Bowlen Says Broncos Will Trade Cutler

The calendar doesn’t yet say April 1, but we’re not sure that the Broncos haven’t gotten a head start on the process.
In a statement released Tuesday night, owner Pat Bowlen says that the team will accommodate quarterback Jay Cutler’s request for a trade:
“Numerous attempts to contact Jay Cutler in the last 10 days, both by [coach] Josh McDaniels and myself, have been unsuccessful.
“A conversation with his agent earlier today clearly communicated and confirmed to us that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Denver Broncos.
“We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded.”
Did we say, “Wow”?
If there was any doubt, the auction is open.  Let the bidding begin.

123 responses to “Bowlen Says Broncos Will Trade Cutler

  1. Oh gee, there just happens to be a rookie quarterback who had a “flawless” performance today at his workout. Check and mate for Messrs. Schwartz and Mayhew. If they swing this deal it will be the greatest swindle of all time.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  2. In a related story, Jay Cutler is angry because the Broncos said they will honor his wishes and trade him. What a baby.

  3. You do realize that April Fools Day isn’t until tomorrow right Florio? Nice try…
    You are joking right?

  4. Good for him, maybe Mr. McDaniels will win something before goin all Parcells/Belichek on his stud QB next time. He’ll probably need to figure out that Giants passrush first though.

  5. I’d make the dipshit ride the pine.
    Tell bus to get the hell out of the way, talk to the veal.

  6. why don’t they go ahead and trade brandon marshall, eddie royal, ryan clady, champ bailey, and d.j. williams as well for some more backups.

  7. Why do people keep hiring Belichek’s progeny thinking that they are worth something?

  8. for eff’s sake Mayhew get Cutler….dont draft StafFord. we want the proven commodity……

  9. And even though Cutler’s a baby and all that, if this whole thing blows up in the Broncos’ face and turns really bad, then Josh McDaniels needs to get fired.
    I from the start thought he’d be the best of the ’09 new coaches, and that might end up being the case, but the way he handled the Cutler situation was idiotic.

  10. OH BOY!!! If the Bills EVER wanted to make some noise…..hows Trent Edwards and a 3rd rnd pick for Cutler sound?…….or maybe Jason Peters for Cutler straight up.

  11. A CFL team has started the bidding at a case of good, strong Canadian beer. Will and NFL team be able to beat that? Time will tell.

  12. Tampa sends the 19th overall pick
    Uses a lot of that cap room on an extention for Cun-tler
    Antonio Bryant is happy
    Jay Cun-tler is happy
    Bus Cook is happy
    but I havent figured out who will be the Broncos QB

  13. Would love to see him get traded to Detroit. Denver will be his happiest memory.

  14. As a fan, all I can say is this: HALLELUJAH. All of you people talking about how this will be the death of the franchise…LMAO. A lot of us Denver fans know full well that Cutler is a loser. Always has been; always will be.
    I cannot wait to watch Cutler behind a mediocre offensive line and without Marshall, Royal and Stokely to save him.
    Adios, shithead.

  15. Count me in as a Broncos fan who will now acknowledge that:
    A) First and foremost, this team is nothing short of screwed for the next half decade, ESPECIALLY if they think someone from this year’s QB class is the answer. Wait for Bradford next year, but PLEASE don’t take a QB this year. Sanchez? Stafford? Those guys are NOT going to have great NFL careers. Decent, maybe.
    B) McDaniels is on a VERY short leash. He has one season to prove himself, or else I’ll hate him more than I already do. Which I’m not sure is even possible.
    C) I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I hate Cutler just as much now too. He wouldn’t even pick up the OWNER’S phone calls?! Who the hell does he think he is? He’s got great talent and will likely be a pro bowler for many years, but for god’s sake what a baby! I’ll be rooting against him strongly in the future, though I’m quick to admit he’ll be successful.
    D) Change the names of the websites: to and to

  16. Mr. Bowlen, I would like to introduce you to the word “leverage”. Let’s use it in a sentence:
    “With this announcement, Pat Bowlen gave up any and all LEVERAGE he once had.”

  17. well well well. this isnt surprising to us Bolts fans. So Sweet Baby Jay, aka the punk, gets his wish to be traded.
    We were hoping he’d stay with them so the Donks would continue on with their current ineptitude but Bowlen must have hired a guy with some big balls after firing the guy with big teeth.
    Dont worry all you ADD Donk fans, I’m sure the local Denver pharmacies are well stocked with the meds needed to aleviate all of your panic attacks.

  18. It’s only fair to wonder whether Florio has gotten a head start on his, shall we say notorious, April fool’s shenanigans.

  19. Let’s all take a deep breath.
    Jay to Detroit? Before you Lions fans start chuckling, consider that Jay-Jay holds the ball *for a long time.* Your o-line, she is pathetic. And what does he do when he feels any pressure? Chucks it up for the opposing team.
    He had elite protection last year and still ended up with nearly 20 picks. Not all of which, no matter what snake oil someone tries to sell you, were because he was feeling so much pressure to outscore the other team.
    Adios, kid. You won’t know how good you could have had it.

  20. Wow is right. Wouldn’t it make more sense to fire a dime-a-dozen coach, instead of a franchise quarterback? Moreover, can you name one successful coach on Belichick’s coaching tree?
    So Mr. Bowlen go hire Jim Fassel or Jim Haslet (both would leave the UFL in a heart beat for a NFL gig) and ask Jay to remain your QB.

  21. Wonder if Mangini can handle another prima donna after a year of Favre. Cutler will never win a thing in the NFL. He’s not bigger than any team and he’s got a lot to learn. McDaniels has balls. I hope this works out for him.

  22. …and with the 1st pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select…

  23. And why do Bills fans keep thinking that the Broncs would want Peters?
    We’ve already got a left tackle. Kid named Ryan Clady, who outplayed Peters all year. The fact that he didn’t make the Pro Bowl was a travesty.

  24. Is this a joke? If not why wait until TODAY?
    Oh well. Cutler obviously doesn’t realize how good their offense is. He will ruin his career elsewhere (Detroit etc.).

  25. “C’mon Minnesota! You know you want to. ”
    Yes they do. They will sit on their asses and say they are happy with Rosenfels and Jackson. They are great at that!!

  26. Bottles up Jay! Tonight you can get wasted and actually feel good about it for once- Its a celebration! KC brought in a team builder, Denver hired a demolition crew hahaha!

  27. Do it Mankok. Brady Quinn to Denver. Cutler to us, and some exchange of draft picks and the weight throwing idiot DL Shaun Smith. Cutler wears #19, and leads the Browns to victory for the next decade. DUUUUUUET.

  28. First…it is not an April Fool’s joke people…confirmed by AP, ESPN etc.
    Now…my own preference? Cutler and an additional pick to Cleveland for Quinn, Rogers and an additional pick. Everybody wins.

  29. Broncos fans must be going crazy…. cause after all, they were THIS CLOSE to the Super Bowl. Right?
    Instead of how bout
    I can think of twelve QB’s I’d take over Cutler right now.
    Chris Simms might be 13.
    Good riddance, and if you’re the team getting this crybaby… hang on to your wallet. This is all about the money. Jay’s only getting $1 million this year? Boo hoo.

  30. What a sham. As a Broncos fan, I’m ashamed of the way in which Bowlen fired Shanahan, hired McDaniels and lied about the potential trade of Cutler. Obviously, Cutler could not trust McDaniels or Bowlen. Without trust, what kind of communication much less a relationship could be expected? In addition to looking forward to the end of the McDaniels era, I’m now looking forward to the day that Bowlen sells the team to an owner who actually cares about the team and city it represents.

  31. F2m185
    Could you please tell me how you think this is the coaches fault!? Considering Jay is the one playing the childish games. Someone maybe McDaniels needs to tell Jay to grow up! To blame McDaniels for this is probably the most mind boggling thing I have heard. In simple terms about this whole mess is Jay does not want to except change adn thats just what Denver has done. I hope he realizes that the NFL is a business and there will be change with any team he goes with, whether it be head coach or any coach. Nothing last forever and he’s bitter about the shake up that Denver did with the fireing of Mike and with the talks with Cassel early on.

  32. oh man, tomorrow is april fools day. now we have to put up with florio’s fake stories all day…and even worse, the idiots that comment to them as if they’re real even though florio states they’re fake. [COMMENTERS NOTE: if this were friday i would so not get an autographed copy of WBF for best comment]

  33. Pat Bowlen had to do this. Cutler is a cry-baby and he had to give his coach a chance to do things without Cutler whining all year about how he wasn’t wanted. That is a cancer you can’t win with. Its hard to get a franchise QB, but it was far from clear that’s what Cutler was.

  34. Do it Mankok. Quinn to Denver, Cutler to us, and some combination of draft picks, and the idiot Shaun Smith. Cutler wears #19, and Browns are victorious for the next decade.

  35. They have absolutley NO track record of paying anyone big money,or making a big move. But hopefully the Titans will see this as an oppertunity of a franchise life time and sign the kid. Funny how many Cutler bashers there are on here,yet most of your teams don’t have a QB as half as good. You might wanna begin to like him. Because most likely your squad is setting their tent up on Cutler’s lawn RIGHT NOW.

  36. Vince Young, Kerry Collins, Lendale White, & 2nd round pick. Titans have the O-coordinator from Jay’s 1st few yrs in Denver, he could come & start today.
    How bout Kerry Collins, Lendale, 1st round pick? Then dump VY.

  37. Cutler’s a little bitch.
    Hopefully his career will follow his personality right into the toilet.

  38. I think the Broncos should trade him but there MUST be a stipulation in his contract that his contract will NOT be redone once he’s in a new city. He MUST ride out the next year or two of his current contract.
    Hey, if it’s not about the money, this baby (Cutler) should prove it by happily playing in another city for the exact same contract as he would have had in Denver.

  39. Clayton at ESPN has it too now. I’m leary but not surprised…it’s certainly a huge con job between many people if it’s not real.

  40. The Broncos don’t give up leverage with this, they GAIN leverage.
    10 teams had already contacted them about Cutler before he was “officially” on the block. The more teams that are interested, the better for the Broncos.
    But, teams didn’t need a press release to make inquiries. This is done for one reason only – fans of other teams. If fans see Cutler as a potential solution, they can put pressure on their teams to make a move. Again, that helps the Broncos by getting more teams involved and driving up the price.

  41. Some of you guys need a thesaurus or something. “McDouchebag” isn’t even funny.
    Keep in mind that Shanny drafted Cutler on Jeff Fisher’s recommendation – without even working him out. Yeah, they handled this situation poorly in Denver, but since when did Shanny have some kind of “third eye” for quarterback talent?
    IMO, the front office screwed this one up by sleeping on the 3-way that could have brought Cassel to town (if that’s what they really wanted). Last I checked, “McDouchebag” isn’t the GM in Denver, is he? Now, Bowlen has nobody to blame but himself for the prospect of getting pennies on the dollar for Cutler.
    …unless Detroit trades for him; in which case, they’ll get full price.

  42. Would it be so odd to see a trade between division rivals Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs?
    Jay Cutler for Matt Cassell…

  43. I’m not a Broncos fan….and I don’t play one on TV….but anyone who blames Mcdaniels for this mess…is not paying attention. You have a whining, primadonna QB who has compared himself to John Elway, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (gee…no Montana or Aikman??)….who seriously thinks he has a better arm than Elway did……..who ASKED to be traded BEFORE all this happened….then blew a gasket when GOD FORBID…McDaniels took a look around to see what he could get…….and NO WONDER he didn’t tell Cutler the truth…look at how little baby wussie boy reacted?? It only reinforces a) why McDaniels didn;t want to tell him and b) why McDaniels didn’t want Cutler as HIS starting QB. Seriously…what has Cutler done other than lead the Broncos to a 17-20 record and a HISTORIC choke last season down the stretch. If I WAS a Broncos fan…i’d be driving Cutler to the airport. McDaniels only mistake…was NOT jumping into the Cassel derby BEFORE the Patriots had agreed to deal him to KC….and once you start looking damn well better make sure you have another QB ready or are ready to pull the trigger on a deal that brings a good one in. But once this crybaby, egomaniac is gone..the Broncos will be much better off.

  44. A whinier, less talented version of John “Cry-Baby” Elway.
    Who in their right mind would wish for that?
    Oh yeah…Detroit.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. McDaniels took Cassel who had not started a game since HIGH SCHOOL and won 11 games last year. Cutler has never won that many. McDaniels is an offensive genius and whoever he drafts or trades for will become a probowl QB by the time he’s done.

  46. Good for Bowlen! The lack of respect Cutler has shown to him seems be very indicative of his future behavior. Broncos will be better off with a “leader” at QB rather than a selfish brat. Maybe someone who gave up a spleen for his former team and came back for more? I get the feeling Simms actually has respect and gets respect based on his actions.
    I would rather see Bowlen squat on Cutler’s contract (which isn’t that much) and let his skills deteriorate for two years and then let him try to score a big payday. Now that would be fun! Cutler as the 4th QB and gunner on coverage teams…make it happen Pat!

  47. Wait a tick….this means I will not get to take my nephews to Invesco in an effort to show them 8 games of what bad decision making at the QB position looks like. Dang it. Ah well…such is life. Whatever shall Bowlen and coach McKid do?
    *cough* Brady *cough, COUGH* Brady Quinn *cough*

  48. Keep this loser and make him ride the bench for the entire season. Do not let him get his own way. Teach him a lesson.
    I think Cutler’s overrated anyways. Broncos have a lot of holes on defense to fix before they’re going to make the playoffs so having Cutler isn’t really doing them anything at the moment. They’re just treading water right now.
    Cutler can throw for 4000 yards every year but he can’t win big games. I think the Broncos would benefit from having Sanchez cuz he won’t be trying to be Superman gun slinging it everywhere. He will stay under control and manage the game while still being able to hit the big plays with Royal/Marshall/Stokley.

  49. Can’t argue about Clady. That man just stoned his challengers all season long. What scares me is the thought that the Oakland Raiders are now in position to be the runner-up to the 8-8 San Diego Chargers for division supremacy this season. Unless Chris Simms can keep his innards intact, or Josh McDaniels plays QB.

  50. jaybird0620
    Yet another one fails to realize the childish and immature acts of Jay. This is Just like the Chad johnson thing a while back. He was damanding to be traded and Marvin said no you either play or ride the pine. This is what McDaniels should have done with Jay. Its like telling a baby no! If it was me, Jay your our QB and you either play or ride the pine.

  51. His attitude has to hurt his trade value. He was marginal quarterback and now he is a pansy too? I don’t know that any team would want to give up an early first rounder for a head case.
    As a Chiefs fan I’m loving this. I’m sure Plummer has room for him in his Element.

  52. Cutler isn’t even that good. Don’t forget that he failed to capitalize on the Bronco’s fast start last year, and the team failed to make the playoffs. There was a lot of talk about the defense faltering, and Shanahan was obviously made the scapegoat because of this, but any elite quarterback will overcome both bad coaching and defense to lead his team to victory. Cutler could still become elite, but right now the only teams he’s lead to victory are fantasy teams.
    That said, there are a handful of teams that should make an attempt to acquire him, if for no other reason than to satisfy their fans.

  53. Wow is right. He cried and stomped his feet and got his way. All of this was for a new contract, which a new team does not have to offer. Don’t do it Cerrato!!!!

  54. cutler behind center ,ap all day behind him berrian and go get tory holt and that defense i would like the vikings chances , problome is we have a retard for a head coach also.

  55. Broncos fans who think this will ruin the franchise need to wake up. There’s a big difference between the NFL and your Fantasy Football league. Jay Cutler isn’t a winner. He doesn’t have it. Stats, sure he can get you some FF points. But victories on the field, meh, his record speaks for itself.

  56. I was behind Cutler throughout this whole mess, but he just doesn’t get it. Where is he going that has a line or an offense like he had in Denver. If McDaniels makes this team into something he will look like a bigger jack*** than he had appeared this last couple of weeks. While there is not much qb choices out there, A decent QB is better than someone who doesn’t want to be there. If Cutler tanks it will be at his own hand no ones elses. If the Broncos tank it McDaniels will be out of Denver before the year is over!

  57. “ken13 says:
    March 31st, 2009 at 9:48 pm
    McDaniels only mistake…was NOT jumping into the Cassel derby BEFORE the Patriots had agreed to deal him to KC….”
    I don’t think it would have mattered.
    I can see Bill helping out someone he considers his equal (Pioli), but I can’t see him dealing with a former underling. I’m not saying he dislikes McDaniels like he does Mangina….but I don’t think he’s going to help him out any now that he’s out of the Pats organization. And if he did leak the three-way story, it kind of makes sense too….sort of a “Welcome to the big time, kid”, if you will.

  58. Pat Bowlen wanted a Head Coach that wouldn’t have total control of the team. He sure got what he’s asked for.

  59. Ok. Jay wants out and Broncos say “Sure”. If I were the Lions, I would trade the 20th pick and their 2nd rounder (33rd overall) for Cutler. Then ship him off to Cleveland for Quinn and Cleveland’s two 2nd rounders (36th overall, and 50th overall).
    Why Denver would do it… its almost like two 1st rounders for him! No one else except maybe Cleveland since Mangini is there, would pay that much for Cutler due to him being a “crybaby”. Denver needs Defense and a QB should be available with their 12th pick. Denver goes defense with the two picks from Detroit.
    Why Cleveland would do it… they get an experienced starting QB of their choosing rather than dealing with previous management’s leftovers… either a bad experienced starter or an inexperienced starter.
    Sorry but most teams don’t ever get a chance at an experienced Pro Bowl-caliber QB this early in a QB’s career. Teams take chances on players that are much worse than what Cutler is doing. Albert Haynesworth just signed a contract for how much money?! Plus Cleveland keeps their #5 pick for the Defense.
    Why the Lions would do it… they get a QB that won’t cost as much due to his incentive-based contract, he has been sitting and learning already, he is still young. He was a first round pick himself in ’07 at pick 22, so they pay a little more upfront for him… its the backside that helps!! They would be getting an extra 2nd rounder in the deal. They get a QB for basically the 20th pick and due to “trading back” they drop 3 slots and pick up an additional 2nd rounder.
    The risk with Quinn is less than what it would be with ANY of the QBs in the draft. At least he has seen some NFL action and has had 2 full seasons to learn the NFL way of doing things. Lions need defensive help and an extra 2nd rounder can only help. Like or hate the Patriots way, old Bill finds his players in the 2nd rounder. Lions should try to take a page from that book.
    Everyone wins… except Detroit until they get a defense.

  60. For all the Bronco fans bitching about the new head coach, just wait and see, Simms will prove to be a real NFL QB.
    Trade Cutler to the Lions out of spite. He was never that good to begin with.

  61. I personally enjoy the symmetry of the 1.20 and 3.20 for Cutler, because that would essentially make the Roy Williams trade Roy for Cutler straight up, which would be larceny.
    I don’t think it happens, though. I think it’s either the 1.1 for Cutler straight up, or the 1.20, another ’09 pick, and possibly a 2010 first-day pick. Maybe a player instead, a possible 3-4 DE like Ikaika Alama-Francis–Lord knows Denver needs every defensive lineman it could get.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  62. “Wow”? How does this surprise you? He asked for a trade when Jeremy Bates left. And then he got more upset when they actually tried to trade him. He’s a drama queen, and you’re shocked they got tired of it??
    He’s gonna be sent somewhere like Detroit and he’s never gonna win.
    But he’ll get a big new contract. It’s another win for Bus “Douchebag” Cook.

  63. Jay Cutler is the new Brett Favre — the guy people used to like and are now sick of.
    He’ll be a headache for whoever gets him. At first his teammates will welcome him him because of his talent, then they will tire of his attitude and lack of leadership.
    The fans will think he’s the answer to their team’s problems until poor decision making costs some games. Then he will pout after he gets booed by the new hometown fans.
    Coaches will tire of his mistakes and lack of accuracy in crucial situations. The owner will regret giving him the big-money contract extension that’s the root of all of this.
    Then without guys like Brandon Marshall to bail him out and catch poorly-thrown passes and Mike Shannahan to guide him, Cutler will regress then have a Ryan Leaf-type meltdown at some point.
    So yeah everybody, start the bidding war for him.

  64. Trent Edwards a 2nd and 3rd this year and conditional next year. For Cutler and Scheffler Buffalo needs this. Edwards has potential but, Buffalo needs more than potential 9 years and counting no playoffs.
    An employee (Cutler) should be allowed to choose his place of employment especially when his boss is under qualified, outmatched, and has no integrity. Stop whining about Cutler’s demands and put yourself in his shoes.

  65. Maywand come on, get this done. Send Denver the #20 and the 3rd round pick from Dallas for Cutler. You get your QB and Schwartz can still have Curry.
    It’s a win win for everyone

  66. Jay Cutler to go to Philadelphia for Donovan McNabb and a high round draft choice perhaps?

  67. As a Niners fan, I will gladly trade you T-rAlex Smith (little hands) with a great attitude for a prima dona who can actually play. I would even throw in the 10th pick overall and some Vernin Davis tears.

  68. Don’t send cutler down here to Tampa, we still need to get rid of the last douchebag Denver sent us (Griese)

  69. Cutler not going to Tampa…that’s affirmative! He will either be a 49’er, Bear, Jet, or Viking. — Brown—it’s possible!!!
    Go Bucs!

  70. I doubt that the Browns are interested. Quinn will have to fail as a starter before they can move him.

  71. Broncos need defensive help everywhere except for Champ Bailey’s spot. Elevate Son of Simms to starter, get defensive player(s) + picks. Maybe draft a QB to develop in the future with picks or trade.

  72. 3-Way Trade: Lienart to Denver, Cutler to Minnesota, Chester Taylor to Arizona (Of course probably numerous draft-picks involved)

  73. “Would it be so odd to see a trade between division rivals Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs?
    Jay Cutler for Matt Cassell… ”
    Oh, get off your crack!
    A winning QB who learned behind Brady for like 3 years in exchange for a whiny diabetes QB who just sling it with a losing record overall? (rolling my eye up)
    I don’t get the hard on some K.C. fans has for Cutler over Cassel?

  74. He’s not expensive yet. Why not just let him rot on the bench for spite? It would be a good idea if he just weren’t worth so much…

  75. Someone please remind me, what exactly has Jay Cutler accomplished in this league? What exactly has he won?
    What makes this clown think that A) he deserves to have ANYONE listen to a thing he has to say B) that he’s all that and a bag of chips, in this NFL?
    On the one hand, I have to wonder just how stupid Josh McDaniels is to get into this big of a mess so quickly, and on the other I have to wonder if Bus Cook pressed Cutler (in this QB deprived league where even a turd QB has SOME value) into a situation that any new Head Coach would have hopelessly found themselves in.
    I would agree that the Bronc’s at this point would have been better off seeing how Cutler liked riding the pine – fat paycheck or not – while the world finally gets to se if Chris Simms still has what it takes. Maybe then Cutler would learn that a contract is a contract, and learn a little humility.
    You actually ought to have accomplished SOMETHING before acting like such a diva.

  76. I think if Denver focuses on building its “D” this year, we can get another QB next year. McDaniels is living proof you can put an average QB in with a good D and win a lot of games. Meanwhile Cutler will probably go to Detroit, as they need to overpay to please their fans. He will struggle. Cutler will be the next Jeff George and will never accept the fact that having a rocket arm does not equal induction into the hall of fame.
    Too bad, he really could have been great

  77. I can’t believe how the idiot denver fans turned on Cutler so fast. Denver is a den of hyenas. The whole town should be plowed under.

  78. Hey, as long as he’s already labelled a prima donna, he should let it be known that hedoesn’t want to play with half the crappy teams that are going to be in the market for him. If I were him, I’d have Bus Cook on the phone to Detroit telling them to lay off.

  79. I think there is a lot here that is not getting to the public. Maybe that rumour about Cutler being a bit of a drunk are true. I could see McDaniels not wanting that around his ‘new’ team.
    I think both Cutler and the Broncos will struggle seperately next year, but I think Denver can recover faster as they have more offensive weapons, even for a new, potentially rookie QB. Cutler will really regret this.

  80. I’m TITANS fan and live in Nashville. I knew Jay Cutler who started at VANDY. He’s awe in pass performance, struggled hard and knows how to win but his teams aint superb. So in NFL, he is damnable good player, I respect him. I pray to GOD that Fisher get the bait and boot Kerry Collins. Cutler can muster himself up for the Titans. I’m damn sure that Cutler can bring the Titans all the way to Super Bowl this time of 2009… HEY FISHER get him……. wake up….

  81. As a Titan fan, I bet Fisher consider to get Cutler on his turf and release Collins I hope so.. Cutler is damn good passer. I don’t understand why Denver or the owner wants him out.. He s damn loser! Lost in poker game.. Huh..

  82. Hey, as long as he’s already labelled a prima donna, he should let it be known that hedoesn’t want to play with half the crappy teams that are going to be in the market for him. If I were him, I’d have Bus Cook on the phone to Detroit telling them to lay off.
    Yeah..including the Vikings..I’am sure he isn’t too thrilled about playing in that ugly -ass place for those ugly ass fans..Denver will be his best memory..and Cook isn’t going to tell ANYONE to lay off if they have the $$$$$..

  83. it’s my ball and my mommy says I don’t have to play wiff you if’n I don’t wanna …… grow up A’hole

  84. I can’t believe the Cutler bashers on here. He’s a top 10 QB in the league and this is only is fourth season! The kid is young superstar. Of course he couldn’t win last year…the broncos had one of the worst defenses in the league and NO running game. Tatum Bell? Selvin Young? Why do you think they brought in so many new backs this year? The fact that Cutler was able to lead that crap team to 7 wins is remarkable. And Simms, are you serious? What has he done in this league? Nothing! Since he got his spleen blown up, he’s garbage.
    Teams that could use Cutler (meaning, Cutler is better than any QB on the roster): Cleveland, Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Chiefs, Raiders, Titans, Jaguars, Texans, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Bears, Lions, Vikings, Panthers, Bucs, Redskins). That list doesn’t include teams with good young QBs that could still develop into stars: Ravens, Falcons. And is equal if not better than Rodgers, Romo and Rivers. The cardinals could use him too since Kurt only has 1 maybe 2 years left.
    Denver is screwed. Looking back in a couple years, this is going to turn out to be one of the biggest blunders of the decade…possibly even turn out to be one of the worst moves in NFL history. It’s much harder to find a franchise QB than a coach. Bowlen should have fired McDaniels.

  85. Everyone who says Jay Cutler will never win is dumb.
    The man has a 13-1 record when the Broncos hold other teams to 21 points. He is one of the best young QBs in the game. I am a Colts fan and I know that Cutler could walk in and be the starting QB for 25 teams in the NFL right now.

  86. Wow has pro sports turned into a cry baby fest. Way to let the players run the show. Cutlers a Douche!

  87. To all the people complaining about the Cutler bashing, you have it all backwards. Most are not doubting his ability, as he seems to have a decent amount of that. What is being called into question is his character and his leadership abilities. Hell, even his maturity level. He never even returned calls to the coach and owner of the team?!? In what universe is that the behaviour of your team leader? He left Denver no choice but to trade him, and his actions here have to be a HUGE red flag for any team acquiring him. Caveat emptor.

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