Bears, Browns Complete De Facto Tackle Swap

Earlier this month, the Browns cut right tackle Kevin Shaffer. 
To potentially replace him, they signed Bears free-agent tackle John St. Clair.
And, of course, the Bears have now replaced St. Clair by signing Shaffer.
The Bears announced the transaction moments ago.  It’s a three-year deal.
Shaffer has started all but two games over the past five seasons, which include his three-year tenure in Cleveland and the back half of his four seasons with the Falcons.

25 responses to “Bears, Browns Complete De Facto Tackle Swap

  1. Shaffer is just another high paid FA acquisition of the Savage era that didn’t pan out. Guy has absolutely no heart. He’ll fit in fine w/the Bears.

  2. Not a stud, by any means… but definitely a step up from John “Oh-ley!” St. Clair

  3. Relatively good deal for the Bears, they swap out an aging, expensive swing tackle for a younger one who has started for the past 5 years. Not a blockbuster deal, but something that should help solidify the line.

  4. Shaffer contributed to the Browns ending the season with 3 quarterbacks hurt. He couldn’t block the sun if he was standing over me at the beach, much less any defender. I realize that St. Clair won’t be around forever, but I hope he provides some solid depth.

  5. Shaeffer was not “good” in Atlanta final. He was a little bit better than mediocre, but never good. He was awful in Cleveland.
    Some of these Bears fans think this is a good deal. No. Not really. You signed another body to the O-Line. He’s not good, but he’s another body.

  6. To the commenting Browns fans:
    We know that Shaffer wasn’t great, and we know he’s just another body in our attempts to patch up the line that may or may not pan out.
    Enjoy St. Clair, you’ll find your getting an even older, slower and more lost version of Shaffer. The reason this is a good deal for Chicago, is Shaffer likely came cheap and with low expectations. If he’s just a back up, no harm done.
    But to sign St. Clair for 3 mil a year to a Cleveland line in hopes that the 32 year old is your next starter is off the mark. Chicago needed another body to compete on a rebuilding line. It got it. Cleveland thinks they signed a starter for the next 3 years. Good luck.

  7. I’d like to hear what the money is. If it’s less than the 9 million St. Clair got, then good deal. St. Clair was another body too, so if this body is cheaper, fine by me.

  8. It’s funny that both team’s fans think they came out ahead in this swap. Just proves that the grass is always greener on the other side, whether or not that color was achieved via horse crap.

  9. Shaffer was average when he had a good right guard playing next to him, terrible when he didn’t. He negated more big Browns plays with holding calls than any other lineman I can remember. He was easily the worst starter of any of the Browns’ lineman during his tenure with the team and was a horrible signing by Phil Savage.

  10. Schaeffer is not worse than St. Clair. Woo-hoo. Schaeffer will appear decent in the Bears offense because the Bears do not even attempt to throw the ball down the field. Dump offs to backs and TEs, slants to WRs and an occasional long ball on running downs. The offensive play calling protects the generally weak line. In contrast, Cleveland took plenty of 5 step drops looking to find Edwards et al downfield. St. Clair will appear worse than Schaeffer. Good luck Cleveland.

  11. Based on earlier comments, if the Browns didn’t run a zone blocking scheme, Schaffer could do better with the Bears – who do.
    That said, I hope he’s a replacement for Terrence Metcalf rather than a swap for StClair.

  12. Okay, I don’t know who this Shafer guy is, but Cleveland fans seem to hate him. Bad for us, unless he is being brought in to add depth. For the rest of you who are banging on St. Clair, you are full of it. The guy held down the left side of our line even though he was a back up. He will do great on the right side which is easier to play. WE are going to regret losing the guy. Yeah, he’s not A+ material, but he certainly is B- to C+ stuff easy.

  13. The Browns were on the hook for four more years with Shaffer. By releasing him, they avoided a $1.5 million bonus and a $6 million cap hit this year. They signed St. Clair to a three year deal worth $9 million, but only $600,000 of that is guaranteed.
    St. Clair is an insurance policy — nothing more. An experienced veteran who can serve as a temporary placeholder at RT. That’s all that Shaffer was in Cleveland; a placeholder. A very expensive placeholder.
    No matter what either player does, the Browns came out the other side of free agency in better shape than they went in.

  14. It does not matter who the Browns pick up.
    They still suck and are going nowhere.
    Can they move the team, keep the name and uniforms and start all over again?

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