Zorn, Cerrato, Snyder Spent Huddled All Day In Snyder's Office

We’re told via a short chain of reliable sources that things were interesting this morning in Washington.
As we hear it, Redskins executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato was retrieved from draft meetings at roughly 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday to go to owner Daniel Snyder’s office.  Not long thereafter, they fetched coach Jim Zorn.
And the three men remained in Snyder’s office into the evening.
The obvious implication?  They’re working on this whole Jay Cutler thing.
Or maybe they were playing Call of Duty.

40 responses to “Zorn, Cerrato, Snyder Spent Huddled All Day In Snyder's Office

  1. Maybe they were playing Madden and had Cutler running Zorn’s offense? You know, kind of like a trial 😉

  2. I wouldn’t mind them getting Cutler in the least. If Snyder has proven anything, it’s that his style of free agent tomfoolery is a joke and the Redskins will be nothing but a minor threat until he decides to build a team from the ground up, instead of pulling the whole reconstruction business every year.

  3. Wow what an explosion of talk about the skins!!!!!!!! I feel something big coming in the next 24hrs lmao!

  4. I think the Redskins are pulling out all the stops… for the next Herschel Walker-type trade. C’mon, they are already screwing themselves into the ground. Big money resigning deal to DeAngelo Hall. $100 million contract to Albert Haynesworth who has yet to prove he will play with the big money contract instead of playing real hard when it counts so he could GET that big money contract. Now they want to get Cutler, and will probably give up Campbell and/or their 1st round, and maybe a 2nd day pick.

  5. Doesn’t Surprise Me. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jay is a Redskin by Morning. The only two things that bother me about this is the rumor of losing Cooley, and two, losing our 13th in the draft.
    Dan Snyder will get Jay if he wants him! He will probably tell Bowlen that no matter who bids, he will out bid them, so he might as well trade with him!!

  6. They’re more likely playing Left 4 Dead. Awesome multiplayer. And it ties in nicely with their chances in the NFC East this season.

  7. My guess is they were playing call of duty. Vinny has the eyes to never miss a thing. Wonder what a good clan name for them would be.

  8. “…………or maybe they were playing Call Of Duty.”
    rofl….thanx for the laugh Mr. Florio 😉

  9. These guys are a bunch of idiots the only thing they know how to do is screw up this team every year when will it end.

  10. What it was is this. Dan Snyder is desperately trying to purchase a large load of Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo so that when he DOES get cutler… wa la no more tears… thanks i will be here all week make sure you tip your waitresses

  11. Really they were playing Madden, on franchise mode, with the salary cap turned off. That’s about the only way trading for Cutler makes sense other than it’d be a huge upgrade for them. Why exactly would the Broncos want Campbell at all anyways? Maybe they should see if they can swing a deal for Tom Brady while they’re at it. It only took me three 1st round picks, Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley. Maybe they are better Madden franchise owners than I am though.

  12. They were playing “Blitz: the League” to see what kind of a circus they are developing with Hall, Portis, Haynesworth, and Cutler.

  13. Daniel Snyder has never met a draft pick he didn’t want to trade away for some big name player. I wouldn’t be shocked if he gave up three high picks for Cutler. Even two ones and a three or something ridiculous like that.

  14. maybe your all right, plotting for cutler and circle jerking while playing video games…. did they call in Hayensworth too?

  15. The more the Redskins give up for Jay Cutler, the more chance they have for failure. Remember a couple years ago when they went all out for some players and finished with a sad record? You can try a buy a team but most of the time you get a bunch of overpriced egomaniacs that just don’t mesh as a team.

  16. They are playing madden 09 franchise mode and they just traded all their draft picks for Peyton Manning and dont even get me started on how they did in free agency

  17. I wonder if this will cause a ripple effect in disgruntled NFL QBs…if these rumors are true Campbell surely isn’t going to be happy.

  18. Cutler will be a skin by morning. go skins. a consistant qb is the only thing the redskins are lacking. samuels, dockery, and heyer can block. pick up a average guard and super bowl here we come

  19. It was definitely Call of Duty. I know because I was playing against him earlier and really fragging his whole team. Then he offered me $8 million dollars to switch sides and play for him. I didn’t play too well after that…True story.

  20. Why would they waste their time with Call of Duty 5. They’ve already got a perfectly good game in Call of Duty 4. Obviously each has it’s own flaws but both are perfectly good. Call of duty 4 has had a lot of software updates, which makes it learn a new system every year. but the grass isn’t always greener and newer isn’t always better.

  21. Snyder: Vinny.. If we grab this Cutler kid, I figure I can raise the price of beer 50 cents and nobody will complain. Whaddya think?
    Cerrato: Whatever you say boss!!
    Snyder: Then we can grab Shanahan to reunite the two and we will be on our way to the title!
    Zorn: Wha- huh?
    Cerrato: Sounds like a plan boss!
    Synder: Okay.. who wants to watch me count my money?

  22. Trying to figure out how on earth to give him a new contract and still stay under the cap. Or combing the CBA/cap rules for loopholes to stay under.
    Anyone remember 2000? Skins had a good QB in Brad Johnson. Won a playoff game. Danny decided he liked deep passes so he went and got Jeff George. Chemistry promptly destroyed, team implodes to 8-8, yada. Moral of the story is that Danny likes deep passing. Someone called him Al Davis earlier. They may really be on to something.
    While Campbell can throw it deep, he doesn’t usually complete them. Occassionally he does (vs. Saints this year). Cutler can chuck it. Downfield. And complete them.
    Depending on the draft picks involved, this is an encouraging move. Campbell may improve this year but Cutler is proven. I think Cutler has a far higher ceiling than Campbell. Campbell is going to be entirely dependent on the players around him (like at Auburn) and can be a good QB with them but won’t ever reach Cutler’s level.

  23. “a consistant qb is the only thing the redskins are lacking.”
    Sure, if you don’t count “an owner that can take a shit and wind his watch at the same time without getting shit on his watch”.
    My money says they were playing naked twister.

  24. Geez does that team go wherever the wind blows. Snyder just hasn’t changed — gotta win the off-season.

  25. Come on, Florio. It’s pretty obvious that Snyder is the high school geek that got rich and bought a football team to compensate. I’ll bet he hasn’t mastered Pong yet.

  26. Snyder is a joke. Just keep signing the big names and we’ll keep watching the Redskins lose buddy. If there was anyone I wish would lose their fortune it’s this asshole. How the hell could they even have money to pay Cutler after overpaying Haynesworth and Hall?

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