Burress Wants To Avoid Jail Time

At a time when the wheels seem to be in motion for a plea deal between Giants receiver Plaxico Burress and New York prosecutors, a league source tells us that Plax is pressing for an outcome that entails no jail time.
It’s hardly surprising, given his chronic inability to understand the connection between the rules that periodically are imposed on him and his chronic failure to comply.
If those rules don’t apply to him, then why should the consequences?
But his options are simple.  Strike a deal that reportedly will entail a prison stay, or stand trial.
The stakes are fairly high; if Burress is convicted of second-degree possession of a loaded and unlicensed firearm, he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 3.5 years.
Either way, a delay won’t enhance the ability of Burress to play football in 2009.  One school of thought is that Burress and company are looking to delay resolution until after the 2009 season, so that he can fully prepare and participate this year without incarceration or suspension.  Then, if a plea deal is reached later, he can agree to launch his sentence promptly after the season ends.
Or maybe he can get placed on the Ahmad Bradshaw installment plan, which is a sort of prison layaway that would allow him to serve time over a period of years, when it’s most convenient for the inmate.

38 responses to “Burress Wants To Avoid Jail Time

  1. How odd! Didn’t see that coming did you? When so many people are looking for the government to provide housing and care, why not just go with the flow? Oh yah, that whole sore hole thing.

  2. Wow would never have expected this turd to think that would we ? If the prosecutor lets him off with no jail time he should have to go in Burress’ place.

  3. plax wants 2 avoid jailtime??? how selfish of him. always thinkin of himself!!! LOL

  4. War prison layaways and/or installment plans!!!
    Florio should join the prosecutor’s staff in that dog murdering… Errr dog fighting state of his.
    Heart you Mikey, it’s nothing personal. Tell The Mazz Eddie said hello.
    Rack him!

  5. he should have wanted to avoid jail time when he was giving millions of dollars and hundreds of sexy women as he disposal.

  6. “Burress wants to avoid jail time”
    Nooooooo, that cant possibly be his goal, can it?

  7. I would also like to avoid jail time if possible.
    Wait what’s that you say? All I have to do is obey the law? Ok, what’s the catch? That just seems way too easy.
    When I grow up I wanna be just like Plax! He has goals like…try not to shoot himself and avoid jail!

  8. Gee I want a million dollars, how do you think that is going to work out?
    I heard burress has turned down two plea deals aready. If I was the DA I would drop the hammer and tell him to see me in court.

  9. See mike lawyers ARE worthless. All you have to is just really really really not want to go.
    I would assume his was not the path his lawyer advised him to take.

  10. Plax doesn’t deserve to walk away with no jail time. The law is the law.

  11. If Vick was out so quick, I don’t expect Burress to get a lot of jail time.

  12. What kind of bullshit criminal system does this country have if they start allowing criminals to pick and choose when they want to serve time! Does this not upset anyone else? This is TOTAL bullshit. And why is it a plea deal when he was obviously guilty of a crime? A trial?….LOL….I would think the hole in his leg would be all the evidence a jury would need.

  13. ok, i’m still going to try to get an answer to my question. i maybe stupid for asking, but i never claimed to be a lawyer.
    if i am a patron at the club that night, can i sue burress for putting my life in unwarranted danger? at the least, can’t i make an appeal to the judge or the prosecutor that my life was endangered by the actions of this thug, and he should get no break at all? just curious. thanks.

  14. First off, Packers fan, don’t care about the Giants or Plex.
    I don’t think he should get much jail time. When you read the articles written about this, you realize that over 80% of the time it’s plead down to a lesser charge, and at times without any jail time at all. In the past, prosecutors have weighed the facts of the case, including intent, criminal record…etc.
    Facts in this case….While it wasn’t registered in NY, it had been registered and recently expired out of state…he has no criminal record, and from an intent standpoint, a team mate was robbed days earlier, ‘self defense’ could be easily pointed to.
    Not that what he did was right, but he should be given the same sentence that’s been handed out in the past for similar instances. If he gets more, it’s only because of his celebrity status.
    I’ve been disappointed in how many factions of the media, including pft, have been covering this. No way should he get a maximum sentence, and if he gets 30-60 days, whatever, hopefully the media will research how similar the sentence is to other cases.
    I see a short sentence having every jackass with an open mic calling this something along the lines of OJ. Give me a break.

  15. This just in: Men Like Sex
    Breaking news: Pope Wears Funny Hat
    After the commercial break: Rosie O’Donnell is Fat

  16. You know. It’s one thing when when it is 50/50 that someone could be convicted, where a plea deal allows the defendant to avoid serious jail-time, while still admitting to a lesser crime. Also, helping the government in another case would be OK in my opinion. However, in Burress’ case if this goes to court, I can’t see him not being convicted.
    1. Gun discharges.
    2. Gun falls out of Burress’ pants.
    3. Gun isn’t registered.
    What part of that doesn’t prove that Burress possessed an unregistered weapon? HE SHOT HIMSELF! I don’t think he should be even offered a plea deal. If he is, without helping the government in some other capacity, Burress basically gets a free pass for being a celebrity.

  17. Just another case of a rich athlete that will get off light just like Ray Lewis Leanord little O.J. good thing these guys arent black I could here the racial out crys of unfair treatment, Oh wait they are.

  18. WoW, wants to avoid jail time. No freakin’ shit? I heard Jeffrey Dahlmer was hoping to avoid jail time too.
    Tough shit dumbass……go straight to jail like us peasant folk would.
    I would tell you to go get a CCW permit. But I can’t. You blew that.

  19. so funny how mayor bloomberd demanded jailtime for plax at the fullest extenr,while he held his pressconfrence.yet he hid under his desk while his wall st. buddy,bernard madoff stole billions from ppl.he even caused 3 ppl 2 kill them seves,lost there life savings. yet bloomburg wants 2 crucify plax 4 shooting himself? whaT A JOKE

  20. How about a 16-day sentence, to be served on NFL Sundays this year? He can have the Giants’ bye week Sunday off…

  21. Who the hell does he think he is? Such a thug! If it was an “ordinary” citizen, the individual would already be locked up. If you do crime you do the time PERIOD!

  22. Keep things in perspective folks… I can’t stand Plax and I think the Giants should have cut his lazy ass long ago but what did the guy really do here? I’m a pro 2nd guy (and the rest of the Bill of Rights) and he was carrying a legal gun. Yes I know it isn’t legal in NY… He shot HIMSELF in the leg. As far as I’m concerned time served.

  23. hutch says:
    “First off, Packers fan, don’t care about the Giants or Plex.”
    I bet you cared in the 2007-2008 conference championship game when Plax shot a hole in the Packers D!

  24. WoW…. When is the justice system going to treat everyone the same… yeah let me get in trouble and say… well , I don’t want jail time…I would not even get out the words out of my mouth before a nightstick is smashed across my head… I’m tired of the special treatment the rich and famous get…

  25. “Facts in this case….While it wasn’t registered in NY, it had been registered and recently expired out of state”
    So basically it wasn’t registered.
    “a team mate was robbed days earlier, ’self defense’ could be easily pointed to.”
    True… but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it was an illegal weapon.
    May as well argue “my friend got carjacked at a red light, therefore I don’t stop at red lights”

  26. “he was carrying a legal gun. Yes I know it isn’t legal in NY”
    You’re an idiot that just refuted himself.

  27. This is where the Feds are more effective than the local yokels. The Feds actually seem to seek out high-profile cases (Vick, Martha Stewart, etc) to serve as a deterrent to regular folks, with the implication seemingly that if the rich, powerful person gets nailed, you don’t stand a chance.
    I think the NY DA should do the same. As mentioned, if they want to take this to trial, it’s as close to a slam-dunk as is possible. The gun was in his pants, it wasn’t registered, and it discharged, not too much room for reasonable doubt there. Take this thing to trial and let him eat his 3.5 years. Then maybe idiots will think twice about taking their gun into the “scrip club” (as Pacman would say).

  28. “Take this thing to trial and let him eat his 3.5 years”
    How is the DA gonna get reelected like THAT?!?

  29. Vox, stories I’ve read off of this site have pointed out similar cases in the past, with somewhat similar circumstances, and they were plead down significantly. If that’s how they enforce the law in NY, he should get the same sentence as persons in the past.
    Cantgetenough, I’m not a die hard live/die packer fan. I watch them, when they win, they win, when they lose, oh well. They’ve won a superbowl in my lifetime, don’t really care anymore.

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