First Two Texas Stadium Games Will Be In Prime Time

The new Texas Stadium will open in the same way the old one closed — in prime time.
Hopefully for the Cowboys, the outcome will be better this time.
According to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, the first two regular-season games to be played at the new Texas Stadium will kick off at night.
This likely means that the Cowboys will play their first home game on Sunday night and their second home game on Monday night, or vice-versa.
Last year, the Cowboys hosted the Eagles on Monday night in Week Two and played at Green Bay on Sunday night in Week Three.
Watkins reports that the Cowboys are expected to open the regular season at Denver.  Last year, Dallas also started the season with a road game against an AFC team, traveling to Cleveland.
Possible candidates for the Cowboys’ first two home games include the Redskins, Eagles, Giants, Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks, and Chargers.
The league has announced that the Cowboys will host the Raiders on Thanksgiving.

60 responses to “First Two Texas Stadium Games Will Be In Prime Time

  1. Well…If they play the eagles, Scary Jerry has promised not to kick a field goal when down 44-3….That would be embarrassing.

  2. Only real way to open up the new yankee stadium would be against the red sox and the only real way to open the new texas stadium would be against a division rival. I would love to see my Eagles go down there the fans take over the stadium and kick the shit out of the cowgirls.

  3. “EskinSux says:
    March 29th, 2009 at 12:18 pm
    Well…If they play the eagles, Scary Jerry has promised not to kick a field goal when down 44-3….That would be embarrassing. ”
    You hold on to your win as if it were your last. You still call your high school ex too?

  4. And man, if anybody knows what “embarrassing” means, it’s Eagirls fans and their 50 years of wandering blindly in the desert.

  5. “I would love to see my Eagles go down there the fans take over the stadium and kick the shit out of the cowgirls. ”
    Dream big, kid.

  6. “I would love to see my Eagles go down there the fans take over the stadium and kick the shit out of the cowgirls. ”
    Dream big, kid.
    Sorta like seeing the Pokes win in January since the FIRST Clinton admin.
    Now THAT’S dreaming big.

  7. so I can’t wait for the thanksgiving game, it’s going to be oh so exciting 2 watch 2 shitty teams playing on a day was made for good football. non playoff teams should not play thanksgiving games anymore and screw tradition I mean they’ve already screwed up most traditions anyways the only people that would be pissed are all 15 Lions fans and the cowboys fans, who don’t really count as football fans they are more so soap opra fans.

  8. I really hope my birds come into town and show those worst team on the planet whats up.

  9. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this to you guys, but it’s incredibly lame to say “cowgirls” and “eagirls.” Just so you know.

  10. So a team that didn’t make the playoffs and finished 3rd in their own division gets at least two prime time games, not including the thanksgiving game they host every year?
    Why does the NFL always favor Jerry Jones?

  11. The Cowgirls still get all of these primetime games because their is this false impression that they are “America’s Team” when really, any team that has that right would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the Steelers don’t need that title, and frankly, don’t want it because they are good enough without some recidulous title derived from an NFL Films guy.

  12. “The Cowboys draw bigger ratings than any team in football. It is a business. ”

  13. If the Cowbiys get two prime time games to start the season, so should the Lions. It is only fair.

  14. If the report is accurate (not a strong suit of PFT), then the Cowboys must be playing on Monday night to open the season because the Packer-Bear game has already been announced as the Sunday night game.

  15. What’s even more ridiculous bodawg is so many people like you that spell the word wrong. Kind of hysterical (and ironic) when people call something ridiculous as a way of saying something is stupid, and don’t even spell the word ridiculous right. And why do so many people not know the difference between there and their?? Jesus age christ. But I digress…Anywhooo, let it be know or more appropiately REMINDED that the league is a business. It doesn’t matter how many playoff games the Cowboys have won recently. The Cowboys are a draw. They get ratings. This means money. It has been like this forever and I’m not sure why it’s such a big shocker for some. The Rays are a better team than the Yankees, but it doesn’t mean more people will tune in to watch. It’s life. Get over it. Buy a satellite, and get the Sunday Ticket. Problem solved.

  16. The NFL released the opening primetime weekend end schedule and the Cowboys were not on the Thurs, Sun, or either Mon. night game.

  17. It’s simple, bittermen. Don’t tune in. I really wish you wouldn’t, and that the tired ass “america’s team” buffoonery would go away. But you WILL tune in, and you’ll scream your face off for the Cowboys to lose, which they might.
    And because you do, the Cowboys will get great ratings in prime-time, and the exposure will infuriate you, but not quite enough to keep you from repeatedly vicariously supporting them, and helping JJ own you again and again. As much as any fan, the anti-fans make the Cowboys special.
    You can fight it, but you know you can’t control it. Now crack your knuckles and type up something really funny and awesome about 1996, something that rhymes with Romo, or whatever your petulant little mind will allow.

  18. “Why does the NFL always favor Jerry Jones? ”
    Because it’s Jerry’s world, bitch. Everyone else is just along for the ride.

  19. “The Cowboys draw bigger ratings than any team in football. It is a business. ”
    Nice, thoughtful comeback, slappy.

  20. EaglesRule says:
    March 29th, 2009 at 2:23 pm
    “The Cowboys draw bigger ratings than any team in football. It is a business. ”
    it was proven that last year even after all the drama in the D’ that the cowboys were the highest rated game to watch even if it was a blow out. My god man, take off the iggle green glasses and be realistic.

  21. “The NFL released the opening primetime weekend end schedule and the Cowboys were not on the Thurs, Sun, or either Mon. night game. ”
    Maybe because they’re playing on the road. It says first two home games, not first two games.

  22. My Grandfather told me that the Cowboys used to be good. He said that in the last century they won superbowls. Wow, I thought they were always the same as Detroit.

  23. occtown58, I’m not a Chiefs fan. Only 30 more guesses. But it has been nowhere near 4474 since my team won. As a matter of fact, they have beaten the Cowboys in the playoffs twice in that span. Now, go figure it out. You now know they are in the NFC.

  24. Might as well hype up their bloated stadium since the team has not won a playoff game in years.
    I used to hate the Cowboys but they are just another team now.
    The networks and the media need to wake up and realize that they need to find a new team to promote as the good guy or the villain for the casual, know nothing fan to root for or against.
    Dallas is just not that big of a deal when it comes to actual football anymore.

  25. “empty13 says:
    March 29th, 2009 at 6:37 pm
    Dream big?
    6-44* ”
    The irony in that one. An Eagles fan telling a Cowboys fan to dream big, yet referencing a regular season win.

  26. It’ll be a pair of prime-time games because it’ll be a pair of last year’s playoff teams against the NFC’s NITC. It takes two to tango, and the Giants, Chargers, Panthers, Falcons and Eagles all have to get their share of prime-time games.

  27. Vox is from the Houston area but doesn’t have any heart so he never rooted for the Oilers/Titans/Texans.

  28. It’s a shame to watch the pathetic Eagle fans come on here and try to trash the Cowboys. The Eagles are irrelevant and It’s a shame that they can’t except they are A second tier team in the NFL. Nobody wants to watch a washed up QB and nothing else, sorry. Facts are this, Cowboys bring in ratings whether they win or lose. Facts are the COWBOYS are on TV 24/7 during football or the off season. EAGLE FANS don’t get mad because you been to the Super bowl how many times and won? Eagle fans you sound irrational, the Eagles have been in the league since 1933 and done nothing. Let’s see the Cowboys have 5 Super bowl rings and the Eagles have 0. America’s team hasn’t been to the playoffs in 13 years but the BOYS are very relevant in sales (top 2) and the most popular team in the NFL Here’s a link that actually has fact not some bogus garbage that some Eagles fan posted enjoy. Eagle fans you are as horrible as your team history, go suck on the Steelers nipple at least they have some class.,47568


  30. Primetime: The last time the cowb*tches won a Super Bowl “primetime” was on the team circa. 1995 to be exact. What has dallas done lately?

  31. I’d rather have them in prime time at the end of the regular season, when they traditionaly roll over and die. Now THAT’S entertainment!

  32. It is comical to listen to Eagles fans ask “When is the last time the Cowboys won x”, because the Eagles have never won anything. You can talk about 44-6 all you want, but the only score that will ever matter is still 5-0, and that’s one that the City of Losers will never catch up to.

  33. why is it that everytime someone gets in a debate with a cowboys fan about what is going on with the team “NOW” they always bring up the fact they have won 5 five superbowls?
    I am an eagles fan and every time i get into a debate with a cowboys fan it just pisses me off. if we had an arguement about the teams history/what was done in the past, then i would shut my mouth and agree 100 percent. the cowboys do have a great histroy and it is better than the eagles……………….BUT……………. never do i have or read a conversation about the cowboys PAST. every converstaion is about whats going on currently.
    the truth about the cowboys is that as of the present they are not as good as the eagles. cowboys fans always want to shout about how a 44-6 regular season game isnt much and it didnt mean anything. that game was for PLAYOFF CONTENTION!!! THAT GAME MEANT SOMTHING AND THE COWBOYS GOT THAT @SS TAXED!!!!
    STOP talking about what your team has done in the past when it doesnt pretain to the conversation. We are all talking about NOW. and as of right NOW the cowboys are subpar and win games against good teams once in a blue.
    the only team that really has a right to talk trash about superbowls is the giants because they have won one recently. other than that shut up about winning 5 superbowls and all that stuff about what your team USED to be.
    unless you are talking about team HISTORY. your points and comments are irrelevant.

  34. I will give you an honest answer, and that is you are used to different expectations. Once you have achieved greatness as a franchise there are no longer tiers of success. It isn’t Super Bowl win is an A+ season, NFC Championship an A-, Division Round win a B, etc. In Dallas it would truly be no different if the team went 4-12 or lost in the NFC Championship game, either way the season is a failure. When the expectation is to win a Super Bowl all the time only one team can be viewed as a success story at the end of the season. So when an Eagles fan brings up a regular season win against a Cowboys team that couldn’t have been in the tank anymore than they were, it is simply laughed off because to the Dallas fan it is comical to hear the joy that Philly fans get out of failing “less” than another team did.

  35. why can you not be happy about a win during the regualr season? at the end of the day the ultimate goal is to win a superbowl but regular season games mean something. im pretty sure when the cowboys win a “regular” season game you dont just sit in your chair and flick the channel like nothing ever happened. not one fan of any team in nfl history can sit up here and tell me that their favorite team beat a rival team and thought nothing of it. that whole expectations thing is a crock of sh1t. that would mean somthing if it was 1996…… but its not. all of the years the cowyboys didnt have a good team not one cowboys fan can say they “expected to win the superbowl.
    and once again that statement has nothing to actually do with the subject at hand. it was about a game of the cowboys against the eagles…..PERIOD. not who had a better season, not who did what in the past, whos expectations are higher, or none of that. its specifically about the eagles vs the cowboys and as of last year the season series split. with the cowboys squeaking by in the first game due to sub par coaching and donovan making a stupid, stupid mistake that a 10 year QB shouldnt make and the eagles beating the bullsh1t out of the cowboys in the most IMPORTANT game of the season for both teams.
    stay on the subject at hand. the arguement 80 to 90 percent of the time is who is better than who at the moment and the best way to judge it if none of those teams won the superbowl is to go off of head up matchups. and in our contest against one another, the eagles statement of being better was more convincing.
    P.S. since you understand there is only one true success story per year. yuo wouldnt keep talking about winning 5 superbowls. winning 5 superbowls doesnt have anything to do with “this years” success story

  36. this is ridiculous. the cowboys didn’t even qualify for the playoffs last year, and haven’t won a playoff game in years. why do they get so many de facto primetime games? contrary to what they might think, they aren’t america’s team.
    jerry jones acts like it and demands such treatment though. :thumbdown:
    i’m tired of watching the cowboys. spread the wealth to the other teams.

  37. oh and primetime. we beat the steelers a$$es to. so no need for suckin on nipples. yes they won the superbowl, but when it comes to who beat who when we last played. they didnt even score a touchdown on us. sorry you cant say the same.

  38. i would admit that they are get so much exposure because of their owner and what the franchise does in general. i hate the cowboys, but they are a great franchise. they consistantly do things that keep the football publis interested in them. are the thing that keep people interested good for their football team?…….no. but majority of football fans arent into football enough to get past the drama to realize they werent that great of a football team.

  39. MONSTAFACE – I’ll address your comment about history. The original post is about the Cowboys primetime appearances this year. The Eagle fans came on here and started crying and asking why the Cowboys have soooooo many. The Cowboys are AMERICA’S TEAM, look at my previous post and it gives you facts in regards to why there AMERICA’S team. The facts are the EAGLES are pisse d about the COWBOYS history because the Eagles in there long tenure in the NFL doesn’t have a very good history. The reason the COWBOYS are on Primetime TV is because people want to see them. Who wants to see a washed up garbage QB and nothing else? Seriously who wants to see the Eagles except the local market in Philly. The Eagles are a 2nd tier squad kind of like the Browns or the Bangles. Monsta if your loyal fan of the Eagles fantastic but don’t even compare the Cowboys to that 2nd tier team the numbers don’t add up I’m sorry. Truth be told the Cowboys can go 1-15 and still be on ESPN,FOX,NBC,CBS,ABC or whatever because it’s Americas team. What’s embarrassing is that you really think that the Cowboys think your team is relevant, when people talk they don’t say I can’t wait for the Dallas/Philly game. When people talk it’s I can’t wait for Dallas to play the Giants or the REDSKINS which is actually or rival not the EAGLES. The Eagles fans get there panties in a ruff because you want to be the Cowboys and be relevant, you want that attention bestowed on Eagles like the BOYS have on them. I’ll end it like this, when Mcnabb leaves after his 20 year tenure Phillys done. Philly has nothing to offer except rude fans and horrible area to play in. Living in Philly is almost as bad as living in Detroit hence why no big time free agent ever want to come there. Get a grip son the Eagles are a 2nd tier team and just be beneath us as usual. I’m glad last year season game was your super bowl at least you had that.

  40. Monstaface, I think you are missing my point from the get-go. Eagles fans were complaining about the Cowboys not having won anything as of late. I explained that they were the biggest ratings draw in the league because of their history, and that until Philadelphia wins a Super Bowl they shouldn’t complain about who does and doesn’t get prime time games, because they are an irrelevant team until that happens.
    Be happy about what you want to be happy with I guess, just to me the difference between getting blown out to go 9-7 and losing in the NFC Championship doesn’t really mean much to me. If the Eagles fans are willing to call that a success, that’s great. But until they are willing to accept nothing other than Super Bowl’s as the gold standard, than you are going to see that same subpar coach that you speak of, and those same mistakes from that veteran QB.

  41. you consistantly talk about our QB being washed up………what has your qb accomplished???? thats what i thought. and please the cowboys arent our biggest rivals. our rivals are the giants. listening to a cowboys fan 8 times out of 10 just flat our pisses people whom arent cowboys fans off. so even though YOU may think we are obsessed with you being our rivals. we arent. it just disgusts us as into how important you think you are when you really arent. and look at the primetime games we have had in the past 10 years. im willing to put my life on it that we have had more. its a known fact that within the recent years past we have had one of the most primetime games. people dont tune in because you are AMERICAS team. they tune in because people like looking at a circus. you think people look at the cowboys to watch romo throw pics? they watched it to see them three amigo d1ckheads of receivers you have huddle up and complain how they dont get the ball.
    and if you think the cowboys would go 1-15 and still be on primetime you are buggin. those years when you guys had quincy carter as QB you guys werent on that many primetime games, if any at all.
    and once again there is someone making a complete stupid comment. what do you mean free agents dont want to come to the eagles? last year we got the best free agent available, the receiver you guys just let go we got him because he wanted to come here, we had jevon kearse when he was the highest totes free agent on the market. and all the best receivers who want to get traded or have wanted to get traded in the recent years wanted to come here, but teams wouldnt trade them to us because they know what would happen.
    and once again you bring up history and all that when we are talkign about current events. if you want to talk about histoy by no means are the browns a second teir team. the person who actually created the browns is practiacally the biggest influence on football. he damn near made football the way it is today. and have some of the greatest players in the history of the game. how is that second teir?
    and even if we were a second teir team that really doesnt say much about “americas” team judging by the a$$ whipping we gave you. and by no means was it a superbowl for us. it was a time where you took that one annoying dude who thought he was the sh1t and beat the bullsh1t out of him.

  42. hawkde, individual wins arent a big success. but when you compare a team head to head those matchups is what matters. i will go back and reread what you wrote to see if i misread it. im at work so it is a possibility.
    and i dont get how people say that the eagles dont get primetime air games. for the past 5 to 10 years we might have had more than any other team and im 100 percent sure we are at least in the top 3 and have more than the cowboys except for maybe this past season.
    and anyone whom thinks going ot the nfc east championship and all that other stuff is being successfull is a dumba$$. its horrible and tottaly unacceptable. but no one can tell me that they dont measure head to head matchups as some way to say “im better than you”.

  43. MONSTAFACE – Heres some actual facts ready.
    NFL Draft: 1999 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2
    5× Pro Bowl selection (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
    2004 NFC Offensive Player of the Year
    TD-INT 287-129
    Passing yards 56,987
    QB Rating 97.8
    Been with the Eagles for 10 years has brought no Super Bowls at all. I guess if you except being 2nd I guess that’s great for Philly. Heres my fact from my GREAT QB Troy Aikman a true winner! MONSTAFACE – Troy played 11 years son kinda like what garbage Mcnabb has played and also might I add my QB was never rumored to be traded to the Bears or the Vikings or some garbage team. Heck I’ll even give you Tony Romo stats as well. Your welcome for your free education son.
    × Pro Bowl selection (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996)
    1× All-Pro selection (1993)
    3× Super Bowl champion (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)
    Super Bowl XXVII MVP
    1997 Walter Payton Man of the Year
    1988 Davey O’Brien Award
    Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor
    Pro Football Hall of Fame (2006 inductee)
    College Football Hall of Fame (2008 inductee)
    Career history
    College: Eastern Illinois
    Undrafted in 2003
    Dallas Cowboys (2003–present)
    Roster status: Active
    Career highlights and awards
    College awards and honors
    2x Pro Bowl selection (2006, 2007)
    Selected NFL statistics
    (through Week 17 of the 2008 NFL season)
    TD-INT 81-46
    Passing yards 10,562
    QB Rating 94.7

  44. once again here you go bringing up things that your team has done in the past…….well sine you want to take it there, the first thing you should do is take tony romos stats off of there.
    second, if you want to just compare QBs and not the actual team troy aikman wasnt all that good. you named the awards he has had and pro bowls but you failed to post his sh1tty stats
    TD-INT 165-141
    Yards 32,942
    QB Rating 81.6
    yeah thos stats are AMAZING………. you failed to say that mcnabb has throw over 100 more TDs than aikman has in 1 less year and throw 20 less picks.
    and who wouldnt have led the cowboys to the superbowl with that offensive line. it was the best in the league for years. AIKMAN WASNT THAT GOOD. Ryan leaf could have won the superbowl with that team.
    There is your lesson for the day………..SON.

  45. MONSTAFACE-LISTEN I know the Jerry Lewis telethon is coming up and I’m going to donate to your charity I promise. MONSTAFACE since you want to bring stats go look at D. GARBAGE @SS MCNABB’S first 3 years starting in Philly compared to Tony Romo’s first 3 years of starting and the numbers don’t even compare. MONSTAFACE – Back on point Dallas dominates in sales, popularity, primetime appearances and Super Bowls. Philly can’t even get on Dallas Cowboys level, period. Have nice day you second tier RETARD!

  46. so now you jump from troy aikman tony romo when you cant prove your argument. well since you want to go there again. romo hasnt accomplished anything mcnabb hasnt and you cant really judge there first 3 seasons as starters because romo had a 3 and a half year wait just to learn in general when mcnabb basically got thrown in the fire at a way younger age.
    second once tony romo started he had a hall of fame wide out, and a tight end that is on pace to make the hall of fame and a great running game. when you cant even name 2 receivers mcnabb had before TO got there.
    so your argument once again is stupid. but im not argueing with you no more because you took a regular football conversation and turned it into something else.
    im not into internet thuggin. im 99.9 percent sure yuo wouldnt say that to me if you were standing in front of me. and if you decided to utilize that .1 percent chance of you saying something. i am 10000000000000 percent sure of what would happen to you. so this is my last post on this topic from me in reference to you. im pretty sure you will keep talking tough since you know i cant do anything to you on the internet and im sure you won tlet me know where you live so you can prove how tough you really are. so you have a great day sir.
    hawk it was nice debating with you

  47. MONSTAFACE – MONSTAFCE – Hurry up and go find someone to read this to you again, I told you that Mcnabb sucks! Prove me wrong! What has he done since coming to Philly? NOTHING, over rated QB that’s brought how many Super Bowls? If you’re putting Mcnabb in a Marino category don’t! The reason why I say Marino category is because he never won a Super Bowl but he was relevant. Troy won 3 times in 11 years, call It offensive line, defensive line or special teams or whatever your excuse is TROY WON 3. Tony stats are better for the first 3 years starting then Mcnabb so that put that to rest. MONSTAFACE here’s the deal, you know you’re wrong! So to cover up how dumb you are you come in here and say who wouldn’t say what if we were face to face. I’m in Corpus Christi, TX son any time you want to catch that bus or if you can cash that welfare check and catch an airplane I’ll meet you at any spot. I will take you to the octagon and we can resolve there since you can’t debate correctly and intelligently. After ensuring that the proper @s$ beaten was givin to you I will take you to Sylvania reading center and give you that proper education you never received. Take about week son because it’s going to take time to grasp proper English and sentence structure you illiterate piece of!@#$!

  48. 🙂 wow. your really upset. i was actually going to feed into that last post. it did get me a little upset for a second. but i thought about it 🙂 i got upset at the welfare comment, but i know much i make and who i work for 🙂 so no need to be upset. I started to get upset about the whole octagon thing, but i know who i am and where i am from and what i would do to you so i stand firm behind the comments i made earlier. i didnt get to upset about the english comment though. i graduated college already im not getting graded on papers any more so i just type and press enter 🙂 all in all i thought about stooping to your level for a second 🙂 buuuuuuuuut. im good. I can sense the type of person you are just by the words you type. have a good day sir…….. i know i will 🙂

  49. MONSTAFACE – TRUST ME I KNOW WHO I’M TALKING TO AS WELL. Have a nice life supporting those garbage Eagles someone has 2. Maybe you can you use that education to help the Eagles get a least one Super Bowl. In the future make sure your post are well thought out and make sure you use spell check. Oh a GED is not a college degree fyi (for your information). I like debates but I like to debate with people that at least have a clue on what there talking about.

  50. Since you are so high and mighty about English and sentence structure, I would like to let you know that you have a few mistakes in your paragraph sir. Overrated is a word, so there is no need for you to put a space in between the middle. You also didn’t make that a correct sentence in general so you should go back and fix that. Any number referenced in a sentence under 10 is spelled out. So next time you reference “3” or “5” superbowls, make sure you type three or five. The second time you referenced Dan Marino, you should have said Marino’s category, not Marion category.
    Once you said Troy won three (not 3) times in 11 years you should have cut that comma out and made a sentence. Capitalize call and start a new sentence. Cut out that “or” in that sentence and just replace that with a comma and put another comma after special teams. In the next sentence you should have said Tony’s stats not Tony stats. The same thing should be done with Mcnabb’s name. You can put a period at the end of that then say, “So you can put that idea to rest” and insert an explanation point. The sentence after the “MONSTAFACE here’s the deal” comment, you should insert a comma or two. Put an explanation point after son on the next sentence, capitalize the A and take the space from “any time”. You can also switch the middle to end of that sentence by saying “or you can cash that welfare check and catch a flight down here. We can meet at any spot”, instead of whatever you have posted. Next sentence you forgot to insert the word “it”
    Next sentence you misspelled “beating” and “given” and insert a comma after you. In the next sentence insert a comma after “you”. I think I missed a few, but I am at work and I only had a few minutes to go through your English and sentence structure. I am glad people take those kinds of things seriously when there is no need for it. I am glad I could help you out that that. If you ever need help again, just hit me up. Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone 🙂
    Oh and you need more than a GED to work for the Department of Defense 🙂
    Good Day 😉

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