Open Competition Looming For Anderson, Quinn

Though whispers persist (as pointed out most recently by Russ Lande of Sporting News) that the Browns could trade either or both of their top quarterbacks, coach Eric Mangini said Tuesday that Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn will battle it out for the top spot on the depth chart.
I talked to both of them about that and was very clear,” Mangini said, according to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “I said if they have any questions they can come and see me.  In terms of the competition and their opportunities.  That’s what I told them.  They understand that.”
Mangini added that he’s “excited” by the prospects of an open competition between the two players.  (And here we thought that Mangini only got excited by open competitions involving the bacon and the eggs vying for real estate on his breakfast plate.)
This bit of news meshes with our prior understanding that Quinn, who wrested the starting job during the 2008 season from an ineffective Anderson, won’t be handed the starting gig by the new Mangini-Kokinis regime.
Neither coach nor G.M. were responsible for the acquisition of either player, so there’s no reason to favor one or the other.  The challenge at this point is merely to find the best person for the job.
And given that Anderson and Quinn never have competed with each other on a head-to-head basis, a little competition might be good for both of them.
Of course, losing the competition won’t be good for Quinn, whose compensation is tied heavily to playing time.  If/when he learns that he’s not getting the starting job, he might ask to be traded.
Then again, we don’t rule out the fact that Mangini would actually prefer shipping one or both of them right now to Denver for Jay Cutler, and that Mangini is merely trying to create the impression that he’s fine with either Anderson or Quinn.
Indeed, Mangini made it clear on Tuesday that, when it comes to a possible trade, there are no sacred cows on the Cleveland roster.
“What I haven’t ruled out is George and I looking at any opportunity to improve the team,” Mangini said.  “But I in no way am saying that is specific to the quarterback situation.  But we would look at any opportunity we thought would improve the team.”
We assume that “resigning our positions” isn’t one of the Mangini-Kokinis options.  Some fans might already wish that it were.

35 responses to “Open Competition Looming For Anderson, Quinn

  1. I call bullshit. A competition between two quarterbacks who are by all accounts assumed to be overly mediocre can only hurt the prospect of trading one or both for optimal compensation.

  2. It’s a great thing that Quinn’s agent persuaded him to pass on a slightly smaller deal than Russel got as the #1 pick. Way to play hardball Tom Condon!

  3. I’m not one of the fans that wish they would resign. I’m all for the moves they are making and as much as I would like Quinn to be “the guy”, I’m more concerned with him being the best guy for the job.
    What fights for real estate on a breakfast plate in West Virginia Mike? The black lung, perhaps?

  4. I am so sick of his voice…I hear it grinding in my head…
    Reporter: whats the color of the sky Mangini?
    Mangini : Well you could say the sky is blue but at other times the sky is violet or even orange..there are many factors that contribute to that answer, time of day, cloud cover, core values, and if football is important to the sky. We will evaluate the color of the sky at the appropriate time of day and the make an informed descision.
    There should be a rule that you have to win something before you can talk like that.
    good riddance and good luck

  5. “This bit of news meshes with our prior understanding that Quinn, who wrested the starting job during the 2008 season from an ineffective Anderson, won’t be handed the starting gig by the new Mangini-Kokinis regime.”
    Mike, please, you’re smarter than that. How the hell would naming a starter (officially) right now help the Browns? Exactly, it wouldn’t. It would cause trouble, the backup wouldn’t be happy with it. The starter would not get pushed as much in training camp because there’s really no pressure. And the backup would not be worth much if Mangini demotes him, making it impossible to get something decent for him in a trade.
    Quinn is the starter, if they haven’t traded him by the time training camp starts. There has always been an open competition in New York with Pennington, Clemens and even the 3rd string QB, but there was no way he would demote Pennington, no matter what. He’s doing the same thing in Cleveland now. It’s just for the media, he’s trying to put pressure on his players, that’s all. Anybody that knows Mangini and where he comes from (NE) will realize that the last thing he would want at QB right now is another gun slinger. Brett Favre cost him his job last season.

  6. madsqgrdn, Don’t you realize they have to talk like that to drive up the trade value for both of them. I think both are available and if they make one of them the backup already then that decreases their trade value.
    I guarantee both will not be on the roster come training camp.

  7. “And here we thought that Mangini only got excited by open competitions involving the bacon and the eggs vying for real estate on his breakfast plate.”
    I don’t know, he always semmed like a “Rootie-Tooty-fresh-and fruity” breakfast guy to me.

  8. Anderson, Quinn or both for Cutler would be a dream for Cleveland, but it wouldn’t happen. Quinn’s a bust. Anderson’s a risk. Cutler is valued highly because he can throw shotputs through Mack trucks. Unfortunately for him, that ain’t football. Cleveland imagines they have these two QBs of value, but they haven’t proven that with either player on the field. No value, no deal.

  9. What I dont get is these fans here that want miracle deals, but at the same, time expect the Browns to just give away players to other franchises, without anything in return. Mangini knows what he’s doing. He reviewed the tapes of Crispy Creme Crennel’s team and said, damn that dude could judge talent or call a play, and hence, you got him flipping coins for starting QB as he debones 75 hot wings in his office… He let’s his no.3 pick overall run around in bare soxes, while other players have cleats on, and he’s kicks field goals when down by two scores and little time. It was like Bozo the Clown calling the shoots for a bunch of clowns, and what showed up on Sunday, revealed it. Teams snickered at the chance to play in Cleveland cause it was like adding another home game to there schedule. Browns fans are ticked cause there haven’t been any big free agent signings…. but show me when that helped the browns in the past. Players that sign here now no they have to earn their way unto the field…. look for deal after deal to unfold shortly as the roster constinues to flip over like burgers on a Crennel barbacue grill.

  10. Art Modell…I agree with you..Im a Jet fan whose had the pleasure of hearing mangini’s drivel for 3 years. I’m probably a little over sensitive to it..I hope Florio posts when mangini gives a difinitive answer on anything.

  11. I love these Naïve losers who think everything is gonna be fine. Its not. Grow up. Were never going to have a winning team until Lerner wisens up and stops thinking he knows everything.
    No wonder our team sucks every year. Our fansAre stupid.
    Ya I love thw Guy who says he would rather have Quinn Anderson mangina and kokanus than me in town. Haha what a dipshit. Get a clue

  12. We’re not exactly breaking up the ’87 Giants here. A team low on talent in crucial areas needs to get talented in those areas – draft picks and trading where there is a surplus is how this happens. Quinn and Anderson both will fetch good returns that will hopefully be used on the line. I am warming to Mangini.

  13. As a Dolphin fan that had the pleasure of watching Mangina break down and get fired at the end of the season, I can only say this….
    Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals are going to have a field day twice a year this upcoming season.
    Not only did his QB fail, but that “Amazing Jets D” failed just as bad. This guy can’t win games in winter if his life depended on it.

  14. The Rat will never win in this league. He’s way, way way, over his head as HC.
    This sounds familiar as he put Pennigton thru same deal last year, and we all saw results.
    2 Guarantees, his team will quit on him….and he won’t make it 3 seasons.

  15. As a Fin fan, reading this article makes me feel a whole lot better about NOT taking Quinn. Miami’s coaches got roasted for passing on him and picking Ginn (and family) but at least Ginn is on the field and when Henne starts, he’ll become much better with a strong-armed QB.

  16. Reporter: Rex Ryan the same question for you
    Rex Ryan: The sky is blue dumbass now go hit something
    I can’t wait

  17. I can tell you Quinn and Edwards do some hanging out. No Anderson sighting. Just FYI. I’m sure some of you geniuses will jump on the opportunity to explain to us all what that does or doesn’t mean. When you do, please disrespect the team, City of Cleveland and fans as much as possible because that makes you sound so much more intelligent.

  18. Hey Fin…How about if they’d tendered Welker another $500,000 and made him first round tender.
    Then they would have drafted Quinn, kept Welker and had much better Receiving options for the same money.
    Ginn is no more than a quick 3rd/4th round receiver, poor fundamentals, and couldn’t block his sister [ she on the team too?]
    Remember also, Satele was a 2nd rounder…and he was dealt after 2 years…not a good trade for Welker

  19. I disagree with all the he-man hate directed to the young head coaches. Yes, Mangerm and McDauntless are now young, and naive, and learning on the job. They can’t lead yet. But they are learning. And they have youthful brains with pliant neurons and lots of fluid neurotransmitters, which is a real advantage. Why did Shanahan and Gruden and Schottintheheader get fired? Because old brains are, well, if you don’t have one, you wouldn’t know. If you’re lucky, you’ll live to grow into an old brain. In the meantime, what was a saying?

  20. there blowing it up and they know it. K2 is already gone, Braylon and Quinn are next. im a lifelong Clevelander and Browns fan but right now im emotionless. the FA aquistions remind me of the expansion draft. im just sitting back and watching. Koke said in an interview with Tony Grossi of the PD that only J. Thomas an DQ are untradeable. if Mankoke are the right guys then let them do it thier way but if there wrong then we are totally screwed.
    as long as the dont draft a QB at 5 i wont lose my mind…

  21. I wish the Lions would have played the Browns last year to prove that they were not the worst team in the league, when in fact the Browns were.

  22. Mangini should offer to name his next child “Brett” again to coax Favre out of retirement and throw him into the mix (oh, sorry Browns fans – wouldn’t want the truth to ruin your delusion that your Head Coach was opposed to Favre all along!)

  23. Open competition, sounds good. No one is untouchable, hopefully they will make the right moves.

  24. brady showed his true colors in his 3 pick game that got him benched. if he is looking left at the snap he will trow it left. defenses caught onto that.
    camp crennel is gone and i am glad there will be no more texting in the huddles anymore.

  25. “Neither coach nor G.M. were responsible for the acquisition of either player, so there’s no reason to favor one or the other. ”
    Kokonis was in Baltimore when the Ravens drafted Anderson and he probably did have a say in his selection. While he may not be responsible for Anderson being in Cleveland, I think he might have more of an interest in seeing Anderson succeed than Quinn.

  26. Dave61- the saddest thing for the NFL in losing Crennel from the Browns, is the leauge lost its only coach who looks just like its mascot!! Look at that stupid mutt they use& look at Romeo. Twins.

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