Rashad Johnson Visiting Eagles, Broncos

Safety Brian Dawkins played last year for the Eagles, and will play this year with the Broncos.
Both teams are closely eyeballing a rookie who plays the same position.
Alabama safety Rashad Johnson, regarded as one of the top two or three safety prospects in the draft, will be visiting the Eagles on Monday, and then the Broncos.
Johnson posted a 4.49 in the 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine, along with a 37-inch vertical leap.
He was a walk-on who came of age under Nick Saban.  Though he might need to bulk up a bit to be successful at the pro level, he has an outside shot at being a first-day pick.

6 responses to “Rashad Johnson Visiting Eagles, Broncos

  1. Denver needs to bring in 2-3 young safeties with talent and have them learn from B Dawk before he retires. Let him teach them the ropes and lead by example.

  2. He’s really the second or third best safety and only has an “outside shot at being a first day pick?” Must be a weak class of safeties this year.

  3. we have 12 picks. there is absolutely no way we are signing 12 rookies to a 53-man roster so there is definitely a trade brewing. i’m still hoping for anquan boldin to fall into our lap.

  4. 2009 NFL draft = average.
    Safety class = weak
    QB class = limp
    OLB class = RIPPED

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