NFL Votes To Change Draft Order

Before wrapping up their annual spring meeting today, the NFL owners enacted a change in the draft process that will reseed the draft order from the 21st pick through the 30th depending upon how those teams finish in the postseason.
According to John Clayton of, the change passed unanimously and will first take place in 2010. With the new procedure, the team with the worst record and other teams that don’t make the playoffs will be ordered based on won-loss record.
As for wild-card losers, they will be seeded through No. 21 through No. 24 based on record and finishes.
Divisional round victors are going to be seeded at No. 25 through No. 28 with conference title game losers seeded No. 29 and No. 30, the Super Bowl runnerup seeded 31st and the Super Bowl champion still picking last in the draft.
Meanwhile, the NFL passed a rule that says if a fumble or backward pass goes out of bounds that the game clock will start again when the official places the ball.
Plus, the league abolished a second chance to kick an onside kick if the first attempt goes out of bounds.

25 responses to “NFL Votes To Change Draft Order

  1. So this means that the Chargers can’t suck all season, win first in a horrible division, make it to the playoffs, and still have a great 1st round pick??? Poor A.J…..

  2. this is a good idea.. but Florio I must say your idea where each team picks their own slot is something they should consider. its a little “out there” but I think a majority of teams would welcome the idea

  3. I think these are all excellent changes to the current way things are.
    Too bad it won’t start until next year.

  4. These are pretty good rules changes. Although I think the entertainment value would go up a bit if they just kept alternating the No. 1 pick between Detroit and Oakland. That way, we’d get to see those teams pay top dollar to screw up a high first rounder each and every year. Oh wait, that happens every year anyway. Nevermind, no rule change necessary.

  5. Belichick to Kraft:
    “Hey Bob, I’m gonna skip the owners’ meeting this year but there are some things you will need to accomplish there.”
    “I got my pen Bill, go ahead”
    “First, with Tom back at QB make sure the league does something more to protect his knee this year”
    “Make sure we get more Compensatory picks than the Steelers or Chargers”
    “I don’t wanna pick behind playoff teams in the draft if we don’t make the playoffs. Change that rule too.”
    “Right. Playoff order change.Check.”
    “Make sure the media grill Pioli and McDaniels on their players’ unhappiness with their teams.”
    “Right, I’ll get Clark & Pat to help set me up with that one. Check.”
    “And bring me back some of those hotel towels and little bars of soap.”
    “Will do.”

  6. >>RonO says:
    March 25th, 2009 at 3:09 pm
    So the league thinks the Cards were genuinely the 2nd best team last year<<
    Well, they kinda proved it, didn’t they? I mean, they went to the Superbowl and damn near upset the Steelers. If they prevented only one of two things from happening, they win.
    So yeah.. They were the second best last year. Get over it.

  7. “The divisional round victors” are the teams that get Nos. 29-32. It’s the losers that 25-28.

  8. had to justify the owners big fancy trip somehow. Lottery system is the way to go, with the lottery for all teams not in the playoffs. This should be shown during the probowl so someone watches

  9. Yeah but if they did a lottery, they would have to do it truly live not like the way the NBA does it. “OK, let’s draw the winners in secret and present them live” Anyway could you imagine the uproar if they did a lottery and the Patriots won?

  10. so because of this awful rule change the 11-5 Patriots pick BEFORE the 9-7 Cardinals and the 8-8 Chargers? This will only assure the continuance of weaker division vs stronger divisions. On the other hand, the 20-55 pick range is widely known nowadays as the primo spots in the draft so…..

  11. I agree with loco up there.
    Why should the Patriots pick BEFORE the Chargers, just because the Chargers were in a lousy division last year and made the playoffs?
    Does anyone really think the 11-5 Patriots need more help than the 8-8 playoff Chargers?
    Clearly the Patriots are the better team, based on their overall record. So they are rewarded with a better pick, just because other teams in their division are even better?
    Makes little sense.

  12. I think all of these changes is good. I know the onside kick is fun, but it is stupid. They should abolish that all together. If you are down by two touchdowns with three minutes to go you shouldn’t have a free shot to change the game if your ass was handed to you for 57 minutes and all of a sudden you decide to compete.

  13. its about time. i posted this here and elsewhere many times and for a couple of years and not a single one person ever even commented on it.
    in 2005 giants and bucs each won their division with same record. giants were seeded 4th in east then played #5 carolina; while bucs were seeded 3rd and met #6 washington.both bucs and giants were eliminated in their only playoff game.
    BUT for the nexts years draft bucs who had been seeded lower in the playoffs with the exact same record, got to pick BEFORE the giants in the 1st round of the draft. totally illogical. and that was 4 years ago because i noticed that one. i can only imagine how many other times it happened as well.

  14. Bob S.,
    I’d like to comment on your post….but I don’t want to break a two-year streak of ignoring them!!

  15. I’m glad the NFL changed the clock rule on fumbles and laterals. At I often wondered why receivers didn’t lateral the ball out of bounds” instead of fighting to get to the sideline.

  16. Author: bonecity7
    Bob S.,
    I’d like to comment on your post….but I don’t want to break a two-year streak of ignoring them!!
    Well if you firmly think it was right for the NFL seeding a team with the exact same record HIGHER as the other team concerned in the playoffs AND then have the NFL seed them the OPPOSITE WAY in the draft despite still having the same record after the playoffs – then I’d expect any bonehead to not even understand what I said in the first place.

  17. OK I like the new draft order but taking away the second onside kick if the first one goes out of bounds is a terrible move. Its not like basketball where trying to prolong the game to give yourself a chance to win lasts another 20 minutes for 3 minutes on the clock. This only takes a couple of minutes. And most importantly. teams would now be certifiable to try the “surprise” onside kick. This rule will be changed back to the way it was next year. As soon as some team almost makes a comeback but fails because they almost succeeded at their only onside kick chance.

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