Broncos Begin The Process Of Erasing Cutler From The Team

To anyone who thinks that the Broncos’ announcement that quarterback Jay Cutler will be traded is an early April Fool’s Day gag, think again.
In addition to posting a statement from owner Pat Bowlen on the team’s web site, a reader points out that the franchise has removed Cutler from the online roster.
He also has been scrubbed from the online depth chart, which currently shows no starting quarterback despite expressly being dated as of December 22, 2008.
That said, his online bio still is live — but we have a feeling it won’t be for much longer.
UPDATE:  His name has reappeared on the roster.  But not on the depth chart.  For now.
SECOND UPDATE:  Our buddy Todd Wright of Sporting News Radio pointed out during our Tuesday night visit that no Cutler jerseys can be found on the team’s official web site — even though Dre’ Bly jerseys are still available.

47 responses to “Broncos Begin The Process Of Erasing Cutler From The Team

  1. The Minnesota Vikings have no interest (thank goodness) but I’m sure a bunch of weirdos who like the Vikings will fill these pages with 100 comments about it.

  2. For them to already be removing info, would that hint that a trade partner is all but decided and this won’t drag out until the draft?
    I sure hope that’s the case…

  3. The link to the roster still has him on there by the way, just missing from the depth chart.

  4. Hi Mike. I just checked and Cutler’s name is still listed on the Broncos site. Maybe they’ll remove it soon or once Cutler’s traded.

  5. Optimistic Bronco fans are so quick to point out that getting Stafford would be sooooo worth it- they’ve done their homework too- they read that Detroit says he’s good enough that they might take him with the no. 1. So basically, Denver is trading Cutler for Joey H Jr.

  6. KDVR Fox 31 in Denver has been reporting via a crawl for the last two hours that the Broncos will honor Cutler’s request and trade him.

  7. “Has his name appeared on the Chiefs roster yet?”
    Pioli would NEVER trade for a little turd like this guy. The Donks will be better off without him and whatever team is stupid enough to trade for him will find he is an immature cancer.

  8. Send this prima donna to Buffalo to be with the other jerk, TO. WHAT A PAIR. Doesn’t his guy realize there aren’t too many opportunities to make that kind of money in the private sector? WE DO.

  9. 3-Way Trade: Lienart to Denver, Cutler to Minnesota, Chester Taylor to Arizona (Of course prob numerous draft picks to all teams)

  10. LOL these website erasings are funny. I remember personally erasing Daunte and Randy Moss from the Vikings website a few years ago. At that time, only PFT was reporting these deals – when I was receiving instructions from the team to queue up a new version of the site with those guys gone, because it was happening at any moment.
    Now the Broncos (using the site I in part designed) are dumping Cutler. Trust me, not at all a coincidence. They told the content managers to explicitly erase him from certain portions of the site…but they did forget to delete him from the upper right column player bio listing. The only people who hear impending transactions faster than PFT are website admins for NFL teams.
    He gone, probably in the next 48 hours.

  11. T.O. is still in shock to find himself from Dallas to Buffalo. Would love to see Cutler shipped to “North America’s Team” where he can hang out at Appleby’s on the weekend. If not there, maybe Detroit.
    I like the Bronc’s again.

  12. What a joke, Bowlen should fire McDaniels and then fire himself.
    What a putz, from one of the more respected NFL owners to a punch line joke in less than 60 days.

  13. Although i don’t doubt Cutler is about to be traded, his alternate, women’s, youth’s, toddler’s, infant’s, kid’s and youth girl’s, jerseys are still for sale on the website.

  14. when did cutler become a 10 year vet where he can demand a trade? he has had 1 good year! im not even a broncos fan, im from houston and i cant stand him because of the way hes acting. i am scared that the texans want him because he is from denver (if u come frm denver or greenbay it is 90% the texans will sign you) man up cutler the broncos could have vince young’d you! instead they stuck with you till you found out it was diabetes that was causing you to suck. remember if it wasnt for the broncos you wouldnt have been a top 10 pick. theres no telling where you would have went. ill be the first to admit ive never played and never will play a down in the nfl but i do realize its a blessing to play in the nfl. isnt it ironic favre and cutler have the same agent and they both act like they re s**t dont stink! and i use to love me some favre till he went awol

  15. Might as well take #88 off that depth chart too, he’s gone as well!!!! Dont forget that you need to remove him from the backup long snapper position as well.

  16. Cutler jerseys are available in the alternate jersey, women’s jersey, and kid’s jersey….

  17. Bowlen surrendered his title as one of the league’s most respected owners the day he began the NFL’s layoff parade by discarding employees over a year ago. With the NFL being the copycat outfit that it is, he bears at least partial responsibility not only for the lives that were turned upside down at his own building, but at other outposts around the league.
    Now he has a coach whose player-personnel skills are reminiscent of Belichick version 1.0 (the Cleveland edition) and whose understanding of the NFL in the Internet age is obviously limited (every potential trade, even one b.s.’ed in passing, will inevitably leak, whether intentionally to a Web site or news outlet or offhand by a fan who overhears a cell-phone conversation at an airport and posts the on a message board).
    Further, McDaniels’ logic in targeting areas of the team to fix is baffling. His defensive line is non-existent (for that matter, his entire defense is a shambles), and his quickest moves are to try and trade a young Pro Bowl quarterback (which is without precedent in modern NFL annals) and to dump Mike Leach, a long snapper who’d been flawless the last five years, for the more expensive Lonie Paxton.
    This was a team that was cruising to the playoffs last December until Peyton Hillis got hurt, an injury that in retrospect embodies the phrase “straw that broke the camel’s back.” With Hillis, it’s likely that the Broncos would have beaten Buffalo in Week 16; instead, the Broncos were on seventh- and eighth-string runners, went pass-heavy and lost.
    One wonders what might have happened had Hillis remained upright. The Broncos would have likely defeated the Bills, gone to the playoffs, kept their coach and with their room under the salary cap, would have likely been in their strongest shape this decade and poised to defend a division title with a sound, young nucleus.
    Instead, the Broncos are a franchise in chaos. And since Bowlen fired up the layoff train last March, I can’t help but think that karma is dealing him a justified haymaker with his franchise’s recent developments.

  18. Este pendejo vendera mas rapidamente que los babosos democratas a una linea del queso

  19. I’m TITANS fan, titans needs Cutler cuz he’s former Vandy star and I’m tired of Collins who can’t throw in long dart of pass like Cutler did. I beg or pray to GOD that Fisher get the bait to get Cutler back to his hometurf, get rid of Collins. I m absolute sure that Titans will be all the way to Super Bowl champs this time ….

  20. “El Florio Espectacular says:
    April 1st, 2009 at 12:51 am
    Este pendejo vendera mas rapidamente que los babosos democratas a una linea del queso ”
    I’m sorry, I don’t speak Raider.

  21. Jay Cutler should avoid the Panthers and Buccaneers.
    If Denver is trading him, he dosn’t have choice

  22. Could we please get some football fans with logic on here, that excludes the Viking fans..Sage for Cutler??? Right> Denver is ALLLLL over that one..idiots

  23. 3-Way Trade: Lienart to Denver, Cutler to Minnesota, Chester Taylor to Arizona (Of course prob numerous draft picks to all teams)
    Yeah…that’ll happen

  24. I agree with dirtydezzzzert, that would be a great trade for the Vikings. I like C. Taylor and would hate to see him go but Cutler would be far better than the clowns we have now. What is wrong with Torry Holt since no one is very eager to sign him? Seems like he would still be a great possession receiver.

  25. I think that means “this dumbass will sell faster than a drooling idiot democrat can get into a cheese line”. or something like that.

  26. Babelfish gives you- This vendera asshole but quickly that the slimy democrats to a line of the cheese.
    Babelfish sucks.

  27. Do you really think they will get the first pick, a second, and POSSIBLY a player for Cutler? LOL. You are nuts. They will be LUCKY to get a mid-first rounder for him. I like the kid, and think the Broncos are making a huge mistake hitching their entire team’s fortunes on a stuck-up 32 year old coach who rode the coattails of Belichick for the last umpteen years and hasn’t done anything yet. That being said, everyone KNOWS they are trading Cutler now and the price will be no more than a mid-range first rounder…if I were the Lions I would send them this year’s second rounder and a conditional pick next year…a 1 if they make it to the superbowl, a 2 if they make the playoffs, and a 3 if they don’t make the playoffs. In other words, a 3 next year.

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