Agents Say Raji Didn't Test Positive

One of the loose ends remaining from the flurry of reports regarding positive drug test results from the February Scouting Combine is that the agents for USC linebacker Clay Matthews issued a strong denial of the report that Matthews tested positive for steroids, but issued a curious non-denial regarding their other client implicated by reports of a positive marijuana result, Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji.
In a joint statement, Athletes First COO Brian Murphy and V.P. and general counsel Mark Humenik have now said that the reports regarding Raji are false.
The full text of the statement from Murphy and Humenik appears below.
“We issued a statement last week that we do not like to comment on rumors from unnamed sources. Unfortunately, rumors of a failed drug test by our client BJ Raji were erroneously reported as ‘fact’ by at least two websites, even though neither the NFL nor BJ confirmed the rumor’s accuracy in any way, shape, or form.  The complete facts are as follows:
“Last Thursday, at least two websites [ and] published malicious rumors — characterized as fact — that our client BJ Raji failed a drug test at the NFL Combine, citing unnamed ‘NFL team sources.’ On Friday, the NFL issued a statement challenging the foundation for these reports and indicating that neither the League, nor its member clubs, know the results of drug or steroid tests taken at the 2009 Combine and that the independent medical advisors who administer the tests have notified in writing those players — and only those players — who tested positive at the Combine. BJ Raji has NOT received any letter from the NFL or the Independent Administrator indicating that he tested positive for drugs at the Combine. Further, after these unsubstantiated reports surfaced, BJ contacted the independent medical advisor’s office (Dr. Brown) to confirm that he had not been sent any letter and has not been entered into the NFL’s Drug Intervention Program. BJ did not receive a return call from Dr. Brown, but learned today that Dr. Brown is not allowed to talk to any player directly unless that player was sent a letter informing him that he had failed a drug test at the NFL Combine and/or been instructed to contact Dr. Brown. That Dr. Brown will not talk to BJ — as Dr. Brown would otherwise be expected to do under the NFL Substance Abuse Policy if BJ had failed a drug test or being sent a letter directing him to contact the medical advisor’s office — is further proof that these reports are untrue.
“In short and as we have known all along, the media reports accusing BJ of a failed drug test at the Combine are false. Given the cowardly attacks and damage to BJ’s character as a result of these vicious rumors, we sincerely hope that the responsible parties are discovered and held accountable for their actions. For the sake of BJ and his family, we look forward to putting this hurtful allegation behind them and seeing BJ fulfill his lifetime dream of being drafted by an NFL team.”
The 32 NFL teams have not yet been informed of the players who tested positive. Based on the above, Athletes First and Raji seem to be under the clear impression that Raji’s name won’t be on the list.

21 responses to “Agents Say Raji Didn't Test Positive

  1. Sounds pretty thoroughs. It seems as though two websites should be taken to task by this website and others…..and well…..I see nada. So much for accountability on behalf of the media.

  2. So if the guy knows that he doesn’t smoke pot, why did they wait so long to deny it?

  3. OK Florio, put on your math wiz hat and tell us the statistical probablities that the 6 failed test all are expected to be 1st RD draft picks with the exception of 1 lonesome kicker who likely won’t get drafted.

  4. OK Florio answer this one. How is it Cushing and Matthews can say they talked to Dr. Lombardo last week and Raji is not allowed to talk to Dr. Brown or get Dr. Brown to call him back? The Athletes First attorneys are giving out conficting reports. Inquiring minds would like to know.

  5. I don’t think it means they didn’t.. they’re clearly saying they haven’t released the results, so they don’t know either way what the result is.
    They’re just documenting that the results haven’t been released to the players, which kind of puts the NFL in a bind when it comes time to report. Can you say recovering monies for draft fall??

  6. They’re just putting their face out for cake.. once the cake is on, they’ll be able to say that everyones reputation was damaged and must be paid 1 beeellion dollars.

  7. nah, he’s guilty. he should drop to nineteenth in the draft for the bucs as punishment. we don’t need no stinkin evidence man..

  8. Didn’t read this post. Don’t care. Raji sounds like what you’d call a queen in India.
    Anyone watch ricky the steamboat the last two nights? Is he not the best wrestler on the roster? I can only pray I’ll ever be in the same shape at 55+. Impressive… Like walking into a party, with a boner, in sweatpants.

  9. If there is a “list”, when will it be out? They gonna wait until the 25th or what?

  10. now imagine if it IS true..
    In all seriousness, I love BJ, and I really hope he’s not on that list. But then again, I’m not sure it would hurt his chances of getting drafted by my Bengals if he is..

  11. Why don’t we see this? “Raji does not take drugs. There is no way he could have tested positive because he doesn’t take drugs.”
    All we see is that he didn’t get caught, and he confirmed that by not being able to talk with the drug testing doctor. This confirms his guilt, not his innocence – and the fight is just about whether he was able to beat the test.

  12. “In a joint statement,”
    Athletes First COO Brian Murphy and V.P. and general counsel Mark Humenik have now said that the reports regarding Raji are false.

  13. Chev Chelios says that Raji to fall to the Raiders as punishment. That’ll show ’em…

  14. This smells an awful lot like a targeted leak to get draft stock down on some of these guys. Some team(s) out there are trying to manipulate the draft with this and we will never know who dunnit.

  15. @Sicknature
    “In all seriousness, I love BJ”
    That’s what she said. That’s what he said.

  16. By the way, he goes no later than Denver @ 12. Could go @ 9 to the pack.

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