Mayhew, Lewand Attended Smith's Memorial Service

Aaron Wilson’s latest blurb about the cause of last month’s boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico reminded us of something we’d previously forgotten to mention.
Both G.M. Martin Mayhew and team president Tom Lewand attended Corey Smith’s memorial service last Saturday in Richmond, Virginia.
It would have been easy for either of both of them to pass along their regrets, given that they had to be on the other side of the country the next day for the annual league meetings.
So kudos to Mayhew and Lewand for showing up, and our condolences to Smith’s family and friends.  Even though nearly a month has passed, they likely will be struggling with the situation for a very long time.

7 responses to “Mayhew, Lewand Attended Smith's Memorial Service

  1. Mayhew and Lewand might just turn this thing around for the Lions. I’d be hopeful in Detroit. I suppose we’ll see in April…

  2. Thank you for mentioning this item Mr Florio. It’s worth mentioning as the two new “M”‘s of the Lions continue in their attempt to get the Millen stink off of them and the rest of the organization. It will take more than a Partridge Family bath in tomato juice to get rid of the smell still sticking to them, but they seem to be doing their best these days.
    Maybe a few years from now the only thing we’ll be able to laugh about when it comes to the Lions is ourselves and the kidding we keep imposing on them right now. Deserved as it is.

  3. A touch of class from two guys who regularly take a beating on these pages.
    A very nice touch. well done.

  4. Whether they are competent or not remains to be seen, but this was a very classy move on the part of the Lions brass. Corey Smith was not a guy that commanded any media attention. These guys went because it was the right thing to do. I am very hopeful that they succeed at their respective jobs, not only because I long for a winning Lions franchise, but because I like to see “good people” be successful. Thanks Florio for not ignoring this, and for not taking your usual shots at the organization in this piece.

  5. I dig hearing about the good things. In a world of turds, it is nice to see some guys make an effort to be decent.

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