Fox Agrees To Terms With Steelers

Reserve linebacker Keyaron Fox agreed to a two-year, $1.8 million contract to remain with the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to John Clayton of and Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Fox, 27, reportedly received a $380,000 signing bonus.
A former third-round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs, Fox has primarily stood out on special teams and operated as a backup on defense.
The 6’3, 235-pound former Georgia Tech player registered 17 tackles in 13 games last season, according to
In five NFL seasons, Fox has been credited with 100 career tackles and one sack.

14 responses to “Fox Agrees To Terms With Steelers

  1. is this really worth the time spent posting this story? or commenting on it for that matter…lol

  2. True story…our backups our better than Cleveland’s starters

  3. Hey clevelandsucks
    “True story…our backups our better than Cleveland’s starters”
    Your parents and all your elementary school english/grammar teachers must be SO proud.

  4. @darlak
    “In five NFL seasons, Fox has been credited with 100 career tackles and one sack.”
    Wayyy better numbers than Vernon Gholston.

  5. I’m calling it now… Give him a few years to juice up in Pitt, and he’ll be the Defensive Player of the Year…. where have i heard that story before???
    Then we’ll have to listen to Pitt fans explain how he got there because of his “work ethic.”

  6. Oh. When I first read the headline “Fox Agrees To Terms With Steelers”, I thought “Fox” referred to the TV network. You know- kinda like the “terms” or “deal” that the NFL and the ABC network made with the Steelers for Super Bowl XL.

  7. For you guys saying “who?”, Fox was one of the main reasons our special teams coverage went from pretty much dead last 2 seasons ago to first last season…

  8. @ Bmore Styles:
    I bet you’d like a defensive player of the year on your sorry ass team huh?
    @ blinkbdj:
    Thank you for giving the man some credit.
    @ trickbunny:
    Shut the hell up

  9. @ lilbomberx:
    How does losing in the 4th quarter of the AFC Championship game make us a “sorry ass team”??? Really, I’m very interested… Still waiting…
    That sub-prime Pitt education is catching up to you. I made a good point which you cannot argue so you resort to mindless banter…. It’s ok, you don’t need to tell me that i win, i already know.

  10. hey bmore “no”style, put the nose plugs back in and go back to nursing on your momma’s tit on her comfy burlap bags, in your nice rat-infested loft overlooking the scenic dumpsters of charming baltimore, asswipe. and if you start making comments everytime your piss-ass team wins anything significant, we’ll all be lucky and never hear from your stupid ass again. talk about a failing education system and mindless banter, you are the winner. and if you still haven’t gotten an answer from lilbomberx, it’s the “losing” part that makes your team what they are, sorry-ass.

  11. Yeah my education is so sub-prime, I’m in medical school. I’ll wait while you take your foot out of your mouth from that one. And yeah, until you win anything, it’s a sorry ass team. Whether you lose in the first quarter or the fourth, you still LOST! A loss is a loss no matter when it happens. And what point did you make? An idiotic opinionated comment from yet another bitter fan of our division rivals. I dunno, but to me, you’re looking pretty sub-prime.

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