New Deal For Stroud

At a time when the Buffalo Bills are reluctant to fork over big money for running back Fred Jackson, they’ve dug deep to do a new deal with veteran defensive tackle Marcus Stroud.
Already under contract through 2010, a league source tells us that Stroud has agreed to terms on a contract that will pay him an average of $8.25 million per year for the two new seasons.
In all, Stroud is now under contract for four years at a total take of $28 million.  He’ll receive $12 million guaranteed, and $16 million in the first two years.
Stroud previously was due to earn a base salary of $3.5 million in 2009 and $4 million in 2010.
The Bills acquired Stroud last year in a trade with the Jaguars, where he had been a first-round pick (thirteenth overall) in the 2001 draft.
He started all 16 games last season, for the first time since 2005.
In 2007, he was suspended four games for violation of the policy regarding steroids and related substances.

14 responses to “New Deal For Stroud

  1. I have to say this is the first time I’ve seen a team sign its own player under contract to a raise without getting at least another year tacked on.

  2. Hell yeah! He’s one of the few good D-Linemen on the team, so I’m glad to see they locked him up.

  3. That’s an awful lot of money for 45 tackles and 2.5 sacks. Especially when 2 of them came in the first game.
    Good for him though. I always liked Big Baby.

  4. If the Bills refuse to pay Fred Jackson fairly, he needs to refuse to sign his tender until after Lynch’s suspension ends. Even if it is only one or two games, it should be interesting to see what the Bills do without Lynch and Jackson. Remember, their first game is on the road, against the Patriots.

  5. TealDeal, you need to watch a game before you write man. Marcus is a force. He eats O-line, so other guys can produce the stats. If he stays healthy, and thats a big IF, than he is worth every cent.

  6. nice, now let’s Jackson done and figure out the Peters situation. Then back to filling the holes and the draft. If the Bills aren’t negotiating with Jackson then they are before one of the owrst run teams in the NFL, 9 years and counting.

  7. Man I wonder how Peters is gonna feel about this, I believe thats in the ball park of what he was looking for. They gave that to DT thats 4yrs older and has 3 more years of nfl wear-n-tear, hmm i dont know about that. Not to mention you need Peters to protect your young QB, I think a LT in this league is much more valuable regardles of how good Stroud is (and I realize he’s a beast) but a LT can make or break a Oline

  8. I am a Bills fan and this is just another dumb move by Brandon, Mauron and the rest of the clueless front office unless this was done to hit the salary cap minimum for 2009. They should have let Stroud play 2009 and then given him a little more money if he performed well. He played well at times, but just because the Ills overpay their DE’s that is no reason to now overpay for a DT that is past his prime! This is likely to be the last year of Mauron and his pathetic Tampa 2 defense, so who is to say that the next coach will even want Stroud! Pay Fred Jackson and trade Peters!

  9. This is also a P.R. move/bargaining chip for Jason Peters … Several people have already mentioned this in the comments …
    The Bills paid Stroud to show they do take care of deserving players/key components to the team … and they’ve supposedly got Top 5 money on the table to Peters.
    ??? – My question now is what is the Trade-Value of Peters?
    Could they be a team to work with St. Louis or Seattle (both looking possibly at OT) …
    I’m thinking 3-way that gets Denver up higher to get their QB
    This is still a Blue-Collar team … I think Peters is as good as gone, but where?

  10. yes please trade peters, to Philly please, i forgot this but peters played with sean andrews in college

  11. Ummmm, Did Marcus Stroud really help elevate that defensive front? I don’t think so. This was money thrown away

  12. JAGnBLACK says:
    April 8th, 2009 at 11:56 am
    Ummmm, Did Marcus Stroud really help elevate that defensive front? I don’t think so. This was money thrown away
    Um considering what was there before? Stroud was a significant upgrade over Larry Tripplet, he’s a beast and he has made Kyle Williams a better player for it as well.

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