McGee Wants To Be A Cowboy

Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee is expected to be a late-round pick.
And so was Tom Brady.
McGee appeared on Sporting News Radio’s The Monty Show earlier today, and he said that he would like to play for the Cowboys.
He also will be visiting the Raiders and the Broncos.  But his heart apparently is in Big D.
“It’s a huge deal for me,” McGee said. “Next week will be a pretty big week for me getting to to Oakland, then Dallas and Denver. I’ve got a pretty full week, but that Dallas visit will be huge for me because growing up here in Texas I had Troy Aikman and so forth on my wall for a long time now. I’m so excited to be one of the guys to go on the visit and if I have the opportunity to play in Dallas I know that I would be thrilled and honored.”

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  1. Wow, a low-level talent hometown kid wants to play for his hometown team, what amazing news, Florio!

  2. So because Brady was successful as a late round pick, Stephen McGee will be too? Bruce Gradkowski was a late round pick, too. In fact, the vast majority of late round QB’s are either 3rd stringers or out of the league playing in the CFL or with Quincy Carterin the ‘Indoor Football League’.
    There’s a reason McGee isn’t being talked up as a potential high-round pick; he’s not very good. He underachieved throughout his collegiate career and his poor play helped run Texas A&M into the ground. But, by all means Florio, talk the guy up like he’s a surefire Hall of Famer.

  3. @RobJH—
    McGee did not run A&M into the ground. Placing blame on anyone other than Fran shows that you have no clue about what happened. Hell Fran destroyed the career of Reggie McNeal. Fran destroyed A&M Football.
    McGee did everything ever asked of him, including running some hybrid option based offense. Just wait, McGee will be drafted ahead of every Big12 QB not named Freeman. And if he is, he will get his cup of coffee or 8 in the League and you will still be sitting behind your keyboard.

  4. I am a Whiny Orange through and through. That said, nobody on the Sched, Not OU, Not the Huskers, Cowboys, Red Raiders, Buckeyes, Mizzou, Nobody made me nervous more than McGee. That dude took some beatings at the hand of Texas and kept coming. I think the guy could have been great but Man Breasted Fran had him just play the option primarily. He threw more this year and did decent. One of the Top rated passers in Texas HS football. I am not sure it will translate to the NFL, but that guy seriously could have been great and I am glad he is gone from those ugly Maroon and white Aggies with an F at the beginning. For anyone to criticize McGee for his college play either does not appreciate toughness and effort nor do the recognize rediculous coaching. I wiould like to see him in a Star to see if he has anything. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t, but one thing I know for sure is that he is a Tough SOB.

  5. @ randomdevice,
    Is your name really Stephen McGee? Jeez man, do you really think ONE man ran an entire tradition-filled program into the ground? Get a clue.
    Also, there’s no way McGee goes higher than Chase Daniel & possibly not higher than Graham Harrel.

  6. If I was a college QB, I would want to go to Dallas too for the simple reason that the Tony Homo experiment has about one more year of INT’s, botched snaps, and choke jobs to go.

  7. “If I was a college QB”
    As if you could get into college. Maybe you could get into that liberal indoctrination center known as the University of Wisconsin.

  8. why even waste ur time coming to oakland??? we are not going to sign you… last time i checked oakland is not the shortcut to go to denver or dallas… go have fun in denver where the QB’s are safe and compete with the great kyle orton or chris simms… in dallas you would have to compete with jessica simpson wait i mean tony romo and john kitna… i think you have a better chance of making the team with dallas… if tony romo breaks a nail i dont think kitna can do much to help the passing game. so good luck kid and try not to fall in love with a pop star…

  9. @RobJH,
    Yes. One man can and has run a program into the ground.
    Here are three:
    Millen in Detroit
    Willingham – where ever he was employed
    Francione in College Station
    I am sure there are more, many more.
    I would wager a Ben Franklin McGee going above Daniel and another Franklin on McGee going higher than Harrell. I’d send Florio the money now to hold but he is a lawyer and would find some way to take 2 dimes from every 3 I sent in.

  10. Don’t bash on the poor boy for wanting to be safe!
    With the Cowboys he knows they’re only going to be playing 16, 17 games a year tops. It’s gotta be great for a QB’s mental health to know he’s not going to have to take a pounding in the postseason. When you’re a Cowboys QB, you clock out for the year in December!

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