L.J. Cops A Plea

Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has resolved two legal entanglements that resulted in his one-game unpaid suspension last season from the league, and a multiple-game paid vacation from the team.
According to Tony Rizzo of the Kansas City Star, Johnson has pleaded guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace arising from two separate incidents involving women and a night club.
On February 24, 2008, a woman claimed that Johnson shoved her on the side of the head.
In October 20098, a different woman alleged that Johnson spit a drink in her face and threatened her boyfriend.
For his sentence, Johnson was placed on two years of probation.
He originally was charged with assault, but the offenses were reduced in connection with the plea deal.
Since Johnson already has been disciplined by the league office for these arrests, it’s unclear whether the guilty pleas will trigger a new punishment.