Report: Lions Attempting To Trade No. 1 Pick

The Detroit Lions have initiated trade scenarios with other NFL teams about trading the top overall selection they currently own, according to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe.
However, there hasn’t been anyone inclined toward trading up at this point because of the high expense of signing a player at that slot.
Citing NFL scouts and personnel executives as sources, Reiss  notes that at least one scouting director doesn’t think that Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith is top-of-the-draft material, or even a “top-10 talent.”
Smith and University of Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford are among the players the Lions are considering drafting No. 1.
Meanwhile, Reiss reported that one NFL team that made note of New England coach Bill Belichick’s activity at the University of Connecticut Pro Day is now convinced that the Patriots will draft cornerback Darius Butler in the first round.

52 responses to “Report: Lions Attempting To Trade No. 1 Pick

  1. The need for a cap on rookie contracts has become very clear lately.
    Everybody used to want the 1st overall pick, not anymore.

  2. No one is going to be a willing trade partner with the Lions. This is exactly why there needs to be a rookie pay scale. The number 1 pick is supposed to be something that teams salivate over on draft day and now front office execs are almost laughing at the idea of having it. The Lions will be forced to take a player unworthy of the number 1 overall pick, be it Stafford, Smith, or anyone else, because there isn’t another team at the league wishing and hoping they could get to the top of the draft.

  3. What would it take to land that first pick? The market appears weak for it, so could a team steal it or is it going to take a Cutler like package?

  4. This is why they should have a cap for players in their rookie season. No NFL experience and teams are signing these people for tons of money. Every year its the same thing, plan on trading the first pick because of the cost. A cap would ensure that players have to earn their money in the NFL.

  5. I can just see it now. The Lions are on the clock. They let the time expire without making a pick. Just because they have the first pick, that doesn’t mean they have to make the first pick. They can wait, and hope that the Rams will make a pick, and then the Lions can jump back in whenever they want to make their pick.
    I don’t know what that would do to the contracts. If the Lions don’t make a pick, and let the time expire, and then the Rams do make a pick, wouldn’t the Rams be paying out a higher rookie contract then the Lions?

  6. So maybe Stafford isn’t a lock afterall…….I wish STL was interested in Stafford so we could move one spot back and take Curry ahead of KC……..

  7. I think the Lions should set a new market for what the #1 pick is worth. According to the trade value chart that a lot of teams use, the Broncos for example would have to give up both first rounders (12 and 18)and a mid first rounder next year just to move to the top spot. That is way too much to give up. Two first rounders alone is too much. The Lions would be smart to take a first and second this year to move down a few spots. Even down to 10 or so.

  8. Glad to see the hapless Lions stuck with the grand prize for an 0-16 season in a year with no true number one pick. The QB is a 50/50 proposition and their only other choices are to reach for an offensive tackle or take Curry. Odds are they will take the QB gamble and lose which continues to guarantee their division rivals two wins a year.

  9. Really? A team doesn’t want the first pick? That’s novel.
    …and the notion of letting the time run out assumes the likes of the Rams and Chiefs would be willing to incur higher costs on a player they could get at a lower pick – for instance, if the Chiefs really want Curry and both the Lions and Rams let their time pass, why on earth would the Chiefs rush to spend what would effectively be the number 1 pick on Curry and end up paying all that extra money when they would have gotten him at #3? More importantly, does anyone really think the League would have ESPN broadcasting for twenty minutes ‘on the clock’ while no one picked? Not a chance.
    Teams will be warned against it with the threat of forfeiting the pick altogether. Not happening.

  10. Florio’s just using this article as a way to get everyone to rant about the rookie pay scale. Like a puppetmaster tweaking strings, Florio winds all yall up with evil minded glee. It’s part of his plan to control the american football watching populous until he has an army of Joe SixPacks spreading copies of QBF at every street corner willing to follow his zombie commands for global domination.

  11. Yes, the Lions should pass on the first overall pick. Then the Rams will pass, and the Chiefs will pass, and the Seahawks, and so on and so forth until it’s Sunday afternoon and not a player is off the board! In fact, to protest the lack of a rookie pay scale, coaches and GMs should form a picket line in front of the league office and boycott the entire draft.
    …come on, you really think that even the Lions would be stupid enough to pass on their first round pick? As soon as they did draft someone, the first words out of his agent’s mouth would be, “Congratulations on drafting my client with the first overall pick, now let’s talk contract.”

  12. The Lions should let the time expire. If they did, it would be embarrassing for the NFL and clearly send a message about this issue. It would force Roger Goodell to put a rookie salary cap on the table.

  13. Florio’s just using this article as a way to get everyone to rant about the rookie pay scale.
    Yep, he and Mike Reiss are in cahoots. It’s a perfect conspiracy. Probably the Lions are in on it too, leaking the information to Reiss, knowing that Florio would start with his “evil minded (sic) glee”
    Or, he’s just commenting on an article in the Boston Globe about the Lions willingness to trade out of the #1 draft spot, and fans are commenting on how the high $$ cost of rookies makes the top of the first round less valuable than in years past.
    As an aside – the Sunday Football Notes in the Boston Globe have become a real pleasure to read, since Florio took over for lazy Ron Borges.

  14. I don’t need Florio to tell me the salaries for draft picks are out of whack. The NFL should adopt the NBA rule and give three year contracts and a lot less bonus money. It is insane that the NFL gives players like Alex Smith and Cedric Benson tens of millions before they establish they are worth it. And it is insane for the NFL players association to allow high draft picks to get preferential salary treatment.
    The Lions would be wise to negotiate a contract ahead of time with whoever they pick. I’d be weighing salary very highly if I were the Lions.

  15. Florio, have you ever not printed a story with the premise of “team trying to trade the number one draft pick”, this time of year, in the history of your site?
    This is about as newsworthy as a headline stating “Lions were the worst team in the year last year!”

  16. You go 0 – 16, you “earned” the first round draft pick, and the pain (PAY) that goes with it.
    Salary cap needed. # years contract with a club option to negotiate a longer deal after the first year.

  17. I heard Stafford is disgruntled about the Lions attempting to trade the pick and wants out of Det…not really but it would make him seem more like a typical NFL QB.

  18. With the amount of leverage they would have and how much they’re under the cap, the Eagles should jump on this. Detroit needs more draft picks and can’t afford high-price players, so they won’t be able to get any more than one first rounder and a handful of lower round picks for their #1 spot. Eagles could draft Crabtree at 1 and a LT with their remaining first rounder or Smith at 1 and a rb w/ the remaining pick.

  19. The owners & GMs have nobody to blame but themselves. They are the ones who pay these astonomical contracts out.
    If teams refused to pay them, the rookies would have no choice but to lower their demands. You don’t need to put a cap on what a rookie can make, you need to teach restraint to a bunch of executives who are looking to screw the other teams over.
    See that is the problem. If Detroit drafts someone and refuses the $40M contract, Dallas or Washington will come along and be willing to pay it.
    Don’t blame players for getting whatever they can from the teams.

  20. “Teams will be warned against it with the threat of forfeiting the pick altogether. ”
    Sorry they can’t ignore the league rules just because ESPN doesn’t like it from a marketing standpoint.

  21. Think about it, it’s a buyers market with this economy. Detroit can’t afford a #1 pick and they are dumb. Therefore, a team like the patriots will take advantage of this situation and probably be the only team interested and swindle the hell out of Detroit for the pick. Shoot, the Lions would probably take Moss even up for that pick. LOL.

  22. This same talk was circling the Dolphins organization this time last year, and in the end it benefited Miami.
    By appearing as though the Lions are more willing to trade the first pick than use it they are giving themselves a valuable negotiating tool when they sit down and try to sign their pick to a contract before the draft. Their next move should be to begin negotiations with Smith and Stafford, and use those talks to lower the price tag for Smith.
    Jake Long was worth the 1st overall pick in last years draft, despite these stories. And it was the first time in how long that the 1st pick signed for less money than the first pick the previous year? (a long long time).
    The 1st overall pick can be an asset in the hands of a smart GM, like Tuna.

  23. HarrisonHits says:
    April 5th, 2009 at 1:30 pm
    “Teams will be warned against it with the threat of forfeiting the pick altogether. ”
    “Sorry they can’t ignore the league rules just because ESPN doesn’t like it from a marketing standpoint.”
    The league that makes the rules can’t ignore the rules. No crap Sherlock, therefore the league changes the rules. Teams passing on their picks to avoid the cost isn’t about ESPN’s marketing or the bad television it will create, it is about the inherantly critcal commentary on the leagues rules by the teams who would not be acting in the league’s best interest – here the Commish most certainly can threaten and remove draft picks in the ongoing interest of the league. He has the right to override league rules where it is in the interest of the league: the “rules” governing Spygate only existed because the Commish said so – he forwarned the teams and it was not voted on the the league members. When the rule was broken he assessed the largest penalty in league history, because he alone felt it was in the best interest of the league. If he warns the teams ahead of the draft of trying to bypass the costing structure by allowing teams to let their time pass, he most certainly is within his right (again) to levy penalties without a vote by league members on the rule he passed.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  24. Look, I understand that the Lions have more pressing needs than just QB and trading the #1 pick for 2 #1’s + would really benefit them in the long run, but who’s willing to give that at this point of the game? That would’ve worked with Denver in getting Cutler but now that oppoturnity has passed. What a truly hapless organization

  25. The Lions would LOVE to trade that pick and if they can they will, but NOBODY wants that pick. NOBODY. And until they do the rookie cap (Which they will eventually) nobody will want that pick.
    The Lions are stuck with it. They have to pick. And they’ll probably take Stafford, MAYBE Smith or Monroe.

  26. It’s a cap, not a floor. They hold the pick and they can pre-negotiate with potential draftees. Maybe they just pick a guy who is willing to be paid less.

  27. While Goodell has been out n about trying to sissy up the league even more and worried about what guys do OFF of the field, real issues like the rookie pay has gone unnoticed if Detroit really wants to make a splash they WOULD let the clock run out and like i read before it would embarrass the NFL and almost force them to make a change.All of teh owners need to come together to fight this because the pay scale is getting way out of hand…If i was Cleveland id send them my number 5 and Quinn for the number 1 to get Curry at number 1

  28. Don’t think that letting the clock expire just to pay a player a slightly lower salary will actually work, that theory will B-A-C-K-F-I-R-E like most of Millen’s picks this this side of the Ohio Valley. The first thing the agent will say, whether it’s reality or not, is that you would have taken his client No. 1, so he deserves No. 1 money, not the money at whatever slot he was really drafted. Then it will look embarrassing on the Lions part like they don’t have the confidence to make the pick. Like what would even be the point of having a Scouting Staff, etc??? However, the Lions are at a crossroad because of the burden of a first pick. Simply put, the No. 1 pick has a lot of drawbacks these days considering it suppose to be set up to help.

  29. we all understand that ireland’s title is gm, but any idiot knows that the tuna is pulling his strings brady got hurt.
    until you realize that people behind the scene tell ireland what to do, you are no longer allowed to talk either.
    think about it this way, parcells got him the job, right? parcells is pretty much his boss right? if parcells told him to hop on one leg you know damn well that he would.
    anyone that thinks parcells isn’t running the dolphins organization right now needs to just stop watching football all together

  30. No way that the Chiefs are gonna give up Tyler Thighpen. Sorry, he may not be the starter; but he’s the best backup they have! Brokie Croyle stinks!

  31. I think the Lions should take Mark Sanchez over Stafford. If they choose to retain number 1 and draft a QB. Stafford didn’t impress me a bit at the combine or the games shown this year against Georgia opponents.

  32. The real winner of the Jay Cutler trade are the Lions. They are no longer the worst team in the NFL.

  33. The Lions are playing this 100% right. They ARE shopping the trade, they ARE working deals with several potential picks. I think that they would take less than two 1st round picks in trade depending where the 1st is this year. Maybe a 1, two 2’s, and a 3 would get it done.

  34. The Lions would take Michael Crabtree with the overall #1.
    Isn’t the real story here that no one thinks any of the top picks are worth the effort? Doesn’t that information make Aaron Curry the best choice for the Lions? He’s widely considered the safest bet and most talented player in the draft.
    In a pool of talent where neither QB is considered a truly safe bet … go for the guy that is the most likely to payoff.

  35. You mentioned that nobody is interested to trade up due to the high expense of signing someone in that slot, but who says that Loins have to trade at all. Why don’t they just let the clock run out and just sit back and wait. We know the Rams won’t take Stafford, and the Cheifs most likely won’t either, Seattle possibly but most likely not, Cleveland, Cincy and Oakland won’t. The only 2 teams in the Top 10 that could possibly go after a QB, Jacksonville (8) and San Francisco (10). Why not let the pick slide and save some money.

  36. Whoever the Lions pick WILL BE SIGNED before they pick them. That’s why it is not a given that the Lions will take Stafford. If Smith or Monroe would agree to less and they can’t get Stafford to agree, they’ll definitely take one of the OT’s. No doubt.

  37. BradygothurtLMFAO-
    ummmmmm… i’ll spare you having to read from me what favrewillplay4ever already pointed out.
    Instead i’ll just say that you’re not allowed to affect what people can and can’t do. That’s actually fact. In no way has life given you that power. Just say what you want to say without the tired old insults.

  38. Unforunately,the Detriot Lions, the Cincinatti Bengals, the Cleveland Browns and the New Orleans Saints are all teams with bad owners… Arizonia was in this club too, until they hired a great coach and found success like somebody dropped a lotto ticket off at the Bidwell’s doorstep. Cleveland fans have been reduced to the national view of whispers of NFL so called experts picking through our roster like a person picks up parts at a junkyard for his car to get running. Owners like Lerner, Ford, Benson and Brown don’t seem to have any self pride that they run circus organizations in their prospective cities, and that now even players are taking parting shots at places they refuse to play. Chris Cooley, the idiot, very average te of Washington says Cleveland is a dump where every player is trying to get out, and Cutler claims he didnt want to play in Cleveland…. maybe our team does suck, but only because of players that took money like thieves in the night; Donte Stallworth, Mcguiness, Ted Johnson, Kameron Wimpley, Andre Davis, Terry Cousins, Ken Dorsey, Kevin Schaefer, Braylon Edwards, Corey Williams… the only thing these players did right with consistency was cash checks they never earned…. the lions, the saints, and bengals rosters did exactly them same thing…. so to Cooley and Cutler instead of calling out cities, how bout you call out NFL players that are lazy year after year on these rosters…. and I would challenge Cooley that if he needed a job, and Cleveland was the only one offering him money, he sign a check quicker then congress to bail his own azz out. To all the Browns current player the first thing you pampered underachieving so called professional pros outta do is take these statements personally….thats right Mr. Dropsy Braylon Edwards stop your lectures and your bs on you just want to win and do your dang job and hold on to the ball…. and to Derek Anderson… that sounded like a broken record loss after loss, stop throwing interception after interception, clutching your helmet like an idiot in shock, and learn to read a damn defense or throw the ball right…. funny Cooley if Cleveland is so bad, why are Cavs players so happy to play for their fans…. your wizards look like the browns buddy or havent you noticed….. and cooley what has the redskins done lately… nothing… just ask Dan Snyder what return he’s gotten for showing idiots like you the money….. the answer is a resounding zero…. a big nutting black hole of losers…. If Eric Mangini can change the circus that dawns its face every NFL Sunday in Cleveland, perhaps fans will not be so damn angry…. you rich players just are so outta touch with working class people it isn’t funny…. Cutlers statement that he didnt want to play for a hard nosed Coach means he probably will never be a champion…..but for any player that doesn’t want to be in Cleveland…. guess what…. we don’t want you here. And if Randy Lerner doesn’t like football, sell the dang team to someone who does!

  39. @TexasBoyOcho
    “We know the Rams won’t take Stafford”
    I understand your thinking, but it’s flawed. How can you say the Rams wouldn’t take him. They have an aging, brittle QB whose best years are behind him and a new head coach. Smells like a new QB at some point in this draft. You could say the same about Seattle, but I agree that they have more pressing needs. Doesn’t mean they won’t, though. Plus any team interested could also trade up to snag him while the Lions watch the clock.

  40. If the Lions just want out of the draft pick and player cost, they do not have to be so dramatic as letting the clock expire. All they would have to do is find a punter or another player that would normally be drafted in the 6th or 7th round and sign him as the first draft pick at a normal minimium contract rate (say $300K a year for four years). Guarantee a portion or all of the contract if you have to. It is peanuts compared with a full blown competitive signing of top ranked players. You never know, the player may even work out for the team.
    No other team, in this case, would gain an advantage without a negotiated draft pick trade with the Lions. If the Lions truly do not want the pick, they could also lower the compensation for the first pick until another team is motivated to bite.

  41. Sitting on the pick doesn’t hurt the league at all; it just makes a team that actually wants the #1 pick choose first. It is essentially trading down at 0 benefit and should be avoided if you can get anything in a trade down. That said, if Detroit can’t get a trade down done and they don’t have a contract signed, then they shouldn’t pick. Having a #1 overall pick hold out for a contract is not acceptable, and so Mayhew needs to get a deal inked prior to taking the pick on 4/25.
    Due to the cap implications and the handicap that the first pick has become the actual value in trade down is drastically diminished. I’d go down to the 15th pick for a second rounder and a bag of used footballs.

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