Lions New Logo Accidentally Revealed

As Lions fans continue to ponder the possibilities regarding the uniform changes that their team will make in 2009 (it’s not as if it makes any sense for them to focus instead on whether the team will be any good), Philip Zaroo of has received from a reader evidence of the team’s new logo.
The image of the new logo appears at, via a page that displays a $16.99 mini-tractor-trailer devoted to the Lions.
And it bears the new logo, along with the new design of the “Lions” name.

56 responses to “Lions New Logo Accidentally Revealed

  1. So, the new Lions logo is a revised “Lions” in the center of what appears to be a “money shot” delivered from the TinMan from Wizard of Oz?
    (music) “If the Lions only had a brain…”

  2. Not many people know of Bubbles. And this isn’t much of a logo change. All they did was make it kinda 3d. But I Like it! Nothing horrible like TryBoy’s suggestion. That looks like an arena team jersey, with a logo aimed at 12 year olds. God I would have been pissed.

  3. It looks like something from a 90’s expansion team. They need to go back to the traditional Honolulu Blue and silver. They were an average team in the 80’s and 90’s before Millen. I would love an 8-8 team right now.

  4. Small change, big improvement. Exactly what I was looking for. The new “Lions” script I’m more torn about–while I never really understood what the old Roy Rogers Hollywood Cowboy script was about, those letters appear to be an atempt to update something that never made sense, rather than a clean-sheet redo. I’m going to need to see it on a better picture, and maybe just get used to it.
    Not sure what’s going on with the big silver splotch; it makes the truck look kind of Zubaz-y. Not really the clean, classic look they typically strive for.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  5. Appropriate that the Lion is going backwards instead of forward on the trailer. How about Toonces? Could be the driving lion… right off the cliff.

  6. The Cowboys should change their logo to half a star until they can make the playoffs.

  7. Does this mean the piece of trailer trash in the video you posted here awhile ago, that had the old logo tattooed on his chest, is going in to have it re-done?

  8. It looks like somebody dropped a silver paint can on a blue floor.
    Perhaps the splatter pattern coincides with hitting bottom.

  9. Big improvement, both in the logo and the wordmark – very nice. And they made a change without really making some drastic, silly move (like the rumored one posted a while back – what a disaster that was). And frankly, people aren’t going to have to buy that much new gear – the logo’s essentially the same, with details filled into what was once a silhouette. Very good job.
    @ Ty – no worries about the splotch; it’s standard for nearly every team on this particular toy:

  10. @ homerjae – they didn’t change the colors at all, guy. What are you talking about? It’s the same Honolulu Blue.

  11. I dont see it, it looks exactly the same to me. The only thing is the way “Lions” is written. I would not buy a new jersey b/c of that minor change and thats ultimately their goal. Really doesn’t make sense to me. I like the idea of changing the uniform the shed the past and shed the 0-16 season, but you need to change it more then that.
    On the other hand the Lions Organization and Michael Jacskon have something in common, exotic pets named “Bubbles.” Now only the only question is can the lions “beat it”???

  12. WOW!! that is a drastic change. same gay colors and logo. they should go back to the throwbacks and call it a day. the lions are a joke and will be until old man ford has nothing to do with the team.

  13. I think they should have kept Bubbles (which is a derogatory name given by fans, not the actual name) for a vintage throwback look later on but went with a clean new version that was a closeup head shot of a snarling Lion. The updated Bubbles is the sort of half-a$$ed middle of the road effort the Lions seem to naturally employ. I had hoped we’d see something bolder for once. So, if the Lions have a new logo how come no press conference as of yet? I still wonder if this is for real because I can’t believe they’d let this out without a form announcement.

  14. Nothing new in my eyes. Maybe GM can start producing those trucks, it might just save them

  15. I’m still laughing about the “Tin Man Money Shot.”
    Friggin’ hysterical

  16. That’s a letdown. They’ve taken the worst logo in the league…and done very little with it. So indicative of the people running this organization. Oh well, hopefully we’ll forget about it all once Schwartzy and Gun start blowing up opposing quarterbacks. I’m really hoping Cunningham has some success running his style of defense – the man deserves some retribution for his last few years coaching under Herm Edwardsd.

  17. the previous post references tryptophan and this one has a toy truck in it and no Seinfeld reference between the two? You’re slipping Florio! (and yes, that sentence deserves an exclamation point)

  18. If you cant see the difference, then youre blind. First of all the letters are not part of the Logo. Just the Lion is. The difference is the detail, its a little more 3d. a little more tooth and claw detail. I’m not excited about it either, but geesh. If ya look at the bears, The titans, Buffalo ,Miami,Seahawks , just to name a few. Those logos are lame as well.

  19. I don’t think it’s the worst logo in the league.. I’d give that award to the flaming thumbtacks, as TMQ puts it.

  20. Don’t blame the Lions for the “Tin Man Moneyshot” look, if you look at the other trucks on the site, a lot of them have the same basic background with their own team colors. Heck, the Colts and the Cowboys have trucks that look almost identical.
    As far as the logo, I think they did a decent job making the lion look a little more ferocious. “Bubbles” was a name given to the previous Lion logo by a radio commentator, precisely because it didn’t look threatening at all. It was just a silhouette, it had no definition, it didn’t even have an eye. I like the new logo, they could have done a bit more of a rework, maybe made it two tone to give it more definition, but at least they did not make a big enough change to embarass themselves like the Pistons did with their teal jerseys.

  21. The link to NFLshop no longer works … not from PFT or from Mlive, so does that mean that the NFL accidentally posted that new Lions logo on their site and then had to pull it?

  22. Another Lions posting with no bashing! Thanks Mike
    PS – How could anyone hate the logo – it’s so slightly different. The text is definitely better

  23. You can change the color of the sh*t but its still sh*t.
    Anybody else see the problem with the fanbase having more excitement over a color and logo change than the team itself?

  24. A minor update to the classic lion is fine with me. The new font, however, sucks. It looks like lettering you’d expect to see in the opening credits of Scooby-Doo, with a theramin being played behind it.

  25. Lions have the BEST colors in the league and the BEST logo in the league.
    I’m totally fine with the tweaking of the logo. Slight change but they kept the integrity of the original classic logo in tact, rather than going with some cartoony nonsense to appeal to 15 year olds.

  26. New logo = sweet. Nothing wrong here, only right. The silver splotch in the middle of the trailer appears to be a platinum plated football field…good way to use the cap space.

  27. You have to remember that alot of times the pictures of a product you see are of a prototype, and more than likely, thats what that is, I really doubt thats the new logo.

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