Bills' Ellison Signs Tender

Buffalo Bills restricted free agent linebacker Keith Ellison has signed his $1.01 million one-year tender, according to Adam Caplan of
A former sixth-round draft pick from Oregon State who recorded 73 tackles last season in 14 starts, Ellison is projected to start again next season.
“He’s done a really nice job for us whenever he’s stepped in and played,” Bills coach Dick Jauron said of Ellis this week at the annual league meetings.  “He’s very smart, very athletic, a tough guy, a great teammate.  So we’re OK.”
According to, Ellison has 177 career tackles, two interceptions and two sacks in three seasons.

7 responses to “Bills' Ellison Signs Tender

  1. this guy is undersized, and he sucks. what a f’n joke.
    I hope he and Pat Thomas aren’t the Bills’ “answer” to the gaping hole at outside linebacker.
    and I’m surprised you didn’t work a T.O. blast into that story, Florio.

  2. this sucks!the bills need lb’s and even de’s to help our piss poor D, but not ellison. every team that has played us with ellison in, gameplans to go right at him and if Jauron dont see that he shouldnt even be coaching a pee-wee team. what happened to keiaho and june the free agents? oh ya this is buffalo and cheapo ralph wilson we’re talking about. thats what makes the to move so big here in buffalo its the first time since the glory days we seen the inside of ralphs wallet.

  3. ellison couldnt tackle my pet turtle. but thats alrite we’re ok dick. wtf. what a dickhead.

  4. For a guy with an IVY league education Dick Mauron is an absolute idiot! I am sure Ellison is a nice guy and an able bodied back up LB, but he has no business as a starter in the NFL. Mauron stupidity reminds me of a Harvard grad who is currently ruining this country!!!

  5. Ellisons terrible.
    Pozluzney is horribly slow as my granny, and who is the other LB?
    No wonder we suck.

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