Niners To Get New Uniforms On Draft Day

We vaguely recall typing something at some point about the 49ers changing their uniforms.  But since we’re not really sure and since if we can’t remember it there’s a chance you don’t remember it we’ll mention it again.
The 49ers are changing their uniforms.
The new threads will be unveiled at a draft-day party that runs from noon until 4:00 p.m. PDT on the first day of the draft.
Coach Mike Singletary will attend.  And if he removes his pants, it hopefully will be merely a precursor to modeling the new game trousers.
The revised duds are supposed to look like the throwback uniforms from the glory days of the 1980s, presumably with the Dijon mustard pants and the red jerseys without shadows in the numerals and gray facemasks.
Unless they plan to fill those uniforms with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice in their prime, it likely won’t be enough to turn things around.

26 responses to “Niners To Get New Uniforms On Draft Day

  1. The Phins went plus 10 from the year before. You can not even rule out the Loins or Bungles just yet as the turn around story of bend over the year.

  2. ” . . . fill those uniforms with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice . . . .”
    WILLIS: “Hey, Takeo! I think your Rice has come undone.”
    SPIKES: “Naw. I left it that way on purpose because my Montana doesn’t fit right. Damn these new uniforms!”

  3. New unis will be singletary drop down specials…boxers only with little hearts on them.

  4. Right now I would even settle for Jim Druckenmiller and J.J. Stokes in those new uniforms.

  5. New uniforms aren’t going to make the team any better. Trying to look like the 49ers of the great days will not make them great again. Bring back Debartelo and get rid of the Yorks, then san Fran will have a shot at returning to the glory days. Until then, putting retro uni’s on the current team will just insult the teams of the past.

  6. Florio, can you not use the search box? You posted this already on Febuary 17, 2009 at 10:04. Sometimes you display the intelligence of some author that wrote this bad book called, Quarterback of the Future.

  7. As long as they keep their uniforms on at halftime of after a game unlike the head coach…….who cares……

  8. ZING!!! Florio
    unless they remember how to flash the secret hand signal the’re probably still in trouble.

  9. Why do all these horrible teams focus on getting new jerseys? That’s not gonna help them, it’s a waste of time and money. The Steelers still run around with the ones they wore in the 50s.

  10. If only they had pickles to go in their dijon mustard pants….maybe then they could win some games!

  11. The uniforms will be the only thing reminiscent of the glory days of the 1980’s.
    The current ownership certainly isn’t.
    The Coaching isn’t.
    And the caliber of the players isn’t.
    Other than that………

  12. you mean they are going to lose the black they mysteriously acquired last decade, that they aren’t fit to wear?

  13. why do you hate the Niners Florio? changing the jerseys is a good idea for crappy teams it helps change the culture of losing. as for the Steelers they have never had a point where they were bad for years so y would they change there uniforms. pluys they were the ronney uniforms there not changing.

  14. People, people. Teams change unis in order to give the fans something new to buy. (Even if you don’t buy a fake jersey, all the other stuff will match the new color scheme) It’s about business, not football.

  15. Can’t look good in em’…
    Can’t play in em’…
    Can’t pick up chicks in em’…
    can’t DO it.

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