Cutler "Alcohol" Comment Resurfaces On FOX31 Blog

Earlier this week, Josina Anderson of FOX31 in Denver posted an eyebrow-raising item regarding Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.
Within a day, the most intriguing assertion had been removed.
It’s now back, with some mild clarification.
Here’s the prior version

“The source said there are concerns about Cutler’s consumption of alcohol, and ‘that he’s not that sharp.’

“That scared the crap out of McDaniels,’ the source said.”

Here’s the new version:

“Two things that kept coming up were concerns about Cutler’s alcohol consumption (given his diabetes) and ‘that’s he not that (football) sharp.’

“‘That scared the crap out of McDaniels,’ the source told me.”

Though the text was removed with no explanation, the return of the assertion of alcohol (given his diabetes) and whether Cutler is (football) sharp carries a separate “additional note.”

Here’s the additional note:  “A portion of what was written in the ‘Secrets Inside the Cutler Trade talks’ blog was briefly removed by our web supervisors to review for additional clarity.  That portion has been resubmitted subsequent to this process.  It is important to note, this portion was not briefly removed out of doubt of the primary source’s information.”

Duh.  In our assessment, the information was removed not because anyone doubted the source’s information (which Anderson still takes great pains to point out isn’t an assertion of fact by FOX31) but because it “scared the crap” out of someone who thought FOX31 might take a lawsuit. 

Thus, the language was scrubbed out of the entry quietly, presumably in the hopes that no one would notice it was ever there.  The fact that the cat got out of the bag might have been a factor in the decision to re-post the information. 

41 responses to “Cutler "Alcohol" Comment Resurfaces On FOX31 Blog

  1. Just furhter proof that mcdaniels is already in over his head. Even if this is true, Cutler had lead the broncos the #2 offense in football. McNoob hears he likes to booze and isnt as football savvy as he would like; so his first instinct is to unload the guy. Despite the fact they averaged nearly 400 yards of offense a game without a consistent rushing attack.
    Mcdaniels days as head coach in the NFL are already numbered.

  2. Bronco’s fans should feel lucky that he hasn’t tripped on Griese’s old dog…. yet

  3. Ya know, Jay Cutler does have more than a passing resemblance to Barney Gumble of the Simpsons:
    “Hi, my name is Jay and I’m an alcoholic”
    “Jay, this is a Girls Scouts meeting”
    “Is it? Or is it you girls can’t admit that you have a problem?”
    “Aaah! Natural light! Get it off me! Get it off me!”
    “Jay, any comments on your relationship with your Head Coach?”
    “Ah that’s just drunk talk. Sweet beautiful drunk talk.”
    Jay Cutler:”David Crosby – you’re my hero!”
    David Crosby:”Oh, you like my music?”
    Jay Cutler:”You’re a musician?”
    Jay:”The trainer said I had to soak in a tub of clear non-alcoholic liquid.”
    Reporter:”You mean water?”
    Jay:”Ya, that’s it.”

  4. I must say, the whole Jay Cutler saga is approaching the “T.O.” and “Is Favre retiring” level of over-saturation and annoyance.

  5. This is a crappy story. Florio, all you do is dwell on Cutler, Favre, NFLPA. Boring!! Find some real news or I am going to start using another site. That or I am going to jam an ice pick in my eye.

  6. What does this have to do with how he plays? Does anyone care if Florio is on his 5th Strawberry daiquiri when he writes an article? McCassell lied to his current QB, still hasn’t told the whole story, or at least I doubt it, so do you think the other players in the locker room have faith in their new coach and GM. By the way, where the hell is the GM in all this?

  7. “Just furhter proof that mcdaniels is already in over his head. Even if this is true, Cutler had lead the broncos the #2 offense in football. McNoob hears he likes to booze and isnt as football savvy as he would like; so his first instinct is to unload the guy. Despite the fact they averaged nearly 400 yards of offense a game without a consistent rushing attack.”
    How many PPG did the Broncos get? They were 16th in points scored. I do agree that there isn’t much improvement to be made there because how much better can you get that 16th in scoring. Also, the Broncos were 12th in rushing yards last year. So their lack of a running game was a little overstated.
    Sorry, but the Broncos’ offense was overrated last year. Cutler got a lot of yards in part because they were down early and he had to throw a lot. Cutler may have been 3rd in passing yards, but he was 7th in TDs, 2nd in INTs, 14th in completion percentage, 10th in YPA, 9th in 1st down percentage, and 16th in QB rating. Not exactly elite stats. Cutler is not in Brady’s or Manning’s stratus and you can make a strong argument that he isn’t in Roethlisberger’s, Brees’, or Rivers’ or a few others.

  8. If Cutler is not “football” sharp, then McDanilels must be certified “people skills” retard.

  9. How could it be proven in court that Cutler’s behavior really scared the crap out of McDaniels? Are they going to check his underwear for skidmarks?
    McDaniels should get a 1st and 3rd for Cutler and move on. That relationship is doomed. The Jets want Cutler. They have a decent pick in the first and take a third or second and call it a day.

  10. Seems to me the Broncos are using Democratic Party talking points. Divide and demeanize

  11. This is a pretty well-known deal around here. The kid likes the booze–and that’s fine, so do I, but Type 1 Diabetics have to be really, really careful.
    Everyone is citing the “moderate drinking is OK” line, and that’s true to an extent: moderate means like one drink, or two. If he’s pounding ’em back every night–and again, there’s plenty of evidence, anecdotal and otherwise, that that’s the case–he’s risking his health. Plain and simple.
    New or not, that’s gonna concern any coach. A longtime local Denver radio personality has even gone on record as saying that not only did Shanahan know, he was infuriated by it and continually tried to tell the kid what kind of damage he was doing to his reputation.

  12. “He’s a diabetic and he drinks?
    He can’t be that STUPID, can he?”
    You can still drink moderately if you have diabetes….

  13. Could Cutler be the White Trash version of TO? Let’s see. He undermines his own coach and team. Opposing players take the unusual step of speaking out against him — as examples, the Jets’ players quoted today in, and of course, his famous jousting with Philip Rivers. Cutler obviously has a big head (covered by a white trash haircut). Like TO, he actually does have talent. But ultimately, neither TO nor Cutler can imagine themselves as members of the swarming mass of humanity — they are above it all, glittering geniuses who cannot be understood by mortals. One difference between them — TO has football smarts.

  14. Could have had 3 more playoff years, should have not benched Jake Plummer. Just because Parcells did it with Romo in favor of Bledsoe and it worked out, Shanahan thought he had to “keep up with the Jerry Jones’s” and do the same.
    Mr. 8 and 8 thinks he is too good to be traded.
    What a joke.
    Broncos are finished and need to rebuild. Bringing in a new head coach was the right move, now get rid of the cry baby.

  15. Campbell2Mossfor6 says:
    March 27th, 2009 at 12:53 pm
    “Even if this is true, Cutler had lead the broncos the #2 offense in football. Despite the fact they averaged nearly 400 yards of offense a game without a consistent rushing attack.”
    Not being able to run the ball and having a terrible defense tends to force you to be a passing team. Cutler also had some pretty capable people on the receiving end of his passes. I’m not saying Cutler doesn’t have the skills, but you don’t make a great supporting argument for your point.
    P.S. Florio, what does this story have to do about my particular preferences of stories and subjects that I like to read??? Come on, get your act together! This is a Football Site! Shouldn’t you be posting stories about the upcoming games this week? Oh wait, it’s the offseason and you own the blog, so carry on.

  16. Remember when regular folks lived their lives without constant fear of lawsuits?
    I don’t either. Bet it was nice, though.

  17. This strikes me as one of those rumors that gets out of hand in the front office and some yoyo who’s trying to make a name for himself starts to champion it. Let’s review some facts shall we?
    Cutler only learned of his diabetes last year. He’s a young man in an enviable position and like pretty much all other athletes in that situation he’ll socialize just like everyone else. Which happens to include alcohol in western culture, sorry to offend the puritan ears out there. Welcome to the devolution of our society, but I digress. Given that, unless Cutler is some kind of recluse, it doesn’t take a huge leap to imagine that the diabetes would have caused some curious incidents with alcohol prior to Cutler learning of the disease and some might mistake that for a drinking problem. Barring some clear evidence that this guy hoses one on every night (and even if he did would it really matter?) there’s no story here. If there were TMZ and co would have been all over it by now.
    Next factual tidbit. The guy threw for a bazillion yards last year on a mediocre team, with poor running and a bad d. Let’s chuck out the whole “football smart” criticism ok? The guy has talent. If he didn’t Denver wouldn’t even have been in the hunt.
    There’s a lot of disinfo being spread about Cutler and one is inclined to think it’s happening because McD wants to cover his ass. And since it has subsequently come out that McD was shopping Cutler around the league and lied to him about it, what spin do you think McD will jump on? Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure that out. We already know he approached Minny, KC and the Pats. What other things aren’t we being told? It’s obvious the relationship has been broken. It’s not going to be healed. If it were they’d be in contract talks. But instead they’re playing the “he’s our starting qb” game trying to swing the best trade deal. McD has architected this problem and he has the means to resolve it but won’t. This isn’t about Cutler being football dumb or having a drinking problem. It’s about a GM who is tearing the team down and rebuilding from scratch.

  18. Buzzard Cook goes for the big armed, poor game managing, alcoholic, easily persuaded/manipulated QBs ey ? Buzzard is smarter then he looks.

  19. just hurry up and trade cutler to the bucs or the titans so he can play on a real team with real fans

  20. McDaniels was so terrified when he learned of Cutler’s alcohol consumption, that he immediately ran out and get himself a snazzy crewcut, circa 1952.

  21. Has Cutler “tripped over the dog”? because I haven’t heard the slightest bit of evidence that he has an alcohol problem.

  22. omg another qb drinking!!! people get over it honestly all of you people who have had alcohol in your life would have done the same diabetes or not! they are people too and if it hurts his career then thats pretty pathetic….get over it every drinks…just the people making these comments about him wish they could drink and have any talent whatsoever in football

  23. This explains alot about why McDaniels would consider trading Cutler, having experience with relatives with diabetes, drinking makes it alot harder to control your insulin levels as well as making the other things that go along with the illness alot worse. Talk to any doctor about diabetes and they’ll tell you its fine in moderation but that you really shouldn’t drink at all.

  24. “If he’s pounding ‘em back every night–and again, there’s plenty of evidence, anecdotal and otherwise” -4shortof100
    Would you be so kind to post this evidence, please? Since there’s “plenty” of it, “anecdotal and otherwise”, I’d like to see news reports, please.
    Thanks so much.

  25. Fox 31 has had great insider info in the past from the Broncos (such as with Travis Henry’s drug test failure). As for Jay Cutler not being football sharp, the guy managed to make it through four years at Vanderbilt. But perception is reality, and if Josh McDaniels is down on Cutler, his (Cutler’s) future in Denver may be strained.

  26. Just want to point out that his offensive numbers were also inflated due to the fact that the Broncos special teams also sucked. They were constantly starting drives from inside their own 20 (often the 10). Jay sure can rack up yards between the 20s, but punching in when it counts…not so much.
    I agree that he’s not all that football smart. Just look at how much he has to rely on that cannon arm because he can’t read the field for shit. When you see him make those amazing thread-the-needle type throws its usually at the expense of an open receiver. He also throws crunch time picks that really hurt (ie the one on the goal line vs. Buffalo with the playoffs on the line).
    All this on top of being a thin-skinned narcissist. I am a huge Bronco fan and I say trade him while he still has value. Let one of these other teams deal with the headache come contract time. To paraphrase a local writer…all he’s ever done is compile eye popping stats on bad teams. The guy just doesn’t care about winning. Let Detroit have him. Good riddance.

  27. RX…a realist. Well done.
    It drives me absolutely NUTS when I hear people say that Denver had NO RUNNING GAME. Since when is a 116 yards per game average NO running game?

  28. i see all this stuff about how a type 1 diabetic can drink some.
    but not as much as you or i. nowhere near as much.
    here is another thought. due to all this, he knows he wont be around forever so he wants more money now. he may just be kind of scared.
    now i dont like veal cutlet but…
    i bet he doesnt live past 45.

  29. Robo769, did you actually WATCH the Denver games last season?
    The rushing game was occasionally there, but completely inconsistent week to week because none of the running backs could stay healthy. One of the networks even did a bit on “The Most Dangerous Job in the NFL,” – which was, you guessed it, the Denver running back position.
    Even if you weren’t watching that closely, the stats speak for themselves. How many teams do you know with a solid running game who rely on their QB to throw 616 times in a season? By the end of the year, opposing defenses had absolutely no respect for the run, unless you count all of the times Jay ran it himself.
    And this alcohol rumor is impossibly stupid for the following reasons:
    1. No proof whatsoever. Show me the breath alcohol tests and the DUI’s, all of the complaints about Jay living it up wasted, getting into drunken fistfights, smacking around girls cuz he’s drunk, etc. Oh, wait, those stories don’t exist? Sorry, my bad.
    2. Let’s just say for argument’s sake that Jay HAS been drinking excessively since his diagnosis. And this justifies trying to trade him HOW? If McDaniels doesn’t want any players that drink, who’s he gonna select in the draft, or free agency, or, ummm, anywhere? This is a total non-issue and nobody’s business unless he’s hurting the team or someone else.
    And as for Jay not being smart, that’s a freakin’ joke. As one other poster pointed out, he went to Vandy for God’s sake. They don’t give their athletes any breaks (hence their lack of success in the SEC, duh.)
    Most players couldn’t even get into VU, much less graduate. Low IQ is not an issue for the boy. In fact, one of the reasons his draft stock rose so quickly was his intelligence when teams spoke with him, his comfort level with drawing up plays, and his ability to pick up complicated, West-Coast style offenses.
    The problem here is that Jay isn’t into the celebrity thing, so he stays out of the press for the most part (you’ll notice you’re not hearing much from him at all about this whole disaster, even though the media’s hounding him – they just keep repeating over and over the few sentences he’s said, because it’s the offseason and they need a story.)
    Jay’s a bit of a mystery. He’s not impressed by the celebrity aspect of the job. He just wants to throw touchdowns, try to win games, have fun playing, and oh, he also expects loyalty from his coach and owner when he’s earned his spot as the face of the team.
    If you’ve followed Jay’s career at all, you know he’s really not that complicated, no matter what the media wants you to think. Some of them are just pissed he won’t take their calls and dish more dirt on the Broncos administration.

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