Broncos Want Two First-Rounders For Cutler

The guy who was supposed to be the Broncos’ franchise quarterback is getting the franchise player treatment. 
According to ESPN (via the Tampa Tribune), the Broncos want two first-round picks for quarterback Jay Cutler.
The Broncos also have informed interested teams that getting a quarterback in exchange isn’t a necessity.
So who’ll play quarterback for the Broncos?  Chris Simms?  Jeff Garcia?  Jake Plummer?
Good luck, Josh McDaniels.

146 responses to “Broncos Want Two First-Rounders For Cutler

  1. That should rule the Browns out in this deal, and thank goodness for it. If Mangini plays his cards correctly, he’ll wait until some dolt agrees to that ransom, and trade away Derek Anderson to one of the teams that won, er, lost the Cutler Crybaby sweepstakes. Sell him as a poor man’s Cutler that’s more mature (albeit not much), and you’ll find a taker.

  2. The Lions have two first rounders. Seems like money well spent. Mayhew, push that ‘Accept Trade’ button. Push it with your finger.

  3. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. They trade a young pro bowl QB because he doesn’t fit their offense, and now they don’t care what QB they get in return? What’s the point of trading Cutler then? Why make such a big deal about the offensive philosophy and how Cutler might not be smart enough to handle it when you are willing to take any QB in return? They really should have kept Shanahan, what a mess.

  4. 2 first rounders huh? I never realized a quarterback with a losing record was so valuable.

  5. If the Broncos get two 1st rounders for Cutler the Pats got ripped off and the Cheifs got the biggest steal in NFL history. This isnt going to happen. I guess McDaniels loves him somme Stafford/Sanchez because he has absolutley no backup plan. Sorry McD, youre in over your head here.

  6. haha they poked Cutler’s eyes hahahaha
    As for the “getting a quarterback in exchange isn’t a necessity” part, with 2 extra #1’s to go along with the 9 picks they have in this draft, they would have a lot of flexibility personnel-wise. Still almost 4 months to training camp. Only I don’t think anybody but Snyder is dumb enough to give up 2 firsts for Cutler.

  7. And I want to plant some trees in my yard, one that grows money, the other that grows doughnuts.
    And that has more chance of happening than getting two number ones.

  8. HAHAHA:
    Funniest thing ever! 2 first round picks for a sissy, lying, mental case? good luck Broncos!

  9. two first rounders for a whiny little b*tch who hasnt won sh*t??
    As a Giants fan, I will be the first to admit that Eli can look down right goofy and gomer pile-esque at times. But goddamn, Jay Cutler is an ugly goofy looking mofo. Dude has a turkey neck and the passionate glare of a fat old cow. No wonder half the league already hates him. I hope the Skins pick him up so Tuck Osi and Canty can beat the ugly outta him…if that is even possible.

  10. yeaaa 2 first rounders and a lifetime supply of pampers since hes the biggest crybaby ever

  11. And the price of two first rounders is gonna be about $100 million. This is getting better and better. You’re looking at a decade of digging out of this hole.

  12. 2 1st rounders for a franchise QB? Any day of the week. Look, it takes 1 1st rounder to get the QB if you are doing it the old fashioned way. The second 1st is what you are paying for the de-risking. You are telling me the Lions wouldn’t give up their 2nd 1st rounder if it meant that drafting Stafford with the 1st pick would insure he is the franchise qb for the next 8 years?

  13. If I were Detroit right now, I’d offer the first overall pick of this draft. If I’m Detroit, I don’t want this pick anyway, it’s overrated and the players aren’t worth the type of money you’d have to dedicate to them anyway. This frees up the Broncos to draft Stafford or Sanchez. Detroit still has Dallas’s 1st rounder (I think #20). I got news for Denver, they aren’t getting two first rounders for a disgruntled quarterback who doesn’t want to play there. Also, Florio, please stop blaming everything on Josh McDaniels, where is the General Manager in all of this… you know, that guy in charge of player/personnel decisions.

  14. 2 first-rounders? rofl, yeah right.
    cutler is a good QB, but not worth TWO first-round picks. that’s just absurd. any team that pays that price deserves to be mired in a string of bad drafts…

  15. Well wouldnt this seemingly put Washington out of this talk considering they only have one first round pick?
    Even with all of the talk of Redskins landing him, I think its a long shot. Only thing I can figure is if Skins give up there 13th pick and trade campbell for another draft pick which they will not likely get a first rounder for him so either way it seems Washington does not have enough “Ammo” to get the deal done! If this turns out to be the case, let the Jason Campbell drama begin!!!

  16. Well that leaves the Niner’s out. They aren’t dumb enough for that… The deadskins will be, though.

  17. Anybody that doesnt think cutler is worth 2 1st rounders is insane, the reason why cassel was only had for a 2nd rounder is he has no upside, he went 11-5 for pats which looks good but they had easiest schedule in NFL, they also came off a year with greatest offense ever. They also would have been much better if he wasnt missing moss wide open deep by 15 yards, hes a flawed qb, will prob have career like pennington.

  18. Ha ha ha, oh wait, this was on April 2nd and not and April Fools joke? I mean c’mon, they’re expecting 2 first rounders? He’s good, he’s not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning good. I would trade a starting QB and a first rounder for him, but for teams that are trying to rebuild aka Det, Tampa, Seattle, etc. asking for 2 future starters (maybe really good ones) is an awful lot. I still like a 3 team trade scenario. If Washington wants to give up that much for him all the more power, but I really don’t think they will end up getting that much.
    BTW, if anyone thinks Det. is willing to trade their 2 first rounders: first, they would never do that, and second, Den. has already come out and said that they don’t want the number 1 overall due to financial responsibilities.

  19. Two First Round Picks!!! Are they Crazy????
    The Vikings would much keep their picks and choose another Troy Williamson (#7 in 2005), Erasmus James (#18 in 2005) or maybe their best #1 choice ever Demitrius Underwood.
    Don’t do it Vikings!! Draft picks are too valuable! You’ll get another franchise QB with a 3rd round pick or maybe he’s already on your roster and everyone else in the football world just doesn’t see what you see in Jackson and Sage.
    Fran Tarkington was the last Franchise QB the Vikes had (Kramer was decent but a drunk….Culpepper had a great season but he also had seriously small hands and fumble-itis….Cunningham was a perfect QB except for the small little thing he had of cracking under pressure in playoff games….Moon was great but was already old when the Vikes got him…Wade Wilson and Brad Johnson…now their were Franchise QB’s we let get away!
    I believe in Jackson….AND Sage!!!! Please don’t trade away those valuable first round picks for one of the best young QB’s in the league. Don’t do it. As a loyal fan of the Vikings I can only say we are used to NEVER winning the big game and never even getting their. How could we ever cope if we actually won the big game. Heart attacks of many long time fans would be on your hands Childress and Wilf. We could NEVER, EVER forgive you for that!
    So, one last time….DO NOT PULL THE TRIGGER ON THIS DEAL. The price of success is just to high.

  20. As a Pats fan, I understand where McD is coming from. Accuracy is better than power. You need the QB to be a leader, to be coachable, and be accurate. Cuttler is none of these. The darkhorse is 3rd-4th round Nate Davis of Ball St. He has learnd from the same QB coach as Tom Brady. He has alot of the same qualities as Brady and can make more throws with accuracy than Stafford. In two years I expect Davis to be the best QB of this weak weak class.

  21. OK, just to make it clear, since almost everybody is starting their post with the same question:
    Yes, the asking price is 2 first rounders according to the article. You don’t have to keep asking.
    He’s definitely worth the 2 first rounders to the right team. Think about how many first round quarterbacks have failed recently. At least with Cutler you’re going to get somebody who can play.
    And all this crap about him being a whiny little bitch, he’s only pissed off because the situation is not going according to Bus Cook’s plan. He probably didn’t want any of this to happen, but Cook had to get greedy.

  22. I think the reason they don’t need a qb in return in the eventual trade is the Broncos already have another trade for a qb lined up. It could be with the Patriots for qb Kevin O’Connell. McDaniels is familiar with him having coached him with the Pats and he knows the new system McDaniels is putting in place in Denver, also the Pats had an early 2nd round grade on O’Connell when he was drafted last year. So McDaniels probably see O”Connell as already ahead of the qb’s coming out this year. The possible trade could be for a 2nd round pick and Pats and Broncos switch picks in the first round (not the #12 pick but a newly acquired 1st rounder, Jets #17?). I know this scenario is a reach but think it through and it makes some sense.

  23. wow…….. but they tried to give him away for cassel and a draft choice……….. can’t have it both ways………. someone check if Mckiddie coach is smoking crack pipes and has a meth lab in his office lmao….. the browns want 4 superbowl rings too, but you think we can just demand it lol…………. teams arent gonna gve up 1st rounders like candy canes on xmas morning

  24. Alright most of you are complete idiots, they aren’t looking to get two first round picks this year. They are looking to get someone’s first round pick this year and their first round pick next year. Otherwise they’d only be able to trade with detroit and philly(being the only two teams with two 1st rounders).

  25. @ robertj:
    It doesnt necessarly mean 2 first round picks this year. If that was the case there would only be 2 options: Detroit and Philly. Washington is known for giving away future picks, so they could give their #13 this year and their first rounder next year. Only problem with this is McDaniels wont be there next year so he needs help NOW.
    My guess is Skins trade Campbell for a second rounder, then give their first and second rounds this year. Thats the best the Broncos can ask for because no team other than the Skins is dumb enough to give even that much. The Redskins will never learn, they have 4 picks this year and could possibly be giving up their first rounder next year. You cannot BUY a team, you must BUILD one. God Im glad I’m a Steelers fan.

  26. Anyone remember the Skins offering 2 first for freaking OchoCinco? Yea…i figure the same will be ok for Cutler

  27. It’s hilarious that after botching this thing left and right, the Broncos would puff out their chests and act like they’re still in control of the situation. They’ve already come out and said Cutler will be traded. The owner all but called Cutler a liar with the “we have the phone records” stuff.
    Hey morons, what happens if/when no team offers you 2 first round picks? You’re not going to keep Cutler, that’s for sure. You’re going to trade him to whoever gives you the best offer.
    And if it’s less than two first rounders, this is going to be yet another log on the fire as everyone points and laughs at you.

  28. the only way that they are going to get two first rounders is with a three way deal; there is no way that they would take on the financial burden the #1 and #20 picks would force.
    I could see a team like tamba bay, or any of the other speculative partners, sending their first this year and first next year to philadelphia for their two number ones this year and then in turn shipping those two number ones to denver for cutler.

  29. Speaking of Favre and Bus Cook…. So, this situation opens the door for Favre to become a Bronco this season. That’s the secret reason the Broncos don’t require a QB in return
    (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Favre’s evil plan is coming together once again!)

  30. Best possible trade for Detroit would be to give their overall #1 and the 33rd in exchange for Cutler – if they could get the Broncos to accept that this would be the steal of the century…

  31. Jay Cutler is this generation’s Jeff George (cannon arm/pain in the ass for coaches and teammates to have around/a Pro Bowl QB, but not a playoff QB/etc.).

  32. Hey Vox didn’t I see you on an episode of “To Catch a Predator”

  33. Has anyone here ever negotiated anything before? A house, a car? (For some of you – to get a “date” with an actual woman?)
    The Bronco’s have established a ceiling – 2 first round picks.
    Will they get it – who knows? But they would take it if offered.
    They will most likely settle for something less – but if they asked for 1 first round pick, it is unlikely someone would have offered a first and a third….

  34. I just don’t see the Lions pulling off this trade. I refuse to believe that the Broncos would be willing to accept the first overall pick as compensation. Knowing the kind of QB McD wants, he’s more likely to covet Sanchez then Stafford. With already having the 12th overall pick, and if Sanchez is the Broncos target, they should be able to move up on draft day to snag him at a much lower cost.
    So, if the Lions are the trade partners, they would have to ship the 20th overall pick as one of the 1st rounders demanded by the Broncos. But they still have the 1st overall selection, at which point they would take their highest rated LT (sorry, not buying a LB that is not an elite pass rusher as the 1st overall pick. I think Curry is phenomenal, and will be a probowl LB, but you can’t use that pick on him)
    So now you have your franchise LT and franchise QB. The LT will be receiving north of $30M in guarantees, and Cutler has been openly wanting a contract extention. That will be at least another $30M in guarantees and probably higher (think Marc Bulger contract plus 2 years of NFL inflation and Cutler/Cook’s arrogance).
    The Lions are a dreadful dreadful team. And on paper having your QB and LT locked up, seems ideal, I think the finances doesn’t make it a viable move. Only the Redskins can justify having 80% of the cap space on a few players.
    This is just another example on why having that 1st overall pick is more of a detriment to a team’s rebuilding process then a luxary.

  35. If the selling price for Matt Schaub was a 1st and two 2nds, and the selling price for Jeff George was two first round picks in consecutive years, then this would seem to be about market price for a quarterback of Cutler’s ability at this point of his career.
    They wouldn’t necessarily have to be 1sts in the same year.
    And no, the #1 overall pick is not worth two #1s.
    Either Tampa or Detroit will pay that price.

  36. OK, Josh – I’ve been on your side throughout this whole thing, even though you bobbled the situation a little bit. But now I’m out. 2 first-round picks for this quarterback who is still relatively untested? (Pro Bowl blah blah blah, I know, so what, what has Cutler really done on the big stage?) Nah, sorry McDaniels, but I think this is a rookie HC mistake.

  37. 2 first round picks means one this year and one next year..
    this would be a amazing opportunity for the lions. denver does not want the 1st overall, deal them the 20th in the first round, ist round next year, then draft jason smith at #1.

  38. Who is working these angles?
    1. The rumors of Cutler’s “lifestyle” issues, and the role they might play in the Bronco’s willingness to keep Cutler. I just started hearing that there have been off field issues since day one and that, with his diabetes makes it even worse.
    2. Whether those rumors are substantiated by fact, or are being propogated by a team who wants to reduce the trade value of Cutler.
    3. What is Pat Bowlen smoking if he thinks he can get two first rounders for this diabetic malcontent with a career win pct. < .500?

  39. If you are the Jets, Bears, or Bucs you are going to have to trade up, way up to get one of the top 3 qb’s this year. Stafford is going to the Lions at #1 and Sanchez is going #4 to the Seahawks if the 49ers don’t trade up to #3 to get him. That leaves Josh Freeman the only one left as of pick #5 and there is no way he will last to #17 (Jets). So it would probably take 2 first rounders to get into position to draft one of the top 3 qb’s anyway. the Broncos are going to end up with at least 2 first rounders. My prediction is the Jets will give up their 1st and 2nd this year and their 1st and 3rd next year to get Cutler. the Jets need him the most (to sell tix in the new stadium) and they would do a deal like this because they are the Jets!

  40. The people saying that the Broncos are backed into a corner kill me–the kid is under contract.
    He has *no* leverage. None. He can’t block a trade. And if they don’t get what they want, they can sit on him and make him stew–which, considering how pissed the normally mild-mannered, conflict-averse Pat Bowlen seems to be, is a viable option. They aren’t going to give away a player who, even though he’s a flippin’ head case, has all the talent in the world.
    For the record, what was Jeff George traded for? That’s correct. Two firsts and a second. Jon Gruden? Two firsts and two seconds. A poster correctly stated that the Eagles were offering a pair of firsts for Chad OchoCinco just last year–and that’s at a dependent position.
    So keep thinking that it’s not possible, by all means.
    I’d be satisfied with Detroit’s second 1st (#20) and first second (#33.) That’s about the same value. Besides, this draft isn’t top-heavy with talent. The goods are in the lower first-through-third rounds.

  41. This might sound crazy but I think the bears would give up 2 first round picks. They haven’y had a quarterback for years. Signing Orlando Pace and the offensive lineman last week shows they are up to something. Plus they could keep Orton if 2 picks is all they want.

  42. If I’m the Vikings I do it in a heartbeat. But bottom line is McDaniels screwed this up big time.

  43. So many people posting are either ignorant or dumb. They aren’t expecting to get 2 first rounders, they’re asking for 2 first rounders. That gives them something called bargaining leverage, as they give up what they want, they get more from the other teams that offer less and meet in the middle.
    A top 10 QB with 3 years left under a very reasonable contract is nice. Most people don’t realize when you make a trade, you aren’t just trading for the player, but his contract as well.

  44. This could explain the talk of Washington trying to trade Campbell separate from a deal for Cutler–they have to get that second pick in the 1st round because Denver doesn’t want him either.

  45. In what way is this clown considered a “franchise” QB?
    Is it the sub .500 record, the zero playoff appearances, or the 18 interceptions?

  46. Jeff George will be the next QB! I mean if he could win a super bowl in Minnesota, imagine what he could do in Denver…..

  47. Psssst– Hey everyone. They don’t *really* want two firsts. They want to cut the lowballs.
    When you buy a car, do you tell the sales guy the maximum price you’re willing to pay? Do they tell you the least they’ll take for it right off the bat?
    They’re probably looking for a 1 & 3, or maybe 1 and (2) 4’s.

  48. I don’t think they intend to trade Cutler. This is all intended in some bizarre fashion to repair the relationship between Little Hitler ( McDaniels ) and his quarterback scorned. Hey is the demand for two first rounders realistic? I don’t think even Snyder would pay that price. Hey they have Cutler talking now even if it’s to the press. Could it be that the Broncos intend to use the media to communicate with Cutler in the third person?

  49. Yeeeeeah…riiiight…good luck getting (2) 1st rounders. By the way, we need you to work on Saturday. Greeeat.

  50. For Cutler, we would like two first rounders.
    And Two Chickens in every pot.
    And World Peace.
    And Ponies for all the Kids in Colorado!

  51. Two first rounders for Jay? So it really was an April Fools joke, they didn’t to trade him at all. He is barely worth one first rounder right now.
    For detroit fans, I wouldn’t be so excited to give away your 2 first rounders for Jay. Giving away one in a three way trade would be great for you, but not two, you need to build around him if you get him. And giving away two first rounders would not be a very good start.

  52. There have been many average QBs in the NFL that have had a year where they put up numbers that look amazing. It happen that QBs team defense can’t stop anybody and he is forced to play from behind the vast majority of the time and has no choice but to pass. Cutler is a barely average QB with a losing record. Denver should be happy with anything they can get for him, though I’ve followed the NFL long enough to know that some idiot team will take a stupid risk and pay that ridiculous price and end up setting their team back for a nimber of years. That’s why great teams like the Pats, Steelers and Colts are always at the top of the pile, because they don’t make stupid personnel decisions.

  53. You guys must be completely stupid. What makes you think a team won’t give a 1st this year and a 1st next year? It’s not two first round picks this year. Two firsts for an All-Pro caliber QB isn’t too much to ask for. I bet the Broncos get even more than two first round picks.
    Teams who have had a carousel of starting QBs are salivating at the chance on acquiring stability at the QB position in Cutler. Those teams are the ones actively pursuing Cutler. You can take a gamble on a QB in the draft, and hope he becomes the next Matt Ryan, or you trade for a YOUNG high caliber QB. It’s not like Jay Cutler is 30 and his career is winding down.
    As a Cowboys fan, I’m hoping he doesn’t land with the Redskins. I would not look forward to playing Cutler two times a year, atleast.

  54. To all those who think two first rounders will never happen, I give you the Roy Williams trade. Look what Dallas paid for a stiff WR, who is apparently too stupid to learn the playbook, did nothing on the field, but STILL had the balls to call out their legitimate All Pro TE in the press. Sure, it wasn’t two number ones, but if Dallas paid that much for Detroit’s crap, Cutler can get Denver two number ones. All it takes is one owner who’s a jackass. And the League has more than one of those.

  55. Best deal for Cutler will come from Detroit.
    Two first rounders – 20th pick in 2009 (from the Roy Williams trade) and the 1st rounder for 2010, and maybe on of the two third round picks that Detroit possesses.
    The Lions will use the 1st overall on one of the OTs out there.

  56. i cannot believe everyone here does not realize that the Broncos are not asking for 2 first rounders this year. In fact, they could not even use both the Lions 1st this year. that would give them 3 1st round picks. Economically it would not work.
    They want a one this year and a one next year.

  57. Two first rounders was fair till the Hoodie sent Cassel to his boy in KC for a ham sandwich. Now Denver will be lucky to get a first and maybe a conditional mid-round pick.

  58. All I can say is J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, they don’t need a QB then the jets could easily get him, and the Jets told the Broncos that they want in and since they don’t have a QB to give they could just give 2 first rounders, plus, first rounders demand a lot of money so they can help to stay under the cap by giving away 2 first rounders, and get a bonified franchise QB you can’t beat that!!!!!
    GO JETS….

  59. Ah, Denver finally realizes that it’s potent ground game and solid defense make the QB position irrelevant. Oh wait….

  60. @jmikeh
    I agree, the Broncos want to keep Cutler. Otherwise they would have made it known that they would take a sensible trade. Not sure WTH they were thinking in this whole thing anyway. Why jump from the platform without first making sure there is water in the pool?

  61. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the first team to ask about Jay Cutler, and it has been reported that the Glaziers fired Jon Gruden due to the instability at the position. They gave up two 1st round picks for Keyshawn Johnson years ago, and they will pull the trigger for a Pro Bowl QB. The franchise has never had a offensive line like the one they have now, and the addition of Jay Cutler and Kellen Winslow Jr. would make their off season a success.

  62. i thought the going rate was a second rounder and a washed up linebacker (see cassel deal for precedent).

  63. may be i am high on this one, vikings give Denver their first round pick, eagles give one of their first round picks, cuttler goes to the eagles, mcnabb, is shipped to the vikings, may be the vikings throw in Chester taylor if thier number one is not enough

  64. “Hey Vox didn’t I see you on an episode of “To Catch a Predator” ”
    No but you may have seen me in the new series “How to Make an Eagirl Fan Obsess Over You”

  65. Well, Cutler crossed the line and the Broncos do as they should in not backing down.
    All McDaniels needs is a seventh rounder with two healthy knees and one healthy shoulder:-)

  66. I guess if you want to know about trash, there’s no better person you can ask than a Giants fan.

  67. Not just two first rounders… It will be two first rounders and half you salary cap after cutler wants his new deal…

  68. The only one dumb enough to give Denver two #1’s is Daniel Snyder….and Matt Millen.
    If I was Detroit, I’d try give him the #1 OR the #20 straight up.
    The #20 and a 4th next year, or the #33 and a 3rd. That’s it.
    They have waaaaaayyyyy to many holes on defense to give up a shitload of picks.

  69. Maybe the Broncos are requesting two first round picks and stipulating that a qb is not a necessity because there is hesitation to trade Cutler.
    Maybe cooler heads are prevailing now and Cutler stays a Bronco.

  70. So Denver wouldn’t want Detroit’s #1 pick because of the buttload of money it would command to that draft pick? And they want two first rounders? Possible solution: Detroit sends their 20th and 33rd picks (top of the second round is practically late first round anyway), and possibly a late round selection for Cutler. It’s not a bad deal for either team. That way the Lions could target an OL with the first overall pick, or perhaps trade down and still get even more picks, and still get a QB to build their team around. I’m sure Detroit would love to trade the first overall pick, though, seeing as it is too high for Michael Crabtree haha j/k. Also, Denver would get what they want and have a ton of picks at their disposal.

  71. And those 2 first rounders go from Denver to KC in a “wink-nod” pre-draft deal. Denver ends up with the man they want in Sanchez.
    KC gets more depth.

  72. Wow, half the league should be banging on Denver’s door right now. If they can get a top 10 and franchise QB for 2 first round draft picks…they’ll be set for 10 years. Half the first round picks up being crap anyhow and if you can get a proven, young franchise QB….teams would be silly not to do it. He’s only going to get better. You can set your team up and have no worry at QB for about the next 12 years.
    The commenters balking at giving up 2 first round picks for a franchise QB are clueless.

  73. >>>>>
    “What makes you think a team won’t give a 1st this year and a 1st next year? It’s not two first round picks this year. Two firsts for an All-Pro caliber QB isn’t too much to ask for. I bet the Broncos get even more than two first round picks.
    Teams who have had a carousel of starting QBs are salivating at the chance on acquiring stability at the QB position in Cutler. Those teams are the ones actively pursuing Cutler. You can take a gamble on a QB in the draft, and hope he becomes the next Matt Ryan, or you trade for a YOUNG high caliber QB. It’s not like Jay Cutler is 30 and his career is winding down.
    As a Cowboys fan, I’m hoping he doesn’t land with the Redskins. I would not look forward to playing Cutler two times a year, atleast. ”
    Cutler isn’t an All-Pro caliber QB. In fantasy football, maybe, but not in the NFL.
    Cutler doesn’t bring stability to the position. His recent antics show that he is UNstable.
    With the Favre-esque number of pics Cutler throws and his sub-.500 winning %, I’d be glad to have him in my division.

  74. Who taught these guys to negotiate? Bozo the Clown?
    Why on earth would you name your price in public?

  75. Maybe this ia a ploy by the Broncos to avoid trading Cutler. NObody will go for 2 1st rounders. Then they can say “we tried”.

  76. They are high. Two #1 picks for Cutler, please…what has he done to show he’s worth that?

  77. Cutler’s reaction merits trading him out of town.
    But can anyone honestly say that McDaniels’ conduct doesn’t merit dismissal? I know he has yet to coach a game, but he pretty much destroyed the team with his “my way or the highway” approach and lack of grown-up people skills.
    If T.O. came to Denver and alienated Jay Cutler – so much so that he demanded a trade…would T.O. still be on Broncos? Would he be getting a free pass from the sports media?
    McDaniels failed his first, basic test SO badly that I am confident in saying he’ll never make it as a head coach. He is the AIG of NFL coaches.

  78. Funny.
    Nearly half the comments call 2 firsts a no-brainer against.
    The (nearly) other half call 2 firsts a no-brainer for.
    If PFT commenters are any measure, Denver priced Cutler just right.

  79. I thought the saying was “The rich get richer”, but apparently, after reading these comments, it should be “The dumb get dumber”
    As has been noted by 2% of the comments (those are the people that arent dumb), Denver did not ask for 2 first round draft picks THIS year! They simple said 2 first round picks. That could be this year and next, it could be next year and the year after, it could be this year and 3 years from now, etc. It could even be a first rounder, and a pick based on Cutler’s performance next year, etc.
    It is a starting point. You need to start somewhere in a negotiation.
    Or, maybe they are making it a point, that we are trying to trade Cutler, but knowingly setting a price so high, that nobody will make a trade. If nobody makes a trade, what is Cutler going to say? He cant claim Denver didnt try to honor his trade demand.
    And for the people that think Snyder wont do it, he was going to trade 2 first rounders for Ochocinco last year, but Cinci said no thanks.
    Denver clearly has a reason for their high price, we can only speculate why.
    I agree that he is an upgrade for several teams, and he is good enough to take a team like Minnesota, and put them into the Super Bowl discussion. They were a playoff team last year because of their D, and run game, add a qb to that team, and they are every bit as good Pit, NE, Indy, etc.

  80. Why is it the Broncos fault for trying to get Cassel? So what if they want some competition at QB that will ultimately make both players better and the organization better. Because Cutler got butthurt? Whatever…He is a pu$$Y and he will get whats comin to him. Please come to the AFC North so we can dominate you!

  81. Cutlers “record”is completely skewed. Cutler has thrown for over 8000 yards and 40 TDs the past two years. Cutler is 13-1 when his defense held opponents to under 21 points. Give this guy a defense (and maybe a RB that doesn’t get injured) and then we’ll see what is record is.
    Denver has spent the last 8 years trying to find someone to replace Elway. They finally have him. The defense is a mess and the first thing the head coach tries to do is replace the QB!!!? That’s bad coaching. (Rookie Mistake)
    Obviously, 10/12 other teams see the value and ability in Cutler. McDaniels has to feel dumb.

  82. The Jets (on paper) have the most depth to deal two first rounders.
    Tannenbaum is a gonner with a sub 500 year. Cutler will be a good citizen so as to get his next contract. He will get HAMMERED by the
    media though. But Rex Ryan seems to be so positive and a ‘buck
    stops here’ kind of guy, I can see Cutler learning to grow up on the
    biggest stage on earth behind Ryan’s shadow. I KNOW the Jets
    will gladly do this deal or more precisely, the GM on the hot seat.

  83. It sounds like he’ll go to the Redskins. They will get Washington’s 1st rounder this year (313 overall, right behind Denver’s 12), Washington’s 1 st next year, some conditional later round pick that will deal with the math about the value of the Skins 1st next year, and Campbell.
    Denver will cough up Cutler and some later round picks to work out the math for Campbell.
    It sounds like McDaniels will also request Matt Millen to help him as GM.

  84. Detroit could give up their #1 and the top of round 2 pick, which is almost a first rounder. Denver could trade down and pick another first and perhaps another late first rounder.
    If I’m detroit, I offer the Dallas pick and top of Round 2. Denver likely would have hard time trading out of #1 spot and doesn’t want the financial investment. Denver would have a hard time passing up that deal.

  85. Looks like the whiny little douche is already running back to the Broncos acting like he never said he wanted to be traded. Trade him to Detroit out of spite. Flippin brat.

  86. It’ll never happen, supply and demand its basic relly. The only bafoons that would think about it is Snyder’s Redskins. THat where all the over played players go to die… and not win sh|t

  87. I bask in the glow that is the Broncos self-destruction.
    Go Mother F’ing Raiders.

  88. To answer Bill’s question, you announce your demands in public because they weren’t met in private.
    In short, the Broncs ain’t getting the offers they wanted.
    Want another clue on this? ChiTrib reports that the Broncs are only allowing email and text messages…allegedly because they can’t handle the volume of calls.
    Folks, there’s 10-11 teams max looking at this deal. That kind of call volume happens every year during the draft. This is a ploy to stir up a bidding frenzy.
    It would appear that teams are being smart in their initial valuations and not wetting themselves because Danny Snyder was in the game (no relation).
    Whether that will continue is anybody’s guess.

  89. mcnabb and 1 of the eagles 1st round picks for cutler… thatd put cutler in nfc. let the broncos draft a qb n let him sit a year or 2… being a raiders fan id hate that… but it makes a lot of sense for both teams….

  90. If this is true, then the Denver Broncos do NOT really want to trade Cutler. The fact being only an idiot would give up two first rounders for this guy (unless they are two late first rounders).
    He is good, and will definitely be an NFL QB for another decade, but he had a pretty good supporting cast of receivers in Marshall, Royal, Stokley and Scheffler. Not to mention being supported by Mike Shanahan’s never fail run game, and a weak division.
    Last year they went 8-8, with 4 guaranteed wins (2 in Oakland, 2 in KC).
    Let’s say this guy went to the JETS, would he be as successful? Not unless they upgrade their pitiful excuse for a number 1 receiver in Jericho Crotchery.

  91. mcdaniels should swing a deal for the chiefs QB…. tyler thigpen out of coastal carolina!

  92. Of all the teams out there I think Minnesota would benefit by having Cutler. He’d automatically make them the NFC North favorite and make them a SB contender.

  93. This is a perfectly fair offer. Really, it’s not what Cutler “should” be worth that matters, it’s what the market will pay for him. For a bad team like Detroit for instance it’s a steal. I posted a few days ago that there are only 2 first round qbs in the last 10+ years who’ve started immediately on a bad team and been successful. So the odds are very poor of finding this guy in the draft. Grabbing someone who isn’t completely green and who is young and who is good is a good deal. I agree with RoethlisburgerWithCheese in that nobody wants the number 1 overall because of the money hit. The other thing to consider is that if you’re giving up 2 first round picks you’ll offsetting that loss with the new contract you’ll have to sign Cutler to, which should be something around 9 mill a year for 3 years guaranteed or maybe a little more. All in all that matches up well with what you’d have to pay 2 first rounders outside of the top 10.

  94. boy I hope my man danny-boy-snyder loses his cell phone immediately.
    If the skins do this, they may as well have jerry jones calling the shots

  95. Asking for two 1st’s isnt the Broncos gaining leverage. They lost leverage when they announced two days ago that he would be traded. That immediately dropped the price they’d get because the other 31 teams now know they have to trade Cutler at this point.

  96. The Giants should trade Eli and a second rounder for Cutler. I know that will never happen but at least Cutler can throw into the wind

  97. A deal with the Jets would include the rights to Brett Favre(who will get that itch to play this summer).
    Ol’ Bus Cook is going to twist the Bronco’s tail.

  98. You have to be nuts to give up two first rounders for that guy he is good but not that good.

  99. Why would the Broncos require a QB if they are going to get a QB in return that isn’t going to fit their system and will get cut in a year or two. I’m sure if Brady Quinn was in a trade scenario, they would consider it. But why would McDaniels want Jason Campbell, Daunte Culpepper, or Kellen Clemens?
    A few other points:
    – The Broncos may be asking for 2 firsts, but they will probably willing to settle for much less. Probably not a great idea to ask for more modest compensation when it appears to be a bidding war brewing.
    – I actually think Chris Simms might do a serviceable job as a QB in McDaniels’ system that requires brains more than physical attributes.

  100. why would that info come from the Tampa Tribune?… did the bucs’ offer get shot down?… or are they just trying to scare away some of the other teams… either way, info of the Broncos comming out of the Tampa Tribun is just fishy to me.. don’t buy it for one second.

  101. It sounds to me like the Broncos are trying to set the market for Cutler via the media. That’s not necessarily a bad approach to the situation, particularly since they have the rare commodity (25-year-old highly touted QB with three years to go on his contract) and multiple teams interested in acquiring him.
    Trading two first-round picks for a QB isn’t unprecedented, as the Los Angeles Rams gave up that (and more) to acquire the rights to Jim Everett from the Houston Oilers in 1986.

  102. Vox..your bitterness is delicious! I guess that’s what happens when you’ve lost 6 straight playoff games and haven’t won a playoff game in 12 years! Enjoy battling the ‘Skins for last place in the NFC East while watching us win our 4th Super Bowl!

  103. Everyone keeps talking about the asking price being absurd… but it’s not unheard of. In fact, it’s less than I thought they’d ask for. Consider the Eli Manning / Phillip Rivers Trade?
    Giants gave up Rivers (technically a 4th), their 4th round in 04, and their 1st (merriman) and 5th rounders in the 05 draft.
    That’s 2 first rounders + 2 more mid round picks, and that’s for a college prospect, by no means a home run (so he won a superbowl.. they didn’t know that was gonna happen). There have been other similar comparisons stated, such as Roy Williams, Jeff George, and Matt Schaub. None of these guys had the numbers of Cutler. Cutler is a proven pro bowler… granted, he throws (WAY) too many interceptions, single handedly lost the AFC pro bowlers 24k, and generally has personality issues, but he’s got the numbers to place him in the catagory of a legit NFL starter. And he’s in the top half of the league, even given his flaws.
    And I agree with Bill in DC… why would they announce this?

  104. Don’t want Cutler, but I wouldn’t mind if the Eagles traded their two firsts to Detroit for the 1st overall. Whether Detroit thinks Cutler is worth two picks in the 20’s is up to them, but I wouldn’t mind picking up Crabtree or Jason Smith.

  105. It can be done, Redskins and Lions fans chime in on this one:
    Redskins Get: Cutler
    Lions Get: Campbell and Pick #80 (from redskins)
    Broncos Get: Pick #13 (Redskins), Pick #20 (Lions)
    Redskins would get the QB they want, giving up a first, a third and a qb they do not want
    Lions would get a QB that is every bit as good as Stafford and another pick to help them acquire more talent
    Broncos get the two first rounders they want

  106. @Stillers
    Yes Steelers are under great ownership! Congrats lol. You are right, Skins would be dumb enough to give up that much for Jay. While it Cutler is an upgrade from Campbell with out a dout I’m sill not happy about giving the 13th pick up because skins need a LB and help on the OL and DE. Before these trade talks started I was excited at the fact that Ray the USC LB might be there at 13. Add him with Fletcher, Skins would have two beast at LB. Or perhapts Andre Smith would still be on the board at 13. So there giving away a pick that could add young talent at either OL or LB that they so need. With the signings this year that the Skins have made, we can clearly see that they are trying to bye a championship. So as for me being a Redskins fan, and I speak for all of Redskins nation, AS LONG AS DAN AND VINNY ARE RUNNING THE SHOW, EXPECT NOTHING MORE THEN A PLAYOFF RUN HERE AND THERE.

  107. Cassel was signed for one year as a franchise QB
    That’s a maximum money and minimum time contract.
    The contract is what you are trading and while Cassel is a good QB he still wasn’t worth 2 firsts because he doesn’t have a long term cap friendly deal in place.
    If he had a few years left on his contract at a low price the Pats would have gotten a lot more in trade.

  108. did you ever think this might just be a hoax
    a way cutler back in town???
    No one is worth 2 first round draft picks

  109. Why don’t the Broncos go for Matt Leinart? If McDaniel’s wanted Cassel, why not go for Leinart who kept Cassel from starting in college? He is taking up a decent salary in AZ, while Warner is the declared starter. Detroit would be in the mix to because of their two 1st rounders…
    Denver trades Cutler and the 12th pick to Detroit for their 1st and 20th pick. (Detroit gets a starting quarterback and a higher “2nd” pick, and gets out from under that 1st pick)
    Denver trades the 20th pick (from Detroit) and a 3rd rounder to AZ for Leinart and AZ’s 31st pick. (AZ gets higher salary off books for a backup QB, and gets an extra pick, while moving up in the 1st round).
    Denver is left with the 1st, and 31st picks, along with a QB that McDaniels can work with.
    Anyway, just my outsider 2 cents worth.

  110. As my dad always said, you can “want in one hand and sh1t in the other and see which one fills up first”.
    Yeah, I never knew what it meant either.

  111. I would not give up 2 #1’s. He obviously is easy to rattle, what if the coach questions his ability or pulls an Andy Reid and benchs him? Does he run off and cry? Does he demanded to be traded, again? IMO Denver is making the price too steep for a reason. They are making a point to Cutler, that unless they are overwhelmed with an offer you will play for us or sit out. In the end the team has all the power.

  112. Amazing, Matt Cassel was traded for (1) 2nd rounder to Kansas City and according to Denver is a vastly superior talent to Cutler. Somehow that justifies Denver asking for (2) 1st rounders for Jay ???

  113. 1st and a third tops – maybe a backup d-lineman thrown into the mix but that’s about all this chump is worth.

  114. Cutler cannot play in Philadelphia, New York, or Boston. Under any circumstances. Maybe not even Chicago. The fans and press are just WAY too demanding.
    Nor can he go anywhere where the football team is king of the town – like Pittsburgh, Green Bay or maybe even Seattle.
    He just can’t handle it, he’s made that much clear.
    He needs to go to some part of the country where they “tune out” when the team struggles. Dallas, Cleveland, Miami, Atlanta, places like that.

  115. First three years starting in the NFL average per game
    243.90 yds, 1.46 TD’s, 1.00 INT
    231.38 yds, 1.55 TD’s, 1.13 INT
    217.60 yds, 1.46 TD’s, .081 INT
    Which numbers belond to Cutler? Which Belong to Brett Favre? You can probably guess which one’s are Brady’s.
    How dare I compare Cutler to Favre and Brady????? Well, look a the numbers. Favre and Brady had to start somewhere, just like Jay Cutler is doing now. The fact that he has a 17-20 record is really irrelevant considering that A)Cutler doesn’t play running back B)Cutler cannot play 11 positions on defense.
    The reason he hasn’t “won” anything yet is because he’s only played 37 games in the NFL on a team in constant rebuilding mode and no defense. There aren’t too many QB’s who have “won anything” within their first 37 games.
    Some in recent years that have:
    Joe Flacco
    Matt Ryan
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Vince Young (first year)
    What did they have in common other than only having 1 team in their division as a worthy opponent? 1)A hugely successful running game 2)A top defense. I see neither of those associated with Jay Cutler at the moment. He also needs to get tougher skin and a new agent, but to say he’s not worth two first rounders or something slightly less is ignorant.

  116. McD should get as many picks as possible, Firsts or otherwise.
    He will start his HC career with a ‘new’ quarterback, retread journeyman running backs, his top wideout probably suspended, a really suspect D-line and some guys playing past-their-prime in the secondary. Makes sense to ditch the QB who will (most likely) not buy-in to your philosophy of the patriot way.
    Start fresh with every pick you can get McD and make us Bronco fans proud, 3 or 4 years from now.

  117. If someone bites, Denver gets two first round picks – good deal for Denver.
    If no one bites, Denver has let Cutler know they value him highly – and higher than anyone else in the league does, in that case. He’s under contract, no one else wants him (at that price), and he either plays for Denver or leaves the NFL.
    Minnesota might be a good destination – their defense is stout, their running game arguably the best in the league, and Cutler might actually be the missing piece that finally gives them a legit passing game. Teams like the Lions or Bucs have too many holes, and would do better to hold the draft picks and fill multiple needs.

  118. yeah, so apparently everyone who posts here and says McDaniels has no clue, they must no more about what quarterbacks will succeed in his system. After all, I’m sure all you people knew that Cassell would be excellent running McDaniels system when Tom Brady went down. Who do you think knew more about Cassell in New England? Belichick or Cassell? Cassell was the OC and QB coach. He knows a little bit more about QB’s and his system than any idiots posting on here. But go ahead and think he’s an idiot. He’s 32 and an NFL head coach, and last year a QB who hadn’t started since H.S. was the quarterback he picked to run his offense and did pretty damn good.

  119. No team will surrender two first-round picks for Jay Cutler. Even Daniel Snyder or Al Davis isn’t that stupid.
    Teams know the Broncos are not dealing from a position of strength. Cutler and McDaniels aren’t talking, the quarterback and the team are estranged and mutually alienated. it’s not as though Denver will keep Cutler, and everybody in the league knows it.
    They’ll eventually have to accept a second-round draft pick, just to put the ugly saga behind them.

  120. NOBODY is giving Denver 2 first rounders. I guess releasing this info to the press is going to “dupe” another team into paying more for Cutler.

  121. This is crazy, The Broncos are the team that has to trade Cutler. Cutler is done with the Broncos, and there is “No” hope, I repeat “No” hope of reconciliation, so why would some team give up the farm (2 first rounders) for Cutler when they know that Denver has to get rid of him anyways. Any GM would be stupid to bite on that. If you ask me hes not worth a first rounder anyways. New England gave up Matt Cassell and Mike Vrabel for a 2nd round pick and Cassell is just as good, if not better than Cutler. Im a Detroit Lions fan, and if they give up the both of there 1st rounders I will be furious, and I will be finished with them as a fan if that happens.

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