Winslow, Faine Sidelined At Practice

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offensive huddle at minicamp today didn’t include tight end Kellen Winslow and center Jeff Faine, according to Pewter Report.
Faine is recovering from a back injury, and the reason for Winslow’s absence remains unknown. 
“Everything is fine,” Faine said. “I just tweaked my back a little bit last week while weightlifting. It’s nothing serious. This is just the introduction stuff, so I can pick a lot of it up in the classroom. We’ll just let it get back to normal.” 
As for Winslow, whom the Buccaneers acquired via an offseason trade from the Cleveland Browns, he has a significant history of injuries. It’s also a voluntary minicamp.
Meanwhile, the following players were also absent for various reasons: quarterback Brian Griese, whose wife is pregnant, running back Earnest Graham because of ankle and personal reasons, running back Cadillac Williams due to a knee issue and offensive tackle Donald Penn, an unsigned restricted free agent.

14 responses to “Winslow, Faine Sidelined At Practice

  1. By the way, Aaron Wilson, If Winslow wasn’t at the practice, how do you consider him “sidelined”?? The sideline is right next to the practice field, correct?
    Someone needs a dictionary

  2. Greise – “wife is pregnant”? That never got me out of work!
    Good thing Raheem never coached Travis Henry.

  3. Nothing to worry about with Winslow. He will be ready, he’s always getting his knee’s flushed out. Almost every offseason actually.

  4. “knee issue”
    Is that what they are calling it now? That’s like saying Donte Stallworth has a minor car issue he’s dealing with.

  5. Dave Zastudil says:
    April 1st, 2009 at 3:36 pm
    Trade looks better for the Brownies already. Not that it matters.
    Let me ask you this, Zastudil (love the moniker, by the way) when has anything ever worked out for the Browns???
    Funny how all these Browns fans have taken Aaron Wilson’s irresponsible headlining to mean that Winslow has already reinjured his knees…

  6. Just get Winslow a motorcycle that he can ride around the sidelines. He’ll be fine.

  7. @fuber says:
    “Greise – “wife is pregnant”? That never got me out of work!
    Good thing Raheem never coached Travis Henry. ”

  8. Easy Hosstyle in Tampa, Winslow’s injuries are what they are. He’s damaged goods with great talent. The Buccaneers took a Gamble on him and it may or not pay off. The motorcycle accident cut his career way short and that’s a fact. Another thing is he doesn’t block well or at all. Hey don’t worry about the Browns and things not working out well for them. You have your own sorry team to worry about.

  9. guys… it’s April… i mean I’m a bucs fan and I’m stoked to see the team on the field and Morris getting his troops in line, but there’s really not much significance to any of these players being out. Earnest Graham is going to be fine, who cares about Griese, the guy can pick up the play book in a week, and Winslow is going to be fine as well… the only future worry would have to be Donald Penn… really hope he doesn’t hold out. Because with Derrick Ward, Graham and this new zone blocking scheme that benefits out linemens athleticism; this bucs running game should be really good next season.

  10. Dear urbusted,
    Way to say something completely undetermined and then call it a fact. How did the motorcycle accident cut his career short? Did he retire since yesterday when he was at the voluntary mini? Maybe he’d be back to pro bowl form already if you dirt bags in C-Town could stop marinating all your medical instruments in MIRSA…I didn’t like this trade…however, Browns fans want so badly to make a correct decision, that they’re already determining that Winslow’s career is over?? Oh and you mean to tell me that Kellen Winslow isn’t a blocking TE?? WHAT A GENIUS YOU ARE. Please share more of your infinite wisdom of player evaluation with us.
    Lastly, the Browns can NEVER call the Bucs a sorry franchise…
    We’ve won the Super Bowl in 2003 and 3 NFC South Titles since ’02

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