Ayers Making His Move

University of Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers is scheduled to visit the New England Patriots and several other NFL teams, according to a league source.
Ayers, who previously visited the Buffalo Bills, is also set to visit the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles.
Last season, Ayers registered a career-high 49 tackles and 15.5 for losses as well as three sacks. Ayers has 4.77 speed in the 40-yard dash.
A lot of 3-4 teams are evaluating him as an outside linebacker prospect.

6 responses to “Ayers Making His Move

  1. Will you please quit saying “So and So is ON THE MOVE” or “Player X is making his move”. It insinuates that he is moving either up or down on the draft boards of teams. Why don’t you just say “Ayers scheduled visits” or something to that effect, so the title of your story accurately represents the content.

  2. Looks like the Eagles are looking at everyone. I just want them to look at Boldin, Anquan.

  3. Florio – Do you just mention Philadelphia as a possible destination for every potential draft pick as a preepmtive strike against the “Philly sucks, we never draft good players!” comments?

  4. i like ayers alot more than maybin, a little more than orakpo, and just as much as e. brown. he move real nice like.

  5. Yeah – I’ll bet Ayers 4.77 speed came in handy when he was bombing federal office buildings in the 70s…. TERRORIST!!!!

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