Six Teams And Counting Interested In Cutler

The “For Sale” sign has been planted in the front yard, and the Broncos will soon be showing potential buyers the partially-finished basement.
According to Charles Robinson and Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, at least six teams are interested in Cutler.
The Jets Buccaneers, Bears, Lions, 49ers, and Browns already have been identified.  Per Robinson and Cole, the Jaguars have shown interest as well.
As we’ve been saying over and over until people tell us to shut up, any team contemplating using a first-round pick on a quarterback should be interested in Cutler, because unlike an unproven rookie first-rounder Cutler has shown that he can perform at the NFL level.
Meanwhile, chatter persists in league circles regarding the Redskins.  We heard several weeks ago that the ‘Skins are indeed interested.  As one league source reiterated moments ago, the pursuit of Cutler in 2009 could be driven by the intended pursuit of the man who drafted him in 2010 — former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.

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  1. Oh, Dear God — please don’t let him got to the NFC North…
    …the Packers can’t muster a pass rush, so he could have all day to throw it around… GULP…

  2. One way or another, Shanny and Cutler will be reunited in 2010. Their bromance will not be denied.

  3. 3-Way Trade: Lienart to Denver, Cutler to Minnesota, Chester Taylor to Arizona (Of course prob numerous draft picks to all teams)

  4. Those are all teams in dire need for a QB (including the redskins), so it’s a fairly obvious list. Kind of surprised the Dolphins aren’t on that list too.

  5. Josh McDaniels may be a marvelous teacher to QBs. Look what he did with Matt Cassel and Tom Brady.
    But, it would have been interesting to see what he could have done with Cutler. We may never know now that the Broncos have said they are going to trade him.
    I thought it was an April Fool’s joke to, until I saw the story hit the Associated Press Wire (I work at a newspaper, don’t laugh), then I knew it was real.
    It’s going to be interesting to see which team will make the trade and how much it will cost to land Cutler.

  6. I hope he lands in DC. Snyder will give us draft picks for the next decade and they will still blow. My wish list? From Broncos to:
    1. Browns for Quinn and First Round (#5)
    2. Detroit for late first in 09 and first round in 10
    3. Three-way deal for Leinhart and a first round.
    Bowlen has really done it. Hire an O-coach to run a high-powered O w/o a QB. GENIUS.

  7. Of those teams the browns are the only one that can offer a quateensfk even remotely close to a serviceable QB

  8. Whatever happens, I really can’t see them trading him to another AFC team. They have a history of dealing with the Skins, but that was under Shanahan. I think it’s going to be Detroit, Chicago, or Washington. Maybe a 3 way (that’s what she said) with Quinn landing in Denver. Either way, I hope my Donks come out of it with Quinn or Stafford.

  9. Can someone tell me how Cutler is an upgrade over Kyle Orton in Chicago? He threw for more yards because they have no running game, more TDS because he has one of the best WR’s in the game, and more Interceptions because, well, he throws a lot of them.
    Im sorry but I am a Bears fan and Orton needs to remain the guy. He knows the offense, hes been in it for 4 years and everyone who has watched every game like I have can see the offense gets more and more intricate since Ron Turner took over. Orton is extremely football smart and is great audibling and reading the defense. Cutler has yet to show any of that.
    Now is not the time to chase the dragon Chicago. It may seem like a great idea but think rationally. Stick with Orton.

  10. Jags are trying to overcome chemistry issues and ahve a ton of other needs besides QB. Why would they give up anything for a whiny, bitchy primadonna QB who hasn’t shown any semblance of maturity or real leadership?

  11. Urlacher to Den for Cutler!!!!
    It’s a wrap.
    OK look at it more realistic now.
    I’d say Det Chi San Fran are the best fits. No other teams have more steady receiving and running threats.

  12. it’s funny how 5 of the 7 teams are under new coaches this season. the bucs and jags being the exception.

  13. Did you say Browns? Wow! Either Mangini must really like Bus Cook or they are collecting Quarterbacks!

  14. I don’t know about that…the Browns QB’s haven’t done a damn thing. The Buccaneers have Brian Griese, who was once a Bronco, and they have Luke McCown who is just as good as a QB as any one of the Browns QB…so it could go either way.

  15. This would be a headliner to finally give Vikings fans something to actually get excited about.

  16. Whichever team ends up with him better have a major hookup with a wholesale supplier of Vagasil.

  17. trade him to the Chargers. He can carry Philip Rivers’ pads for him and double as the team waterboy.
    He deserves nothing more.

  18. I’m telling ya people DET is going to sell the farm to get a QB to build that dreadful franchise around…

  19. Man browns better not trade for this bum.I dont care how good you are he has a bad rap in the leauge everyone hates him i hate him please do not trade for this guy let quinn start let us see what he’s got. If we trade for cutler man i need a new team i will be pissed.

  20. As an Eagles fan, I would like to say that I don’t want him on the Redskins. That’s a bad thing for the Eagles.

  21. Cutler is a lil crybaby. Philip Rivers knew he was a softy, thats why he punked him and called him out on the field. Hope Cutler goes to the Lions and spends his last few years getting pounded into the turf. Cant wait till the Chargers face Cutler again. Rivers will bi@tch slap him, and send him crying back to his agent. HAHAHA

  22. If your Baby Jay do you ask for input on where you go?
    If your tho broncos do you block talks between suiters and Baby Jay?
    If your a suited do you insist on a contract extension agreement prior to the close?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  23. I wish Minnesota would go get him…Cutler would finally have real running backs to count on, and likewise, Peterson and Taylor wouldn’t have 8-man fronts to deal with. Brad “Captain Imaginative Playcalling” Childress won’t do it though, because apparently Sage Rosenfails is a MUCH better option…

  24. If he goes to the jaguars I will use my season tickets to start the fire that will burn down that no name tarp covered stadium. They paid David Garrard they need to stick with him for at least one more year.

  25. Everybody got all the teams that sould get Jay but who are broncos going get to play qb…don’t won’t Sanchez, Strafford,or young qb…i waited 3 yrs for jay to become an elite qb and to win and know i don’t think we’ve going to finish 3rd in the AFC WEST…Know we’ve going to make another team better and we get worse

  26. Being a big Broncos fan, I am glad to see the team do this. I hope he goes to Detroit, thats what he gets for being a snitch to the program. What a waste of talent . . .

  27. This just in, imbecilic Coach Chilly thinks 2nd round draft bust is better than pro-bowl gunslinger.

  28. “Baby Jay”? I like that Walrus. May I use it? I think I will.
    The Skins do not need “Baby Jay”. One locker room Diva (Southeast Jerome/Clinton Portis) is enough!

  29. Staff Sgt, nice post! The only thing you left out is leadership/maturity. I read an article in a Chicago paper about how Orton feels about the Cutler talk, and Orton was all class. He basically said he does not listen to the talk, and it’s up to him to earn the job, keep the job, and earn his teammates’ trust. THAT is a leader!

  30. I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. There’s some “hidden” problem there with Cutler that’s making the Broncos so willing to cut their losses this soon into the process. They could easily just force him to play or pay.
    Caveat emptor…

  31. I say send the Broncos the Bears 1st round pick this year and next, plus Kyle Orton, for Cutler and the Broncos 2nd round pick this year.

  32. VGB, it’s not hidden completely, but it’s also not getting nearly the attention it would get if it were TO or someone already a “villain.” There were reports (repeated here on PFT) that whispers around the league suggest Cutler may enjoy his alcohol a little too much, or at least more than should a person dealing with Diabetes. I have no idea how much truth there is to it, as it was reported, taken down, then re-reported very quietly…

  33. What is Cutler going to do if he goes to a division with an actual pass defense? He is seriously in danger of being exposed as the slow-witted Qb that he is. He was lucky last year that he faced some of the worst pass defenses in the league. I could have passed over teams like San Deigo, KC, the Jets, etc.

  34. I think Vikings fans can quit posting about Minnesota getting him. They already turned down a trade for him — and that’s when Cutler had a good public image and the Vikes could offer a starting QB in return (Matt Cassell in the 3-way deal with the Pats).
    The fact that Minnesota isn’t among the teams contacting the Broncos should tell you something. Plus the Broncos probably wouldn’t make the trade with Minnesota now out of spite — the Vikings turning down the original trade kept Denver from getting Cassell and led up to this huge mess.
    My money is on Cutler ending up in Tampa.

  35. Vegas 42,
    I saw the same interview and couldnt agree more. Its an “it” quality, something that for whatever reason guys have and dont have. Orton has that. Cutler, just by the way this has transpired, doesn’t. He may be a great QB one day but I am willing to pass on him to see what Orton becomes.
    In his second year as a starter he lowered his INT’s and doubled his TD’s. What more can you ask for?
    Every Bears fan also should realize and understand that the Offense won most of the games last year and put the team in the position to win many they lost. The defense needs to be the priority, not replacing Orton.

  36. I wouldn’t mind Cutler to the Bears, But if the Bears give up Orton they will have taken a step in the wrong direction.

  37. Consipracy Theory
    Is it possible Bowlen will engineer a trade to Detroit, then give Cutler one last chance to reconsider…
    Then he decides hell no to Detroit and is stuck coming back?

  38. In related news, Brandon Marshall was just spotted at a McDonald’s drive-thru in the Denver area. He asked if they sold their value meal bags in bulk.

  39. “driven by the intended pursuit of the man who drafted him in 2010”
    Nice trip through time, McFly. Cutler was drafted in 2006.

  40. As far as the Browns are concerned, I think Quinn and The #5 pick is too much. Hey, Bowlen saying he’s done in this way has in my opinion lowered the price. I still think Quinn will some day be as good if not better. Just an opinion. I think Quinn will be a field general type QB like Brian Sipe was, and while his arm isn’t as strong as Cutler’s, either was Sipe’s or Kosar’s and they did OK in the Cleveland wind and snow. I think a lot of teams will come knocking, but only a few will be willing to give up the asking price. Cutler’s behavior hasn’t helped the matter either. I would say Anderson and a second round pick and that won’t happen.

  41. “it’s funny how 5 of the 7 teams are under new coaches this season. the bucs and jags being the exception. ”
    Last I checked, Raheem Morris wasn’t the Bucs coach last season. Bitter beer-face Gruden was.

  42. I’m questioning why Denver decided to publicly announce this, especially still 26 days before the draft. This is going to lower the cost to get Cutler, unless it becomes a bidding war, because every GM now knows that Denver HAS to move Cutler.
    Even the Cassel 3way trades involved 2nd round picks, not first rounders and Denver still has the 12th to trade up for Stafford/Sanchez/Freeman if they want to go that route. I could see them taking multiple late picks instead of early picks, so they could trade up and still fix that defense that cost them the playoffs.
    Cutler won’t be as expensive as some may think.

  43. I dare Cutler to try and make the trip to the NFC North!! They don’t call us the black and blue division for nothing. The Vikings will murder him on the field if he is opposing them. If he was smart he would want to be a Viking just so he wouldn’t have to see number 69 bearing down on him.

  44. @ marcellus03
    First off, proof read and learn some english, that was hard to read man. Other then that I like your point, you are getting worse but only immediately. I think in the long run this is the right move. If a guy is truly unhappy even after you try to talk to him then he is a cancer to the team.
    Second, I think Sanchez would be a good fit for the Broncos of old. But even with Mcdaniels and whatever he installs I think Mcdaniels can turn him into something special.
    Last, All the dreamers out there dreaming that you can get Cutler for two 1st rounders or a good qb and a first rounder quit dreaming. When a guy demands a trade and the team says they will trade him his value should drop. Teams that are bidding should be smart to not over trade for this guy. Has the numbers but not the wins.

  45. The asking price will be about 2 first rounders. In my opinion the bucs would gladly give that up and he’s under contract make for saving alot of money. Thats been the bucs primary focus this off season, well that and getting younger and that make cutler a heck of a fit. The bucs picked up a few offseason weapons in Winslow and Ward and they need someone to Get the ball to Bryant. It seem to make since to me but im a fan maybe im praying like every other team with guys like Luke Mccown and Brian Griese.

  46. Mike, have you heard anything about a possible 3-way trade where the Browns give up Brady Quinn to the Broncos for 2 second round picks from Detroit, who receives Cutler?

  47. Whoever gets Cutler I almost guarantee will have Mike Shanahan as their head coach after next season, save for maybe Detroit as they just invested in a new coach.

  48. 5 of the teams so bad that they fired their coaches last year.
    The Shanahan angle won’t work; he’ll be in Dallas next year. He might not want Romo, but Cutler will get a big deal from his new team.

  49. “it’s funny how 5 of the 7 teams are under new coaches this season. the bucs and jags being the exception. ”
    Except the Bucs fired their coach too…Jon Gruden went bye-bye…and Del Rio is interested because he knows if his team under performs again, he will too

  50. He will not be coming to Jax. We will either draft one in the first round or trade it away for more picks.

  51. In my opinion, Seattle should trade Hasselbeck for Cutler, since the former is done. Seriously is it possible that no one in Seattle is even thinking about this? It would be an immediate upgrade!

  52. He ain’t going to the Bears, Lovley already has his mind set on Mike Vick as soon as Rog says he can play…

  53. For the love of god, please Buffalo make a deal for him. Edwards, 1st this year and 3rd next year for Cutler. The lack of a QB has kept this team from the playoffs for almost a decade, Trent Edwards is not going to be anything more than a game manager.

  54. First off, good luck Josh McDaniels…you basically have become the new Brad Childress. Good luck with the fan base in Denver. You just set the franchise back A MANY YEARS.
    Now how does that quote sound now about one member of the Vikings Coaching staff (Ummm Ummm Umm) wasn’t sold on Cutler…Was that a smoke screen, knowing this was a possibility? Granted the more teams that get involved in talks (according to Captain Mike F. 6) decreases the Vikings chances. But do not rule out Ziggy, he likes to make moves. The Vikes need to engage in another 3-WAY.

  55. You can be sure that the pressure of not having a starting qb is being felt NOW.
    Stupidest Mexican standoff ever.
    The resolution is simple. Negotiate the contract everyone knows needs to be renegotiated. Throw a bone. This becomes a non issue. Pay the guy his market worth and this problem doesn’t exist.
    Welcome to the new world of free enterprise. You can hate it in your disbelief that someone would pull your own tricks back on you, or you can accept the inevitable. Let’s see how the arrogant disbelief of such gall plays out.

  56. The way the bronco’s treated cutler I hope they only wind up with a 2nd rounder for him. Or less. The denver organization is totally messed up. Shanahan was all that was holding it together.

  57. When I first read this, there were only a couple of replies, so I may or may not be
    the Lone Ranger here, but here you go:
    “Opening the bidding” for a pouty, bitchy, beware!-any-man-with-bangs” Pro-Bowl
    NFL quarterback can end up with, “sorry, you pouty, bitchy, beware!-any-man-with-
    bangs”, “We’ll see you, UNDER CONTRACT AND IN A BRONCO UNIFORM,
    Denver Broncos are NOT going to just give away their starting quarterback, ok?
    Of course, some people are delusional enough to think that Mr. Bowlen, the
    Canadian Pimp, I know, trading Cutler for Brady “I’m a man. No, seriously, they
    never authorized” Quinn. GET SERIOUS, BROWNIES.
    Hey Snider: 2 first rounders and your best player. Maybe.

  58. I would like to formally offer the #5 pick for Cutler. Then we trade Quinn for another pick in the top 50. Add Cutler and 3 good, young defensive players…teams may not look forward to facing CLE anymore.

  59. I wonder if a swap for Alex Smith and a 2nd rounder might be in order. I wouldn’t mind that, myself. I like Alex, he’s a nice guy, but even if he were to somehow develope into a quality QB it won’t be in San Francisco. Maybe a fresh start for him would be in order.
    I’m just dreaming on that swap, btw… 🙂

  60. Ill say with 90% confidence that the skins will not likely chase Cutler. While rumors may start back up again with that three way trade involving the skins, I don’t think its likely. Vinny has already made it clear that Campbell was the skins QB. While yes Campbell may not fit zorns system, he is commited to him. IF…IF they do manage to land him, I would say that it would be the BIGGEST off season signing period the Skins have ever had with two gigantic landings in Albert and Cutler but as we all know the skins would have to give up at least one BIG name player (cooley as rumored). Again not likely but anything is possible.
    Most likely new home for cutler is the Jets or Browns and Lions.

  61. Just a first rounder and some mediocre QB in trade ain’t going to get this deal done. Denver may finally make one smart move here and create a bidding war/feeding frenzy that drives up the price, and it’s going to be steep. Consider the options here and if NFL teams look at this with measure it’s probably narrower than you think: (1) the Jets don’t have a QB to offer and are short a couple picks this year; (2) Chicago is pretty cheap and really values their picks; (3) Detroit has so many holes they need (or should) to save their draft picks to build a team; (4) Childress stupidly believes the Vikes’ crappy QBs are sufficient; (5) the Skins are short on picks this year too aren’t they?; (6) the 49ers have no QB to offer (picks maybe) and (7) the Browns already have 2 QBs and gave away their draft last year (they might be a player in a 3-way to add picks). That leaves who, the Bucs and a couple of the above in a 3-way? This will give ESPN something to do in the weeks before baseball and the hockey/hoops playoffs.

  62. The mistake Denver has to regret right now is failing to close the Cassel deal when they had the chance. It would have cost a lot less than this will cost them. Bowlen and McDaniels seem to be catching all the heat, but it’s ultimately the GM’s job to close the deal.

  63. The sudden change in Denver has me worried that something isn’t right with Cutler’s diabetes. Maybe that is why they took a sudden 180 on this. VBG this might be what you are looking for.

  64. Jay,
    You are supposed to retire BEFORE asking for the trade.. Buscook must be back into the Wild Turkey benders. Be patient and demand to play for a team that sucks, like the Jets..
    Brett Favre

  65. It’s got to be a April Fools joke that anyone claiming to be a Bears fan would rather have Kyle flippin Orton than Jay Cutler. Career Numbers with Cutler playing in only 4 more games;
    Comp % – Orton 55.3, Cutler 62.5
    Yards per Attempt – Orton 5.8, Cutler 7.4
    Yards – Orton 5319, Cutler 9024
    Tds – Orton 30, Cutler 54
    And as well as Cutler played with Tony Scheffler, what do you think he’d do with Greg Olsen? There isnt a single thing Orton can do better than Cutler on the field, the Bears need to do everything possible to get this done, nobody on the team is untouchable.

  66. Why all the Cutler hate? I don’t blame the kid one bit. Look at it like this. Here comes this douche bag coach (just a kid himself) who has not met me, watched me practice, or game planned with me and wants to trade me just like that. I wouldn’t take another snap for the Broncos either.

  67. I would think one of the dominoes that falls because of this is Leinart heading to Denver. It makes a lot of sense. McDaniels wanted Cassel and he gets the next best thing. The guy that beat out Cassel at USC, who is bigger physically and a year younger.

  68. I can’t wait to see McDaniels fail miserably. Even mediocrity will have his head in a noose around here. He’s put himself into a no win situation by being an ass clown right from the rip!
    The Belicheat coaching tree is really yielding some great fruit… sheer made for reality TV comedy at it’s finest. I would love to see a big brother season in which Cromeo, Chuck Weis, Joshy McDaniels and Mangina are forced to live together and battle it out for a trophy of ineptitude.
    McDaniels = fail

  69. We all know the broncos need defense so throw in tommie Harris the best DT other then haynesworth or lance Briggs and and our first round this year and Kyle orton for cutler.. At this pint angelo no matter what you do to get cutler in Chicago it will be worth it. Bring cutler home where he deserves to be but I wouldn’t be surprised to see cutler in our division or go to the redskins

  70. Put yourself in Cutler’s shoes. If you found out your company tried to replace you how would you feel? So now your pissed and you can get the same job with a different company, probably making more money. You would be putting your resignation letter in.
    I’m with Cutler on this one. Can’t wait to see Joshy eat some crow with this one.

  71. As a Redskins fan I could not imagine a scenario where trading for Jay Cutler makes sense. Sure, he’s an upgrade over Jason Campbell but the Redskins would surely have to part with their 1st Rd pick this season and they have too many holes to fill (not QB) to throw away a 1st rounder. They need a SLB, LDE and RT…if you can get Cutler for a 2010 1st rounder then I say pull the trigger..DO NOT TRADE COOLEY!!

  72. 4 way trade
    Buress to prison
    Vick to NYG
    McNabb to NorthPole
    Santa to Philly (since he eventually got over being booed)

  73. He’ll be sure to be a star player wherever he goes. After all, his arm is stronger than John Elway’s!

  74. Jay Cutler for Donovan McNabb? You better stay away from the cheap drugs. Jay Cutler is an over-rated cry baby bust! Just like Deion Sanders said – he hasn’t done anything.
    The Chargers were 4-8 and came back to win the division. He is a choke and over paid. McNabb has taken his team to the championship game 3-4 times and never had a quality receiver, except the one year with T.O., and Cutler has a very good receiving corps and has a career losing record and never won one single playoff game.
    He passed for over 4,000 yards and Vick has never passed for 3,000 yards, yet he has taken teams to the playoffs twice and to the championship game, yet he never had a decent receiver outside of Crumpler.
    He is a glorified bust that will never win at the high level. He lights up the stats, but chokes under pressure. Bust!

  75. To all you dreamy Jets fans on crack….. put your pipes down and exhale…. why in the name of god would the Cleveland Browns have any interest in helping you get off your habit of signing over the hill, past there prime QBS…. remember, you fired the guy we call Coach now after he had 2 winning seasons in 3 years for your dysfunctional gm and ownership front office… and for Pat Bowden who’s leaking that Cutler is the bad guy for mishandling this whole situation, you and your Mckiddie new head coach told Cutler a bunch of lies… The dude didnt complain about u firing Shannahan… didn’t complain about your horrid defense…. didn’t string out his offensive coordinator, infact he went to bat for him and tried to get along with Joshie who is already showing cracks of a coach on the hot seat before his tenure even starts….. if Mangini is smart, and I believe he is, he knows that your bright new guru thought Cassel was better then Cutler, so his value is a second round draft choice…. because thats what Cassel’s value wound up being. Actually Cassel had a better record last year then Cutler. I think Jets fans and Broncos fans think Crispy Creme Crennel is still eating donuts at Berea headquarters…. We, the Cleveland Browns hold the keys in this deal… if you want Quinn thats about all your gonna get from us…. cause we got what you want….. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you just signed a bunch of free agents and I highly doubt that means you wanta sign a rookie QB that could flop bigger then the character Pussie Bumpinsaro did into the ocean on the Sopranos…. so unless you want a rookie qb you will meet Manginis price. Maybe he’ll help you out and maybe he won’t….. if he likes Quinn and believes he’s the Browns future, then the news of Cutler being on the block just increased Derrick Anderson’s trade value as a stop gap QB for Denver…. Gotta love the Broncos crawling on their hands and knees to the franchise they stepped all over in the 80s…. Hey Broncos fans hows it feel……………… that we might being driving your Probowl QB to the playoffs next year…. it’s 98 yards to go and we just sacked your rookie head coach……… Cleveland fans lol!

  76. To whoever suggested that Orton is better than Cutler, you need to have your head examined. This is not a promotion of Cutler, rather a realistic commentary on Orton. That guy is an impostor and only fits in because the rest of the Bears offense is vanilla at best. So yeah, the diabetic would be a huge improvement over anything that has QB’d a Bears team in the last ten or so years.

  77. I believe that if you are bus cook you have to start thinking about the whole thing with farve last year. To me I am shocked that the Rams arent at least considering it either. I could almost see the two teams agreeing to switch quaterbacks and picks. Also it would be stupid of the browns to trade quinn. I do believe that quinn is ready to start for the browns or another team. I cant picture quinn in denver. I dont think there is a team out there that could picks for him and i dont think alot of teams would want to give up quaterbacks. I could see either a three or four way trade go down and see quaterbacks and picks switch. This would be my dream scenario for a three way trade.
    Brady Quinn
    Jay Cutler
    Derek Anderson
    The four way would have to almost go like this:
    Derek Anderson
    Brady Quinn
    Jay Cutler
    Matt Lineart
    The reason why i am not doing any picks and just doing them straight up is because trying to figure out the compensation for all of this would be difficult. Heck it will be great to see where cutler goes.

  78. I don’t understand how the bucs could be in on this… they don’t have anything to offer that the Broncos need. maybe Alex Smith and a their first rounder would be enough to get Cutler only.
    But either way they shouldn’t do it.

  79. Fellow Vikings fans: forget about it. Not going to happen. Chilly won’t tolerate the crybabyness, and the Vikings won’t keep “Redskinning” their draft picks year after year. Should they do it? Maybe…but they won’t.
    My (dumb) money is on the Jets.

  80. “gameday says:
    March 31st, 2009 at 10:35 pm
    Cutler is a lil crybaby. Philip Rivers knew he was a softy, thats why he punked him and called him out on the field. Hope Cutler goes to the Lions and spends his last few years getting pounded into the turf. Cant wait till the Chargers face Cutler again. Rivers will bi@tch slap him, and send him crying back to his agent. HAHAHA ”
    Not a fan of either Cutler or Rivers, but come on. Philip Rivers is as much a whiny bitch as Cutler is. They’re both undeserving little punks who act like they have won league MVPs or played in any Super Bowls.

  81. BlueEyeDevils says:
    April 1st, 2009 at 12:51 am
    Jay Cutler for Donovan McNabb? You better stay away from the cheap drugs. Jay Cutler is an over-rated cry baby bust! Just like Deion Sanders said – he hasn’t done anything.
    The Chargers were 4-8 and came back to win the division. He is a choke and over paid. McNabb has taken his team to the championship game 3-4 times and never had a quality receiver, except the one year with T.O., and Cutler has a very good receiving corps and has a career losing record and never won one single playoff game.
    He passed for over 4,000 yards and Vick has never passed for 3,000 yards, yet he has taken teams to the playoffs twice and to the championship game, yet he never had a decent receiver outside of Crumpler.
    He is a glorified bust that will never win at the high level. He lights up the stats, but chokes under pressure. Bust!
    Jay Cutler is 13-1 when the defense gives up 21 points or under, to blaming him for losses alone is laughable. Also I dont understand the hate on Jay, anyone that watched football last year knew the problem with denver wasnt the offense, it was the pathetic defense. I also dont get the hate on Jay, you have a new coach whio comes in to the 29th ranked defense and the 2nd ranked offense, so whats he decide to change? It might have been a good idea to go to jay right away and let him know you were talking to other teams instead of hiding it until he found out and then go into denial mode until it was to late.

  82. “thevlture says:
    April 1st, 2009 at 12:23 am
    Why all the Cutler hate? I don’t blame the kid one bit. Look at it like this. Here comes this douche bag coach (just a kid himself) who has not met me, watched me practice, or game planned with me and wants to trade me just like that. I wouldn’t take another snap for the Broncos either. ”
    Very good point. I don’t think many people realize that McDaniels is not much older than most of the players in the locker room. There may even be guys in the locker room older than him. McDaniels is a douche. It’s like watching a 7 year-old trying to emulate Bellichek, everyone watches and laughs.

  83. Quinn is horrible and Anderson is a one year wonder.. At least orton has a winning record and before his injury was ranked in the top 5 of qbs in the league with our wrs so put orton in Denver and he does very well.. Quinn still hasn’t proved he can even play and Anderson got benched for Quinn the most overrated qb in the league

  84. I’m sorry, but if anyone is honestly siding with Deon Sanders about Cutler not having accomplished anything in his career…just…YOU’RE AN IDIOT! Lets see…Cutler went to the pro bowl and led the 2nd overall offense in the league last year. Is it his fault that the Bronco defense sucks? Saying he hasn’t accomplished anything should get you shot.
    Stupid Should Be Painful…

  85. As a Chicago Bears fan, I would be thrilled if we traded for Cutler. He is an immediate upgrade over Orton, and he would bring a much needed jolt to the city of Chicago and our die-hard fans. Kyle Orton is a decent QB, but is not the answer to our QB problem. I think we should try to keep him as a back-up. We need to go get Cutler NOW, and Jerry Angelo needs to drop his cautious pursuit and be absolutely relentless. Many of us in Chicago are calling for his head and believe me when I say, this would definitely help his case.
    On the other side of this, if we do end up trading for Cutler, we need to get him some weapons, weather through the draft or what’s left of the free agent pool. I’m excited to see what Earl Bennett can do, especially if we bring in his old buddy to throw to him again, but I would like to see the Bears bring in the likes of Torry Holt, Amani Toomer, or maybe even a Ronald Curry or D.J Hackett. Add, Orlando Pace to the mix and i’d say we’d have some very happy Bears fans heading into the 2009 season.
    I do realize this is all pipe dreams at the moment, and quite a lot has to happen for this to fall into place, but being a Chicago Bears fan has been quite frustrating as of late, and bringing in Jay Cutler would be the start of something exciting. HERE’S TO HOPING CAUSE BEARS FANS ARE SICK OF WAITING FOR THAT ONE BOLD MOVE!!!

  86. McDaniels may not want somebody’s QB but rather settle on Simms and draft choices for ’09. This would allow Bronco to hang around the halfway house just in case Michael makes an ’09 appearance.
    By delaying some of the trade compensation until ’10 draft Denver allows teams like Jet, Buc and Vike to stay involve in bidding.
    Denver may be interested in Stafford or Sanchez but why reach?

  87. I think Pat Bowden’s sniffing glue at high altitudes…. last year you had no running backs, no defense, no specials, and now you are trading you one man show…….. well you hired a cleveland kid and guess what, you’ve become the 2008 Browns in a few short months…. you signed over the hill defensive players….. Crennel did that…. you dumped your franchise qb….. Belicheck did that…. you haven’t had a defense in 6 years…. Palmer, Davis and Crennell did that…. what’s next you coax Vinny Testerverde outta retirement lol… and people were questioning Randy Lerner hiring Mangini…. Lerner looks like Rooney and bowden looks like lerner…. so much for the broncos owner knowing football…. maybe he was right when he said he was getting old and his memorys gone… hey maybe you could give Brette Favre a call and you can watch him cry at the end of the year over whether he’s gonna retire again….. if one thing cleveland knows is a good circus and it looks like clowns have migrated west to Denver… let us no ten years from now how it feels to be in the basement….. we want your pro bowl qb and now we’re gonna get him…. the trade goes thru Cleveland…….

  88. Josh fkn McDaniels just guaranteed the broncos will have one of the first 5 picks in the next 5 or 6 nfl drafts.thanks buddy I appreciate it. I will let you know if I need anything else.

  89. I hope Detroit gets him and the Lions turn in to a DYNASTY..that would sure shut those chirpy Viking fans…and Green bay .. and Chicago, although I respect them cuz at least they did win SOMETHING, unlike the vi-asses..the way they carry on, you’d think they were the Patriots or Steelers..(in their dreams)

  90. yeah, the Vikes could trade 3 #1s, 3 #2s, and 3 #3s for Cutler.
    They don’t want draft picks, unless its a bona-fide QB..DETROIT DETROIT DETROIT, going to dominate the NFC and we’ll never have to read daydreaming dribble from Viking fans EVER again..Go Pat..get that number 1 qb draft pick!!!!

  91. yeah, the Vikes could trade 3 #1s, 3 #2s, and 3 #3s for Cutler.
    They don’t want draft picks, unless its a bona-fide QB..DETROIT DETROIT DETROIT, going to dominate the NFC and we’ll never have to read daydreaming dribble from Viking fans EVER again..Go Pat..get that number 1 qb draft pick!!!!

  92. why do people keep saying he has proven himself? he hasnt been to the playoffs yet and the numbers clearly show he is not as good as everyone says he is! i really hope the jets steer clear of this douche!

  93. Cutler for Stafford is pretty obvious, but Detroit will find a way to f it up… like giving away both 1st round draft picks instead of holding out for a Maulaluga or a Laurinitis. Either way, I have been one of the people screaming and crying about not picking a QB at #1, so I guess I should be happy.

  94. McDaniels must have set some sort of record with how quickly he destroyed a team AND alienated most of the fans. Of course, Cutler is not the only talent on the team but most of the players believed in Cutler and wanted him as their leader. McDaniels stated anyone is tradeable and by saying that alienated most of his players. There are trust issues that now have to be rebuilt which won’t happen with someone like Chris Simms @ QB. By mid-October most of the people calling Cutler a crybaby will be re-directing their anger towards McDaniels, who deserves it.
    I would love to see Cutler go to Minnesota this year. Chilly will stumble to another 8-8 or 9-7 season. Please sh!tcan him and get Shanny for 2010! I love the Broncos too but Mcdipsh!t has already managed to send them on a 3 year rebuilding program.

  95. The way this thing has come about is pretty interesting. To all you Denver fans, place the blame on Bowlen, not McD. This isn’t about the trade attempt (which happened after Cutler was already pissed off). Bowlen made a promise to Cutler before he even hired McD and then let McD break that promise immediately upon hiring him.
    The PR nightmare that this thing has become has driven Cutler’s trade value way down. Now that this thing has played out in the public theatre there are character questions that were not there previously and inuendo about the guy having a lack of intelligence and a drinking problem.
    If they could have done it quietly they would have gotten massive value for a young pro-bowl caliber QB, now they will be lucky to get a hack like Matt Leinart or Brady Quinn and a bag of footballs.
    I can only hope that my Lions are wise enough to capitalize on this tom foolery, but I expect that in the end someone will pay higher than fair market value for Cutler in the trade. Look for either Tampa or the Jets to put together a disgusting trade because both teams would do anything for decent QB play.

  96. Send him the Jets. It’ll make a stronger guarantee of 2 wins/years for the Pats than it already is.

  97. The Bucs and Jets seem the most obvious to me. As a Jaguar fan, I’m personally not all that convinced that he’d be that much of an upgrade over Garrard. I’m still riding the Sanchez boat, but that’s another story.

  98. “the bucs and jags being the exception.”
    Actually, the Bucs have a new coach too, in case you missed it.. they fired Gruden.

  99. I think the Jags are only in the mix as part of a three team trade. Denver can use the #8 on Sanchez (should be taken around there) and the Jags can add a stud player or picks from a third team.
    McDaniels has set a record here that deserves mentioning. Has any other new coach in NFL history lost a locker room 25 days before his first draft? Even Bobby Petrino is saying, “What an schmuck!” Cutler’s reaction may be childish, but Bowlen wouldn’t have hired him if he knew he wanted to get rid of Cutler as one of his first moves.
    The most logical destinations for Cutler are Chicago and Minnesota, but he has no say on where he goes now. It’s whoever ponies up the best offer.

  100. What I can’t figure out is why any team would want this sniveling baby. He is gonna be a disruptive force in the locker room before he even arrives, and like Deion said, what has he done?He has not won a playoff game,or even led his team to one. As for the Browns wanting him,they already have at least 2 whiners, i.e Braylon,it’s the fans fault I can’t catch Edwards, and Shaun,big baby(appropo)Rogers.What is Veal Cutlet gonna do when Mangini don’t help him shake it off after he takes a leak?

  101. Cleveland holds a lot of leverage right now … and the Roy Williams trade looks a lot better for Detroit right now with pick #20 avail. as leverage.
    Denver will pay more to get Quinn because of the mess, but ultimately will need to deal with the 3rd team of Cleveland’s choice!
    Clev. gets #1 – (target Aaron Curry – Note swap of 1st round position)
    … & #20 from Det.
    … & #140 from Den. (5th round)
    Det. gets Jay Cutler
    … & #5 from Clev.
    … +balance pick(s) from Den.
    Denver gets Brady Quinn
    … & #65 from Det.
    … +balance pick(s) from Clev.

  102. I would not be surprised to see him go to Seattle for Hasselbeck and a swap of first rounders, then the Broncos can get Hasselbeck to groom their next QB of the future as well.

  103. As as KC fan, I’m loving it…who is Denver going to get to replace Cutler? Unless there’s a miracle trade, this will set Denver back for sometime to come…

  104. Me thinks a rat is behind all of this from the get go.
    Not just any rat though, a real bitter red faced SOB of a rat.

  105. while i have not read all 6 million post, many people are saying how much the Jets Lions etc will give to get Cutler. How much may not be as important as what. Since no one knows what McDaniels wants back, it is hard to decide the “what” in the deal. Draft pick wise Lions have 2 first, so that is a lot, but who is going to play QB on a veteren team in Denver. Carolina and Philly are interesting in that both have Veterens that could step in for Denver. Carolina doesnt have a first. Philly however has 2 first. So McNabb and 28 to Denver for Cutler.

  106. Bus Cook
    Same ol’, same ol’
    1-Favre: dispute with management – result = Jets and owners still liked him when he left
    2-Cutler: dispute with management – result = Jets?

  107. seems to me shannahan is behind all of this.
    scene: shannahan fired. redskins or someone else immediately ask “what are you up to next year”, shannahan says to cutler “i’m off to the skins next season, put up a stink now and i’ll see you there…”

  108. Wow has pro sports turned into a cry baby fest. Way to let the players run the show. Cutlers a Douche!

  109. Chris Mortenson and John Clayton claim that Cutler will be moved to a team in the NFC because the Broncos don’t want Cutler in their own backyard…. hmmmmm…. so these two reporting gurus think this is the ultimate path the Broncos will travel. Well did either one of them figure that same theory in the Case of Quinn? Food for thought. If Cutler doesn’t land in Cleveland, there is no way in hell Cleveland ships Denver Quinn in any deal… Mangini would never survive the fan base uproar over the local kid status here… so if Cleveland is in the picture, you can throw out the 3 team trade theory with the baby’s bath water…. if Quinn is involved… Cutler will be the face of the rebuilt in 3 mos Cleveland Browns… Why would Clevelands new team of Mankok that is starved for wins, be the mistress to help out any of the teams that so called have interest in obtaining Cutler…. Can you image Quinn coming to Cleveland as Denvers starting QB and driving 98 yards to put another finger in the eye of the Cleveland fan base? Do you how quickly the fan base would barbacue Mangini on a spit with an apple in his mouth? It wouldn’t take long, maybe by mid-season, and Randy Lerner is already in a shakey relationship with his fan base… Therefore, if I were to bet where Cutler lands, I would need to get into the headset of the Mankok braintrust…. if they are convinced Quinn is not the answer, you have to get Cutler in any trade with the Broncos….. If this is a camoflague smoke screen to up the value of Derek Anderson, Eric Mangini is rubbing his hands like two twigs sparking the departure of one Derek Anderson…. remember Quinn was taken in the 1st round also and his value has not been determined nor decreased, because their is no body of work to judge his talent on thus far… basicly, Quinn is a wild card….. so is there merit to the theory that George Kokinis that he believes Sanchez is comparable to Flacco…. if so draft choices will land in Clevelands grasp…..

  110. Whoever gets Cutler better get a lifetime supply of Kleenex, a shrink, tampons (xtra large) and a douche bag for his war hole.
    GO BROWNS!!!! We don’t need that guy in Cleve. The fans will rip him a new one.

  111. The Lions should offer there #1 overall pick and nothing more, if the Broncos dont bite on that then the Lions should stay pat. Build your team up with Jason Smith as your LT, and roll with Culpepper this year, and get your QB next year. Matt Stafford is a bust in the waiting, especially without that LT to protect him. I like Jay Cutler but hes not worth giving up your whole draft for. Im confident in Mayhew, he has made all of the right moves so far this offseason and I expect him to continue that trend. Roy Williams for 1st, 3rd, and sixth rounder, and Cory Redding for Julian Peterson. C’mon he has ripped some teams off. I expect him to the same with Denver.

  112. I love this!!!!
    The Bears Love Orton and aren’t concidering even trying to make a deal!!!
    Have they seen Orton in important games down the stretch, How about the Houston game!!!!!!!!!!CHOKE JOB
    We have not had a good qb since sid!!
    I said good,we have never had a great qb, So if anyone in the bears front office comes accross this

  113. If Cutler ends up in San Francisco, that is a very good deal for the 49ers. I think that the QB position is the one thing holding them back. If that rumor is true, it makes the 49ers instant contenders in the NFC, because they already have a solid defense, and offensive line, and decent weapons on offense although they could upgrade the wide receiver position.

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