Darrion Scott Wants Another Chance

Former Vikings defensive end Darrion Scott has been exiled from the NFL for more than a year, thanks to bizarre allegations of child abuse involving his two-year-old son.
But Scott wants another chance, according to Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
Scott ultimately received a three-game suspension after pleading guilty to a gross misdemeanor charge of child endangerment, which was filed after the mother of Scott’s son found Scott holding a plastic bag over the boy’s head.
Even now, Scott’s explanation sounds implausible.
He says that he was putting the bag over his own head, and that it scared the boy.  So Scott put the bag over the boy’s head in order to show him not to be afraid.  And then the boy started squirming and the bag got stuck on the boy’s chin as Scott was trying to remove it.
Then there’s the fact that Scott was keeping a loaded .50-caliber gun in an unlocked nightstand, which the boy could access.
But even though Scott and his agent are saying all the right things, getting a second chance without first-tier talent has proven to be very difficult.
“When the question comes up, ‘Are you absolutely sure nothing else is going to happen?’ How can I be sure?” said Brian Baker, Scott’s former position coach in Minnesota, who now works for the Panthers.
“I think the chance of him doing something else silly, if he gets another chance, is far, far less,” Baker said.  “It would be a surprise, but I can’t swear that it won’t happen again.”
And so with plenty of other guys who have equivalent talent without the baggage, Scott likely will have to resort to the CFL or the UFL, and he’ll have to dominate there before ever getting another crack at the NFL.
If that’s the route Scott has to take, he sounds willing to do so.
“I just want to put on the pads and play football,” Scott said.

26 responses to “Darrion Scott Wants Another Chance

  1. Wait, why did he put a bag over his head in front of his child in the first place? The initial reasoning in this poor line of logic doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Burning a two year olds ears is just sick.
    The guy has a marijuana problem that fried his brain into becoming the child abusing threat to society that not even the Vikings would tolerate on their roster.
    No other team would want a criminal druggie.

  3. WOW….someone correct me if i’m wrong….in this country, you’re required to have a liscense to hunt, fish, and drive a vehichle, you have to pass a drug test in order to get a decent job, must have proper permits to legally carry a gun, etc., etc. etc,…..BUT, YET ANY EMBICILE CAN HAVE A KID

  4. Attempted Murder! I’d rather see them take OJ out of the HOF then see this fool back in the league

  5. Nice one, mikeyhigs, couldn’t agree more. But he did his deal and served his sentence, why shouldn’t he get a second chance. I’d be willing to bet there are a lot of folks that have do some pretty dumb-ass things that…well, teach elementary school, are cops, doctors, lawyers or other jobs that actually involve public interaction.

  6. Did he also paint his sons nails and make him wear dresses? NFL has some damn weirdos.

  7. Since when are the Vikings the sole organization that takes a chance on players that show questionable character? You can name just about any other team in the league and find the same stories of misconduct and trouble. Scott would have been a starter on a lot of NFL teams during the 07 career and provided excellent depth for the Vikings that year, probably getting a start or two at some point (50 years ago in Viking time). However, his legal problems are just too bizarre to take a chance on and I highly doubt his skills haven’t been seriously taxed by the legal trouble and time that’ passed.
    Whatever happened to picking on the Bengals, Raiders, Cowboys, Ravens defense, etc..

  8. This guys a LOSER and is deservedly on the outside looking in. Lets just hope he stays there. No one has a right to expect any kind of decent treatment from any facet of society after doing something like this.

  9. Don’t you just wish that people had to take some kind of common sense test in order to have children?

  10. Christ, that IS wierd.
    This goof is Hannibal Lechter material.
    I’ve never heard anything about this guy or his case before.
    I was happier then.

  11. Bob Nelson- You must be a moron if you think marijuana had anything to do with what he did. I’m sick and tired of ignorant jerks like you running your mouth about something you dont even know about. Marijuana is not harmful, all that alcohol and cigarettes you use are worse.

  12. He also had a loaded .50 cal in his nightstand???What the hell was he worried about a moose home invasion?

  13. Second chance yah right. I only wish I could meet this man. I would love to pretend to be the boogyman with him; only I would never take the bag of off his head. The fact that he avoided almost all charges and didnt go to jail is a travestey. He deserves to be the next Javon Walker, hope he pours liquor on someone.

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