Ingram Catching Interest

With the draft less than a month away, Florida tight end Cornelius Ingram is generating interest.
Per a league source, Ingram has workouts scheduled with the Ravens, Dolphins, Eagles, and Seahawks.
Last week, the 6’4″, 246-pound tight end ran the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, and didn’t drop a pass during position workouts.
He missed all of his senior season with a torn ACL, but he now looks to be healthy.
“Going into the Combine, I was thinking about it a lot more, but [at the March 18 Pro Day] I totally relaxed and just came out like anything didn’t happen,” Ingram said.  “I didn’t feel anything.  I felt good throughout the day.  The knee’s fine.
“I think they knew I was a pretty good athlete and I could play football.  They just wanted to make sure my knee was healthy, and I think I showed it to them.”

7 responses to “Ingram Catching Interest

  1. I felt so bad for Ingram last fall when he tore the ACL after heavily debating entering the draft. Alot of boards had him goin in the second or third in last years draft..and even then I thought he would work his way to being a first rounder.
    He’s a decent blocker, but in a two tight end set he will be lethal… he’s very much like Winslow except he’s probably better after the catch and may even have better hands. But he’s huge, he’s runs really well and he’s dangerous after the catch.
    he’ll probably go third round and if does that a steal, no doubt about it.

  2. Honestly, I think this is a good TE draft no matter what the pundits say. It’s not very top heavy (1st round talent), but IMO there are plenty of guys that’ll go between round 2 and 4 that could make an immediate impact.

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