Reports Surface Of More Positive Drug Tests

Several readers have forwarded to us links from a site called, which is reporting on several more positive drug tests from the February Scouting Combine.
Despite the copyright-infringing presence of “NFL” in the site’s name, it’s not an official league-affiliated web operation.  (And now that is posting stuff that will catch the eye of the NFL, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if a cease-and-desist letter is issued from 280 Park Avenue as soon as, well, right now.)
Since is likely judgment-proof (just like we used to be . . . and as far as anyone knows still are), the decision of to run with the information doesn’t entail the same financial risk as the report that Boston College defensive tackle B.J.Raji tested positive for marijuana.
In mentioning the reports, we’re not taking a position as to whether the information is true or false.  But since the site previously was run by John Murphy, a long-time Internet scribe who now serves as G.M. of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, we think the operation is sufficiently legit to justify at least mentioning the substance of these reports, without taking a position as to whether the information is true or false.
Did we mention that we’re not taking a position as to whether the information is true or false?
Now that we have appropriately satisfied the requirements of the official PFT Executive Vice President of Legal Affairs, General Counsel, and Dude Who Puts New Rolls Of Toilet Paper On The Round Thing That’s Kind Of Broken, we can get to the content.
According to (and not us), Florida receiver Percy Harvin and Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis tested positive for marijuana at the Combine.  (The report also names Raji as testing positive for marijuana.)
And there’s more.
According to (and not us), USC linebackers Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews tested positive for steroids at the Combine.
And there’s more.
According to (and not us), UTEP kicker Jose Martinez tested positive for marijuana at the Combine.
So there you have it.  We’re currently trying to confirm — or debunk — these reports.
As we mentioned last night regarding Raji, these names either will be on the list that eventually goes to the 32 NFL teams, or they won’t.
Meanwhile, the folks who run the Combine would be wise to re-examine their procedures for safeguarding this information, if these reports are accurate.

32 responses to “Reports Surface Of More Positive Drug Tests

  1. Hmmmmmmmmm. The weed don’t really matter, but the roids are performance enhancing, not to mention the hottest topic in the sports world today. I have yet to hear of congressional hearings on the widespread use of herb in sports.

  2. Kinda explains the asention in the senior year….I had that
    feeling on Cushing. Not so much on Matthews?
    Weed should be legal…All it does it make you sleepy, happy and hungry. The only perfomance enhancement would be in an eating contest!
    The steroids is serious because, these players knew they were getting tested at the Combine. I guess a fast 40 is better than a positive steriods test. Bad judgement on thier part.

  3. A kicker on steroids? Geez, the next thing you know some punter is going to attack a rival kicker with a knife after losing a training camp battle.

  4. I’m not gonna crucify these people for smoking weed, but I don’t know of any herb God has ever created that is worth the millions they just blew. Each one of these guys will get drafted for much less money than they should and they will be put under scrutiny by coaches and owners until they prove they have the common sense to NOT jeopardize their ability to suit up on Sunday.

  5. How stupid can these guys be??? They know they are going to be tested at the combine. Those joints may cost them some millions…hope it was good because that is some expensive weed!

  6. I guess those who failed the drug test will enter the NFL substance abuse program immediately and with another failed test could be facing a league 4 week suspension

  7. There haven’t been congressional hearings on weed in sports because its only ever enhanced the performance of Cheetos, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Snoop Dogg.

  8. Everyone keeps mentioning Cushing – I think Matthews is more of a no-brainer… the guy was NOTHING for his entire career then at the end he makes some plays and all the sudden is a work-out warrior…
    Not a shocker.

  9. = unreliable-information site …
    I wouldn’t believe it.
    we went through this last year…with the “spew” they were
    “scooping” us with.
    They would have to raise-several-levels,of rumor-journalism-standards,
    just to be mentioned as a”NFL Rumor Blog”.
    their information …isn’t even-close to be reliable.
    *** *** *** *** ***
    (ie:Eagles-Team signs Bowman Wed, 30 Apr 2008 14:09:59 -0700
    Josh Buchanan, of, reports the Philadelphia Eagles signed undrafted rookie free-agent WR Adarius Bowman (Oklahoma State) Wednesday, April 30. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.)

  10. you have to be the biggest moron to test positive at the combine. Were these guys surprised that there was a drug test? Did they not know when the combine was?
    You would think that knowing the biggest job interview of their lives was coming in the next few weeks, they could stop injecting themselves with roids or put down the bong. If I were a GM, I would cut their Wonderlic test score in half because they are obviously stupid

  11. @ Eric
    “A kicker on steroids? Geez, the next thing you know some punter is going to attack a rival kicker with a knife after losing a training camp battle.”
    Can you read? It says the kicker tested positive for marijuana!

  12. As wide spread as weed has become, it should be legal. Todays generation uses it like the previous generations used alcohol, except it’s not addictive and much safer than alcohol. I guarantee that guys smokin weed don’t get into physical altercations like they do with alcohol. If Pacman were a pot head, he would still be in the NFL, hahaha

  13. I dont think it will affect Percy’s draft status. What one tem passes on another will love to accept. He still a mid_ late first rounder. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Cushine was on roids, he looks like Lattimore off of The Program,, lol. .By the way why even call it confidential testing when the news always leaks?

  14. That stinks, I wanted Harvin but now the Eagles will not draft him because of ‘character’ issues.
    Of course, this is odd because the team still allows Andy Reid’s kids – who were drug dealing thugs who waved guns at people – to hang around, even on the sidelines.
    Maybe smuggling drugs into prison by cramming them up your anus – as Reid’s kid did – is not a ‘character issue’ to the Eagles owners.
    Double standard, anyone?

  15. Rot-gut inducing poison is legal.
    Yet the spiritual herb, a godly ting, is somehow considered harmful?
    Did we all just fall out of the serfdom tree? Yes.

  16. You are funny Florio — you take the time to point out that the name of this site is possibly infringing but yet you admitted MONTHS AGO that you knew the TEAM IMAGES that you use in the background of your PFT VIDEO segments were probably also infringing yet you did nothing about it (as far as one can tell).
    Why are you worried about the speck of dust in the eye of the other when you have a plank in your own eye?

  17. As usual Florio, when you generalists start talking about IP you get things wrong.
    First off, you cannot copyright a 3-letter word like “NFL”. The proper allegation would be one of trademark infringement. However, not all use of a party’s trademark in a domain will constitute infringement, as domain names serve the dual function of: 1) being an address or location on the web, and 2) source identification. If the latter is implicated in the use, then you have a case for trademark infringement.
    Just looking at the site, I don’t see that the use of “NFL” in would constitute trademark infringement. I would argue that NFL is used fairly, descriptively, and if not, nominatively to identify the goods and services of the NFL; NOT the website or its operator. Now, you certainly have a possible claim for unauthorized use of the NFL COMBINE & design logo on the page, depending on whether there are revenue-generating ads running on the page (and I didn’t not specifically check for that), but deleting that logo is easy enough (and note, there is also a potential copyright claim for unauthorized use of the logo as well, because any logo constitutes a creative work).
    But based on your description of the site, I also think the NFL would have laches and acquiescence problems if the site has been running for some years with their knowledge (assuming that they knew or should have known about the site – and as diligent as the NFL is in its enforcement activities, they would be hard-pressed to argue that knowledge should not be imputed).
    Sorry for the legalese – you started it.

  18. Shoeman,
    Funny you mention one wrong report on a website because if that is the case then ESPN would not be credible at all. There have been several things that Chris Mortensen and others on ESPN have said that are not true.
    I saw they reported many signings last year and that was the only one that was wrong. Perhaps a typo?
    I’m sure every website has had a rumor on their front page that was not true so like every website out there you have to be careful. Everyone talks about but they had posted something about a player failing a medical test last year that they got from an agent and clearly wasn’t true. They are usually credible. That mistake by NFLDraftBible is very minor.
    I take that with a grain of salt. If they constantly report false information, then, I would say it is not reliable at all.
    Rumors out of UTEP were that the kicker loved to smoke weed so I am not surprised that he failed a test.
    The other names are somewhat new. I am always skeptical with this stuff.
    Anyone ever wonder where Florio gets his info? Look no further than Panthers GM Marty Hurney and we all know Florio is getting information from agents like Rosenhaus and maybe even Tom Condon. Florio will find out for sure! 🙂

  19. Maybe Florio can ask Hurney at Carolina, Rosenhaus, Condon, Linta, or someone else in the NFL among the GMs or agents he knows that could verify this report for us?

  20. If there’s any accuracy to these reports, can I just say that these guys are a bunch of eeediots!
    Seriously, why put your career at risk over something like this?
    And the weed is a big deal. It’s against the rules, and right out of the gate, the player who tested positive will have one strike against him. While I personally don’t think smoking weed is a huge deal, it is for any team looking to draft a guy who might ultimately wind up suspended for violating league rules.

  21. Let’s talk about why weed is illegal when we judge players for puffing a joint.
    Answer: Righteous paranoia and propaganda in the 50s.
    There is no other reasonable explanation for it’s illegality when considering the addictive and debilitating characteristics of alcohol. Furthermore, when the economics are looked at they undermine the US Governments view of the danger of herb.
    I don’t respect when people simply say “It’s illegal.” without considering the rational (or lack thereof) behind that fact. True, it’s a fact, and players should know better in a perfect world. But these are still kids figuring stuff out, and they are going to make mistakes. We should be thankful that their mistakes are as harmless as getting the munchies and watching the Comedy Network.

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