Mangini Invites Favre To Help Out At Camp

Retired quarterback Brett Favre might be joining the Browns.
But not to play.  (We think.)
Coach Eric Mangini has invited Favre to serve as a guest instructor at training camp, where he would help Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn learn the offense that Favre learned on the fly last year.
I don’t think it would be anything formal,” Mangini told the New York Daily News (via by way of, with a left turn at Albuquerque).  “It’s not like we are hiring him to run the scout team.  I don’t think he would be interested in that.  He would be more like a visitor.  An open invite.”
Um, really?
Look, Favre is one of the best quarterbacks of all time.  But it’s not because of his knack for operating within the confines of a structured offensive system.  He’s the ultimate freelancer.  So unless Mangini is hoping to instill some recklessness into his quarterbacks, Favre might not be the best choice.
Frankly, we think the offer has more to do with Mangini’s desire (for whatever reason) to create the impression that Mangini and Favre had a good relationship during their mutual time with the Jets. 
Said Mangini on Tuesday, “We had a legitimately good relationship.  He’s a good guy.  I like Brett a lot.  That was a tough situation for him to come into and I thought he handled it incredibly well.”
But what of the January words from Mangini friend and confidant Teddy Atlas?
I think Brett Favre basically is a selfish guy,” Atlas told the New York Post on the heels of Mangini’s termination by the Jets.  “Brett Favre goes out there with his gray hair, his Wranglers and gets up when he gets hit.  I understand why people like that.  But there’s another side.  He’s a selfish guy.”
Now, did Atlas come up with that completely on his own, or with a little (or more) input from Mangini?
Atlas also had this to say about whether Mangini even wanted Favre in the first place.
“He had no choice in the matter,” Atlas told the Post.  “How you going to argue with a Hall of Fame guy coming in and the business part of it?  [Mangini] did the best he could to adjust to it.”
Apparently, Mangini still feels compelled to convince people that Mangini felt otherwise.
Frankly, Mangini would be better served by forgetting about Favre and the Jets and focusing on the Browns.

42 responses to “Mangini Invites Favre To Help Out At Camp

  1. Not this again!!! Please Mr Mangini,don’t give him any ideas,letting that distraction descend on Cleveland would be counter-productive to your football team.

  2. Mangini “Hey Brett you remember last year on the Jets when we blew our shot at the playoffs??”
    Brett ” Yea….”
    Mangini ” Yea… that was great lets do it again this year with a new team!!!!”

  3. Ahhhhhh… can smell spring in the air! The flowers are blooming, the grass is greening and Florio’s website is suffering from the offseason blues.
    Time to post another Brett Favre story! Nothing sells like Brett. How sad the state of the NFL right now when a retired QB is still it’s most popular name!!!!

  4. maybe mangini is cuddling up to brett favre so he can cuddle up to bus cook so he can cuddle up to jay cutler…

  5. Farve didnt want to help Rodgers and he isnt going to help some guy who ripped him. This is just another stupid move on the part of a coach who tried too soon to move up into the coaching position. I wonder who regrets their decision more, Cleveland of Denver? Josh and Eric just don’t get it. Both are trying to be Billy B, before they ever have won anything. They need to understand that they should stay in the shadows and shut up until someone else says they are great. Both of these hires will fail and while Josh may get another shot Mangini won’t.

  6. Finally, a Brett Favre story that won’t piss everybody off.
    It’s a good move, I hope it works out.

  7. Florio- using little to no evidence you again draw conclusions and assassinated the character of a person whom you have never spoken. Or in this case you get two with one shot. Very professional getting two in that way, you have not lost your touch.
    Keep up the quality work that you are becoming so famous for….

  8. I’m usually in agreement with the cynicism here, but that’s just stupid.
    Mangini doesn’t care what anyone thinks about how he is perceived…least of
    all the court of public opinion. I doubt that he woulg go out of his way to invite
    Brett to camp just to prove that he has a relationship with the guy. It wouldn’t
    be because he is one of the greatest QB’s ever…

  9. Actually, Favre will be there to show Derek Anderson how to be a complete dick to the younger, better-looking, more accomplished college QB that was drafted to replace him.
    This is also referred to as the “Aaron Rodgers Treatment.”

  10. This could actually be a good thing by giving Brett an acceptable alternative to scratching the “itch”, instead of waging a comeback when his body at least for now is not capable of doing what his spirit wants it to.
    It could also be a fence mender, as the Favre book is presumably still in the works.
    It could also be something (warning: speculation following!) that Mike T of the Jets cooked up with EM on his way out the door if they were on genuinely good terms, either to 1)(again) satisfy the “itch” in a way that doesn’t lead to Brett potentially blowing up the Jets salary cap at some point when he feels like, “To hell with the talking heads and the people who want to gripe–I wanna PLAY”, or even 2) Keep Brett interested and involved in the pro game for 2009 just in case he does wage a comeback (deadline is November, I think?) and the Jets end up really really needing him. I always said that if he had come riding in to the rescue of a team last year he would have been greeted much more warmly than he was. (E.g. Junior Seau).
    Yeah, I smell you Favre bashers coming. Go for it, Florio likes the # of hits on the site, LOL.

  11. 1stngoal says:
    March 25th, 2009 at 11:38 am
    Not this again!!! Please Mr Mangini,don’t give him any ideas,letting that distraction descend on Cleveland would be counter-productive to your football team.
    What football team! Go Steelers

  12. *Huge Exhale* Phewww… Thank GOD! A Bret Farve story. Everything is back to normal. So, has T.O. been up to anything lately?

  13. I dont think the browns have to worry about favre bothering them, shrimp po’boys are nonexistent in ohio so chances are he wont want to venture

  14. Why would you want Quinn or Anderson to be a GUNSLINGER? Why don’t you invite Joe Namath!

  15. Florio opines…
    “Frankly, Mangini would be better served by forgetting about Favre and the Jets and focusing on the Browns…”
    Yeah…just keep stirring that pot, Mike. Just keeping the rotten apple crowd entertained, huh?
    Sometimes you’re as much of a jackass as the rest of those yinzer inbreds from the banks of the beautiful three sewers…but smarter, no doubt.

  16. Frankly, we think the offer has more to do with Mangini’s desire (for whatever reason) to create the impression that Mangini and Favre had a good relationship during their mutual time with the Jets.
    Florio. Please…………………. Don’t you think Mangini has a bit more to do than worry about that trivial crap? Hey, regardless of what you may think of Favre, he would have a lot to offer two relatively young, inexperienced quarterbacks. Having said that, ………Hey Mangini… why not invite BERNIE KOSAR! He’d be in there in a heartbeat. He also was one of the most cerebral quarterbacks to play the game, not to mention he was actually a Cleveland Brown.

  17. Mangini liked Favre enough to name his kid after him. Or did he have no choice in that either?

  18. “if you all think florio is so full of it then why do you keep reading…? ”
    I like Mike, I just disagree with his Favre criticism. Can’t I ever disagree with someone without shutting the out of my life forever?

  19. Coach Mangini has zero invested in either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn, so what’s wrong with Favre coming in to talk with ’em and see what happens.
    Is Favre going to do it?

  20. Hey Florio, do people actually listen to your opinion on football-related matters and take them seriously? Really??
    How’d you pull that off? You’re a hack who thinks he knows about football, but doesn’t. What the hell do you know about how much of the structure of an offense Brett Favre adheres to? Nothing. Just because he freelanced on a few plays once the pocket broke down doesn’t mean that he would just show up on Sundays and line up under center without any preparation.
    Also, what the hell do you know about what Eric Mangini is thinking and why he does what he does. “He’s still trying to convince people that he and Favre got along.”
    God, you’re an idiot.

  21. #
    # fidster says:
    March 25th, 2009 at 12:28 pm
    Mangini liked Favre enough to name his kid after him. Or did he have no choice in that either?
    Tannenbaum made him do it.

  22. Was Favre’s contract obligation with the Jets not 2 years?
    Is he officially retired? Did he file papers?
    If he is still property of the Jets, can he even visit Cleveland?
    I’m just curious how this works…he cannot just walk onto the Vikings to play QB without formal release, so how could he go “visit” another team? Would this formally declare his retirement (please…)?
    I would think at minimum the Jets would need to agree to this. Leave it to Brett to be a distraction over nothing for little return.

  23. Dear Mr. Florio
    I am retired any rumors or reports other than this are false
    although Brown is a perfect color for an ahole like me.Hey do you know if the Broncos QB spot is open? I really can’t trust what Bus says!
    Bretteney Fave

  24. BF is one of Thee best when it comes to reading defenses. He could help tutor that.

  25. As I look into the Crystal Ball, I see a Florio story on PFT from 2039…
    Brett Favre was seen today playing catch with his grandson. Clearly this means that Lord Favre is planning a come back to the NFL. When will this guy give it up? I know that he has not played since 2008, but I can just tell he is up to something the way that he was throwing that ball around…

  26. People keep forgetting that Favre made them a 9-7 team in a tough division. I don’t why people shit on Favre on so much. They were a 4-12 the year before! People saying that he ruined the Jets chances of making the playoffs is a bit naive.

  27. Sigh…
    And starting for our Browns… Brett Favre.
    The guy is so past his prime. Can’t we take him out to pasture already?
    Name Quinn your starter, for he’s the only one who will be good in this league (should be in the upper 5-8 soon), and trade Anderson for picks. Sign a journeyman as the backup, and quit talking to Favre.

  28. As a guy who tipped shots with BF before he became an icon, remember he is a coaches kid, who feels he can impart his knowledge on anybody. The problem arises when he has to actually deliver.

  29. Maybe Mangini will invite Bill Belichick to come in and help coach during training camp. Following Florio’s logic, that would be the perfect way to show everybody that there is no tension between them.

  30. I’ll be interested to see how Browns fans warp this news to fit with their insistance that Mangini was just an innocent victim of Tannenbaum’s insistence that Favre be the starting QB. That as I recall was their prevailing logic that Browns fans (and maybe Randy Lerner) needed to accept to convince themselves that Mangini really WAS a good coach and judge of player abilities.
    I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, seeing as most Browns fans seemed convinced that Mangini named his son after Favre in an effort to PREVENT him from signing with the team.
    So I guess the question is, are there other QBs or players out there who Mangini doesn’t want playing for his team, who Mangini will bring in to help create a winning organization?
    (And of course the ultimate question… if Mangini refuses to name another child after Favre, does that mean he WANTS Favre to come out of retirement to play for the Browns?)

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