Vikings Re-entering The Cutler Derby?

From our sister site comes a story that could (emphasis:  could) be evidence that the Minnesota Vikings are reconsidering their position on whether to pursue quarterback Jay Cutler.
The only other explanation would be that the head coach of the local college team is trying to make coach Brad Childress look bad.
Either way, it’s worth a read.

28 responses to “Vikings Re-entering The Cutler Derby?

  1. What the heck does this have to do with the Vikings trying to ge Cutler? God Florio is on an agenda to help his favorite team, the god damn Vikings! Why are there so many talking heads in Pro-Football right now homering for the Vikings. Kevin Seifert, Mike Mayock, and Florio.

  2. It would be quicker just to provide the list of teams not interested in Cutler.

  3. Improved personnel at the QB position would make this team an automatic sb contender, IMO.

  4. Are Cutler’s mommy and daddy paying you to write this stuff? Childress got rid of one whiner (your pal Culpepper). Why would he want another?

  5. nope.
    everyone knows that good ole’ SAGE will lead them to the promised land!
    as long as he runs that FUMBLE-COPTER play… they’ll be fine!

  6. Oh please – Sid Hartman is basically a sports gossip columnist. The only people who take him serious are retirees who have time to listen to his radio show. He’s a total joke.
    Also in today’s StarTribune was a column by Patrick Reusse advising the Vikings not to trade for whine-boy Cutler.

  7. that was quite possibly the dumbest post I’ve ever read. Did you know Steve Mariuchi and Tom Izzo are also friends? And I heard Mariuchi really likes Cutler too. So I think that means Cutler might be playing basketball for Michigan State next year. What say you Florio???

  8. The Broncos should go ahead and trade Cutler, a ten year supply of Kotex, some Prozac, and a lifetime supply of Diapers to the Vikings. vikings in turn should send their 6th round draft pick this year. Still I think the Vikings would be getting shafted.

  9. I vote for C) none of the above. Looks to me like Brewster got asked his opinion of Cutler and gave it. No need to read more into it than that.

  10. i read the article and i think you’re reaching for a headline here. This guy doesn’t even hint that the Vikes want Cutler.
    not cool Florio

  11. Next up Sid Hartman writes about the halcyon days of Bud Grant and his awesome basketball skills, suggest Timberwolves hire him as 80 year old point guard.

  12. I think there are other quarterbacks available that will cost less but can still bring a championship to the Vikings.
    Jeff George

  13. Taylor and Florio make a weak effort at connecting the dots between Cutler and the Vikings. Just because a Gophers coach is praising Cutler doesn’t mean the Vikings are in the running. Sheesh. Do you really think there’s that much of a connection between Brewster and the Vikings? Plus, you’re forgetting that Childress is too smart to trade for a franchise quarterback. He can take the Vikes to the Super Bowl with two 2nd stringers.
    for your reading pleasure:
    Vikings Back Off Interest in Cutler

  14. Improved QB play would lead this team to the top level of the NFC, for certain. Would Cutler be a good fit there? I don’t know. Would not hurt to try, though–and I am NOT a huge Cutler fan, especially after all this cr@p.
    As for the people slagging PFT as homers/lousy journalism/rumor mongerers–if you don’t like rumors, stop reading pages that include RUMORS in the friggin’ title. You are the consumer of this information–if you don’t like it, then look somewhere else.

  15. WORTH THE READ?! That article is filled with the same type of baseless speculation that Florio engages in on a daily basis. Maybe you guys should get Sid Hartman to write for PFT.

  16. Doubt very much that Chilly would like to have Cutler as this COULD lead to Shanahan taking over next year.

  17. Hear Hear, evilmajortom! Right on.
    I’m getting tired adding to PFT’s hit count. But Hartman contributing?
    Just when you think you’re out, they drag you back in……

  18. This article is but a simmering fire of speculation and conjecture upon which Vikings fans (myself included) are roasting marsh mellows of hope.

  19. If Cutler goes to Minny, Mr Wilf might be able to get that new stadium deal he’s after. Just sayin.
    Oh and Chilly’s done this year if he can’t go deep in the playoffs. There’s too much talent on this team to watch the window shrink because of an inability to find a qb. It’s now or never, rumors of Shanny aside.

  20. Tim Brewster is like a used car salesman and talks overly-positive about everyone and everything, so I wouldn’t expect him to say anything bad about Jay Cutler.
    That doesn’t mean he’s trying to make Brad Childress look bad or imply the Vikings are looking to get Cutler. That’s just the way he speaks. I’m sure if he was asked about Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels, Tim Brewster would rave about them and say how lucky the Vikings are to have both of them.

  21. Jesus kids, we’re on the “Latest news and Rumors” page, what do you expect. The story links Tim Brewster, a former coach with the Broncos with the NFL coach of the same city he now coaches college ball. If anyone clicked on the link to the other story, there Sidalicious tries to link Brewster with Colonel Klink.
    If we asked Florio to leave out “speculative newsand conjecture” we’d be reading

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