscene amounts for players through the draft that were a bust is a different story, but if there worth keeping the bengals do try to keep them.. Landon Johnson, Bryan Robinson, Justin Smith, Alex Stepanovich, and Madieu Williams never were much with the bengals (or there new teams) and this past season proved that… Mock my words florio.. you’ll be on the BENGALS band wagon like most NFL fans will next year!

  49. The only decent player that they lost was landon johnson.
    Get a clue florio all those players were dead weight.

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