Phillips Takes The High Road On T.O.

Allowed to speak by owner Jerry Jones after being under a gag order for the majority of the offseason, Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips was cautious and positive Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings when repeatedly bombarded with questions about controversial wide receiver Terrell Owens.
Per Matt Mosley of, Phillips was diplomatic when queried about Owens, who was cut by Dallas after the season and signed with the Buffalo Bills.
“He’s an outstanding player,” Phillips said of Owens.  “Obviously, I think his numbers are going to be the second-best ever.  He’s going to be in great shape.  He’s a hard worker.  All the things you want in a football player.
“I think they’re getting a really good football player.  One thing you’ve got to look at with players is production.  He’s been probably the most productive receiver in the last several years anyway.”
When asked if the locker room chemistry will be improved through Owens’ departure, Phillips declined to get into specifics.
“I’m not even going to discuss that because that’s why I didn’t want to talk about it in the first place,” Phillips said.  “So you begin to talk about last year and all these things — ‘This did or didn’t happen.  Somebody said this.’  All those things, I’m through with that.
“What’s important is this year.  The greatest stadium in the world, we’re opening.  Our team is going to have a great attitude.  I think they already do now as far as looking forward to this season.”
Continuing a familiar theme, Phillips took a shot at the media, adding that too much is made of Owens’ reputation for divisiveness.
“Terrell’s situation is like the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys,” Phillips said.  “Anything that’s said or done is going to be reported.  And I’m not saying good or bad.
“What he says and how he’s perceived is up to the fans and somewhat the media — mostly the media reporting it to the fans and then present it themselves as to how they feel about him.”

21 responses to “Phillips Takes The High Road On T.O.

  1. Who cares! Has “The Player who drops popcorn” ever won a Super Bowl??
    The correct answer is NO!! Has “The Player who drops popcorn” ever torn up a locker room?? The correct answer is YES…3 and counting!!
    Basically, “The Player who drops popcorn” will be remembered more for his idiotic behavior then his stats. He is pretty much a freakshow at this point in his career, for all the wrong reasons. So in closing, we can all take comfort that Terrell the Toolbag now has 6.45 million reasons not to kill himself!!

  2. So it is up to TO to not say anything. Let’s see if he can prove everyone wrong and keep his mouth shut in Buffalo.

  3. don’t you mean:
    “What a Coward Wade Phillips is!! He had a chance to throw that pathetic ingrate T.O. under the bus & he passed!!”
    “This doesn’t make you a bigger man in my eyes Wade, it only cements you as the biggest sissy in the history of the NFL!! To be handed the reigns of an (over-rated) club like the Sow-boys & predictably fail?? Come on Wade, pass the blame around, god knows there’s plenty of it!!”
    (insert inane “Seinfield” reference here)
    (insert lame Sprint ad here)
    M. Flo

  4. All this positive talk but they still release him! No one has the balls to tell the truth anymore.

  5. “Son of Bum” is a complete moron. Good thing Jerry Jone dropped that gag order.
    but I didn’t think it meant Jones would start gagging on Tony Homo

  6. im surprised florio didn’t write this article and jump all over wade for not wanting to talk about players that aren’t on the team

  7. I wish You guys would take the high.road on T.O. What coach will say anything now that he is signed.

  8. Wade get’s a bad rep but I think he’s doing what is best for the team and he doesn’t want to feed into the media’s “gotta report every little thing T.O. does” reputation. If you really want a story how about T.O. being at a Miami nightclub the other night instead of being up in Buffalo getting some sorta chemistry between his new teammates and his new QB.

  9. rickah88: Do WR’s win SB’s? Has Randy Moss ever won a SB?
    He may be a “freak show,” but he’s still a productive “freak show.” He had 69 catches for 1,019 yards and 10 TD’s, despite the only NFL-caliber QB on the Cowboys’ roster (Romo) missing 3 games. And Bills fans don’t care if he “tears apart the lockerroom” because they don’t have much farther to fall.
    But we’ll see how many teams are lining-up to sign him again next year when he behaves himself and has another excellent year.

  10. Productive freak show? Zero championships. Philly also didn’t need him to get to the super bowl. And he didn’t put them over the topn despite having an ok game.
    Wade doesn’t need to alienate all the mental midgets in the locker room who worship the goddess she-ho.
    That’s what his reponses are about. Dallas starts 2-4 and its hello coach jason.

  11. Once again, WR’s themselves don’t win SB’s. And it’s hard for a WR to win a SB when his QB throws 3 INT’s.
    It’s pretty much safe to say that if TO didn’t return early from his broken leg that season, the Eagles wouldn’t even have been in the position to have McNabb puke-away the SB (literally) on the final drive.
    And Wade is the king of the mental midgets. Nice guy but a doofus. No wonder you guys haven’t and won’t win even a playoff game with him, much less get to a SB (LOL!).

  12. VOR: Was the original article about Randy Moss?? I never claimed, as you put it: “Do WR’s win SB’s”…of course not its something called A TEAM EFFORT! Which is the crux of any story concerning “The Player who Drops Popcorn”. My point was: “The Player who Drops Popcorn” is very self and all about himself and his stats…and it’s shown throughout the years. Just imagine if he gets popped for some crime?? Oh man, will the media and fans have a field day!

  13. Perhaps the NFL needs a new rule to enforce the existing rule that prohibits team ownership and management from talking about players under contract with other teams.

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