Jauron Doesn't Mind "Bucking History" On T.O.

At the Tuesday morning AFC coaches’ breakfast held in conjunction with the league meetings in California, Bills coach Dick Jauron faced a barrage of questions regarding one of the newest members of the team — receiver Terrell Owens.
The most pointed questions came from Tom Curran of NBCSports.com.  Per Curran, Jauron became “agitated” when reminded that Owens is a perfect three-for-three in wrecking his relationship with a team’s starting quarterback.  (Per ESPN.com’s Tim Graham, Jauron’s “eyes narrowed” during the grilling from Curran.) 
“I’ll start by saying that he’s won a lot of games,” Jauron said regarding Owens. “The goal is to win games and get to the playoffs.”
(Of course, Owens hasn’t been played in a postseason game that his team won since the 2002 wild-card round.  So Owens can help a team win games and get to the playoffs.  At that point, however, the team is on its own.)
“I don’t think he needs protecting from anyone,” Jauron then said of quarterback Trent Edwards.  “He can protect himself.”
Reminded that a good relationship between Owens and Edwards would contradict Owens’ history, Jauron said, “That’s all right.  I don’t mind bucking history.”

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  1. I agree wih Jauron. They need to win games and make money. And TO does both for a franchise.
    If you are a good team, you def wouldn’t want him…..

  2. All he has to do to protect himself is call someone gay, a choker, or cry for mrs Simpson then he’ll be fine

  3. He’s only got a one year deal at Buffalo. He waits to do his home wrecking after season one, so he won’t be bucking anything if he makes it through this one.

  4. Jauron has to say these things, in fact every coach says these things at the beginning when dealing with T.O. Jauron is only playing his part professionally, allowing T.O. to demonstrate his normal self which ends up in destruction.

  5. This is going to be fun, I’ve got my popcorn ready. It’s a train wreck which is almost certain to happen, it’s just a matter of sooner or later.

  6. He didn’t destroy the cowboys. He kept things in-house. The disruptive one was whoever was Werder’s source. I never got the hoopla over owens meeting with garret. I would think thats what should happen, instead of the player turning to the media. Isn’t it healthy to talk directly to the person?
    As far as your comment about the team being on its own, i gotta say, thats pretty stupid. How about his catch against the packers? Or the fact he came back way earlier from an ankle injury than anyone thought possible then played a hell of a game against a perennial top-5 defense. But your right, he left mcnabb on his own to throw up. He should’ve been there wiping his mouth telling him its okay.

  7. Like Jauron has anything to lose. He’s lucky to have a job period….might as well roll the dice on anything that may save his ass.

  8. If Jauron (aka skeletor) hasnt been fired after three 7 and 9 seasons…I wouldnt start holding your breath.
    Here’s why this TO thing works out for the Bills for one year. Cuz TO loves himself and knows that the only way he’s going to keep getting “to love me some me” is to actually produce on the field this year while at the same time not dividing the locker room. If he does, then he’ll get to go to a real team shortly thereafter.

  9. Maybe the trick is to let T.O. get you to the playoffs, and then bench him. The Eagles might of won the Super Bowl if they tried that.

  10. If I was a betting man and I’m not, I would bet Jauron was excited about acquiring TO as Bill Parcells. TO is a playmaker, but as of recent, and inconsistant playmaker. As a Cowboys fan, I can say I was on the fence concerning whether he needed to go or stay because he is an obvious threat.
    However, what many of you Bills fans should keep watch on is what we Cowboys fans didn’t and what our nemesis, Philly tried to tell us in advance – TO will destroy a locker room. He will only be happy as long as he is the focus of the offense and the team is winning.
    One thing that is consistant about all the teams he has been on is he initially is quite, does well playing and then at some point he blows up against the Coaches and QB’s.
    He has a psychological problem and needs some help. If Buffalo can get him the right kind of treatment and put ear plugs in Edwards ear 24×7, it might work out. However, the other problem is TO is spent. He is on the downside of his career and is not a Jerry Rice by any means.
    Yes, he did catch 10 TD’s last year. But the problem with him is he drops three balls for every one ball he catches, and is almost never dependable when the game is on the line. He did not prove in Philly or Dallas that he is the go to guy in crunch time consistantly.

  11. One more thing. It only took him two years to get on Romo’s bad list. It only took about 6 games for him to get Drew Bledsoe benched. People forgot about that one. TO was constantly campaigning on Romo’s behalf that year and as soon as TO felt Witten was more the focus and not him, that is when you started seeing the same public outbursts against the coaches and etc. on the sidelines and in the press just like San Francisco and Philly.
    We don’t care anymore. He is your cancer now. Hope you guys have a cure because though I’m a Cowboys Fan, I developed a lot of respect for your new QB, Trent Edwards in that game two years back when Romo engineered a miracle comeback and Folk kicked that time expiring electrifying field goal. I saw two very good QB’s on both sides becoming leaders despite Romo’s turnovers and some of Trents misgivings. Romo has been damaged already. I just hope Edwards is not the next victim.
    And BTW, who were our go to guys in that win? Remember TO dropping the 2 point conversion that would have TIED the game with 40 seconds left? Remember TO was also the guy who dropped the ball on a throw from Romo with 13 seconds left on the 25 yard line after Dallas Miraculously covered an onside kick?
    Patrick Crayton, Witten, and Sam Hurd were Dallas’ bread and butter in pulling out the win in that game, not TO. Up until he broke his ribs and hurt his neck and shoulder last year, Witten, not TO, has been the money man for the Cowboys on third downs and game deciding victories (like the Lions game two years back), not TO.
    Merry Christmas to your new problem which started out the same way in Dallas. TO a no show at voluntary work outs and here is the key now, the overwhelming press barage which is a terrible distraction and TO loves it, feeds off of it and at some point it will kill your team.

  12. Typical ESPN-variety tripe by writers who are annoyed that it took Eldorado less time to sign with a new team than they spent cranking out stories falsely predicting no one would touch him.
    Can’t get a rise out of Jauron and make him say something you wanted him to say? Then write in some nonsense about Jauron’s eyes narrowing when he said it. Anyone who’s ever listened to Jauron knows he has one gear and is able to read the quotes for what they are, instead of what some dopey jaded writer is trying to make them.

  13. This is a good move for the Bills given that they needed another guy to stretch the field. What I’ve noticed about the Bills is that they’re very much a team built on morale. They have the talent but they don’t know how to win. Once they get hit with a hard loss or three they get demoralized and it all falls apart. I don’t know if it’s lack of leadership or what. It almost seems like they read their own press and expect for something to go wrong. A guy like TO, love him or hate him, can give them that extra piece, and maybe even leadership (dare I say it?). And I don’t even like the guy. Having TO put pressure on the rest of the offense isn’t a bad thing, as long as he too is accountable for his own mistakes. Those drops coupled with a “what did I do wrong” attitude would be bad. Drops with a “it’s my fault won’t happen again” would be just what the team needs. Also, they’re gonna have to change up their schemes a little bit. Open it up, be a little more daring. They have the hoss in Lynch in the backfield to create yards from nothing. They need to complement that with less predictability. They were very predictable last year, even though it worked when they executed well. Peters has the stuff to step it up, but I think like the rest of the team he bought into the losing attitude. If he shows up and that effort is copied by everyone on the team, they could go far.

  14. Pretty desperate Florio, having to post a story from NBC Sports?…who visits that site except once every 4 years in the summer..
    who cares if he is a cancer in the lockeroom, none of us are players…Christian Bale , Edward Norton and DeNiro are nightmares on movie sets , yet we still watch thier movies..same thing here..NFL is entertainment….love all these gusy who think they are real football players and are bothered by a guy who causes some waves in an NFL locker room…get you head out of the clouds kid, you have nothing to do with NFL lockerooms…

  15. The last 2 QB’s he got in a fights with are thin skinned chokes themselved. Tony “I nver one a playoff game” Romo or Donovan “I’ve never lead a 4th quarter comeback in the last 10 years. Garcia? Lot of comebacks in his history. Just not in football.

  16. If TO “destroys the Bills’ lockerroom,” they don’t make the playoffs for the 10th straight year and Jauron is gone. The horror!
    The two with the most to lose are TO and Jauron. TO loses-out on that (likely last) big payday if he misbehaves and Jauron loses-out on ever being a HC again. And in case TO can’t remember to behave himself, Rosensleaze is sure to remind him.
    As an up-until-recently detached observer of TO, I always thought that since he was such a talented player, he was worth the headaches. And I sided with him in his feuds. Garcia became too big for his britches in SF and has done nothing since he stopped throwing the rock to TO. McNabb said that the Eagles didn’t need TO to win, choked on that last drive of the SB, and the Eagles talked about cutting him with little cap hit if he didn’t return from his broken leg (can you say dumb?). In Dallas, he wasn’t the only receiver to complain about the passes Witten was getting thrown his way, and more Cowboys players have come out to defend him than have come out to bash him.
    But TO will command attention on the Bills’ offense and open things up for Evans, Reed, and Lynch. And Trent Edwards is smart enough not to insult TO, or and fly off to Cabo with Jessica Simpson (and Jason Witten, hmmmmm) before a playoff game.

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