Pats Leaked Their Schedule?

A league source recently told us that the NFL could accelerate the release of the 2009 regular-season schedule, if portions of it were to be leaked.
As a reader points out, the New England Patriots apparently have busted the dam.  At least as it relates to their own schedule.
Now appearing on the team’s official web site is what appears to be the specific order in which the Patriots will play their games, with the only missing information the time for kickoff.
Though the bye week isn’t mentioned, the league typically gives the teams that play in England the following week off.
So if Week Eight will be the Pats’ bye week, and if the list posted on the team’s web site wasn’t merely random, here’s the week-by-week schedule.
Week One (Monday, September 14): Bills.
Week Two (September 20-21): at Dolphins.
Week Three (September 27-28): Jets.
Week Four (October 4-5): at Broncos.
Week Five (October 11-12): Ravens.
Week Six (October 18-19): Falcons.
Week Seven (Sunday, October 25): at Buccaneers (in London).
Week Nine (November 8-9): at Jets.
Week Ten (November 15-16): Dolphins.
Week Eleven (November 22-23): at Texans.
Week Twelve (November 29-30): at Colts.
Week Thirteen (December 6-7): Panthers.
Week Fourteen (December 13-14): Jaguars.
Week Fifteen (December 20-21): at Saints.
Week Sixteen (December 27-28): Titans.
Week Seventeen (January 3): at Bills.
Keep in mind that, in early November, NFL Network airs games on Thursday nights, and possibly on one late-season Saturday.  So one or more of the games from Week Nine forward could be played on a day other than Sunday or Monday. 
Lately, the Colts-Pats have played on a Sunday afternoon in early November, at the start of the ratings “sweeps” period.  This year, they square off on Thanksgiving weekend, in what could be one the Sunday night or Monday night game.  (If it’s the Sunday evening game, it could be flexed out of the prime-time slot in the unlikely event that either or both teams have a poor record at that point in the season.)
At this point, it’s unknown whether the list of games appearing on the Pats’ web site reflects the actual schedule, or whether some guy was just messing around and trying to guess the order of the games. 
Either way, we’ve got a feeling that the list will be disappearing soon.
UPDATE:  We’re told that this isn’t the actual schedule, and that someone at the team’s web site plugged them in randomly to complete the grid.

25 responses to “Pats Leaked Their Schedule?

  1. What leaves me perplexed by this is, if this is in fact the exact schedule by week, why would the NFL send the Pats to Buffalo on the final week for the 2nd straight season? It makes absolutely no sense at all, especially since they play in Week 1.
    (In the wake of the “not in order” comment, I hope that’s the case).

  2. NFL…Just release the damn schedule! I hate this waiting around, anticipation crap every year.

  3. The ‘plugged them randomly into the grid’ excuse seems a little weak. This schedule is pretty well balanced, plus in week 2, the Florida Marlins are on the road, which would make sense that the Dolphins get a home game that week.

  4. DarnSkippy:
    The Pats and Colts always play because teams play the equivalent placing teams in their conferences other divisions. Thus, both the Pats and Colts were always winning their divisions and therefore played each other. Last year both finished 2nd in their divisions and thus will keep playing each other.

  5. Typical Belichick cheating. Good thing Goodell and Kraft are in cahoots. Pats should have to forfeit their first-round pick for this.
    (Did I get it right?)

  6. DarnSkippy says:
    April 1st, 2009 at 9:34 am
    Why is it that New England always has to play at Indianapolis?
    Because the both always win their division. This year they would have played reguardless. The AFC East plays the AFC south.

  7. I don’t buy their comment that team names were just plugged in.
    it’s their way of covering their butts.
    I’ll take the wait and see approach to anything out of the NE camp.

  8. @ Darnskippy:
    Just go to the NFL website and they’ll explain the scheduling guidelines. You can actually view the schedules a few years in advance, but nothing is finalized until the end of season when team placements are determined. Other than that divisions play each other on a rotational basis.
    It just so happens that NE and Indy finished in second place last season and their divisions are also squaring off this year…
    That would be why it seems they are always playing each other, not to mention that before the realignment of divisions the teams were in the AFC East together.

  9. Florio,
    I am going to assume everything I see today on this site can’t be trusted 😛

  10. For those of you responding to Darnskippy….he wasn’t asking why they always play the Colts, he was asking why it’s always AT Indianapolis

  11. @bonecity:
    Good catch, but this is also determined ahead of time, i.e. second place AFC EAST team visits second place AFC SOUTH team in 2009. If it were the Jags and Fins then the Fins would be visiting the Jags.
    The NFL has most of the logistics set in stone ahead of time…that is why last year’s argument of the Pats having a soft schedule as a gift was absurd. It was certainly a gift by the luck of the draw so to speak, but not just given to them…
    If the Pats and Colts both finished first then I believe this time the Colts would’ve had to come to NE, but I am not totally sure of this as I haven’t looked at the rotation in quite some time.

  12. Based strictly off the top of my head, here is how the Pats-Colts matchups have played out since the conferences were realigned in ’02:
    ’02- did not play
    ’03- @ Indy (+ AFC Championship @ NE)
    ’04- @ NE (+ AFC DIvisional Playoff @ NE)
    ’05- @ NE
    ’06- @ NE (+ AFC Championship @ Indy)
    ’07- @ Indy
    ’08- @ Indy
    ’09- @ Indy
    The AFC East/South divisions played (or will play) each other in ’03, ’06 and ’09. The other years it was b/c both teams won their respective divisions the previous year.

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