49ers Strike Deal With Marvel Smith

The San Francisco 49ers have agreed to a two-year contract with former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Marvel Smith, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee.
A 2004 Pro Bowl selection, Smith is an Oakland native who missed a lot of action over the past few seasons in Pittsburgh due to recurring lower-back problems.
The deal is reportedly incentive-laden, offering protection to the team financially in case Smith has more injury issues. Smith is expected to sign the deal soon and report to the offseason conditioning program and minicamps.
“I am blessed with the opportunity the Niners have given me to come back home and play,” Smith said.
The 49ers cut offensive tackle bust Jonas Jennings earlier today. 

12 responses to “49ers Strike Deal With Marvel Smith

    *I know I already made this terrible joke, but there wasn’t a free book on the line at the time**
    **Man I hope the joke is terrible enough to not warrant consideration for the book….reading is for nerds

  2. Hey Marvel.
    How would you like some peanut brittle?
    We have some left over from last years fundraiser.

  3. Should be worth a 7th round pick pick to the Steelers.
    Wait, if a person has a back injury two years in a row and you sign an incentive contract then there is no pick.
    Little known compensatory pick rule.

  4. I guess this rules out tackle for the Niners first round pick. Time to change my mock. I’m such a loser for having a mock. Anyone got a life I could borrow? Everrit Brown or Orakpo? LONGSHOTS B.J. Raji?Tyson Jackson? Beinie Wells? Tough choices.

  5. If the 49ers ARE going to take a reciever in the draft Kenny Britt would be my choice.
    if he’s still on the board! Need help on both sides of the line and a RB as well.

  6. I have mixed feelings. Two years ago Marvel Smith would have been a great pickup. But coming off two years of back surgery? I would have really liked to see them use the #10 draft pick on a tackle and they could bookend Staley and the youngster for the next 10 years. Oh well

  7. I like this because if he gets injured it would be like having Jonas Jennings but at a cheaper price tag because it is a low deal. I don’t think this rules out them drafting an Tackle with pick 10 if there is a can’t miss tackle there. But if it is a borderline decent pick at OT and there is a Raji, Brown, or Orakpo avaliable I’d expect them to take him.
    On another note it’s shocking that Florio could go one niners story without a cheesy joke involving Singletary dropping his pants.

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