Taylor Launches Official Flirtation With Pats, Dolphins

Amid increasing chatter that defensive end Jason Taylor could sign with the Patriots or reunite with the Dolphins, Taylor has semi-officially declared that both teams are possible destinations for him in 2009.
On Sunday night, Taylor was asked about recent comments from Pats owner Robert Kraft regarding the team’s interest in Taylor’s services.
“I did hear that.  I can’t lie,” Taylor said, according to Tim Graham of ESPN.com.  “I have not talked to Robert Kraft.  We’ll leave it at that.  Those things will sort themselves out, and hopefully in the near future so I can get back to work.
“But it’s great to be wanted. It’s great to be wanted.  Sure, especially an organization like them or the Dolphins.”
Ah, yes.  The Dolphins.  It’s interesting how Taylor slipped that one in there.
So would he play for them again?
“Absolutely,” Taylor said.  “There’s no reason I wouldn’t.”
It’s a far cry from a year ago, when Taylor wanted no part of a team that he regarded as a rag-tag bunch, mired in a protracted rebuilding effort.  Now that the Fins are the defending AFC East champs, they look a lot better to the 2006 NFL defensive player of the year.
And if Taylor can get the Pats and the Fins to try to outdo each other in order to land him, Taylor will end up with a much better contract than he’d get if only one of the them were interested.
Taylor ultimately was traded by the Dolphins to the Redskins in July for a second-round pick.  The ‘Skins cut him earlier this month after he refused to tie a portion of his 2008 pay to participation in offseason workouts.

34 responses to “Taylor Launches Official Flirtation With Pats, Dolphins

  1. Maybe the Fins can pick him up again and then trade him for more picks.
    Snyder might be dumb enough:
    Snyder: “Wow it looks like JT is on the block!”
    assistant: “Sir… we just cut him.”
    Snyder: “huh..wah? yea whatever, trade for him, give him anything he wants; it will sell us some more tickets in the end”
    as for Kraft:
    “Jeez Louize this guy is old! And plays LB?? And his play is diminishing?!?! – ME WANT.”

  2. Man, a 2nd round pick for a year of crappy service. I’m sure I’ll get bashed for this, but IMO:
    worst drafters= Lions
    worst contract negotiators= Raiders
    worst free-agent players= Redskins
    Yet only two of those teams are consistently bashed in the mainstream press, I don’t get it. Why do the Redskins always get a free pass?

  3. Parcells never hated the dude. Never cracked about his work or game ethic. So the wanting to move on was all Taylor. Maybe he now knows just how nice the Fins facilities, city and team is/was and wants to repolish that gap with Parcells. I wouldnt doubt it one bit if Parcells would rather him on the Fins instead of against Pennington weakside. But don’t get me wrong I’d love to see that matchup between Long/JT. My money is on Long.

  4. Oh no. Not Jason Taylor…
    he was a reeeaaaallll threat for the deadskins.
    screw him wanting to come back to Miami after they turned things around…
    JASON…they did it with out you. GET A CLUE.
    go dance some more… pansy.

  5. It just occurred to me, as a Dolphins fan – would you be insulted that now (after your 11-5 season) Jason Taylor wants back… even though he wanted out (and to wash his hands of) that organization when it went 1-15?

  6. “much better contract that he’d get if only of the them were interested”
    “if only of the them”

  7. Bill Parcells will not get into a bidding war for a 35 year old DE/OLB.
    If he chooses n.e., then he’ll just have to suffer the same fate as Junior Seau and the rest of that sister kissing bunch.

  8. Taylor is washed up. The Pats locker room is gonna start looking like an AARP convention.

  9. how’d he work out for the skins last year? worth a 2nd and 6th round pick? what is he 35 years old?..he minds well go back to being a pretty boy celebrity..his best years are over..he’ll pick the patroits anyways..trying to pick up a cheap ring.

  10. Taylor isn’t fooling anyone. He didn’t leave on good terms with Parcells and now he’s trying to play the Phish against the Pats. Good luck with that one.

  11. Yeah, I wouldn’t expect a bidding war for Taylor.
    Remember, the Pats had a better option (at least for their system) in Mike Vrabel, and trading him only saved them about $4 million.
    I’m sure the Patriots would welcome Taylor with open arms if the deal was right. But anything over half what Vrabel was making and I say no deal.
    Vrabel is 33. Taylor is 34. Vrabel had more sacks than Taylor last season. Vrabel has 12 years of professional experience as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Taylor has less than one. Vrabel is an emotional leader who participates in all off-season workouts and has played in all 16 games the last 5 seasons. Jason Taylor was fighting the injury bug all last season, and may have ambitions beyond football.
    As you can see, paying anywhere to Mike Vrabel money for Jason Taylor makes absolutely no sense since trading Mike Vrabel was a cap move.
    Not to say I wouldn’t welcome Taylor to the Pats as a fan– I would– I just don’t want to see the Patriots involved in any type of bidding war for the future hall of famer.

  12. Why would he go back to a one-hit wonder?! Dumb question money! Come to New England its our year baby!!!

  13. I don’t understand. He can’t have that much, physically, left in the tank. It’s only a matter of time until he squares up to take a tailback head on, they collide, then POOF!!! Big cloud of dust, and when it clears, there’s nothing but an empty pair of shoulder pads lying on the ground and a helmet spinning quickly next to it.

  14. Belichick is not going too get into a bidding war for a part-time player. He will be a Dolphin. Pats have addressed defensive backfield this offseason and now it’s time to get another linebacker in the draft. If Taylor is there for $2 million or in that neighborhood, fine. If not, let Miami have him back.

  15. What JT is doing is using the Fins to get a better contract from the NE Cheaters… As a Fins fan, I’m just disappointed he’s even considering the possibilities of playing for the Patsies, but what can you expect from JT after last year’s fiasco before requesting for a trade.
    He’s a Patriot already.. Baby whinnnnnner,

  16. ” Taylor will end up with a much better contract that he’d get if only of the them were interested.” Do you read this BS before you post it or are you just worried about spitting out nonsense you don’t have the time.

  17. This is sad, Jason Taylor is attempting to get two low ball
    bidders (Patriots & Dolphins) into a bidding war for his
    final dance. Jason, stay close to your family shut up and
    sign for one more year with the Miami Dolphins.

  18. Mr. Taylor said he hasn’t talked with Mr. Kraft. Of course he hasn’t. Mr. Kraft leaves the football side of the organization to the football experts. But then Taylor goes on to say…”I’ll leave it at that.” My take from that is he has talked to the “football” peopl in the organization (ie. BB) and quoting Humphrey Bogart in the “Maltese Falcon”…”six two and even” he already has a deal with the PATS but won’t announce it (or sign) until training camp. He wants a ring and NE is the only place he’s gonna get that.


  20. JT is using the Classic negotiating tactic. But, seems to have made a small mistake. Using Bill Parcells against BB will not work. Maybe he should try the Mangenius or the Colts. Wait! That’s what is going to happen soon?

  21. If Taylor signs with the Pats, he will be permanently excommunicated from anything Miami Dolphins.

  22. “Jose says:
    March 30th, 2009 at 10:22 am
    Am I the only person that thinks of Xerxes from 300 when I picture Jason Taylor?

    I see the resemblance. lol
    I have mixed feelings about him coming back to the Fins. The Fins weren’t good enough for him to stay, he wanted to play for a contender. Now that we won the division, he wants to come back. Yeah, he fits into Miami like all the Miami fans. Only wants to stick around when they are winning. We must have one of the worst fan bases in the Nation.
    I wouldn’t take him unless he played for the minimum contract with incentives. That’ll make sure we get the best out of him.

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