Preston Says Bills Are "Grasping At Straws"

Former Bills center Duke Preston recently has signed with the Packers.
And Preston wasn’t bashful with his views regarding his former team.
He told Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show on Tuesday that the Bills “might be grasping at straws.”
Though Preston didn’t specifically mention the arrival of receiver Terrell Owens, it wouldn’t take a genius to make that connection.
Preston also seems to be happy about joining a team that, relatively speaking, is more competitive in its division.
“If you look at my four years in Buffalo, we only beat New England one time,” Preston said.  “Green Bay has kind of historically been at the top of its division, almost the New England Patriots so to speak.  So to go another team and another division that kind of is on the upper tier of it instead of trying to claw their way into the upper tier is a cool opportunity.”
Apparently, Preston didn’t notice that the Bills finished the season at 7-9 in a top-heavy division, and that the Packers were 6-10 in the woeful NFC North, which featured two eight-foot-rim layups against the Lions.

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  1. Well maybe if he didn’t fight with the Patriots between plays as time expire we could kick field goals and you know, beat the Patriots. The dude is a scrub. When we picked him over Jason Brown four years ago I literally became physically ill. Thanks a lot Tom Donahoe. Oh wait, I better take that back before Chris Mortenson starts bad mouthing me.

  2. Apparently Preston wasn’t all there in Buffalo anyway, because the Bills haven’t beat the Pats since Drew Bledsoe and the 31-0 game in 2003

  3. C’mon Florio the Packers are better than that and you know it.. They fixed problem #1 by hiring a new defensive coaching staff. 7 losses by 4 pts or less while also outscoring opponents by 40 pts last yr with that 6-10 record..

  4. Maybe if Preston didn’t suck so bad on the line the Bills QB’s would have had more time to throw the ball, thus leading to more scores, thus leading to a better record. You Green Bay fans will see when you play Minnesota, Preston is a joke.

  5. Preston is just bitter and apparently delusional when he mentioned the packers being like the pats

  6. That is hilarious.
    He’s probably right, but he was, BY FAR, the worst player on the field for Buffalo last year. His blocking is absolutely terrible. There was one great play where he forgot the QB was in shotgun, and he snapped the ball as if the QB was under-center.
    Seriously, nothing beats watching the ball bouncing around on the ground because the Center snapped the ball into his his own ass while the qb was 2 yards in the backfield.

  7. funny how preston is running his mouth considering he was one of the biggest problems on that team….ryan grant should get used to preston’s back getting pushed into him like lynch had to deal with for 2 years

  8. There’s a reason Jason Brown is making large $$$ and Duke Preston is clawing his way to get signed by a team.
    Packers are no slouches … but that douche couldn’t stop a pygmy from getting to the QB.

  9. Good call Leodis … I didn’t see your post before I made my Jason Brown reference …
    yep … 2 picks behind Preston and several million $$$ in true worth!
    Thankfully Donahoe is long gone!

  10. He played like his first name for the last four years.
    Another Donahoe gem…ooops, Mortensen, trolls here. Sorry, Chris…

  11. Perhaps one of the straws the Bills grasped was discarding the player who made the dumbest play of the season in the week 17 New England wind game.
    Just to recap: With 22 seconds left in the half, Fred Jackson runs to the NE 9 yard line. The Bills have no timeouts. The score: New England 3, Buffalo 0. The Bills have the wind at their back. Its the windiest game ever played in Orchard Park. So what does the Preston do? What else? He picks a fight in the end zone. Tick tock. The half ends. No field goal attempt thanks to Preston.
    Hey Duke, good luck in Green Bay. Getting rid of you was the Bills first upgrade of the season. You are pathetic.

  12. “If you look at my four years in Buffalo, we only beat New England one time,”
    No you didn’t. You jackass.
    This guy will be missed (in New England).

  13. I’m sure his play there over the 4 years in buffalo didn’t contribute to those losses. Players who depart a team and take shots for a lack of success during the tenure in which they’ve just taken part in always kill me.

  14. Oh fer krissake…..Duke Preston was a huuuuuge part of the problem on the Bills O line. He’ll go down in Bills lore as the moron that snapped the ball to Trent Edwards with an under-center-snap when Edwards was in the shotgun. Or his other famous play was against the Pats when he decided to tussle with a Pats player when the Bills were in the redzone with under 20 seconds left in the game. Forest Gump and Rainman look like Einsteins compared to Preston. Good riddance to that freakin loser and I feel sorry for Green Bay relying on that idiot. Dumb players just end up getting coaches fired.

  15. The Packers signed him to be a back up and the first thing he needs to learn is to keep his mouth shut. As an organization, they tend to frown and discourage the players from flapping their gums to the media.
    What makes this even more laughable is the guy isn’t very good to begin with. Ok, he didn’t cost much and might end up beating out a 6th round draft choice for one of the few remaining spots on the roster but its not like the Packers are depending on this guy in 2009

  16. Dude also has to learn his history. “Packers Historically on Top of the Division”? Maybe recently… but…
    Team Division Champions
    Minnesota 17
    Chicago 16
    Packers 13
    I think he is just trying to be spiteful to the Bills. I’d be willing to wager the Bills win more games next year than the Pack will.

  17. The sad thing is that as bad as Preston sucked for the Ills last year, he was still better than Melvin Fowler! In addition to useless Keith Ellison, whom Mauron loves, you need to add Ryan Denney and Donald Royal to the list of Buffalo’s worst starters……I say it was a 4 player race!

  18. There will have to be a lot of Packer injuries for Preston to play.
    He is what the 4th string Guard and 3rd string Center?
    He is just happy that all the facilities and way of conducting business in Green Bay is first class.
    You can’t blame his exuberance. Even though he probably won’t make the final roster.

  19. What a bunch of sour posters. Too many Bills posters listen to each others rants too often and can’t come up with an original thought. Preston is not a pro bowler but he was better than both starting guards last year. Granted I don’t know all the line calls but when you are expecting help on a double team and Dockery is standing their looking at the safety Preston looks like a fool. He did make some bonehead plays but I’m not convinced yet Hartgartner will be any better.

  20. empty13: Preston left Buffalo because he was scared of TO ripping him a new one.
    reddog: Denney wasn’t a starter until Schobel went down. Schobel’s healthy again. And Ellison will be replaced in the starting lineup. My guess would be Cato June, Freddie Keiaho, or a rookie. Thankfully Preston, Fowler, and (Robert) Royal are gone.
    olausen: Preston is better than both starting guards for…the Packers? If so, that’s a sad statement on the Packers, and if he starts, it will be bad news. I agree that Dockery was a chump, but Preston was lousy. Hangartner will be an upgrade for sure. How much though remains to be seen.

  21. Hey !
    The Packers have a new strength and condition coach — SO BACK OFF !!!
    We won’t be seeing any more of those fourth quarter ( or third, or second) quarter collapses…

  22. Like Preston has earned any right to run his mouth. Hey Duke, you suck so you need to shut your big yap.

  23. Preston sucks, but he is right.
    The Bills don’t have a single lineman, offensive or defensive, that could
    start on any of the three other teams in their division. But they think
    TO is going to get them into the playoffs.

  24. Jerseyjeff are you really that ignorant? Stroud, Schobel and Peters would all start and Walker would start for the phins. Even a Bills hater with some sort of NFL knowledge would see that Peters was voted to the pro bowl and is regarded as one of the top LT’s in the league so I’m pretty sure he could and would start just anywhere he went

  25. I’m agreeing with you, the guy who said noone on either of the bills lines would start on any other team in the division is obviously overexaggerating, but i would not say Peters is a premier NFL LT. I mean, the guy allowed 11.5 sacks in just 13 games for crying out loud! If that is not the worst sack total allowed of all the starting LT’s in the league, I would be pleased for you to present this information.
    (by the way, that statistic came from this quote from a rotoworld blurb “Bills COO Russ Brandon said talks with OT Jason Peters remain ongoing, but the sides aren’t close to a deal.
    Peters is believed to be angling for a deal that will make him the highest paid left tackle in the league, which is a steep price for a player who allowed a league-worst 11.5 sacks in 13 games. The Bills may feel pressured to deal him if an agreement can’t be reached by draft day.
    Source: Buffalo News “

  26. Duke preston is an idiot. We havnt beaten the pats since ’03 and even if we did wen he was here he wouldnt have played. i mean for real, the guy probably had more turnovers than any other offensive lineman in NFL history. FLORIO GET ON THIS AND PUT A VIDEO ON HERE OF HIM FUMBLING THE BALL AND MISSING BLOCKS!!!THEN TELL HIM ABOUT THA SITE.

  27. Come on Florio. Packers were within 4pt’s of victory in like seven of those loses. “Close” counts in horseshoe’s and hand grenade’s.

  28. I think he is just trying to be spiteful to the Bills. I’d be willing to wager the Bills win more games next year than the Pack will.
    How much you wanna lose, the Bills suck

  29. Great, another trash talker. Things had been pretty quiet in GB since releasing Sharper. The two signings this offseason look to be making up for loss time.

  30. I hope Pack fans take this bashing with a grain of salt. After all his charity work in Buffalo, I hate to see him getting killed over one quote taken way out of context. From what I hear, he will be missed in the lockerroom.
    I would though like to see a video of Preston bloodying up that ref when he pushed him down trying to make a tackle after another Losman turnover.

  31. I saw something where Prestone might be playing right tackle. Good luck with that, he played guard and center for the Bills. I’ve NEVER seen him play tackle.

  32. Peters would start on most teams in the NFL at every position except for center (and that he could probably learn pretty quickly), much less the AFC East, save for a couple. He missed all of the off-season and had a rough start, but became dominant by the midpoint of the year. As for the sacks, that’s been overblown. The AP voted him 2nd team All-Pro, and that’s not a popularity contest like the Pro Bowl is.

  33. Preston should not open his mouth.. Center was our(the Bills) weakest position last year and he didn’t start half of the games.. I really feel bad for Packers fans.. Hopefully they signed him for 3rd string..

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