Reggie Williams Busted, Again

Free-agent receiver Reggie Williams, a 2004 first-round draft pick whose rookie contract with the Jaguars expired earlier this month, has yet to sign a new contract.
And he likely won’t be signing a new one any time soon.
According to Alex Marvez of, Williams was arrested in Houston on Sunday night for felony possession of a controlled substance, which is believed to have been cocaine.
Williams reportedly was Tasered in the process of being arrested.
On February 27, Williams was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession.  The charges were later dropped.
As Marvez points out, Jags coach Jack Del Rio already had ruled out re-signing Williams even before the most recent incident.  The only remaining question is whether anyone else is interested.

32 responses to “Reggie Williams Busted, Again

  1. Tasered nice.
    “Felony possession of a controlled substance”
    So he actually caught and controlled something for a change.

  2. I think that he has an ID 10 T problem… Put them all together ……IDIOT….. I can’t believe this guy!

  3. Hope he still has some of that signing bonus left, cuz he’s gonna hafta make it last a while.

  4. Arrested again? Well, since he is a free agent, I think it is pretty safe that he will land with Dallas, Cinci, or Jax. Because no team likes a dumb criminal more than those 3

  5. I remember how the Bills desperately wanted to trade up in the first round of the 2004 draft to nab Roethlisberger in front of Pittsburgh. But the Jags wouldn’t trade down, convinced that Reggie Williams was the next Randy Moss.
    Roethlisberger went to Pittsburgh and the rest is Super Bowl history. As a Steeler fan, I thank Jacksonville every day for their incredible stupidity that year.

  6. In other news, the Jaguars have mysteriously announced they will play their entire season with no lines on their home field.

  7. Um…couple of problems with your logic “The Captains”:
    1) He already is under contract, albeit temporarily, for the Jags
    2) “Jags coach Jack Del Rio already had ruled out re-signing Williams even before the most recent incident.”
    So, while 2 of your potential destinations are fine and dandy, logic-wise, yep…not the 3rd. Allow me a replacement franchise recommendation via a couple of hints:
    Hint 1) This team runs counter to its own well known slogan in that they are the losing-est team over the last half decade or so
    Hint 2) This team’s logo bears a sea-farer who cannot bear to watch this team play (much as the rest of the world) so has covered one eye with a patch, and shut the other
    Hint 3) * This team’s name rhymes with “waders”.
    *Note: Re: the rhyme chosen:
    This is good, since only bullsh*t seems to spew from the executive levels and coaching staff of this mystery team.

  8. Isn’t this the second Jags wideout to be caught with cocaine in the last year or so?
    Is this what they mean by “incentive laden contracts?”
    Hey Jacksonville… can I sign?

  9. Think about the post-game parties that Matt Jones & Reggie Williams must have had. Probably made that party in “Any Given Sunday” look like a church picnic.

  10. Well, this really hurts Williams’ chances of hooking up with another team. Not that he was arrested again, but because he wasn’t fast enough to out run a cop with a taser gun.

  11. Oh, by the way. Reggie Williams, First Round, #9 overall. Wes Welker, undrafted.

  12. sign a big new contract. go get stoned/drunk.
    have a big game. go get stoned/drunk.
    get paid a bonus. go get stoned/drunk.
    get cut. go get stoned/drunk.
    so predictable.

  13. DFeez: “In other news, the Jaguars have mysteriously announced they will play their entire season with no lines on their home field.”
    That is priceless!!! Runniest thing I’ve ever read on here… Sorry Florio.

  14. The odds of this idiot signing with anyone was pretty slim anyway. This just solidifies it. He’ll be working at a gas station in Seattle by years end. Bye-Bye Dancin’ Reg. You will not be missed.

  15. The only person dumber than Reggie Williams was Shack Harris for drafting him in the first place. RegME was more concerned about dancing after a 3 yard completion on a 3rd and 5 than being a football player. What few supporters he had in this town said he could block well…so can a center but that doesn’t make him a WR either. Looks like he is not even going to have the Arena League to fall back on.

  16. In fairness to the Jags, Williams was an absolute stud in college, and as I recall there were really no huge red flags attached to him at the time of his draft. You could criticize the Jags had they reached for him, but every other club had Williams rated highly also. For whatever reason, the flameout rate on first round wide receivers has been high lately – just ask Detroit.

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