Bears Give Up Big Package For Cutler

Jay Glazer of reports that the Chicago Bears have sent two first-round picks, a third-round pick, and quarterback Kyle Orton to the Broncos for quarterback Jay Cutler and a fifth-round draft pick.
The Bears held the 18th pick in the first round of the draft.
Per NFLPA records, Orton is signed through 2009, at a base salary of $995,000.
UPDATE:  John Clayton of says that the deal involves the Broncos getting Orton and two first-round picks, and the Bears getting Cutler and a third-round pick.
SECOND UPDATE: reports that the Bears are giving up two first-rounder, a third-rounder, and Orton for only Cutler.
THIRD UPDATE:  The initial terms, from Glazer, were the right terms — Broncos get Orton, two first-rounders, and a third-rounder, and the Bears get Cutler and a fifth-rounder.  Per the Bears’ official announcement.

237 responses to “Bears Give Up Big Package For Cutler

  1. a first and third this year and next years first? Lovie Smith just got himself fired. What an asshole. How many playoff games has this guy won?

  2. To me, thats a great deal for the Broncos, and a huge risk for the Bears.
    If Cutler flops in Chicago, which he might, cause that offense is ass-tastic, this will set the franchise back 5 or 6 years.
    For the Broncos, yeah, now you have to find another QB, but next years QB crop will be fantastic, and they’re going to have two first rounders.
    Good for the Broncos. Bears are idiots.

  3. I apologize if Lovie isnt the GM too. If he isnt, the GM just got himself fired…

  4. Cutler on the Bears is not scary. Still no one to throw to, unless they just want Cutler to chuck bombs to Hester all day. And now they won’t have any picks to draft a WR. So in summary…good luck with the crybaby, Chicago.

  5. This is GREAT news! Kyle Orton vs Nnamdi twice a year! LOL this chump is gonna get picked more than boogers on the set of the Little Rascals!

  6. It’s not that big of a package when you consider what the Bears have done first-round pick-wise in recent years (read: Jerry Angelo years).
    Jay Cutler is now the most talented quarterback in Bears history.

  7. WOW!
    If it turns out OK, it´s well worth the price. I can´t remember the last decent QB in Bears history…
    Congrats on all Bears fans for the trade!
    However, if he sucks… THA BEARS WILL STILL (as always) SUCK!!!!

  8. Well, to say that the Broncos made out like bandits…is a huge understatement. Congrats to Josh McDaniels…you just made the Broncos an immediate contender (if you can draft properly)

  9. Thank GOD we didn’t get Jason Campbell at least we got someone who can be something. I hope we draft McCoy or Bradford next year.

  10. I never would have imagined a team giving up that much for Cutler. He’s okay, but he’s not a superstar, and the Bears have paid a price befitting a superstar. Good for the Broncos; they cut a great deal under the circumstances.

  11. I would honestly consider Matt Forte as a 1st pick in fantasy drafts now. He was awesome last year with a QB sho shouldn’t have started in college…with Cutler the Bears should be a 1st round bye playoff team.

  12. wow- is this a late April fools joke? damn thats alot…. didnt think anyone in the league is worht that…

  13. That headline begs the question “Who’s big package?” but, in an effort to stay out of the gutter, great deal for Minnesota, Green Bay, and Detroit. The Bears losing two first round picks and a 3d Rd pick is good news.

  14. After years of Rex this will get Bears fans pumped up.
    Denver can draft some defensive help.
    Everybody wins

  15. Good Luck in Chicago Jay!! Congrats to the Bears,looks like the Balance in the NFC North Division just tilted towards the Bears. This should keep the Viking fans quiet now, now that the Bears will be THEE PRIMETIME team and get all the attention, like it should be. Not a NFC fan but was looking forward to this. It’s going to be good to see the BEARS back on top, bye Viking fans!! Oh can still rip on the “pcakers” tho, altho last time I checked, they have a real qb too…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  16. I can’t believe the Bears gave up this much for Cutler. Talk about desperation! Damn.
    Nevertheless, Cutler should be the best QB the Bears have suited up for many, many years. The Broncos have a great chance to build their team. Orton’s nothing special, but the Broncos can pick Sanchez (or Stafford, if he drops) and use these other picks to improve more areas of the team.

  17. Way to go Broncos. You can draft a new team.
    Now hopefully this story will die soon.

  18. Sheesh, and I thought Detroit had robbed Dallas in the Roy Williams trade. How did Denver get Chicago to hand over everything but the sink?! What, did Bowlen call up Obama and have him broker a Broncos Bailout package??

  19. I freakin’ love this, Chicago got raped by Denver and didn’t even improve all that much (if at all) at the QB position. The only thing wrong with this deal is that I have to watch Cutler’s whiny ass bitch face sulk on the sidelines twice a year now.

  20. Oh I just learned about this in my accounting class. Kyle Orton = Contra-asset. So it like basically balances out the 3 high picks to make this a reasonable offer for Cutler.

  21. I don’t see Orton starting long term for the Broncos. I’ll give McDaniels the benefit of the doubt, but I think he’s only in there so they can draft a QB and let him sit for a year.

  22. the broncos got robbed here. think about it.
    the draft is a crapshoot. the 18th pick is great, but getting rid of it and a third rounder for this franchise QB is a no-brainer for the bears. a first next year is a-ok, too, considering that it’ll probably be a lower pick than this years, in the mid 20s or something.
    great deal for all involved i guess, but i love it for the bears.
    as a saints fan i’m just glad tampa didn’t get him.

  23. QUESTION: Who will have more douchier hair in 2009, Denver’s old QB, or it’s new one?

  24. This is not good. Yes, Cutler is better QB than any QB currently on the Bears roster. But, they gave up too much.
    The Broncos can now use all those picks to get good players. Orton can assist the towel boy.
    McDaniels and Xander may not be all that dumb after all. Losing Cutler to get a lot more may turn out to be a brilliant move.

  25. I honestly think it came down to the Bears having more to offer then the Redskins or maybe if Dan really truley wanted Cutler he would have got him.

  26. Cough, cough. Good thing the Patriots couldn’t wait an extra few days and get at LEAST a 1st and 3rd rounder for Cassell (same age, same stud receivers as Cutler, probably smarter and tougher, similar stats).
    Should show all how big of a sham that trade to Pioli and the Chiefs was.
    And you KNOW the Bears will have to pony up a high salary for Cutler by next year, so it’s not a $ issue.
    Cutler = Two 1st rounders and a 3rd rounder and a QB.
    Cassell = 2nd rounder.
    But hey, the Patriots have 36-year old Fred Taylor! And Shawn Springs! =)

  27. At last, our national nightmare is over.
    Cutler’s behavior aside, this is a great, great move for the Bears. Orton was a FA after next year and they had zero depth behind him. The best they would’ve been able to draft this year would have been Josh Freeman – who could be a stud, but who knows?
    Yes, it’s a lot of picks. But the Bears now don’t have address the most important position on the field for 6-8 years, barring injury. At minimum.

  28. If you think Cutler was pissed before, I’ll bet he’s DOUBLE pissed now. What an awful place to land! The Bears are not known as big spenders and they have no WR’s.
    I wouldn’t doubt that Cutler refuses to play without a huge pay increase.
    The Broncs screwed him.

  29. And Cutler will throw to….Booker? Ah, Hmmm. Who WILL Cutler throw to? Oh yeah, Hester, whom will be instantly double-teamed all day. Leaving Booker. Or did Da Bears dump him again? They have a tight end, I guess. And seeing that Chicago now has no real draft picks until the cows come home, I don’t see any major WRs arriving.
    I know. NFC North Dbacks. Jay Cutler, meet Jared Allen. He only cost ONE first rounder and ONE third rounder. He wants to eat your lunch. I recommend you give it to him.
    Good luck on that running for your life thing.

  30. Wow, thats a lot, I am very suprised that the Bears pulled the trigger but I have to give them credit to have the balls to pull it off. But older defense + no wr’s + older o-line + whiny new QB = top 10 pick for Denver next year.

  31. John Clayton on ESPN News said it was 2009 and 2010 first round picks and Orton for Cutler and a third rounder

  32. Wow! I’m glad my Jets didn’t win this bidding war…..he’s not worth that much….last yr 25 td 18 int and a 17-20 record as a starter…with the package the bears gave for him you’d think they traded for Peyton!!! LMAO

  33. Jay Cutler…. meet Jared Allen and the Williams Wall twice a year. So glad the Vikings weren’t stupid and gave up that much for him.

  34. 2 first round picks? You have those picks to gamble on young players. If you give away two chances (to flop) for a great player – GOOD FOR YOU. Who says that those 2 picks would not be wasted for Grossman/Bensen/Williams.
    Great move. Gives some hope to this franchise.

  35. I hope you have fun behind that awful O-line Jay, you sure as hell won’t have much success (at least not next year).
    Crappy line, crappy receivers, crappy city… you be sure and give your agent a nice Christmas bonus, he obviously has your best interests in mind…

  36. “Jay Cutler is now the most talented quarterback in Bears history”
    Sid Luckman is spinning in his grave.

  37. gallaghedj311 says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 5:23 pm
    a first and third this year and next years first? Lovie Smith just got himself fired. What an asshole. How many playoff games has this guy won?
    I believe he took them to the Super Bowl a few years back….when was your team last there? I am no Bears fan, but geez, what an ignorant comment!
    Bears suddenly only suck a little bit (like being a little gay?!).

  38. Chicago O is throwing 10 yard outs all day long. Most of them returned for TDs by the other team.

  39. This is a big deal for the Bears! Now all they need is a running back, 2 wide receivers, 4 offensive linemen, 2 defensive lineman, 2 cornerbacks and 2 safeties. Good luck!!!

  40. big loser in all this—jason campbell.Now he’s stuck on a team,going into a contact year,that tried to move him.Hopefully he’ll have a banner year,then tell dumbass synder that he’s going to test the free agent market.The skins will never win until that idiot sells the team…..

  41. with the way the bears have been drafting with fcuking angelo in charge it’s not that much. this is excellent news….now we just need someone to compliment hester. how bout Boldin? Oh wait…the bears are the cheapest professional sports franchise in the history of the earth. no way that happens

  42. Duhhhhh Bears??? That’s the worst trade in history, at least that i can recall. It’s ludicrous!!!!!

  43. Look at Angelo’s track record with first round picks, giving up 2 first rounders is nothing. Especially since this year’s is 18. Orton’s decent, but Cutler has much more upside. He just needs a few more weapons. Hester is nice, but not as a number 1. Olsen has got to be happy. They have a few more weapon’s than people think, but their offense has always been rather conservative. Plus, he’s only played a couple of years. Nice to see Angelo step up. Its not like he gave up the number one pic. He can grab a WR with the second rounder, no biggie.

  44. Good to see the Bears give up a lot of draft potential for a QB with no WR’s to throw too. Matt Forte will be their leading receiver. All those picks to do what Orton could actually do (check down and dump the ball to the only guy on the offensive side of the ball with talent). Chicago will be 2nd again in the division–at best.

  45. Finally… it’s over.
    For those that didn’t know Cutler was a Bears fan growing up so he’s probably pretty happy about it regardless if Chicago doesn’t have any quality receivers.

  46. I feel sorry for Chicago fans who have to make themselves believe that this was a great deal in order to feel better about it.

  47. Actually, your owner is a dumbass. How many free agents has he broke the bank on, and how well have you guys done in the last ten years?
    Yup, that would spell dumbasses. Its not like they gave up a top 5 pick, its 18, and next year’s one. Orton wasn’t going to get resigned after next year, and Cutler has much more upside.

  48. As a bronco fan, this trade was more then I could ever hope for. Would I have liked to keep Cutler? Sure, but after this crazy offseason it was best for both parties to go their separate ways.
    I just looked at Orton’s stats and it seems to me that he has a lot of potential playing in Denver. He had 18TD’s and 12Int’s last year, but had a pretty mediocre 58.8% completion percentage. That was with a pretty mediocre receiving core. Now he is going to a team with an incredible offensive line (Cutler was sacked only 11 times, 16 less than Orton’s 27) One of the best receiver tandems in the league (Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall) and a running game that was good (even without a feature back and having placed like 7 backs on IR)
    All and all I’m pretty happy, Denver certainly got the most out of the situation.

  49. DId MIke Ditka organize this trade? Sounds like Bears mortgaging their future for one guy ( like when they Ricky Williams)

  50. I just heard it reported that it was actually Orten and the 2 1st round picks for Cutler and a 3rd coming back.

  51. Its hardly the Hershel Walker deal. 18th pick is no sure thing. It’s good to see Angelo finally rolling the dice. Potential franchise QBs are much harder to find than the Kyle Orton’s of this world.

  52. The Bears are trying to challenge the Lions as dumbest team in the NFC North. The might have passed them.

  53. Miami Fan here, Bears won the trade, 25 year old Franchise QB
    for 18th overall and more than likely another 20 something pick next year?
    18th-20 something picks are hit or miss.
    The bears got the only certainy…a Top 10 QB
    What the Broncos make of what they got remains to be seen, and is up to them to maximize their return.

  54. Well, the deal doesn’t look quite as bad for the Bears if they’re getting that third-rounder instead of a fifth. They already have two other third-round selections. That should help make up for the loss of the first rounder this season.

  55. wow didn’t think anyone would give up that much for the AFC’s tony romo…

  56. Great trade for the Bears. Cutler will throw to Hester and Bennett (2nd round last year – spent his previous three years catching Cutler passes).

  57. Congratulations to Denver for turning a bad situation into an absolute brilliant trade. They basically raped Chicago on this deal. Orton will never amount to anything more than a backup, but those pics will allow Denver to rebuild their defense which has been a mess the past few seasons. There will also be some good QB’s in next years draft.
    Chicago upgraded at QB for sure, but Cutler will have no one to throw the ball to. They werent one player away so going all in for Cutler wasnt smart

  58. No, Lions are still the dumbest. How many top ten picks have you thrown away on WRs?
    Thank you, your check is ready.

  59. Sticker shock.. Wow. Orton wasn’t that bad that it takes 2 1sts and a 3rd to even up the deal.

  60. jkorn… – “shades of Herschel Walker” not even close.
    Minnesota got: Walker, 2-3rd, a 5th and a 10th.
    Dallas got: 5 players, 3-1st, 2-2nd, a 3rd and a 6th.
    Don’t expect Denver to turn this into 3 SuperBowl trophies.

  61. This was as much about keeping Cutler from the Vikings as it was about getting him. That’s why they paid such a high price.

  62. “Kyle Orton vs Nnamdi twice a year! LOL this chump is gonna get picked more than boogers on the set of the Little Rascals!”
    He wasn’t coached by McDaniels before. Josh took Cassell who was awful in the preseason and the few chances he had to play in previous years and hadn’t started a game since high school and won 11 games with him. Orton must be dancing the wa-hooo right about now.

  63. For those that keep saying Cut will have nobody to throw to, Bears have yet to see SEC career receptions leader Earl Bennett, who just so happened to be Cutler’s #1 at Vanderbilt. They had phenomenal chemistry at Vandy, and I see no reason why that would change at Chicago.
    Earl Bennett just became the sleeper of the century in fantasy football. Mark it down.

  64. waaay too much for a soon to be has been!!! the Bears have on o-line!!! good luck!!!

  65. way to show u know what leverage is chi-town. giving them exactly what they ask for. they think your santa claus now. or maybe im bitter cause i am a lions fan

  66. Can you hear that???
    I can hear all the jet’s fan whining all the way to California.

  67. The big winner in this deal…..Kyle Orton!!! To go from Hester and nobody else to Marshall and Royal….that’s huge!! I wonder if Orton and Simms will battle it out to see who starts, or if it will be handed to Orton since he has more experience starting?

  68. WOW since when does 2 picks and a player teraded for 1 pick and a player turn into Ricky williams or H. Walker.
    Some of ya need to get a grip and start naming me players drafted in the 18-22 area, LOL

  69. A 25 year old Pro Bowl QB. Yeah those grow on trees. How stupid to trade two first round picks that will earn a ton of money and have a 50/50 chance of being a bust.
    All you who think this is a bad trade make me question your football IQ.
    Its a risk for both teams bottom line. Still a young franchise qb that has proven he can play is worth a TON! Bears got a gift…

  70. That’s a lot to give up for a guy who’s going to get killed the first time Kevin Shaffer takes the field.

  71. how do people figure this is a lot? look who your teams have taken in the first round the past two years and then tell me that it wouldn’t be worth an upgrade from Kyle Orton—you guys are letting your hatred for Cutler mask a move you have to make if you’re Chicago.
    The Broncos just set themselves back 3-4 years. Who are they going to get to play right away? Chris Simms? Good luck. Sam Bradford isn’t any better than Jay Cutler.

  72. screaming idiot u r the idiot. its not like the bears are 1 player away from being a contender. they have no recivers for cutler to throw to . and they cant draft a difference maker wide reciver now cause they threw them down the toilet. i hope cutlers arm is stong enough for the windy city..

  73. As a Redskins fan, I’m actually feeling relief now. Thank God Synder didn’t top that offer. I can feel my shoulders relaxing.
    From what I’ve seen of Campbell in interviews, he’ll handle this well. Certainly much better than the Bears starting QB.

  74. I agree, gotta question Football IQs when you get a Top 10 QB at 25 years old for Two Mid to late round picks, and see posters talk about the Bears being foolish.

  75. Yeah now Chicago has to add some pieces to put the points up.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were better offers on the table. Part of not looking like the guy who traded away the future is making sure that the future goes somewhere it ain’t gonna look like the future. It’ll be interesting to see what Chicago’s commitment to not seeing that happen will be.

  76. My bad. Glazer beats Clayton again.
    That’s a huge package we gave up … but we had to do it. We need a great qb, and we finally have one.
    Let’s see what happens.

  77. McMahon, Fuller, Lisch, Landry, Tomczak, Flutie, Harbaugh, Willis, Furrer, Kramer, Walsh, Krieg, Mirer, Stenstrom, Moreno, Matthews, McNown, Miller, Chandler, Burris, Stewart, Quinn, Krenzel, Hutchinson, Orton, Grossman, Griese…

  78. People who are saying the Bears gave up too much are obviously not Bears fans.
    Cutler most talented QB in Bears history is not a stretch at all. We have been starving for a QB, and we have it.
    The defense doesn’t have to carry this team on its back anymore. Instant contenders.

  79. This sets the market for Peppers. Sure he is a DE and not a QB but the Panthers will expect two first rounders for him instead of the DUI discount Minnesota got with Jared Allen.

  80. I’m not so sure about this move by Chicago. In a weak NFC North and NFC Conference the bears were pretty close to making a run(hold your laughs). The Cardinals proved this last year, and the Bears had the same regular season record as the Cardinals. A few more pieces, maybe a safty, cornerback, tackle and back-up veteren QB the could have been superbowl bound, but talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. So much for getting imediate impact players though the draft for the next two years, plus they give up Orton. Not a great QB, but given time to mature I think he could be apliciable. not the mention he already knows the system. And what did the Bears get in return……a one-time pro bowl QB, w/ no post-season wins. I’m not saying he isn’t going to be a great qb but the odds are against him, very few people are great qbs. Ultimatley, i could be proven wrong and ridiculed, but foresight says the Bears way over payed for an unproven player.

  81. 18th, mid teens next year. That is not that high. For that price you have quality QB, which till recently, has not been making problems. As WRs go: Marshall is one red light away from suspension, so he’d be gone from Denver too. Bennett will be great with his old QB from college, Hester’s got speed, Forte provides nice running game, D’s still pretty OK.

  82. Hey, he isnt the moron, you are my man, you dont judge the trade based on factors…that have NOTHING to do with the trade. The Bears got a player for picks.
    Has nothing to do with who is he gonig to throw to yadda yadda. You can’t fix a team with ONE trade. Maaaaaaan get a grip you obvious hater.

  83. Bears were Cutler’s favorite team growing up. I don’t think he’ll be too pissed.

  84. The Bears needed receiver help pretty bad and just pissed away a chance to grab a decent one this year. Have fun Jay. Bet you already miss Marshall and Royal.

  85. Why does everyone here think Orton is going to start for Denver? McDaniels likes accurate throwers. Orton is a hack making less than $1m and Simms is making $3M. It’s Simms job to lose. Denver may still ship one of the first round picks to Cleveland for Quinn.

  86. Everyone can bitch and complain but nothing will be known about this trade for a few years. As a Bears fan I think we gave up to much but lets see what happens. With Cutler at QB this will open up the running game more which was impressive already with Matt Forte. Along with Forte catching passes we have a impressive TE combo. Hester progressed nicely at the end of the year and we have a 2nd round pick from last year (Bennett) and probably another 2nd round pick at WR this year. Signing someone like Orlando Pace becomes a must now since it will be impossible to now address O-Line and WR in the first 3 rounds. The draft is a crap shoot anyways. Many people had the Bears looking at QB in round 1 this year. It’s just to early to tell. As for those “number crunchers” they really have no clue what they are talking about. He threw for what 25 TD and 18 INT last year? They had no running game. And his win loss record?? When you play behind a sucky defense thats gonna happen. I mean read these comments, everyone is complaining about his record. Orton has a better record and yet everyone is saying he will hold a clipboard in Denver.

  87. somewhere Charles Woodson and Al Harris are resting comfortably realizing the cutler to brandon llyod combo is not exactly cutler to brandon marshall………..congrats bears fan on two years of scrub drafts…..

  88. Belichick and the Pats must be scratching their heads saying “this is all we got and they
    got all that”……some genius???

  89. Well, it appears as if it is not worth commenting on this **** until the official particulars are made known.

  90. Think Baltimore or Atlanta would set themselves back and trade their guy for 18th overall and a mystery pick next year?
    IF you think they would, I question your football IQ.
    Does this put it in perspective for some of you?

  91. The deal could still fall through, it’s dependent on Woody Paige passing a physical administered by Jay Mariotti.

  92. Cutler arrived, and didn’t Shanahan play college ball at a school in Illinois? I wonder if Lovie’s seat is hot yet…

  93. What’s with the windy city’s need for shaggy haired drunks? Is Cutler starting to grow his beard?

  94. Never mind the WR’s…the Bears lost both of their starting tackles too…..who is gonna protect the crybaby? I really hope he gets beat down all year !! Congrats to the Broncos….absolutely BRILLIANT deal for Denver !! Seriously…all those bashing McDaniels……start puckering up now…..he just did you a HUGE favor and made your team better instantly…..

  95. this is a great deal for both sides, but it favours the bears big time. that’s not a lot in actual value to obtain a franchise player.

  96. To be clear…..Denver also has the option swap Orton out for a case of jock straps, if they so choose.

  97. Those of you ripping on the Bears for what they gave up are probably all bitters ‘Skins or Jets fans, aren’t you? Who gives a sh*t if Cutler only has a Devin Hester to throw to? He’s finally on a team that has a legitimate threat at RB (Forte) and an aging, yet still above average defense. He can dink and dunk to Hester or Benett all day and still go 11-5 or 12-4 in a weak NFC North. And Chicago hardly gave up anything at all…a crapshoot pick at 18, probably a mid-20 pick next year and a third rounder, over 50% of whom don’t make it in the NFL. Chicago got a HELL of a good deal. As a Lions fan, I’m pissed and also worried of the Cutler era in the NFC North.

  98. The Bears considering they play in the weakest division in football will make the playoffs and considering the new restucturing of the draft to allow those playoff teams to get lower picks no matter what the records are. They will be giving up low first round draft picks for the next 2 years and Jerry would trade outta the first round anyhow. They still got 8 picks this year and I would much rather have Cutler than Orton any day of the week. Plus looks like they signed Orlando Pace also today.

  99. the deak is, Denver sends Culter and this years 5th
    for Two 1st, this years 3rd and Orton

  100. Kornheiser just said we’re a Super Bowl contender.
    I hope so, but we’ll see.

  101. Why are there so many comments that think the Broncos made a great deal? It took them almost 10 years to find a replacement for Elway, and they just traded him. Well done. What if it takes them another 5 to 10 years? They’re going to have to hit on all of these draft picks to make it worth it, and one of them HAS to be a franchise quarterback that’s as good or better than Cutler. Not easy to do.

  102. Retarded move by the Bears. I know you guys have needed a QB for years now but mortgaging your future like that in a competitive division is just plain bonkers. Cutler has a great arm but other than Forte and maybe Olsen the Bears offense is pedestrian at best. That defense is WAY overrated so I don’t really see this team making the playoffs. Urlacher and Briggs can only do so much.

  103. I freakin’ love this, Chicago got raped by Denver and didn’t even improve all that much (if at all) at the QB position. The only thing wrong with this deal is that I have to watch Cutler’s whiny ass bitch face sulk on the sidelines twice a year now.
    Yeah, well Cutlers “whiny ass: will be chewing up Green Bay’s “defense” along with the rest of them..Look for the Bears to start dominationg the North again, and look for Denver to rebuild the franchise. Everybody wins

  104. Jason Campbell has just said he feels insulted, and is now demanding a trade.

  105. I’m just glad that the Browns were spectators on this trade.
    I think Mangini and company smelled the smoke from the torches heading toward Berea…and decided to take the day off.
    Good call.

  106. To further highlight my point of how dumb and bitter most you are, didn’t Kyle Orton have his best season ever by throwing to the likes of Hester and the rest of Chicago’s “poor” WRs? Didn’t Drew Brees almost set the NFL single season yards record by passing to the likes of Lance Moore and other scrubs, even with Colston and Bush missing most of the year? And, oh yeah, the Saint’s 1st Rder from 2008, WR Robert Meachem, hardly caught any balls last year, furthering showing that the draft is nothing more than a crapshoot. An absolutely great deal for Chicago. I was hoping my Lions would give up the 1st overall and 20 for Cutler, but alas….

  107. I think Cutler is a crybaby, just like Favre…but he’s a great QB.
    Look at his numbers, not his record. His record is because the artist formerly known as Teflon couldn’t figure out that defense is important.
    That being said…unless the Bears D turns it around, he’ll continue to be a sub 500 QB.

  108. Matt Cassel was given up for a 3rd rd pick and Cutler was given up for all this?

  109. Damn that’s too much, thank God my bucs didn’t do that, good luck Chicago and the lack of talent you are going to suffer in the next years.

  110. On Sportscenter Adewale Ogunleye said his “cell phone got blown out – blown up.” In related news, Adewale Ogunleye is my new favorite player.

  111. I thought the Broncos were out of their minds thinking they could get two first round picks for Cutler. I mean, they had no leverage! Why would any team give up that much when we all knew he couldn’t rejoin the team after all that drama? Guess I was wrong cause they got the two picks and more! Bears solidified their QB spot but gave up way too much IMO.

  112. “Skins Privately Denying Reports Of Imminent Cutler Trade” <— HAHAHA eat it Redskins! Dan Snyder thinks he is Gordon Gecko, but all he ever does is get rooked. If he wasn’t the first person on the phone for every player on the trading block maybe he wouldn’t be used for leverage all the time.

  113. Haha all the haters that wanted Cutler are now pretending unproven over paid first round picks with a 50 percent chance to fail is better than a 25 year old pro bowl player!
    I wish my packers would have got him. Way better then A-rod…sigh

  114. Looking forward to some Maury Povich style DNA tests
    “Who’s your babydaddy, Cutler or Urlacher?”
    TMZ needs to start following these two around…

  115. To all those who posted earlier that there was NO possible way that Denver would get two ones, meet the Chicago Bears.

  116. Florio,
    Wait!!!! Can you post how Cutler is going to be a Redskin again.I’m sure if you say it enough times it will come to fruition.

  117. This is why the Broncos screwed up royally…what they got could get them to the super bowl in a few years, but there’s this:
    “Cutler has been traded to the Bears. A couple of teams disappointed that Broncos didn’t get back to them. I do know the broncos were asking for 2 #1’s and 2 #3’s. Detroit offered the #1 pick.
    Don’t know why they had to rush. I can think of 2 teams right now that they could have called back and jacked up the terms.”
    –Adam Schefter
    They could have gotten MORE

  118. Anyone who thinks that giving up a couple of mid 1st round pick and a back up QB who’s contract expires after this season for a franchise player does not know shit about football.
    I am sure that the Packer and Viking fans here are trying really hard to bash this move.
    Do it cheesedicks. The Bears were a better team than the Packers last year and just missed beating out the Vikings for the division with Kyle Orton.
    Tell us all how Sage Rosenfels is a better QB than Jay Cutler.

  119. This one goes to the Broncos.
    Cutler may be better than Orten, but Orten is a warrior and the imagination of Cutler playing in the city with its windy conditions is not the most favourable one. Plus, Cutler didn’t want the short passing game by McDaniels, what does he expect in Chicago?
    If Denver is intelligent they will use one of their first rounders to trade down and get even more picks. Or manouver around and get B.J. Raij and then trade down.
    All in all, a high risk, medium reward game by Chicago and Denver has a lot of options plus settles in a more peaceful mode.

  120. lilraider- you forget that Cassel is due $14.6 MILLION next year. People so often neglect that aspect. According to Florio, Cutler will cost $1.03 million next year. Do you think that might be a factor?

  121. Denver gets the house, the kitchen and Bears threw in the sink!
    Bears get Cutler. Way to go Josh! For your first deal as a Head Coach, you didn’t mess around. BB would be proud.
    Is Ditka behind this trade, sounds alot like the “Ricky Williams Trade?” Orton will be fine in Josh’s system. I wonder who’ll make the play offs first?

  122. Kyle Orton’s suckitude should be worthy of its own South Park episode very soon.

  123. This is highway robbery…
    Jay Cutler is an elite QB, but they got Jay Cutler and a 5th for 2 1sts, a 3rd, and a workable QB… I mean… WOW.

  124. I’m not going to say whether this is a good trade or not because it all depends on how things play out – Cutler obviously probably won’t flop because he’s already proven, but wow they gave up alot.

  125. cowboys0701 says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 6:11 pm
    What are you reporting Florio??????
    He’s not reporting. He’s amalgamating

  126. All in all, first round draft picks are a crap shoot. And when you take into consideration the bears recent history in 1st rounds picks they had to figure…What the hell we have to lose?
    08-Chris williams (Back Surgery after two hours of training camp)
    07-Greg Olsen (Seems a solid pick)
    06-No 1st round pick
    05-Cedric Benson (Favorite to be on the next America’s Cup team)
    04-Tommie Harris (Pro Bowler)
    03-Mike Haynes (5.5 career sacks…Out of league)
    02-Marc Columbo (Now a revolving door in Dallas)
    01-David Terrell (129 career receptions…out of league)
    00- Brian Urlacher (Overrated toenail painter)
    09-Cade Mckown (Nothing needs to be said here)
    So, in 10 years they have two pro bowlers to show for 9 1st round draft picks. And 5 of the picks aren’t even on the team anymore. How in the hell could they not make this deal, Cutler is only 25, doesn’t seem to be all that much a risk.

  127. Have you guys actually watched Jay Cutler in action? He is a true franchise quarterback, a top 5 guy! He is very special and he makes the Bears instant contenders for a championship.

  128. bears gave up a lot, trade is good for both teams though. cutler may be a bitch sometimes, but he is a hell of a lot better than anything the bears have had in…forever…i compared Cutler to a quicker bledsoe once, and i still will, good, not great, put enough around him, and he can win a title. He threw for 4,000, 25, 18 last year, and he is young. He should go into Chicago and do the same thing. Matt Forte is going to be great, put him w/ Cutler and the play action they can run, and the Bears might be real good ,real fast. People seem to forget this team was in the Super Bowl 3 years ago. Broncos, well, I am getting scared as a Pats fan, because McDaniels seems to know what he is doing, and I am sick of the Broncos kicking the Pats ass all the time(yeah, Bronco fans, I said it). I thought when Scary as Hell Eyed Mike Shanahan left that the terror was over. But I might have been wrong.OK, rant over, GOOD MOVE FOR BOTH TEAMS.

  129. What would the Bears have given up to get Cassell? That makes the Chiefs look like they fleeced the Pats. Hell, what would the Bears have given up for Tom Brady?
    Unbelievable! Unexpected! Uncompromised!

  130. NO, Cassell’s salary means very little in demonstrating that the Patriots still made a sham of a trade with the Chiefs.
    Cassell is making $14 million this year. Cutler a little over $1 million.
    But, Cassell will soon sign a long-term deal probably averaging 9 to 10 million a year.
    Cutler will soon sign a long-term deal probably averaging 8 to 9 million a year.
    So salary isn’t a big deal. Many teams would still have given the Patriots 1 st and more for Cassell and worked out a long-term deal. The money these teams would have paid for their 1st rounders would go to Cassell instead, big whoop.

  131. you trade 2 first round picks for a 25 year old qb every day of the week. to pronounce the bears as getting fleeced, is simply ignorant, or speaking from a bias. cutler will be there for 10 years, and guess what, the bears will have 8 more first round picks to use in that time span. the broncos will go through 3 head coaches and 5 qbs in that time. mark it down.

  132. Say what you want about these Bellichick prodigys, but this cat just put himself in one hell of a position for the next TWO drafts, 4 first round picks in the next 2 years should help Denver forget all about baby ass Cutler! As for Sexy Rexy up in Chi-town..peace and chicken grease…who’s the next flop QB from Gator Country..oh yeah that Heisman guy.

  133. Wow, even if Cutler was a stand up guy, that’s a steep price.
    Throw in the fact that he’s a big pussy, and it’s downright astronomical.

  134. I do get a kick outta the Haters.
    Peyton Manning was “thinskinned” at one point, so his brother was labbled the same. Gannon was a pain, Marino chewwed out WR’s on the way back to the huddle. Farve was a drunk at one point a gunsligger the next and a drama queen in the end. LOL, Blah Blah Blah.
    Reads, reacts, make plays, great arm.
    But you know what? Different rules for QB’s

  135. Its laughable how some of you think Draft picks are magic.
    The draft is a crap shoot 1 out 3 of those draft picks the Broncos will get MIGHT become a decent starter. A pro bowler? If they are very very lucky maybe but its rare.
    Cutler= 25 years old
    Cutler= Pro Bowler
    Think about it haters.

  136. Here cone all the nay Sayers from other teams now ha!!! We in Chicago love this deal and will be loving it even more when cutlers on the field..

  137. Did Ditka somehow get in Bears management giving up this much – utter insanity… Devin Hester ain’t Brandon Marshall…

  138. So if the Broncos draft a Chad Jackson 18th, like the Pats did a few few drafts ago, it doesn’t really matter who the draft next year huh? The Broncos history of drafting isn’t great, neither is the Bears. The New Bronco decision makers have little draft experience. So what are people expecting these two picks to pan into to replace the lose of the 25 year old pro bowl QB.
    They need to be two homeruns IMO to replace a franchice QB.
    Bowlen messed this All up by hiring a Coach without knowing what plans he may have had for his QB.
    Or perhaps blame McD for hiding his true intentions, I mean he KNEW Cassel was on the market when he interviewed for the job, did he leave out the part where he said “OH by the way, I’m definately going try to acquire Cassel once you hire me”

  139. I love all you guys trying to predict that the Bears pick next year will be a mid-20’s pick. Do you think anyone would have predicted that the Cardinals would be picking 31st this year?? And what happens if Cutler gets hurt like Brady and misses the year and the Bears end up with the #1 pick? If that happens did they give up too much? The point is….no one knows for sure where the pick will be next year!!

  140. As a life long Chicago Bears fan, this has been one of the best days as a fan in history. I live in Chicago and have been talking with plenty of people about this move and no one cares about the draft picks we’ve given up. In all honesty, look at our history in the first round….not so great! This was a huge start to the future….adding Orlando Pace was also a great move and shores up our line. We just need to focus on our receiving core through the draft and maybe add a veteran or two. What a day (and i’m sure anyone outside of Chicago can see why us Bears fans are so damn pleased….I mean come on…how many times recently have you heard of the Bears pulling something of this caliber off?!)

  141. I can’t believe some of the posts in this thread. Two mid to late round first picks (and a third) is too much for a Pro Bowler with 3 years left on his deal (and at a low base salary to boot)? Those draft picks are highly unreliable. Think about it–the Bears took Rex Grossman in that range. They took Cade McNown in that range. Any QB the Bears took there is a long shot to develop into a long term solition.
    As far as Cassell goes: 1) I would rather have Cutler and 2) the Bears don’t have to pay Cutler until they see how he develops. The Bears aren’t going to extend him until after the season, if then. KC had to give Cassell a whole bunch of money to be their QB–and he only had one year of experience under his belt.

  142. For those people trying to pretend that draft picks aren’t important, go look at the recent draft history of the perinnially good teams, like the Steelers or Colts. Look at how many of their top picks are solid contributors, or even stars.

  143. HarrisonHits says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 5:49 pm
    “Kyle Orton vs Nnamdi twice a year! LOL this chump is gonna get picked more than boogers on the set of the Little Rascals!”
    He wasn’t coached by McDaniels before. Josh took Cassell who was awful in the preseason and the few chances he had to play in previous years and hadn’t started a game since high school and won 11 games with him. Orton must be dancing the wa-hooo right about now.
    Dude, you just made me blow coke out of nose and I was laughing so hard I didn’t even care how bad it hurt. Maybe if McDaniels hadn’t been so busy walking on water he wouldn’t have Broncos fans on the verge of pining for the return of Bubby Brister.
    P.S. If McDaniels was all that great of an OC, he would have adjusted against the Giants pressure in the SB.

  144. Why do so many idiots think the Bears gave up too much? The first round draft picks are such a risk. Look at some of the Bears recent 1st round draft choices. ’95 – Rahan Salaam, ’96 – Walt Harris, ’97 – no pick, ’98 Curtis Enis, ’99 – Cade Mcnown, ’00 – Urlacher, ’01 – David Terrell, ’02 – Marc Colombo, ’03 – Michael Haynes and Rex Grossman, ’04 Tommie Harris, ’05 Cedric Benson, ;06 – no 1st, ’07 – Greg Olson, ’08 – Chris Williams. 9 bad picks in Salaam, W Harris, Enis, McNown, Terrell, Colombo, Haynes, Grossman, and Benson.(I would give all 9 of these guys for Cutler) 2 good picks in Urlacher and T Harris and 2 more picks that are TBD in Olson and C Williams. It sounds to me like the Bears got one heck of a deal especially considering they have not had a franchise QB since 1940 with Sid Luckman.

  145. It’s far too soon to tell if this is a good or bad deal for either team, although I’d give an early nod to the Donks. Cutler has the physical tools to be a good quarterback, but the guy is seriously devoid of poise. He tends to melt down when things aren’t going his way. I watched him do it twice last season against KC and Oakland, and it wasn’t pretty. But for now, it’s not a bad risk/reward gamble for either side.

  146. Shitcago…….ha ha ha ha…….. still nothing better than 8-8, be proud bears, you just got Jeff George JR to lead your team….:)

  147. EskinSux says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 7:12 pm
    02-Marc Columbo (Now a revolving door in Dallas)
    he’s a solid tackle that your precious bears couldn’t do anything about.

  148. i dont care dat dey gave up so much
    last year when coach smith announced dat kyle orton was gonna start i was happy wit dat cuz i was still mad at grossman 4 wat happened at da super bowl
    nd now dat dey traded orton 4 cutler i was excited 4 dis season
    all we need is some WRs
    i hope we kan gets some 4rm free agent nd da draft

  149. @Gub Rock says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 5:37 pm
    This is a big deal for the Bears! Now all they need is a running back, 2 wide receivers, 4 offensive linemen, 2 defensive lineman, 2 cornerbacks and 2 safeties. Good luck!!!
    a running back? seriously? a running back? you clearly didn’t watch one bears game last year. Matt Forte is an absolute Beast! I’m with you on just about everything else.

  150. THANKS DENVER!!! We’ll give it our best shot with your Pro Bowler. I hope neck beard works out for you.

  151. 2 first round picks. seems high? Culter himself is a first round pick. That leaves Denver with 1 first round net and a third. And Orton. Bears get 5th round. Overall – great move by lethargic Bears!

  152. “For those people trying to pretend that draft picks aren’t important, go look at the recent draft history of the perinnially good teams, like the Steelers or Colts. Look at how many of their top picks are solid contributors, or even stars. ”
    Ummm look how many teams Dont draft well…
    ie the Broncos and Bears

  153. “he’s a solid tackle that your precious bears couldn’t do anything about. ”
    Eskin’s an Eagirls fan.

  154. jpyetman says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 8:14 pm
    “For those people trying to pretend that draft picks aren’t important, go look at the recent draft history of the perinnially good teams, like the Steelers or Colts. Look at how many of their top picks are solid contributors, or even stars. ”
    Ummm look how many teams Dont draft well…
    ie the Broncos and Bears
    Well, now the Bears don’t have many picks to draft poorly with the next couple of years, and if the Broncos can’t manage to put together a decent draft with all those picks then the merits of this trade won’t matter.
    All I was trying to say was that there are definitely great players available in the mid-to-late range of round one.

  155. Hey, remember when Marc Colombo gave up 6 sacks against the Giants? No wait, that was 2007 second round draft pick Winston Justice, a guy that’s going to be hard-pressed to make the 2009 Eagirls roster, and the reason why the Eagirls had to resort to picking up a Bengals castoff that had reconstructive knee surgery in January at a huuuuuge price to fill their offensive tackle needs after William Thomas and Jon Runyan ran away screaming like their hair was on fire.
    Want some perspective? Colombo gave up 5.5 sacks in 16 games last season. Stacy Andrews gave up 9 in 15 games.

  156. julian2424 says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 7:59 pm
    i dont care dat dey gave up so much
    last year when coach smith announced dat kyle orton was gonna start i was happy wit dat cuz i was still mad at grossman 4 wat happened at da super bowl
    nd now dat dey traded orton 4 cutler i was excited 4 dis season
    all we need is some WRs
    i hope we kan gets some 4rm free agent nd da draft
    how like old are you kuz you seem 2b like 14 wil u brb after jonas bros vid

  157. Bill Wade was a pretty good QB for da bears…he too was a Vanderbilt guy. Just a trivial bit…
    Chicago will have 3 Vanderbilt players now…really weird.

  158. Is this why Jerrah gave him 7 million for two years…….But gave arizona castoff Leonard Davis 49 million?….Damn…They must think he is great

  159. Vox:
    Romo had 14 INTs last year and McNabb had 11 (most in 2 games).
    Barber: CAR 238, YDS 885,AVG 3.7, TDS 7
    Westbrook: CAR 233, YDS 936, AVG 4.0, TDS 9
    Hmmm The barbarian lost out to the guy with the hurt vag.
    Congrats to the Broncos for getting a better QB in Orton then Tony Romo.

  160. Wow great shades of another historically stupid trade. Do I smell a “Hershel Walker” trade that will disable the Bears for years. Awesome deal Denver!!

  161. Gotta give Angelo credit for growing some balls, even if he paid too much. Face it, as a Vikes fan, I’d rather face Orton Twice a year than Cutler. A guy with that arm strength is perfet for Soldier Field. However, it’s going to be tough building the guy a team and finding offensive weapons without any draft picks.

  162. The Bears will actually have 4 Vanderbilt players. Hunter Hillenmeyer also went there.

  163. whateve moron said that chad jackson was the 18 pick, dont come come on here. he may have been a bust, but he was a second round pick, and mcdaniels didnt make that choice, pioli and bb did…idiot…your as bad as a guy who i heard at the celts sunday, and i quote”I cant believe how many minutes that rivers is giving rondo, he never uses rookies.” YEAH, HE SAID THAT, AND HE WAS DEAD SERIOUS. HOW DO YOU CALL YOURSELF A FAN? MORONS……

  164. “Is this why Jerrah gave him 7 million for two years…….But gave arizona castoff Leonard Davis 49 million?”
    Actually, last December, Colombo signed a contract extension that runs through 2012. But I wouldn’t expect you to know that. Or be able to find the info out on the internet. Just so you know, those 5.5 sacks were not only fewer than Stacy Andrews, it was also fewer than Runyan and Thomas gave up.
    “Congrats to the Broncos for getting a better QB in Orton then Tony Romo.”
    Congrats to you for not knowing the difference between “then” and “than”, Smush.

  165. Hey Sux, what do you think about the Eagirls giving a $42 million contract to a guy that gave up 9 sacks (only 5 guys in the entire NFL gave up more) and just had major reconstructive knee surgery in January? I think he’s gonna have a lot of fun trying to block Tuck, Umenyiora, Ware, and Ellis.

  166. just tuned in. looks to me like the bears got took.
    i wonder if the broncos offered to (also) kiss jerry…
    no way veal cutlet is worth all that. orton did better than cutlet did last year, and always has, actually… and he knows what ‘restraint’ is.

  167. Actually…..i just google Dallas under the word underacheivers…..and Bam…….. Dallas Cowboy Salaries…..i don’t really have to figure it out……it’s on TV every sunday

  168. “Congrats to the Broncos for getting a better QB in Orton then Tony Romo.”
    Can I get some of what you are on please? It must be fantastic!
    Chicago probably got fleeced in this deal. Unless they find a head coach that will be able to handle Cutler (Lovie isn’t the right guy) and an offensive coordinator that has the talent to scheme for and correctly utilize the weapon that Cutler is he won’t be able to produce enough to justify giving that much up and he will eventually become a locker room problem.
    I’m a Lion’s fan and I really would have loved to have Cutler throwing the deep ball to Megatron here, but that price is unacceptable for a guy that you know is going to ask for a new high $ long term deal as soon as he gets off of the plane. And this is the same guy that has demonstrated that he doesn’t have the greatest leadership or people skills. How many Broncos came out in the media to defend Jay during this whole thing? When the owners leaked concerns about “the amount of drinking Jay does” that was dirty pool, and if he was better liked, then someone would have stuck up for him.
    As a trade I believe that this is the antithesis of a Herschel Walker trade in that it makes both teams worse. Denver now doesn’t have a legitimate starting QB and Chicago now has a QB that they have no weapons for and not the slightest idea of how to properly use. Add to that the fact that Chicago has blown out their draft picks for this year and eliminated a first round pick for next year. At least Denver can fix the lack of QB. Blowing up tour draft in the NFL is suicide.

  169. Oh….and Vox…remind me again……how Wade is 70-49 in the regular season….0-4 or 5 in the playoffs…….BUT Bill Cowler will be the Cowboys coach in 2009….and i quote….”Bank on it”…….

  170. Yes..that 44-6 debacle……Ware was unblockable..Damn…wait…..did he play…..Maybe he was on the IR

  171. Yeah I make predictions and some of them don’t pan out. You, on the other hand, just follow me around and sling shit like a retarded monkey and hope that something sticks.
    Eagirl fans have a lot of ‘nads to be calling someone else “underachievers”.

  172. You hang your hat on that one game, Sux. It’s all you have. Enjoy the trophy.

  173. jpyetman has some great points. I agree with him.
    For you haters:
    I think from now on before you post in this thread you should state who your favorite team starting qb is. If he is not better than Cutler and your gonna hate on him, then you obviously have no clue.
    Stop and think.

  174. Why are you so confident in Wade?……..When you predicted Cowler will be the coach in 2009……After your ass whipping sabbitcal…of you remember making this bold prediction?

  175. Holy shit Sux, the dead horse called, it’s asking you to stop beating it.
    And it’s “Cowher”, dummy. Don’t hate because your very Eagirl-like fear of making a mistake only allow you to snipe from the sidelines like the pissant that you are. 90% of what you post is directed at me.

  176. Come on Sux, fling some more shit. It’s not going to get rid of that huge inferiority complex that you have, but at least it’ll keep you off the streets.

  177. Hell dude……Zero of your predictions have panned out…you’re a jackass every time you open your mouth….much less predictions you try to convice bloggers are facts……….

  178. if ever i saw a retarted monkey…….after you’re lame ass rebuttal……at least i know the signs…..

  179. “Congrats to the Broncos for getting a better QB in Orton then Tony Romo.”
    Can I get some of what you are on please? It must be fantastic!
    Sure. Their numbers are not that different. Look at the talent that Orton had to play with compared to Tony. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say he is better. They are probably about even. Next year, Orton’s numbers will be better THAN Romo’s. And as Vox would say, you can bank on it.

  180. Isn’t ronmexico or dandydodgerobo….or whatever that queer ass name available this this the equalivent of pro bono work?

  181. @ screamingidio
    Don’t worry about us Raiders fans Scream. We may have hated him before, but we sure do love him now. I hope the Bears kick ass with him this up coming season.
    Lower that draft pick Jay, lower that pick, man!

  182. screamingidiot says:
    For you haters:
    I think from now on before you post in this thread you should state who your favorite team starting qb is. If he is not better than Cutler and your gonna hate on him, then you obviously have no clue.
    I’m a Dolphin fan. Pennington starting for them is irrelevant, and so is whether or not Cutler is better than him. What IS relevant is that Parcells and company would never drop all those draft picks in a trade for a whiny, sub .500 quarterback.
    Cutler couldn’t pilot the Broncos to the top of a WEAK AFC West with guys like Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal…what’s he going to do with Marty Booker?

  183. “Hell dude……Zero of your predictions have panned out”
    Point is at least I have the balls to make predictions, dunce. You’re nothing but a Vox groupie. You add nothing to 100% of the discussions that you choose to fling shit in. You were funnier when you were counting my posts.
    By the way, I’ve always been right every time I’ve predicted that the Eagirls wouldn’t win the Super Bowl. I’m predicting it for the 40th year in a row.

  184. Fuuny thing is…….All this about an inane comment about Marc Columbo..but the lame ass cowboy fans took it personal……..and talked about inferiority complexes……..Do you schleps realize you justified the entire banter…you hold dear?………..asswipes

  185. “if ever i saw a retarted monkey”
    It’s “retarded”, retard. And CowHer. Not CowLer.
    And smush…
    “Sure. Their numbers are not that different.”
    Romo 94.7 career passer rating
    McNabb 85.9 career passer rating
    Orton 71.1 career passer rating
    Pretty different. McNabb’s closer to Orton than Romo.

  186. Remember that SI cover with Saints Head Coach Ditka in a tux and Ricky Williams in a wedding dress? Superimpose Lovie and Cutler on their bodies.

  187. Griese, Cutler……let’s see if Plummer can be coaxed out of retirement to be the backup.

  188. How correct were you in predicting the crushing eagles defeat?…remember that……just a reglar season game…..Vegas must adore you……Lets face facts, your purpose in life is to blog….spell check all you want bitch, and do my laundry as well……like i care…anyway….I hope you paid the PSL and have great seats in Dallas……though i doubt it. Give smush his props, season ticket holder, like me who is a true fan and not one living in another city…..and how is 71 closer to 85 as comapred to 94……too funny……

  189. Bears give up two first-round
    draft picks, a third-round pick,
    a Pontiac G-6 sedan (via Oprah),
    53 XXXXXL size Obama T-shirts,
    a copy of The Blues Brothers (on VHS),
    a model of the Sears building, crafted
    out of Keilbasa, 2 Mike Ditka pogs,
    and a half a book of green stamps.
    Oh, and something
    –possibly a posable Star Wars figurine–
    called an ‘orton’ (?!?)

  190. “All this about an inane comment about Marc Columbo”
    You misspelled “idiotic”. You’re new to this whole football thing, right? Nevermind. It was a rhetorical question. I’ll let you have the last word since you’re so big on small victories.

  191. The Bears gave up WAY too much for a mediocre QB (87.1 career QB rating), with a losing career record (17-20) and zero playoff experience. Great job Chicago, you could have went to your local Wal-Mart and purchased some Massengill for only a few bucks. I hope the Bears have some money left over to buy plenty of pacifiers for their new emo QB.

  192. treydogg97 says:
    April 2nd, 2009 at 5:40 pm
    New steer for Jared Allen. Fantastic.
    Give it rest Viking fans, if MN signed Cutler this web-site would br loaded with Viking fans self-procaliming themselves champions and the greaste team ever. I love the fact that the Bears are now the premier team and will get all the hype because of this and the Viking s wont. It must just kill you guys right now and we all over the NFL are LOVING it…

  193. Am I the only one in America who seems to remember the Bears going 9-7 last season not 8-8 like everyone else seems to think. Including Mark Schlereth and a host of posters and analyists. Was anyone paying attention?

  194. Everybody keeps talking about how much Chicago gave up to get Cutler. Draft picks are important but it’s the amount that you have that is more important, chicago still has seven picks this season, including their 2nd rd pick, a third rounder they got in compensation for losing Bernard Berrian and an extra fifth that they acquired in the denver trade. Jerry Angelo has shown that he tends to have more success drafting from the second through the sixth round, his track record is as good or better than any other personell manager in the NFL, his first round picks haven’t been so hot however, especially on the offensive side of the football. Sometimes it pays off to be aggressive how important will that first round pick be if Chicago makes a return to the Super Bowl. Remember this team was 9-7 last year and their offense was much improved over years past, they managed to BLOW four games and had a few others that they were in control of become struggles, largely because the offense was decent but wildly inconsistent. The difference between Orton and Cutler is that a NFL defensive coordinator never has to worry about Orton beating them by himself with a lights out game (if it happens it’s just a career day) but you have to worry about that with Cutler every time he touches the field. Don’t be suprised if Chicago makes a play for Holt or Harrison now as well, I have a feeling that Angelo is making his big push, he feel’s that the window is open and the talent is there now it’s time to put it over the top. I mean for god’s sake the Cardinals played a avg Pittsburgh team in the Super Bowl this year. Good trade whether it works out or not, you can’t fault Bears GM for trying to upgrade a position that Chicago hasn’t had stability at since Sid Luckman.

  195. ARE YOU SERIOUS? the bears just became the best team in the NFC. they won 9 games with ORTON. think about that for more than a minute. he’s as good as moses moreno. this is the greatest day in chicago sports history.

  196. The Bears will continue to suck in 2009. Adding Cutler does nothing. I see the Bears finishing 6-10. Cutler will lose more games for them than they will win. By the end of the season, Bears fans will be wishing they had Rex Grossman to blame the losses on. How can anyone be sold on Cutler? People are calling him a franchise QB…Why? Because he was taking after Leinart and Young in the draft? The only thing he has done to a franchise is prove what a total bitch he is. I will enjoy seeing him roughed up by the Vikings, Packers, and Lions twice a year. Good Luck Bears! I love how they are claiming Super Bowl…As if Cutler was the missing link. LOL

  197. Kingcrab50……..You call a 12-4 Steelers team with the league’s #1 defense average? They had the toughest schedule in the league and finished 12-4…..that is not average! I’d love to hear you try and defend your ridiculous claim.

  198. @ lilraider:
    The Bears did not want Cassel and obviously the Bears are the only team desperate enough to give up that much for a perceived above average QB when in all actuality he is average…
    Joke about Fred Taylor and Shawn Springs all you want, the Pats will still be a hell of a lot more competative than your Raiders.

  199. So here’s the thing that boggles my mind: what started all of this was that the Broncos wanted to replace Cutler with Cassel. Cassel AND Vrabel gets only a second round pick, while Cutler, who was deemed not as good for the Broncos as Cassel garners two first round picks, a third and a (bad) starting QB.
    I think the Cutler deal only throws more really bad light on Belichick for making a horrendous deal. Perhaps Pioli truly was the brains of the operation in New England.

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