Burress Wins On Roster Bonus, Too

Lost in the news that former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress beat back an attempt by the team to withhold $637,500 in signing bonus allocation is the fact that Burress also prevailed on an attempt by the club to invalidate the full amount of a 2008 per-game roster bonus.
The Giants not only wanted to withhold $93,750 in per-game roster bonus money, but also to recover per-game roster bonuses previously paid to him in 2008.
The Giants withdrew the attempt to recover the money paid for the prior games, apparently since the money was already earned.  As to the games for which Burress was suspended, Special Master Stephen Burbank ruled that Burress is entitled to the money, even though he wasn’t eligible to participate in the games.
The ruling isn’t all that clear to us, given that Burbank merely incorporated by reference his reasoning from a past case involving defensive back Jimmy Williams.  But the ruling seems to call into question the ability of teams to refuse to pay per-game roster bonuses when the player isn’t available to play due to suspension for conduct detrimental to the team or placement on the non-football illness/injury list.

8 responses to “Burress Wins On Roster Bonus, Too

  1. So it’s better to be suspended than actually be injured/inactive on game day if you get per game roster bonuses?

  2. Special Master Richard Burbank is from Philly…so much from neutrality. Too bad there’s no jobs in Philly and they either go to AC or NYC. Seems like they’ll pay you for not showing up due to one’s own bad judgement…just don’t facebook about it and your ok.

  3. Wow maybe I was wrong? I still think the stallworth situation is very different but if he wins that could be a very interesting snag in the cba negotiations.

  4. Wow, at 1st I thought Burress was an idiot for filing this grievance. Guess I was wrong. And honestly, nobody on here can tell me they would have done differently as I would have said prior to today.

  5. I can understand Burress keeping the game day bonuses for the ones he played. But then why the hell even have game day bonuses if you earn them no matter what? According to Burbank a player can simply leave the team, not retire, not officially hold out, and still be entitled to his entire pay. No other industry in the world operates that way.

  6. Giants front office to legal team: “you’re fired”
    they got rolled in these arbitration proceedings. if it looks like sh-t, smells like sh-t, it probably is…

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