Welcome Back, Ted

Some of you have asked if we’re going to do the team-by-team draft needs thing again.
We’re not.  At least not the way we used to do it.
Instead, former Broncos G.M. Ted Sundquist will rejoin us for the next two weeks, and he’ll prepare on a division-by-division basis a look at each team’s primary need.
Ted put together weekly scouting reports and game reviews for us during the 2008 season.  His work was well received by PFT Planet.
In fact, it probably was too well received; some of you thought I should give Ted the keys and get the hell out of the way.
We also might find some other ways to tap into Ted’s expertise.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments.

31 responses to “Welcome Back, Ted

  1. I would love to hear anything from Mr. Sundquist as it relates to the Denver Broncos this upcoming year, because of his long history with the team, I think he would be perfect to put some perspective on the Cutler trade.

  2. How about Ted giving us some scouting profiles on some highly rated guys? Like who he thinks is over or under rated. It’s a big late in all of it, but why not some quick player breakdowns? Like a good 1 round mock.

  3. I would like to see Ted do some Draft analysis, a state of the franchise for teams, and maybe a mock draft.
    Welcome Back Ted.

  4. everybody does “team needs” but you have a pro at your disposal. Make it more dynamic. I would like to see team needs in conjunction with the players projected to be available when that team is on the clock. if you could add in whether that team traditionally drafts a certain position in the first round and if that makes them more likelt to trade up or down from their current position, that would be really interesting

  5. What about taking the top picks, and writing about how they’d fit in on the teams most likely to take them at that spot?
    PROSPECT: Eugene Monroe
    Something on how he’d work with the Lions if he goes No. 1.
    Then the Rams
    Then the Chiefs
    Take the chance to fill the lack of creativity we all see, and don’t force another bloated mock draft that we’ve essentially already read. The market is already oversaturated.

  6. That night manager gig at Baskin-Robbins go south for Ted?
    Let’s see … how to tap into Ted’s expertise?
    Maybe he can prepare a mock draft so everyone will know exactly what their team should not do this spring.

  7. To tap into his expertise begin by having him explain the decision to draft Mo Claurett in the third round. If the blame for that one rests solely on The FakeBaker, then what exactly was his job description as GM?

  8. I HAVE AN IDEA!!!! The Browns should hire him!
    Oh Wait….Shit!!! They passed in favor of the MORONS formerly known as ManKok.

  9. It’d be interesting to hear how a former GM evaluates upcoming draft prospects and free agents. We’re obviously a little late in this offseason for that, but maybe next year!

  10. Actually, I’d say a pre and post draft analysis (sorted by division) would be great. Maybe when training camp rolls around he could do an “offseason analysis” of some sort.

  11. Sorry about not getting the Cards gig, Ted, but look forward to your excellent analysis.

  12. What would really be interesting is some insight into the decision makers who will actually be pulling the trigger on the draft picks.
    For example, in conjunction with the Eagles needing to draft a RB to eventually replace Brian Westbrook, maybe Ted could comment about Andy Reid, Tom Heckert and Joe Banner and their underlying philosophy behind the decisions that are made. He could talk about how they value each position on the field and why they would or wouldn’t address a particular need early in the draft. Of course that could be summed up with their general willingness to consider what others (fans) see as glaring weaknesses and promptly ignore them. Still, needs are one thing but the historical precedent would make for a more realistic mock draft. Of course, that might lead Ted to just write, “Philadelphia trades away both of their 1st round picks for later picks and picks in 2010”.

  13. He should do a post-draft analysis of how the various draft picks would fit into each team’s defensive/offensive system.
    Had you had money to pay him, he should have done the same thing with each high profile free agent signee.

  14. Great news. Finally someone with actual football experience to bring a breath of fresh air to the PFT planet. Welcome back, Ted.

  15. Can Ted and mike do one (dumb) prediction per team for the upcoming season. Sorta like the ‘beauty’ and the ‘beast’!

  16. shriram may be onto something here…”Head to Head with Florio and Ted”?
    Truthfully, I’d like to hear his take on the local favorite, Pat White.

  17. florio, YOur good at your expertise which is the legal part of the nfl. But no offense you have trouble with analysis of a teams needs personnel wise. But its interesting to hear whatever you want to say.

  18. Here is another angle where Ted Sundquist could perhaps be a pioneer: AGENTS and the greed factor or baggage that each brings based on his track record. Who are the the S.O.B.’s that pollute a player’s mind and infest an organization with turmoil. And, who are the professionals (perhaps a necessary evil) who look out for their client(s) but who do not kill the goose that lays the golden egg. I, for one, would love to see a rating system on a player’s agent as an indicator of potential trouble (another version of the Turd watch).

  19. I appreciate an in-depth analysis of draft prospects as much as anyone, so Ted’s insight is welcomed, especially if the assessment digs deeper than obvious statistics (collegiate or combine). For instance, Rashad Jennings transferring from Pittsburg because he wanted to be near his diabetic father along with Danny Rocco’s promise to be at Liberty as Jennings head coach. Jennings’ prasie of the Almighty for his God-given talent (akin to Reggie White’s or Kurt Warner’s) speaks volumes about his lack of ego and his appreciation of his athletic football abilities. No Tank Johnson, Chris Henry, or Pack Jones taint here at all. “Character” is the catch word, but character does matter.

  20. Ted…. is Pat Bowlen gone off his rocker? seems like he’s become like the lions owners…. with kiddie coach in charge

  21. Don’t care how you handle the draft as long as you concentrate on it from now till at least a while after it’s concluded.
    If I have to look at any more basketball (NCAA), or keep my fingers crossed for one more day for hockey playoffs (Wild), or listen to any more baseball injury lists (Twins), or watch any more bouncing tennis rackets (Fetterer & Jokovich), I’m going to go nuts.
    I need my football back! Oh wait, the Masters is coming up, and Tiger’s back –

  22. Anything draft related! A note for next year, beef up the draft coverage. I think you should look for a dedicated guy for it because its the one NFL related topic I don’t feel PFT planet can completely fill my quench for.

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