Crabtree Will Get His Subway On

Though it remains to be seen whether and to what extent foot surgery that wiped out his ability to run for scouts will hurt his draft status come late April, Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree already is cashing in via an endorsement deal.
According to SportsBusiness Journal, Crabtree will be the latest NFL prospect to pimp Subway sandwiches.
Crabtree will make personal appearances and participate in behind-the-scenes Webisodes that will be posted at during the week of the 2009 draft.
As Terry Lefton of SBJ explains, it’s the fourth straight year that Subway has hired a big-name draft prospect.  It started in 2006 with Reggie Bush, and continued with Brady Quinn and Chris Long.
Crabtree is represented in his endorsement activities by Mike Ornstein, who brokered Bush’s deal with Subway three years ago.
Though we have no real reason to participate in the pimping of Subway, I’ve eaten lunch there like every day for the past eight years.  And now I’ve made myself hungry.  So now I’ve got to go to freaking Subway.
Despite the presence of a full box of Lucky Charms within arm’s reach.
Aaron Wilson, you’re up.   

27 responses to “Crabtree Will Get His Subway On

  1. Why is Subway so popular..They are effing disgusting. Quiznos and especially Firehouse subs is a lot better. And Jared is so annoying I wanna punch him in the face

  2. Subway’s motto: The meat is stale and gross but the bread is fresh.
    This blackberry keyboard sucks ass…….Like a subway sandwich.

  3. DFeez says:
    April 7th, 2009 at 1:13 pm
    Why no coverage on Andre Smith’s Hooters deal ?

    Friday’s book winner right there.

  4. haha, a lot of great comments in this thread.
    i love subway, especially for what it is. fast food that isn’t too unhealthy. hey, when you only have $5 for lunch, it’s a MUCH better option than McD’s or Burger King. too bad americans don’t like healthy food. 🙁
    PS – Jamarcus is Reverse Jared.

  5. I really like the $5 footlong commercials where the Asian girls are singing and holding their hands 12 inches apart…but maybe for the wrong reasons…

  6. TCLARK says:
    April 7th, 2009 at 1:27 pm
    Jamarcus Russell is the new Jarred.
    Actually, Jamarcus Russell is the “Old” Jarred.

  7. texasPHINSfan &
    PAJOI34 says
    Thank you. I almost reposted saying,”I meant the old fat Jarred.” But I felt like it would be the same as double dipping.

  8. Why the hatin on Subway? …Oh yeah, the singing commercials are annoying and I want to punch Jared in the face too.
    But the $5 foot longs are delicious, healthy (for fast food) and a great deal. I eat there all the time.

  9. I’m glad the commenters feel the rest of us give a crap if you hate subway…
    Dfeez – thats some funny stuff

  10. I was working in west virginia putting up a water tank at some school last summer for a couple weeks and I ate at a subway 1 day and some inbred 20 something year old, who was almost completely bald except for a little red curly patch of hair in the middle of his head , made me the driest disgusting tuna hoagie I have ever tasted in my life. Just knowing this yokel was near my food was bad enough but seeing him make it was to much…… Ew. If your going to eat a hoagie do it in philly where it was invented our water might be polluted but atleast are people arent.

  11. If you look in the background, you’ll see David Kircus whipping up a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki…just don’t ask him to leave the shot.

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