Falcons Send Laurent Robinson To Rams

The Atlanta Falcons and St. Louis Rams swung a deal on Monday that sends receiver Laurent Robinson to Missouri, and that improves the Falcons’ standing in two rounds of the 2009 draft.
In exchange for Robinson, a third-round pick in 2007, the Falcons and Rams flip-flopped their spots in rounds five and six.
The Falcons move up 22 spots the fifth round (from No. 160 to No. 138) and 20 spots in the sixth round.
As a rookie, Robinson appeared in 15 games, starting six.  He caught 37 passes for 437 yards and one touchdown.  Last season, the first year of the Thomas Dimitroff/Mike Smith regime, Robinson appeared in six games with no starts, catching only five passes for 52 yards.
Robinson joins a group of receivers that currently includes Nate Jones, Travis Brown, Chad Lucas, Derek Stanley, Keenan Burton, Donnnie Avery, and Joel Filani.

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  1. The Rams got a good deal. He looked great whenever he got the chance. I think the new regime just had “their” guy in Harry Douglas, and there just wasn’t room for him.

  2. That sucks. I thought he had a lot of potential.
    Last year he sat out a lot of last year’s preseason because of a bruised tailbone. I guess if Anquan Boldin can have his face reconstructed and play two weeks later then Robinson could’ve sucked it up through his butt injury.
    Either way, Rams got a good receiver.

  3. Uh oh watch out those are some pretty big names on the depth chart at reciever for the rams… so sad it used to sound a bit like Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, and Az Hakim

  4. “Robinson joins a group of receivers that currently includes Nate Jones, Travis Brown, Chad Lucas, Derek Stanley, Keenan Burton, Donnnie Avery, and Joel Filani.”
    Wow – not exactly a Who’s Who of fantasy football! Avery is the only one I heard of….hopefully they are drafting one – early!

  5. I know 1 QB I’m not going to draft in my fantasy league. Talk about nobody to throw to.

  6. lets see
    Avery — potential
    Stanley — potential
    Robinson –potential
    I think Avery will be deep threat, Robinson second receiver and Stanely in the slot / deep threat. I saw him in a game last year… Can’t remember what premium CB he beat, but the guy caught a pass with the defender’s hand interlocked with Stanley’s arms. We’ll see. I wouldn’t draft the QB either fantasy….. Bulger suxxxx.

  7. Laurent was nice little WR when he was on the field, which was almost never. He got hurt in training camp and never really showed up, then got passed by Douglas. He might break out for the Rams or he might be hurt all the time like he was with the Falcons.

  8. We got what for Laurent Robinson? A minor switch of two low draft picks? Why not instead just trade for a Hickory Farms meat and cheese basket and bottle of sparkling cider?
    He’s a player in 2007 showed loads of promise, has fine size at 6’2″ and 200 lbs., and was even slated to start ahead of Michael Jenkins if not for an injury. A WR starved team would’ve given up a late round pick this year and next based on potential alone. I guess we were stuck between a rock and a hard place, teams know Roddy White will be getting a huge extension in the coming months. Jenkins was extended late last season along with starting UT Jonathan Babineaux, and lil’ Harry Douglas has good hands. GM Thomas Dimitroff will hopefully find two defensive players at these new spots that’ll crack the rotation, and hopefully not go the way of Wilrey Fontenot.

  9. this guy is a good receiver n if he can stay healthy he should start or be the slot receiver

  10. Avery — potential
    Stanley — potential
    Robinson –potential
    What you got there are a solid group of3rd, 4th, and 5th receivers

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