Jones-Drew Joins Chorus Of Players Who Don't Want Rules Changes

There’s an odd dynamic currently unfolding in the NFL.  As owners prepare for an effort to raid the players’ pocketbooks at the bargaining table, the owners also are trying to protect the players.  From themselves.
And plenty of players don’t like it.
Steelers safety Troy Polamalu said the NFL is becoming a “pansy” game during the 2008 season, before the league adopted a new wave of rules changes aimed at protecting player safety.
Earlier this week, free-agent safety Rodney Harrison complained about new rules aimed at, among other things, protecting quarterbacks from low hits and all players from helmet-to-helmet crackback blocks.
On Friday, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew echoed the criticism.
It’s football, if you don’t want to get hurt, don’t play it,” Jones-Drew told Dan Patrick.
He also called the so-called “Hines Ward” rule “ridiculous.”
“We should get back to the way people played in the ’70s,” Jones-Drew said.  “I like when people are on the ground, you step on them.”
We addressed the new rules for earlier today.  You can read our take right here.

28 responses to “Jones-Drew Joins Chorus Of Players Who Don't Want Rules Changes

  1. Hey, I am still going to watch and love it as much as I already do with or without these pansy rules.

  2. good for jones drew,im with him and polamalu.lets not make this 2 hand the past few years since the began calling “the hourse collar ” i have seen many plays where grabbing the ball carrier from the back was the only way to bring them down…the next step is to play wearing skirts i guess

  3. I like the rule changes. Safety is very important. As long as the rules apply to both teams the same, then there should be no complaints.
    There are a plethora of horrific healthy stories for players who are retired from the NFL. Why not minimize these health absurdities by putting in some safety precautions?
    The game is still violent and enjoyable.

  4. Jones-Drew says:
    “It’s football, if you don’t want to get hurt, don’t play it.”
    I rate this 5/5!!!!!

  5. so i guess its only the fans whose fav team had a player that got trucked by hines ward complaining about the new rules.

  6. “I like when people are on the ground, you step on them.”
    In that case, MJD must be a huge Albert Haynesworth fan.

  7. This really is making something out of nothing, Florio, which is exactly what QoF sounds like.

  8. Easy for Drew to say, he’s unlikely to be on the receiving end of a helmet to helmet crack back.

  9. I agree. In 7th grade our Coach said to step on fingers of guys getting up. Now that is nasty football but he was old school and grew up in the 60’s when that crap was a regular thing. I do not condone that. But if guys have grown up with the rough stuff and they get to the highest level and it is softer than Junior high (Granted the hits are magnified) then it is hard to change what you have always been doing. This is the elite of the elite and they are taking it down to intramural tackle football. Weak.

  10. “We should get back to the way people played in the ’70s,” Jones-Drew said. “I like when people are on the ground, you step on them.”
    What a f’n idiot. Maybe he’d feel differently if he was one of those folks laying on the ground and got stepped on/kicked and caused him a serious injury during a contract year and ended up costing him alot of money.
    While I’m no fan of all of these rule changes, I also don’t like to see play where the objective is to hurt someone and be sly about it so you don’t get a penalty/fine. If people want to take aggression out on other people, go get into MMA fighting.

  11. I like what Jones-Drew said. There just too many cry baby QB (Jay C@nthurts,and tom the bit#h Brady) just to name a few. If you don’t think so ask Tom’s wife.

  12. Interesting, the vast majority of players in the NHL don’t want fighting removed from the game either. This is what happens when you have business men legislating something they’re not qualified to understand. These rule changes have nothing to do with player safety and everything to do with protecting marketable stars so the NFL can squeeze their dollar values out of them. If it had been Roethlisberger or JaMarcus Russell having their knees injured I gauruntee there would be no rule change. If Goodell and the NFL have half a shit about the players’ quality of life they’d be doing alot more than they for the retired players who are literally falling apart. But no, the NFL wants to expand to 18 games and put teams in Australia and Mogadishu.

  13. While on the one hand, I can understand Harrison, Polamalu and, Jones-Drew in their opposition to the rules changes that the league has put forth, it is crucial for these”relatively” young men to realize that many of the players from the 1950s-early 1990s have debilitating injuries now as a result of how the game was played back then. Consequently, careers were cut short (Gale Sayers) or were nonextant due to needless injury. There should be a happy medium. I wonder if Jones-Drew or Polamalu or Harrison would feel the same way when they are in their 50s and 60s?

  14. I heard Harrison and he said he & his QB would be OK with defenders taking shots at QB knees but he had a real problem with offensive players taking shots at defender knees i.e. his.
    Also said he couldn’t change the way he played to stop getting big fines. Apparently it’s so ingrained he has no choice. Somehow I doubt if he’d take that excuse from anyone chop blocking him.

  15. Originally Jones-Drew was quoted as saying, ‘I like when people are on their laptops and you step on them.’

  16. For every Polamalu or Jones Drew, I guarantee you there’s 10 guys saying they like the new rules.
    There’s a difference between a good clean hit and popping a guy on the head or on the knees.

  17. Wonder how Jones-Drew, Harrison & Polamalu would respond if the question, i.e., how they feel about protection rules, had been asked of them while they were sitting in wheelchairs –

  18. Looks like the NFL has sent its PR reps to skew the ratings of the pro-NFL and anti-NFL comments…
    Even if that’s not true (and I doubt it is), what Goodell is doing to the game sickens me. I used to be a rabid fan but I hardly care about the NFL anymore.

  19. So how long til the segment “Jacked Up!” is non-existent since hits will no longer be allowed… I’m starting to really hate the NFL. Fans and players live for the hits. It is a way of life. You know what you are in for, you know what can happen, the mindset is simple: hit or be hit. It’s a code of honor. You wear it everywhere you go. These rules are absolute bullshit. People are scared of going over the middle against safeties like Polamalu and Dawkins for a reason. Linebackers hate Hines Ward for a reason. Why are we changing the rules of the game we love; getting rid of the aspects that we all know and love?

  20. Between this and the sportingnews column, i am 100% sure that Florio is a eunuch. bring on the corporate logos and flop! at least that penn jillette looking dick Glazer will be in a position to make big bank.

  21. When a $50 million player is carted off the field its a loss for everybody – the sponsors, fans, and the team. Is it professional to look to inflict blood on every play? Every injury counts towards a lifetime impairment – or worse. Just look at the average span of NFL service between positions. Ask the oldtimers. Luckily rules changes are not subject to union review. If Smith makes this an issue, the owners MUST walk. The NFL does not mean Rollerball.
    One other point. if this kind of absolutely inane complaint by the players mark the Smith era-negotiations are non-started.

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