Sammie Lee Hill Is Getting Around

Little-known Sammie Lee Hill, a defensive tackle from Stillman College, quietly is getting noticed as the draft approaches.
A league source tells us that Hill, who some think could be picked as high as round two, has scheduled visits with the Jets, Eagles, Buccaneers, Chargers, and Steelers. 
He also has met with the Patriots, Rams, and Chiefs.
At 6’4″ and 329 pounds, Hill has the size to play tackle in either the 4-3 or the 3-4 defensive alignments.

8 responses to “Sammie Lee Hill Is Getting Around

  1. I would rather the Bucs go DT in the first round… they could get Jerry or Brace… or Moala from USC.

  2. Stillman is so far off the radar that very few people know of this guy. He was dominant, but you have to expect that of an athlete of this guy’s calibur playing against the scrubs he played against. A guy who is 329 lbs. and runs a 5.11 is a force. He will be a third or possibly early 4th round pick, but the guy who said “He will be lucky to go in the 5th.” is smoking a big fat crack rock. At this guy’s size and speed every 3-4 defense that doesn’t have an ELITE (top 5 in the NFL) nose tackle has to consider this guy before the start of round 4. Likewise, any 4-3 team that struggled against the run and/or has a smallish/tweener DT with talent that would benefit from his presence would be foolish not to consider him in the same range. By my calculation that is about 16 teams that would absolutely consider this guy before round 4 starts and all it takes is one (probably a 3-4 team) that wants to reach and draft him at the end of round 2.

  3. Sammie Hill is an awesome person on and off the field. The place he came from shows how far he’s come because most people cannot even find that town on a map. I am very proud to say that i know him. I have very high hopes that he will be great for the Lions.

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