Buccaneers Quarterback Amused By April Fool's Joke, Cutler Trade Rumors

Credit Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Luke McCown for having a sense of humor.
He managed to get a few laughs about an April Fool’s joke by FOX Sports Radio where the station reported that the Denver Broncos had traded quarterback Jay Cutler to Tampa Bay in exchange for first-round and third-round draft picks as well as defensive tackle Chris Hovan.
The report was a hoax, though.
“That’s what the holiday is about if it’s a holiday,” McCown said. “That’s funny. But I’m glad we’ve still got our first and third and Hovan so far.”
Regardless of the joking nature of this report, the Buccaneers are actually considered to be one of the top candidates to land Cutler along with the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets.
McCown is accustomed to trade rumors involving the Buccaneers and the quarterback position.
“If there’s any validity to them, who knows?” McCown said. “But it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t bother Josh [Johnson]. We’re out here competing. That’s just elevator music. I mean, you learn that it’s in the background, you hear it, you don’t pay attention to it.
“It doesn’t affect you. It can’t affect your mood, it can’t affect your preparation. That’s part of being a professional. It’s just that tunnel (vision), you have to have it. And you’ve just got to love what you do so much that it doesn’t matter.”

14 responses to “Buccaneers Quarterback Amused By April Fool's Joke, Cutler Trade Rumors

  1. For McCown, every payday should be April Fool’s Day as far as he is concerned. The fact that he’s collecting an NFL paycheck is hilarious.

  2. I know it may be a crock, but McCown just continues to say and do the right things… if the Bucs are able to land Cutler, then their offense just reached the next level, but if they stick with this head strong young man they might be able to still get there.

  3. Hey Florio, I saw you on NFL Total Access last night.Good points and insight.The only thing I couldnt figure out is why your head could not fit on my 50inch plasma.

  4. I was actually fooled by J.T. myself…but in my defense, I was very sleepy and it was almost April 2nd….almost.

  5. ““It doesn’t affect you. It can’t affect your mood, it can’t affect your preparation. That’s part of being a professional. It’s just that tunnel (vision), you have to have it. And you’ve just got to love what you do so much that it doesn’t matter.””
    In other words, Jake Cutler needs to put on his big girl panties.

    Have you ever watched Football? Luke Mccown is a decent QB with a lot of potentional. You should be banned from discussing football until you can say something valid.

  7. McCown reportedly was assured by the coaching staff that if Cutler is traded to the Buccaneers, Luke will not be responsible for changing his diapers. He will, however, provide Cutler’s nightly “ba-ba” and additionally be responsible for burping him.

  8. That’s what a QB should sound like. If i were a Bucs fan, i would definitely give this guy a chance to see what he can do.

  9. I know here in Tampa people are generally split on Cutler. Whatever, the first time our fans see Cutler launch a missile penetrating Michael Clayton’s chest, with the nose of the ball sticking out of his back (which will eliminate his drops) our fans will be on board. Once he piles up games where he goes 24-34 for 318 yards or so and 3 td’s then they will be on board. What attitude?? You perform, and launch freaking air strikes all over the field then fans have a way of getting a short memory of him being a “whiner.” OMG red flag red flag Cutler is a baby and a whiner. yea. about 90 percent of the teams in the league dont seem to care now do they. and most of em would give their left nut, sell their soul and newborn baby to get him..oh noooo but the fans wanna keep their draft picks. Are you gonna find somebody in the draft thats better than cutler? I mean really?!?! Come down to Tampa Jay, I will personally roll out the god damn red carpet for you

  10. i bet the bucs trade for someone else. but mccown looks like he has potential to me. he doesnt have a goow w-l record, but the bucs either werent a good team, or were playing out the string in most of the games he has started.

  11. @mike hunt: Sure play is more important than attitude but look at people like T.O. and Manny Ramirez (in Boston). They are superstar players on the field but their shit attitudes ruin a team. Look how much Denver is benefiting from him…A star player with a little bit of attitude isn’t a problem. But when you have someone this immature and this self-centered, he is bound to do it again wherever he lands and in the process wrecking a potential playoff-bound team. Denver just went from solid AFC West competitors to struggling to survive.
    I would bench him until his attitude changed…

  12. bpbucs61- did McCown stea your girlfriend in HS or something? Dont hate on the guy because he has more talent in his pinky toe then you ever will. I love when arm chair QB’s make fun of back ups when they couldn’t even play for their local high school team.

  13. i will never listen to jt the brick ever again. this guy is a first class asshole! dont joke around about my buccaneers. if i ever see this dude i will throw a brick at his head.

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